Gene Key 19 – From Co-Dependence to Sacrifice (19. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 19.

19. Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Sacrifice, the Gift of Sensitivity, and the Shadow of Co-Dependence.

My Sacred Circle of Sacrifice

I started to create siddhi abstract artwork expressing my heart and soul on a deeper level. The sacred circle may empower you to resonate more in-depth with the specific Gene Keys. It is simply impossible to put this into words.

Gene Key 19 – Shadow of Co-Dependence

“The Dependence Full of Expectations”

In the shadow, we depend on each other in relationships. The act of Co-Dependence creates modest expectations (Shadow – Gene Key 42) about the role of each other. As soon as we have fantasy expectations, we blame one another, and as a result, we further strengthen the shadow state and its manifested elementals.

Elementals are emotion and thought forms that live in another dimension (Astral plane & Mental Plane). Every time we victimize us, we reinforce our victimhood and dependence in society.

We see this shadow worldwide, and at the same time, it is one of the first shadows to vanish into nothingness. We can observe this by the role of man and woman in relationships and growing up children. In the last couple of centuries, this role massively shifted and is further shifting towards male and female independence.

Everything is more holistic from the gift of sensitivity. In the shadow of co-dependence, we act out of addiction to sacrifice our higher purpose for our lower emotional and mental desires.

Gene Key 19 – Gift of Sensitivity

“Becoming Compassionate about Life”

As soon as we are independent, something magical happens. Our sensitivity towards life itself has a rebirth. We can feel the connection to trees, animals, and other human beings more intense. This imagination might be like the sixth sense that is revealed and remembered in our personality. It is the access beyond the five senses and beyond words.

The first time I became consciously more sensitive for my environment was as scary as it was beautiful. The sensitivity of all the five senses increased. My sight increased immensely. After visiting a seminar, I still remember driving home afterward how detailed the mountains were with all their sunshine, trees, and green life. Suddenly, everything had more details. I was wondering what just happened. This event was also the first time I understood that I could change my DNA, thus healing my history.

After this event, I became much more sensitive to my environment. All thoughts, emotions, and body signals became crystal clear, and I had to work through all the activated negative belief patterns.

I soon understood that a lot of thoughts and emotions are not even mine. But subconsciously, I dragged myself down energetically by identifying with others and their victim state.

Waking up is hard because one cannot entirely go to sleep anymore. Increasing the sensitivity of the five senses and awakening senses beyond our common senses is expected, however in a society in which the unknown and uncertainty of life is a danger, it can also be challenging, pulling us back deep into our victimhood. It can also be that we abuse our new abilities for our selfish ego-self, which also pulls us back into the shadow.

For me, increased sensitivity means increased responsibilities for everything in my life. And increased responsibilities can put higher pressure and expectations on you. It is essential to stay connected to our truth and feel the lightness of our being. Then we stop sacrificing selfishly out of fear and manifest out of altruism, the true nature of humanity.

Gene Key 19 – Siddhi of Sacrifice

“The Holy Meltdown into the Heart”

The siddhi state is a meltdown of the selfish ego-mind construct into our heart. We value our true nature. We sacrifice for a higher purpose, which gives us freedom and peace.

Here we talk about sacrificing out of selflessness instead of selfishness.Β  This siddhi act is the interconnectedness of all life, in which we feel a higher purpose of fulfilling.

The purpose to selflessly care and help all life on planet earth, no matter how ‘small or big,’ how ‘important or unimportant.’ Where the human mind would rationalize this insane meltdown behavior into the heart – this siddhi is thriving.

It is a devotional act out of compassion. It is the meltdown into our hearts that cannot be rationalized by the mind.

My Exclusive Video about the 19. Gene Key

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 19 here.

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Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
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