Our 29 Best Spiritual Books 2020

The 29 best spiritual books accompany certain processes on the journey to the inner heart. Each spiritual book to read comes with a small personal text by Dominik Porsche. Our recommendation: intuitively choose a book that you have not yet read. This is definitely one of the best spiritual books list for you! I can't encourage you how much I love my spiritual books, such must reads!

Do You Like Books, But You Love Audiobooks?

Besides the best spiritual book list, which starts below, I have also sorted out all the audio books that are available from this book list. I know that many people prefer to listen to Audible.

Gene Keys

A true miracle with deep insights into our DNA. This work is one of the best spiritual books 2020 and of our century. Gene Keys describes 64 genetic keys in connection with our shadows, as well as our gifts and our essence as human beings on earth in a poetic, science way.

Biology of belief

In his bestseller, Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about his insights as a biologist that changed his view of the world forever. He talks in detail about how experience controls our genes.

Odyssey to the Heart

The book is the heartwarming story of a middle-aged, unemployed, and divorced man who learns about "slow and less" instead of the "faster and more" lifestyle so familiar today.

The Power of the Now

I didn't read this spiritual book at best, but I listened to the audio book, where Eckart Tolle speaks in German. The content can hardly be described in words and the presence Eckart Tolle radiates is balm for the soul. A masterpiece that has to be experienced.

Jonathan Livingston Seagul

The world-famous work of Richard Bach, The Seagull Jonathan, surprises as always with a special style of writing and contain a profound spiritual message. A compulsory reading for the best spiritual books 2020 on my part. Especially the new chapter 4 that was missing for half a century is lovely!

Osho - The Book of Secrets

In 2020, I first found this book by Osho, which was recommended to me. This 1300-page masterpiece of Osho is probably one of the most comprehensive sources for real Tantra and meditation. So far, I find the book world class and very profound.

Spontaneous Evolution

Bruce Lipton is a genius! I did not read this spiritual book at best, however I listened to it. I loved special book from the start to the end. I really encourage you to have a listen or a read.

Richard bach - Illusions

Only recently, I read “Illusions” within 2 days because it captivated me so much. I was dying to know how the book ends! Richard Bach wrote a very special piece of work here, which with 120 pages is also easy to digest. Thumbs up!

Deepak Chopra - The Book of Secrets

Deepak Chopra has a wonderfully pleasant writing style that is easy to understand. This is the best spiritual book 2020 of Deepak Chopra. It is about consciousness, the spirit, and the secret by which we find more connection to ourselves again.

Seth Speaks

Jane Roberts’ world-famous messages from Seth, an energy personality core. If you want to look beyond today's science, this is the right place. A book that expands your own horizons and makes you dream and think.

Becoming Supernatural

Dr. Joe Dispenza is definitely one of the most sought-after people of our time. In his bestseller, he explains how ordinary people achieve the unusual. A wonderful book full of stories.

The Jeshua Channelings

Wherever "Channelings" is written on the packaging, I am very reserved. But I was interested in a book about Jeshua—better known as Jesus Christ. Pamela Kribbe writes very beautifully and I was captivated by the work from beginning to end.

The Big Five for Life

One of the best spiritual books that I always remember positively, because it shows how beautiful the world could be. What really counts in life? Find out in this book by John Strelecky.

Conversations with god

I caught this world bestseller, which sold over 20 million copies, in the summer of 2018 on Cyprus and left the complete work there. I found it very beautifully written, always full of surprises, so I never stopped reading it. It’s no wonder that the spiritual work sold so many times.

Home with God

After reading “Conversations with God,” I bought “Home with God” on recommendation. For those who have always wanted to delve deeper into the subject of life and death, this book is a very nice first choice.


A quiet inner voice recommended the book Kindfulness. From this day, I will always carry the 27.01.2020 in my heart as one of the special moments in my life. What I experienced through this book, you might read soon in one of my articles.

How to Win Friends

Dale Carnegie in his bestseller, which in my opinion should be compulsory reading in every school. One of the very important books of our time! At the same time also a light reading and written very understandingly. How to Win Friends was one of my first books ever.

Seven Sacred Seals

I was not sure, whether to recommend this book or not. When you feel a resonance to the books cover and Richard Rudds Gene Keys work - this book might be for you. Special book indeed and very deep.

My Future List: 11 Best Spiritual Books

1. Vistas of Infinity

Vistas of Infinity is waiting for a full read in my Kindle. One of the books that really go into depth in storytelling. The interplay of consciousness, spirituality, being human and after life is explained playfully in examples and stories of Jürgen Ziewe. The german Jürgen Ziewe is one of the deep consciousness explorers of our time. It is not an easy read.


Part 1-3 of the work of nuclear physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell is a great deep journey to the world of paranormal abilities. What makes "MY BIG TOE" so unique is that Tom Campbell takes the subject apart very logically through his scientific background. Remarkable! As I did not finish reading the Discovery (Book 2) and Inner Workings (Book 3) it is in my list for 2020.

3. Gaia Legacy

Probably the best spiritual book in 2020 about the special power places on earth. On my Kindle, it's waiting to be read. Whenever I feel like it, I am currently looking at a few pages, but I don't want to give a rating yet. Anyway, so far it reads very highly energetically and deeply.

4. The Nature of Personal Reality

After the first book "Conversations with Seth" this work has already landed in my Kindle and is just waiting to be read. One of the easy to understand spiritual books by Jane Roberts.

5. Deepak Chopra - Metahuman

Metahuman - The awakening of a new consciousness. The title "Metahuman" alone makes this spiritual book an eye-catcher and since I love the writing style of Deepak Chopra, it will definitely be read in 2020.

6. Deepak Chopra - The Healing Self

Another book by Deepak Chopra, which is already waiting on my Kindle to read. The cover alone appealed to me extremely in connection with the latest findings from our immun system. According to the motto "Holistic Spirituality" this work fits perfectly into my collection.

7. The "Unknown" Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book

Another Seth book in the recommendation list. For me the Seth books are the deepest and best spiritual books for a higher understanding of reality so far. Each reading feels like a download into consciousness as crazy as it may sound. That is why "The Unknown Reality" is on the list for 2020.

8. The Nature of the Psyche

My book list has certain tendencies and my personal journey is moving more towards the Seth works and Gene Keys as a system. The scientific aspect is also important to me. The nature of the psyche is therefore also on the list of my 11 future books.

9. Consciousness by Annaka Harris

New York Time Bestseller book by Annaka Harris. The topic is "A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind". The cover and my body button feeling wants to jump right into this book.

10. The Art of Contemplation

Richard Rudd and Gene Keys is an amazing magical system to discover your higher purpose in life. I hope when you discover this book recommendation, the book is available again, because currently it is out of stock. I am waiting very eager to get my hands on one of the hardcovers!

11. The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief

New York Bestselling Author Gregg Braden is normally not one of my favorites in terms of watching him life, because he always appears a little too hectic in my eyes. However he is a genius in terms of his expertise and I would buy this best spiritual book of him in 2020, if any.

1. Bonus: Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy

Sadhguru's bestseller "Inner Engineering" had to be on the list for my next books in 2020! I watched several of his YouTube Videos (was NOT possible to NOT see them in the last several month and I love his honest style. So i am willing to dig deeper into his mind and discover what's his secrets.

2. Bonus: Peace Is Every Step

"The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life" from Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the books I am really looking forward to read and enjoy! As my own path is more and more a peaceful journey and a path of being a writer and author, this has to be read.

3. Bonus: EQ - Emotional Intelligence

Why it matters more than IQ? We all know about IQ, but we hardly ever talk about EQ or emotional intelligence. But especially in today's world, EQ is more essential than ever. This book is very scientifically oriented and is a great way to get to know the human psyche better. The book contains many tangible experiments.

5 Best Reasons to Buy a Kindle in 2020.

Many people are still reluctant to buy a Kindle because books in our hand are just so wonderful. Since I got my Kindle in 2019, I have noticed 5 benefits where my Kindle has helped me exceptionally. Firstly: Reading a chapter in bed at night when your partner is already asleep and the lights are off! Second, flights are more comfortable with Kindle. More room for luggage. Third: Kindle books are much cheaper, so the Kindle is quickly refinanced. Fourth, if you want to buy and read this new book right now, you need a Kindle. Fifth: Kindle + paperbacks are simply better than just reading paperbacks!