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One View - All Perspectives 

It looks complex, but it is very simple. Here is how it works, using Gene Key 12 as an example: Gift of Discrimination - what does discrimination actually mean? It means knowing whats healthy in your life. You follow your heart's voice, spotlight inauthenticity, and touch people's hearts. You are like an educator who accompanies you on your path and protects you from danger or like the wolf who can distinguish the pure from the impure. Thus, one of the strengths of the word clouds is that you have a clear picture of the meaning of the 192 words. Each Word Cloud was handcrafted by Dominik Porsche via the official Gene Keys book and it is an approved product by Richard Rudd. That was very important for Dominik - to receive the blessings of the official Team. 

This Is How It Can Look Printed

Exclusive Chakra-Edition / 64 Gene Keys Word Clouds

"Access Your Hive Mind Today."

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Gene Keys Word Clouds Advantages

A Highly Efficient Study with Joy, Play and Fun
Official Information of the Gene Keys approved by Richard Rudd
Increase Your Emotional Intelligence & Ability to Perceive New Perspectives
Beautiful Simple Energy Symbols 
Visually Stunning with Fresh Multidimensional Insights
Optimal Training for the Symbiosis of Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

What You Get 


Word Clouds Standard-Edition Download 
  • PDF (DIN-3) + JPEG (16/9)


Word Clouds Chakra-Edition Download
  • DIN-3: PDF


Bonus - Value 36 Euro: 64 Siddhi-Symbols "Chakra-Edition"  Text by Dominik Porsche
  • Square Format: PDF  + JPEG

More than 170 designs + bonus Siddhi deck


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  • Innovative Word Clouds
  • Exclusive Chakra-Edition
  • Boni: 64 Siddhi-Symbols 
  • Print Quality PDF & JPG
  • Direct Access Elopage

Download Samples: Gene Key 1 & 8 Google Drive

This is a 100% digital download product!

You receive all the designs to print out yourself! Recommendation: Use this product in combination with the official book "The 64 Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd.

Enrich Your Home with Creative Self Print Ideas 

Unlimited Possibilities for Creative Work

Choose your favorite store to print from or start right from home. Our Download Study & Play products are in high resolution PDF DIN-3 format and can also be printed in DIN-6 crystal clear for tiny cards. 

Dein Dominik

About the Gene Keys Artist

Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche is the founder of Beyonduality. As a Gene Keys student, guide, and artist, he accompanies you in discovering your higher purpose. The flashcards have been developed as a supplement and extension to the official materials and should be used within that framework (together with the book "64 Gene Keys").

"When studying the Gene Keys and our deep DNA behaviors, play, fun and joy always come first."

Your creative Guide Dominik


Do I need to print them?

If you want to use them as a physical product - yes. However, you can contemplate them via your PC, phone, IPAD too. There are limitless options and it is up to you, how to access the 64 Word Clouds. 

Our Recommendation for printing a single deck:

License: How to use the digital cards for Gene Keys

Basically, you can use the cards to contemplate together with friends and get inspired. If your friends are inspired by the cards, feel free to recommend Beyonduality and our many offerings and opportunities for contemplation to them.

Gene Keys Guide and Ambassador:

You may use the digital cards as Gene Keys Guide or Ambassador in your offers for contemplation, but it is forbidden to sell this product independently in your products in the form of a copy or a slight adaptation. Everything you see in our products is strictly copyrighted by Dominik Porsche Ltd. 

I already have the book - "The 64 Gene Keys".

Congratulations on your first step or DEEP DIVE with the Gene Keys! The Word Clouds do not replace the book, nor make it irrelevant. The Word Clouds give you a new, fresh and innovative approach to work with the 64 aspects of the Gene Keys from the official book.

All content you explore on the Word Clouds (excluding the energy-symbols) are distilled from the Gene Keys teaching by Richard Rudd. We recommend that you use the Word Clouds, flashcards and energy symbols in conjunction with the official book. 

Colors: How about the multitude of color combination?

The color combinations on the 64 designs are a mix of I Ching hexagrams (low and higher octave), the nine Human Design centers, Physiology, Gene Key theme and emerged from the seven energy centers (chakras).

It is also possible that the exclusive Chakra Edition is designed in a completely different base color than the Standard Edition, although this is rather the exception.

Registration Process: What happens after I register?

After you have registered, you will directly receive all further information from my partner elopage via email. Make sure that you use the same email for booking the offer (digital download) that you use for your existing elopage account or even better, you are already logged in to your account. If you are new to elopage, simply create your account (password + email) yourself through elopage after you have ordered your word clouds. Your login will then simply work via your email address + password. You'll see an overview of all the courses you've purchased through elopage, not just this digital product. Also be sure to check your spam folder for emails from my partner elopage. So you can get started right away and use the word clouds and symbols!

Application: Examples for Integration of the Word Clouds and Energy Symbols

Here are a few ideas of integration.

1. Print the 64 Word Clouds and Symbols in a store. (Wall picture, as a gift idea for friends, for cards - DIN3 to DIN6 or simply at home with the printer).

2. Build your own Oracle Deck with the 64 Siddhi Energy Symbols.

3. Use all of them in your workshops, courses and offers as companions and resources. However, it is forbidden to adapt the graphics. (remove my signature and link to Beyonduality) and you cannot resell them.

Ideas for Gene Keys Contemplation:

1. Merge all Word Clouds with the same codon rings for a "hive mind - swarm knowledge" understanding.

2. Merge Word Clouds with the same Human Design centers or individual programming partners for new insights.

Contemplate together!

1. Reflect with friends and loved ones on aspects without having to use your smartphone or PC, show the Gene Keys or pick anything out of the book.

2. Integrate in your Gene Keys community - offline or online.

PS: For the official course offers, I recommend you to use my personal link, because with this you support my valuable work and I can continue to create great content for you:

How does this course relate to the official offerings?

Dominik Porsche is a certified Gene Keys Guide and works independently as a Gene Keys Entrepreneur. The offers on Beyonduality and from Dominik Porsche are therefore not an offer from and Richard Rudd, although they follow the same principles and philosophical approaches. This product is approved or blessed by Gene Keys and Richard Rudd. The 64 word clouds, flashcards and energy symbols are an extension / supplement and should optimally always be used / contemplated in conjunction with the book "The 64 Gene Keys". Dominik's creative work allows for expanded perspectives on the 64 Gene Keys.

Return Policy: This is why there is no return option.

This offer is a digital download product.

ATTENTION: There is no return guarantee for this offer, because all word clouds are directly available for download and you can get a clear and concrete picture of the offer and the word clouds here on the site beforehand.

You can also download one sample of Gene Key 1 and 8 here: Google Drive Zugang 

Download Samples: Gene Key 1 & 8 Google Drive


*This is a 100% digital download product! 

You receive all the card designs to print out yourself! Recommendation: Use this product in combination with the official book "The 64 Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no return guarantee for this offer, as all designs are available for you to download directly and you can see exactly what is included in the "Download Sample".

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