Why You Will Not Get What You Want!

Most people ignore THESE fundamental truths about thoughts, emotions and beliefs.


What Readers Say about Dominik's Blueprint

“Dominik’s Blueprint is a brilliant and concise snapshot of what to expect from his forthcoming book. It promises to challenge our beliefs and guide us closer to our true nature, a place where peace resides. Let’s fall into the pages of his book knowing we’ll be caught by who we become.”

Author of Odyssey to the Heart


Thales Panagides

Dominik gives us concise insight into how myths about our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are running our lives. He clearly offers another approach to expand our wellbeing with tools to do so. The simple exercises he reveals encourage us to begin shifting our inner state today. This blueprint provides easy to follow guidance we can all use.

Author of Essences of Truth: Inspirations for a Loving Life


Anne Round BSc PT


What’s Inside the 21-Page Blueprint?

Simple Secret Wisdom

Everyone seems to distract you away from those simple secrets. The groundbreaking revelations help you to truly understand thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

One Powerful Exercise

Theories are only one side of a coin. Leading by example can only be achieved by integrating wisdom into your daily life. Therefore, I included a very powerful to-do.

MythBusting 3 Statements

#1 You Get Back What You Put Out

#2 Thoughts Shape Your Reality

#3 Emotions Shape Your Reality

About the Author

Dominik Porsche

Founder of Beyonduality 

Dominik lives in Cyprus and inspires people to discover their life mission and embody their higher purpose. He regularly creates inspiring content on blog and YouTube to help you let go of your limiting beliefs, and is also an aspiring author. Dominik leads by example, sharing his embodiment of peace, abundance, freedom and unconditional love with those around him.

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