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This Gene Keys overview article is more than a traditional article because just like the Gene Keys, the article is a living, constantly evolving and changing organism. I’ve been making massive tweaks here since 2019.

Should you read this Gene Keys article?

This article is best for you if you are new to the Gene Keys but it is also great for long time voyagers if you are interested in reading my experiences of the programs and the Gene Keys.

Let us celebrate this living organism of the Gene Keys together!

Last updated: 28.08.2023 – Important Reminder for All: The Gene Keys Articles @beyonduality are here to inspire you for your self-revelation awakening process. They are not the teaching itself or replace the official Gene Keys Transmission and Teachings Dominik and the whole Beyonduality team highly recommend self-study of this diamond teaching. You can support our time-consuming project via the following affiliate link Visit the shop.

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1. What are the Gene Keys?
– Short Introduction

– Who’s Richard Rudd?

2. 3 Essentials of Gene Keys: Where to start?
– The Hologenetic Profile
– Gene Keys Book
– The Golden Path
3. The Art of Contemplation

4. The Extraordinary Gene Keys Programs
– Gene Keys Delta Program
– Guides Foundation Programme
– Living Library
– Open Community Calls
– Ambassador Programme
5. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Gene Keys
– How is the Human Design System related to Gene Keys?
– Can I start to contemplate Gene Keys and Human Design at the same time?
6. All My Gene Keys Explorations & Diaries (Articles & Videos)
7. Helpful Gene Keys Tools for You (Free Download)
– My Handwritten 64 Names of Love Map
8. 3 Reasons Why Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is Exciting
9. Dare to be Divine
10. The Seven Sacred Seals
11. Gene Keys Readings by Dominik

What are the Gene Keys?

Gene Keys is a living and a mystical teaching, that has been developed for self-exploration and self-illumination to embody your higher purpose in life. Gene Keys’ power lies in the unique self-inquiry to discover your true nature of being.

Gene Keys is all about relationships and love, your gifts, and prosperity, which is wonderful because you can easily integrate the wisdom experiences into everyday life. You will discover underlying genetic patterns, core beliefs and your human evolutionary potential.

The Gene Keys consists of the following foundation. The individual hologenetic profile (the compass), the 64 Gene Keys (the map) and the Golden Path (the journey).

There are many possibilities to get to know the Gene Keys. My start in the Gene Keys journey began in 2018 after a friend recommended me the book (the map). As I began to read the book with its wonderful phrasing and holistic linguistic design, my interest in filling out the hologenetic profile grew. The book by Richard Rudd is written from love, wisdom, and truth and connects ancient wisdom with the newest discoveries from science.

The most powerful reason for my interest in the whole Gene Keys teaching was my personal experience since 2014, which matched almost 1:1 with the process of the spectrum of consciousness described in the book.

Listen to our Podcast: Dominik’s 5 Words to Describe the Gene Keys

In Gene Keys, it’s all about practical everyday life and the trinity, which matches the mission of Beyonduality.

Who’s Richard Rudd?

Richard Rudd is the receiver and founding father of Gene Keys. He is an award-winning poet, author of several books, devoted husband, and international teacher. He had an exceptional experience at the age of 29 where he received the inspiration of the Gene Keys Synthesis while not being able to sleep for three days and three nights. It took Author Richard Rudd seven years to write the essential Gene Keys book, which includes the Spectrum of Consciousness and all 64 Gene Keys, which was my first contact to this teaching.

After seven years of revelations, experiences and insights, the official Gene Keys book “Embracing Your Higher Purpose” was born in May 9, 2013.

Richard Rudd successfully completed his Master’s Degree in English Literature and Metaphysics and was already deeply involved in Taoist practices between 1992 and 1997, and was ultimately influenced by the I-Ching, the Human Design System, Jung and Psychology, Biology and DNA, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah and Astrology on his life journey.

Read everything about Richard Rudd in detail here. Richard Rudd is also active on YouTube, where he explains different aspects of Gene Keys in a beautifullly poetic way.

The Gene Keys Synthesis: Where to Start?

1. Hologenetic Profile

The easiest start into Gene Keys is by downloading the Hologenetic Profile for free. The Hologenetic Profile unifies astrological calculations with an archetypal understanding of our genetics. But this does not mean that Gene Keys uses the language and approach of astrology. Because Gene Keys only utilizes the planetary constellations for his living organism, which more or less influence us before and during our birth. Therefore, for the evaluation of your personal profile, there is, in addition to name and email, the requirement of date of birth, time of birth if available and place of birth.

The Hologenetic Profile is available in twelve different languages and uses astralogical data for the planetary constellations. But this does not mean that the Gene Keys can be compared with astrology because the inner language of the Gene Keys Synthesis is not rooted in astrology. The Gene Keys only uses the planetary constellations that influence us more or less before and during our birth.

The subject of our DNA is highly complex and simple. The most important thing is not to rely only on your own hologenetic profile, because those are usually not reliable then. Use your profile with ease and a certain contemplative distance. After all, it’s about embodying your gifts and not about directing more stress, complexity and separation into your life

Would you like to deepen your Gene Keys in the Hologenetic Profile and get to know the three sequences? I offer you the opportunity to work with me in live 1:1 Zoom Sessions on the living library of the Gene Keys Teaching.


2. Book – The Gene Keys

The Gene Keys Book

At the beginning, the hologenetic profile can be quite rich and complex, so another easy start into the Gene Keys is to buy the book or its audible version **. The kindle version of the Gene Key book is also affordable in English, it’s really insane. A big thanks to Richard Rudd for making all of the Gene Keys materials so easily accessible to the world. Besides the book, Richard Rudd’s YouTube channel is a great start into this transmission and teaching because you can feel his teaching’s essence in his videos.

In Gene Keys, it’s all about practical everyday life and the trinity, which matches the mission of Beyonduality.

The Gene Keys book shares a new understanding of core beliefs explained with the inner language of the spectrum of consciousness. Each Gene Key contains a shadow, a gift, and a siddhi. Within each shadow is a unique repressive and reactive nature. These two poles together play out the human drama. Once the victim and the perpetrator. Whereas the perpetrator in this case is also a victim. Both repressive and reactive nature act unconsciously and are caught in an energetic conflict. The Gene Keys relate the story of outgrowing this game of the victim.

In Dominik’s YouTube transmissions, you can discover over 30 book reading sessions:

3. The Golden Path

The Golden Path

The guided program from Richard Rudd is the committed start for the Gene Keys Synthesis. Right now, The Golden Path program is only available in English. Richard Rudd explains everything step by step in an easy-to-follow approach. The first stage of the Gene Keys path is the Activation Sequence, the second stage is the Venus Sequence, the third stage is the Pearl Sequence and the fourth stage is the Saturn Sequence (not yet released). Those four sequences guide you into the heart of your hologenetic profile and all of the wisdom of the transmission.

The Deep Dive into Genius program, which was first launched at the beginning of 2020, starts into the Golden Path with the Activation Sequence. The Activation Sequence unlocks the wisdom of your Life’s Work, your Evolution, Radiance and Purpose.

For Gene Key newcomers it was a great start to understand the map and the compass. Overall more than 1500 people attended the Deep Dive into Genius experience. In 2021 was the continuation into the Deep Dive into Love and in late 2021 the Deep Dive into Prosperity.

In 2022, all three Gene Keys Golden Path sequences were polished. Now, they are very rich and you can listen to powerful guided meditations and a lot more updated content in the online programmes.

More informations in my article:

The Art of Contemplation

One major aspect of the Gene Keys teaching is the art of contemplation. Consider this as the technique of the Gene Keys Synthesis. Recently, Richard Rudd published his new book “The Art of Contemplation”. The Art of Contemplation is an inner process of insights, understanding and revelations throught the power of pauses.

Activities based on the power of pausing could include reading or listening your profile, attending community calls and sharing your experiences and working out the activities of your daily life. The silence inbetween activities is the secret. Pivoting and Merging are the two further essential aspects of the Art of Contemplation and they emerge after you pause, reflect and listen inwardly over a period of time. You can find everything about them in the book.

“To know what we really are, we have to go beyond the mind. This is the purpose of The Art of Contemplation. Paradoxically, for many of us contemplation begins as a form of “unlearning”, as we let go of our reliance on our intellect and open up to new pathways of awareness inside ourselves.”

– Richard Rudd

Here are six great introduction videos about the Art of Contemplation.

The Extraordinary Gene Keys Programs

Gene Keys Delta Program

Delta Fellowship

The Gene Keys Delta Program is a luminous game of higher consciousness. This Gene Keys experience is an entirely new experience into our collective consciousness. I am currently waiting for my fourth delta round to start.

How does the Delta work specifically?

The Delta Program is a seven weeks long journey with seven voyagers.

Each week, a voyager considers a single Gene Key and is in exchange with one of the six voyagers. A single voyager has no assigned partner each week and plays a special role that week. Each week, positions rotate within the group. Thus, everyone has more intense contact and exchange with everyone once, and each participant is in position 1 once – carrying the role of foundation, the special role that gets no partner assigned..

The Delta program is a great commitment to the whole group, because the whole program only works if all seven participants can rotate weekly and the mystical wheel of life can continue.

What makes Gene Keys Delta special?

You enter into an intense sacred bond with all the voyagers that lasts for 8-9 weeks. The special aspect of Delta is that we take on many different perspectives and states of consciousness on the subtle level in the seven-week process. In total there are seven weeks with seven planes or dimensions. The particular states of consciousness you enter are – physical, emotional (astral), mental, causal, buddhic, atmic, and monadic. Depending on the level and dimension, your task is to observe and contemplate the world and environment from that dimension. You then share your experiences with the others in the weekly group conversation. In addition, the collective breath, which is the siddhi of presence, keeps the group in harmony.

More informations in my article:

Guides Foundation Programme

The Guides Foundation Programme is a prerequisite to guide others into the Gene Keys Approach and everyone who dreams of mastering the art of contemplation. The prerequisite to participate in the Guides Programme is to finish the Activation and Venus Sequence online programmes. Furthermore, the Guides Programme is a prerequisite for the upcoming Ambassador Initiative later in 2022. I completed the Guides Programme in September 2021. I loved the course!

Update September 2021: The Guides Programme launched in March 2021 and is a complete self-study online course.

Living Library

One of the main reasons for me to visit the Gene Keys Society besides the forum is the Living Library. The Living Library can be an optimal start into your hologenetic profile, because the Gene Keys living library contains the wisdom of all 64 Gene Keys. You could consider it as the search engine for this teaching. You find everything from the Codon Rings, The I Ching, Astrology, Programming Partners, Integral Human Design to the Dream Arc.

Open Community Calls

Every week and month, you are able to attend in open community calls with other Gene Keys voyagers to deepen your wisdom and journey and to get to know other voyagers. I have already attended several community calls and I loved the experience, and thus I highly recommend these opportunities to you. The community calls are cost free and most of them are over the platform ZOOM.

Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme is for those who take the Gene Keys transmission serious and are committed to be a catalyst in the role to host the wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission. Since 2020, the Guides Foundation Programme is a prerequisite to participate the Ambassador Programme. At the same time, you have to contemplate the Gene Keys programs (Activation + Venus Sequence) for at least 18 months.

Update: The Ambassador Programme has been further delayed.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for the Gene Keys

How is the Human Design System related to the Gene Keys?

The human design system originated by Alan Robert Krakower under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu in 1992.

Richard Rudd was also an active student and teacher of the Human Design system in his life journey. Therefore, there are various inspirations and ideas, such as a compass, found in each of Human Design and Gene Keys. However, the compass is fundamentally different in both systems. In Human Design the compass is called “rave chart” and in Gene Keys it is called “hologenetic profile”.

That today many people make a direct comparison of Human Design and Gene Keys is probably also due to the fact that Richard Rudd used to be an active Human Design teacher and helped shape the system.

Human design is more structured and business-oriented, and Gene Keys is more intuitive and relationship-oriented. Even though both systems harmoniously combine feminine and masculine aspects, the feminine, poetic aspect predominates with the Gene Keys and the masculine and logical aspect with Human Design. By the way, both systems also work with the 64 hexagrams and certain foundations of the I-Ching.

Can I contemplate Gene Keys and Human Design at the same time?

Are those two self help systems good to start at the same time?

Yes and no. Yes you could. No you should rather not!

I recommend starting with Gene Keys as a foundation these days, because it is super condensed and set up for a loving life full of light and gratitude. This is not to say that this is “different” in the Human Design system, however, the focus in Human Design is simply the logical and rational aspect of our human being. If this aspect is more appealing to you, then you are better served in Human Design. If the mystical, living, and poetic part of you appeals to you, then start with Gene Keys.

Another important reason for my view is that I didn’t find any official resources or websites at Human Design that I resonated with directly in a big way. Everyone is doing their own thing with Human Design as I see it. Gene Keys definitely has the founder advantage – he continues to live and develop. You can catch Richard Rudd in interviews and much more!

What I noticed in 2022 is that many Human Design teachers and guides are combining wisdom from Gene Keys with Human Design modalities. So when looking at the hexagrams or gates, some are now using the spectrum of consciousness with their shadow, gift and siddhi from Gene Keys to get an expanded view into the rave charts. But of course it works the other way around too. Many use the Rave Chart to expand a hologenetic Gene Keys profile

Fundamentally, my suggestion is to be aware of the basics of Human Design, because there are many in the Gene Keys community who have taught Human Design in the past and are now actively involved with Gene Keys. These people are happy to give suggestions on the basic Human Design Chart.

But contemplating Human Design and Gene Keys at the same time is definitely a hefty commitment, as Human Design and Gene Keys contain a lot of complex information. So my tip is – first please just one 🙂

For further details, read my article: Human Design vs. Gene Keys– What to Study and Master?

How do Gene Keys connect people with the same Gene Keys?

People with the same Gene Key can often understand your inner truth and communication with more clarity, while others do not understand you and your life experiences in depth. That’s because these people share a stronger genetic relationship to your own Gene Keys and the issues in life. This effect is the strongest when people share the same Gene Keys in the Activation Sequence’s exact Spheres, the Venus Sequence, or the Pearl Sequence.

How do you become a Gene Keys member?

There is no membership in Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. You can create a free profile, buy the book and attend the Golden Path programs. For questions and discussions, you can connect with the community. There is a forum on the official Gene Keys Website and the official Facebook Group ‘Gene Keys Global‘, where all the voyagers and contributors of Gene Keys can be found.

How to find out my human Gene Keys?

To find out about your human Gene Keys, you need to know your birth place / city, your birthday and time of birth, and optimally also your exact birth time. Simultaneously, if you do not know your exact birth time, you shouldn’t be worried because you will resonate with the Gene Keys you need to resonate with anyway.

How to get the free Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile?

Visit the official Gene Keys Website and fill out your details for your personalized Hologenetic Profile.

How to read the Gene Keys?

Each Gene Key can be contemplated in the official book and the audios created by Richard Rudd. Also expand your wisdom by starting the first two free steps of the Golden Path here.

How to use the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are for self-study, because it’s a mystical system. Sometimes, I randomly open the book pages, and I start to read precisely this Gene Key. This simple approach always expands my clarity and awareness. It’s also highly recommended not to stop reading a Gene Key in the middle. Always read a Gene Key from the Shadow to the Siddhi because you will have the most in-depth understanding of the relationship between the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi. I can also highly recommend the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck by Rosy Aronson.

Where do the Gene Keys come from?

The Gene Keys are a new understanding and a major shift in human consciousness develoved by Richard Rudd. Building blocks of the Gene Keys Synthesis are the I Ching (Book of Changes), the Human Design System, Astrology (Role of Astrology in Gene Keys), Kabbalah, our human genetics and the ancient wisdom of the causal plane / body and the fifth density. You can fine more details in the Glossary of Empowerment.

What does communion mean in Gene Keys?

The Siddhi of the 45. Gene Key is Communion, while Synergy is the gift and Dominance is the shadow. To truly understand communion we may consider the direct relationship with the gift of synergy. Synergy is the path from Hierarchy to Heterarchy. Today we are still dominated by hierarchic systems all around the world. Heterarchy means that every single human being is aware of their soul’s purpose and from within all cells knows that humanity is a single organism. Communion can be seen as a stage in which humanity selflessly embodies this truth of a single organism, in which everyone embodies his or her higher purpose in life. For example, if you think about and contemplate bee colonies and how they always work in communion, you have a brief insight into how humanity will work together harmoniously at one point in evolution.

All of My Personal Gene Keys Explorations & Diaries

Since 2020, I have been documenting various inner Gene Keys explorations. The following articles will give you a deeper insight into the Gene Keys teachings, and my articles will inspire you to explore your own inner truth in the structure of DNA.

In my individual Gene Keys articles, starting in 2022, you may discover my newly developed energy symbols of the respective Gene Key, in addition to the usual contemplation. Have fun with some Gene Keys diaries and individual Gene Keys articles from me.

Read My Gene Keys Articles 

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Gene Key 2 – From Dislocation to Unity

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Gene Key 24 From Addiction to Silence

Gene Key 25 From Constriction to Unconditional Love

Gene Key 30 – From Desire to Rapture (30. Gene Key)

Gene Key 36 (Compassion – Humanity – Turbulences)

Gene Key 36 – From Struggle to Honour (38. Gene Key)

Gene Key – From Provocation to Liberation

Gene Key 36 – From Turbulence to Compassion (36. Gene Key)

Gene Key 44 – From Interference to Synarchy (44. Gene Key)

Gene Key 49 – From Reaction to Rebirth

Gene Key 54 – From Greed to Ascension (54. Gene Key)

Gene Key 61 – From Psychosis to Sanctity

My YouTube Video-Playlist (Weekly Pulse Videos)

My New Podcast – Beyonduality 

Helpful Gene Keys Tools for You (Free Download)

My Handwritten 64 Names of Love Map for Gene Keys

64 Names of Love Chart Gene Keys

Here you find my personal document on how to observe your higher purpose between the 64 Gene Keys on a whole new level with clear insights into your hologenetic profile.

While I dived deeper into the Golden Path last October, I found that the 64 Names of Love is documented in one of the later programs from Richard Rudd (Dare to be Divine), and I loved it! At the same time, I felt something is missing for my higher purpose. So, I made a handwritten version of the 64 Names of Love, including all Gene Keys in detail. The document is perfect for printing or online usage. I made a horizontal and an upright version, depending on your needs.

💥 Below you are able to access the 3 files (2 horizontal formats) + (1 upright format), both in PDF. At the same time, you receive access to all of my personal resources from Gene Keys in the Drive Folder.

✅ Explanation of the 64 Names of Love Map from Gene Keys 🧩

The 64 Names of Love Map is a technical explanation of Gene Keys from the perspective of I Ching. Richard Rudd explained this in the pre orientation part of the Dare to be Divine program, which is easy to understand.

There are 4 primary Gene Keys (1), (2), (63), (64), and the other sixty Gene Keys spread out from those 4 primaries. The (1) + (2) is one family, and the (63) + (64) is one family. In this case, (1) + (2) and (63) + (64) are also called programming partners. From those 4 primaries, 12 mysteries spread out. Each primary contains 3 mysteries which are family to each other. Those 3 mysteries are also family to the above primary. From those 12 mysteries, 48 letters spread out. Each mystery contains 4 letters which are family to each other. They are also family to the above mystery and the above primary.

🧐 What Did I Discover from My 64 Names of Love Map? 🧩

I applied the Gene Keys Style by Richard Rudd, played like a kid and contemplated openly. I found out that for example the Shadow of Dislocation (2), Complexity (23), Addiction (24) and Selfishness (27) has a closer relationship with each other for me personally. While I was doing things too complex (23), addicted (24) and selfish (27) in my life, I fell into a deeper dislocation (2) state. Today, I discovered more often to be simplistic (23 – Gift), human loving (27) and inventing (24), which leads to an orientation in my life (2 – Gift). So, it is quite simple to observe the context from the primary (2) and the 3 mysteries (23), (24) and (27) of that primary.

For my own use, I added everything to my individual map from the programming partners, colored my own individual Gene Keys from my hologenetic profile. Furthermore, I even added all the Codon Rings and the Chakras for each Gene Keys. Be creative by using this map, and feel free to share your experiences.


The Gene Keys documents are free to use. Sharing and linking to this blog article, while using the documents on projects is very much appreciated. By doing so, you help me spread my vision of love and peace. I am happy to serve 💜

3 Reasons Why Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is Exciting

dna 3 reason for gene keys

Reason 1 – The teaching combines spirituality and science with poetry

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is a system that goes very deep into the hologenetic nature and is connected with a lot of joy. Richard Rudd’s writing style is poetic, and his calm and hearty rhythms in videos on YouTube or the online program mystically opens people’s hearts. Through the Gene Keys Synthesis, I experienced many lineages of higher purpose within my hologenetic profile. So the inner language guided me into much more comprehensive views on my personal life, which I integrate more and more into my practical everyday life. I love that this teaching combines spirituality and science in a harmonic and meanwhile simple manner.

Reason 2 – Gene Keys Describes the Indescribable

How is it possible to describe something indescribable? Award-winning poet, devoted husband and international teacher Richard Rudd has achieved this in his masterpiece! The inner world in this transmission goes into resonance with my unique truth. The combination of the astrological data, the hologenetic profiles, the spectrum of consciousness and the Golden Path is a major shift into a new understanding of fantastic possibilites. Also play and fun are linked together so that the knowledge and insights can be integrated into the practical everyday life in the best possible way. And Author Richard Rudd always comes up with new inspirations like the Seven Days of Grace.

Reason 3 – Gene Keys is a transmission of Love, Wisdom and Truth

In my life, it has become increasingly important to do everything effortlessly and with ease and not to impose goals or paths on life, which results in a limited self. This system translates the game of life beautifully in a multi-faceted way of love and light. I feel safe and at home here. Life itself is alive and effortless, and nature knows precisely where to go. In the body of a human being, we are also part of nature and are allowed to respect it. Richard Rudd’s work deeply appreciates the nature of reality and brings high-frequency teachings with authenticity into the world.

Bonus Reason: Spiritual Path of Devotional Relationships 

In our world, spiritual pathes have been long a devotional path towards a guru or a godhead. The Gene Keys teachings introduce a devotional path towards all relationships in your life. This is fresh, groundbreaking and straightforward.

Finally, I decided to give a short intro to the two advanced programs: Dare to be Divine and the Seven Sacred Seals, which I started in 2019.

Dare to be Divine Course

Dare to be Divine is a very mystical Gene Keys journey into your inner essence.

For me, the Activation, Venus and Pearl Sequences are the fundamentals to understand our genetics in a more refined way and it helped me a lot in a practical sense to observe my own shadow patterns at work. The more I moved from Activation into Pearl, the more mystical it became. This really amazed me, and I understood myself at a whole new level. The golden path revealed my past that I had reflected already and in an intense hindsight, the accuracy of my own voyage was insane.

Therefore, I started the Dare to be Divine material and for me the course shows future probabilities of our universal love and our true self. At the same time, it is not super easy to resonate with everything, as it is at the Golden Path, which is far away from the current life that we live. For that reason, it is important to watch it from a playful perspective. It seems like a course meant for very open-minded and high consciousness beings that are able to see the practicality in the Dare to be Divine material.

While I attended the course from Richard Rudd, I also checked the relationship between my own hologenetic profile and the 64 Names of Love. It helped me to understand the teaching at a more profound level. The Dare to be Divine material is mind opening and the stories are as great as always.

The Seven Sacred Seals Course

The Seven Sacred Seals was by far the craziest journey and online course I have ever done. After reading the book, doing some of the invocations, and resonating strongly with them, I ordered the online course. I have already worked very intensively at similar topics over the last 3 years and went into ecstatic states at seminars before discovering this transmission. I knew higher states of consciousness are possible. However, I was still blown away by the Seven Sacred Seals transmission, especially the invocations spoken by Richard Rudd.

More informations in my guiding article:

Gene Keys Reading by Dominik

Here on my new booking page for the Gene Key Readings / Session, explore all information in detail..

Visit the Reading Page:

Feel free to comment your experiences of the Gene Keys Synthesis below.

Thanks a lot for reading my article. Cheers to all of you voyagers! 🥰

With love,

Your Gene Keys Guide Dominik

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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    p.s. I did buy the book by Richard Rudd

  2. I’m struggling to access your 6 Lines Chart and your Library Dominik – I’d be grateful for your help! I’ve also emailed your team too. Thanks, Shona.


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