- Intimate Self, Playful Child, and Connected Worldview. -

- intimate. playful. connected. -

- Our Slogan -

- Trust yourself and your life experiences, be playful like a child and broaden your perspectives to GAIA and all its inhabitants for a sense of connection. -

The motto from this trinity - Intimate. Playful. Connected. shall accompany you on your hero's journey to your oasis full of beautiful gemstones. Our mission is to move people to a profound togetherness. Authentic self-expression is your most valuable asset! Long enough we humans have been swimming around like fish in the sea. The Age of Pisces ends very soon, and according to the astrology calculations, we will move into the Age of Aquarius. The signs are already there, similar to the autumn that announces the next summer. For us humans, this means that we are moving from the age of duality to the age of frequency, and thus we may deal with our emotions, behaviors and thought patterns more intensively than ever before. Worldwide, the last 2000 years have seen strong improvements in water travel. For almost 100 years man has been intensively engaged in aviation. One of the clear indications that we made the first steps from the water element (Piscean Age) into the air element (Aquarian Age). Especially the twentieth century has prepared us for this moment with the teachings from East and West, mysticism and science - the opening of our heart space for the evolutionary growth of humanity and GAIA. Beyonduality accompanies you on your hero's journey in this new age.

Dominik's Message for You

- I inspire people through compassion and devotion to playfully liberate their shadows - to joyfully use the pure creative gifts hidden within yourself. - Dominik Porsche

Hi, glad you are here. I, too, am on the path just like you from all levels of my being. We share a common goal and passion; exploration of the inner world and authentic expression of our inner world in the outer world. All my contributions are on this playing field - expanding wisdom and expressing love.

- Cleanse the body, purfiy the heart and sanctify the spirit -