- Intimate with the shadows, playful with the gifts, and connected to the source. -

- intimate. playful. connected. -

- Our Slogan -

- Trusting decisions. Playing with the opportunities that arise. Connecting to change. -

It took me more than four years to publish this post on Beyonduality. I was always aware of Beyonduality and the topics associated with it, which I will do until my last day on earth. The areas of the subject may transform slightly now and then, but my message remains the same. The Gene Keys teachings describe me well here, why I am here, and what connects Beyonduality and me in this context. "I am here to change the way people think." This description from the Gene Keys is multi-layered and has a meaning for all of us. Over the years, I have observed that I cannot change others without making that kind of change in myself. I change the way I think, and I am a role model for others. Everything that results from this interaction is like magic. In the Gene Keys, we contemplate the trinity of shadows, gifts, and siddhis. Our new Slogan, "Intimate. Playful. Connected." is closely connected to this trinity but, at the same time, follows its unique rhythms and themes.

The Light and Love of Humanity.

"Trust yourself and your life themes, be playful with them, and you will perceive your Source more intensely than ever before." - Dominik Porsche

Trust, like pausing, is the first process in the art of contemplation of the Gene Keys teachings. Only when we go within, slow down, pause, and breathe deeply in and out - do the gaps of insight emerge. From these gaps of insight, we respond in a fully automated way with playfulness. We live in a world of seriousness, limitations, opinions, and projections. Anyone who has become a mother or father knows what it means to be playful, but only when a mother or father can pause with their child. If the mother or father continues to stay in the seriousness of life, they ignore the beauty and chaos. Our big "WHY" at Beyonduality has a simple mental answer but is hard for humans to implement in everyday life. Intimate. with the shadows. - Playful. through the gifts - Connected. with the Siddhi. With this trinity of Intimate. Playful. Connected. There is no separation or differentiation. Everything plays together harmoniously, as in a great symphony. Even if we don't find ourselves in any of these three terms, they are the very themes that connect us all. The Gene Keys explain, that living out our gifts is essential. The gifts are like a toddler who is a playful archetype, connected to everything and trusting his roots. The vision at Beyonduality is to serve humanity by igniting this fire of playfulness and integrating it into everyday life with all its facets. To love and live without the many fears and worries that society tries to instill in us. To LOVE is to ALLOW. That's what it's all about. Not only to "think" love but to "feel" love and, above all, act out of love.

Dominik's Message

"Discover new inspiring and life-changing perspectives for your life and expand your capacity for love." - Dominik Porsche

Hi, glad you are here. I, too, am on the path just like you from all levels of my being. We share a common goal and passion; exploration of the inner world and authentic expression of our inner world in the outer world. All my contributions are on this playing field - expanding and expressing my love.