Gene Keys Readings: Clarity For Your Life's Journey

No matter what stage of life you are in - the breath works, and the heart beats. Simply put, you are alive and on a journey to fulfill your higher purpose. In the Gene Keys Reading, I accompany you to see your unique journey with all its beauty more clearly.

Dominik's Message for you

I know what it's like to not have clarity and a user's manual for life. It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I discovered unique tools like the Gene Keys, which have been with me daily ever since, to expand my love, understanding and compassion for myself and all beings.

Dominik Porsche

Gene Keys Guide

This Can Change For You

  • Life Work Clarity
  • Absolute Trust in Life
  • Moments of Breakthroughs
  • Effortless Action in Everyday Life
  • Pausing Becomes Your New Mantra
  • Embodiment of Your Vocation
  • Understanding the Gene Keys
  • Celebrating Your Life
  • Embracing the Shadows Within
  • Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Becoming the Master of Your Life
  • Trusting all Healing Processes

Prosper Your Life with the Gene Keys Compass. 

Three Sequences

In the Gene Keys Reading, you learn about the depth of the Activation, Venus, and Pearl Sequence to enhance the clarity of your inner and outer life. Depending on your life's journey and Gene Keys experience, we will combine all of them.

64 Gene Keys & LInes

One major part of the Gene Keys Reading is the 64 Gene Keys and the 6 Lines. From the 64 Gene Keys, you can observe, on average, about 10 Gene Keys in your Hologenetic Profile. We will discuss how those GENE KEYS and specific LINES in your profile influence your whole life.

Gene Keys Reading Details

  • Sit with Dominik for Structure, Contemplation, and Spiritual Growth 
  • 75-Minute Live Gene Keys Session + Recording
  • Discover Balance and Harmony for Your Life

The 75-Minutes Reading

In our Gene Keys Reading, you will be inspired by the wisdom of the teachings and the archetypes of your DNA that resonate deeply with you.

Back in Everyday Life

Experience your life in a new playful way with fresh inspiring perspectives.

About Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche is the founder of Beyonduality. He accompanies you on the journey to yourself and inspires you with fresh perspectives for your life. For more than seven years, Dominik has been dealing with the topics of inner and outer transformation in a practical and full-time way. As an official Gene Keys Guide, he helps you discover your higher purpose. His motto is;

"Only when we are in rhythm with ourselves and nature will we humans achieve our birthright of abundance, peace, and freedom!"

Personal note: I look forward to accompanying you on your path!

Your Dominik

Gene Key Reading & Purpose

The Gene Keys is a self-illumination teaching developed by Richard Rudd. The Approach encompasses a blend of ancient wisdom, love, myths, achetypes, an understanding of the I'Ching and the human psyche. The Gene Keys Reading Purpose is to awaken to your highest potential in life.

It was an absolute enrichment for me to work with Dominik. His coaching is profound and has brought me to a new level of consciousness. Especially in connection with the teaching of the Gene Keys, I could take unique information for me. I am grateful for this and look forward to future breakthroughs!

Nico Feger ‧ Sales Manager

Thank you for this enlightening, mindful and loving immersion into the immaterial world of the Gene Keys, which help to become more aware of the task in our world of great interconnectedness every moment with the very own potential and gifts. Change as a joy and challenge of life and aliveness. Not a dogma but a thought process that helps me personally to see through and feel more easily what is my task in every moment, whether intuitively or pragmatically structured. Everything is a way to respond to life's impulses and new challenges in a more serene and focused way. How precious is a dialogue that sees with the heart and uses the mind gently and full of wisdom as an aid. New breakthroughts enliven the fabric of life. Thank you dear Dominik for this precious exchange.

Renate Kunst ‧ Educator 

"The Gene Keys teachings are a contemplative approach, they are not therapy! However, they are deeply therapeutic." 

If you have question about the Gene Keys Readings, let me know

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