Hi! I'm

Dominik Porsche

On my blog Beyonduality I have been living the practice of inner change since 2019 and accompany people on an emotional and mental level in their processes by publishing weekly practical and philosophical articles. Beyonduality is also my life's work and currently consists of a comprehensive blog and the german YouTube channel with guided meditations and videos (soon also in English). In February 2020, the blog received an award and was ranked 41st in the top 100 spiritual blogs on Feedspot.

The process of awakening, the memory of one's own true nature and the resulting self-determination are important elements of my own life journey. Due to three ruptures of the cruciate ligament and subsequent operations at the age of 6 and 10 and 19 years, I was already as a small boy very limited in my movement. I was also often misunderstood and bullied by some classmates during my school days. Both were reasons why I withdrew from puberty until early adulthood and suffered from severe depression, panic attacks and burnout with suicidal thoughts. I succeeded in overcoming this deep hole in the mid-twenties - with the help of the CYP Bio-Feedback method. I reminded that nobody else determines my fate except myself. And I had a great epiphany what beauty is hidden in all life.

In order to make this world joyful in the long term, I personally work with two selected systems (CYP and Gene Keys), which have helped myself and many people in my environment to drastically increase their quality of life to this day. I showcase these systems and my personal experiences with them on my blog Beyonduality. They support us on the "journey to the inner heart" and lead us to a deep connection between heart and mind. With the help of my personal history and insights as well as my practical knowledge as a CYP-Bio-Feedback Coach and prospective Gene Keys Ambassador I support and inspire other people today.

My passion is to accompany people in the process of shifting their thinking into a new world full of synergies and symbioses, which is still surreal for many people today. Especially in today's time of digital "mega-change" my vision for the future is that in the future our children and their children will be able to live together lovingly and that I am contributing my best.


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