Hi! I'm

Dominik Porsche

Nice of you to be here. Here you can find some information about me and my project Beyonduality. About me: I was born in a warm family in a small village in Germany. As a small child, I always was curious why I am here and what the universe is. My parents did not have answers for all of my curiosity about the universe, so later in my mid-twenties, I went on a self-discovery journey to the core of my being. In order to make my world sustainably joyful, I primarily work with meditations, the Gene Keys and CYP, which have helped me and many people around me to drastically increase their quality of life. With my practical knowledge as a CYP-Bio-Feedback Guide practitioner for the reprogramming of the subconscious mind, and as a Gene Keys Guide and aspiring Ambassador, I inspire you on your journey.

The process of awakening, the memory of one's own true nature and the resulting self-determination are important elements of my life journey. Until my mid-twenties, I repressed my curiosity because of several shocking injuries that interrupted my life. In school, I was also often misunderstood and bullied by classmates. Both were reasons why I withdrew from puberty until early adulthood and suffered from severe depression, panic attacks, and burnout with suicidal thoughts. Soon, I lived in a state of forgetting, lead to a worldview influenced by ego-expressionism and living to pay my rent. Discover some more details in my spiritual awakening story video below.

When I met my love and future wife, everything changed. Suddenly the curiosity from my early childhood to discover more than just living a mediocre life was remembered again. In the next chapter of my life, I questioned everything after losing twice my job and miserably failing to build several businesses, losing all my hard earned money. From this deep state of emptiness and fear, my self-interest in reprogramming the subconscious mind was born without knowing this.

At 26, in my first deep dive encounters with the subconscious mind, I had a life-changing experience in one of my inner journey sessions. From that moment, I knew my life would never be the same again. This epiphany opened the doors to the hidden beauty of life. This awakening experience also triggered severe challenges, in which the majority of my inner shadows confronted me. It was the most challenging and rewarding phase of my life.

Today, my mission is to guide you in the process of shifting your perspective to a new world full of treasures and wonders. Since 2019, I have been writing and publishing practical and inspirational guides on Beyonduality. My heart's desire is to guide you to transform your shadows into gifts and embody your divine essences of love. As a parent, it is my divine will and vision at this important stage on earth that children and future generations can live compassionately and peacefully together.

"We are here on earth to heal our history, not to hide from our history."


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