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“We need to recognize that the light needs the darkness as much as a diamond needs the black velvet behind it.” – Robert Edward Grant

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What is the Diamond of the Self?


needs the darkness

The first stage of entering the diamond creator economy is to become friends with the darkness and the hidden shadows within. Similar how to remember to channel electricity, we need to remember how to channel our lower self.


needs the love

The second stage is to allow, accept and embrace our selfs to be what their need to be and not what the conditioned self desires to do. We need a deep level of self love, emerged from the radiance of our being.


needs the light

As the light needs the darkness and the darkness the light, human beings need expanding perspectives and new emotional and sensation experiences to evolve. Self-revelations arrive when we enter the diamond of the self.

“This Podcast reveals liberating stories to embody the diamonds of the self. Your diamonds of the self make the invisible visible, the impossible possible and the pressure beautiful!”

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