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“Dominik Porsche guides you to the alignment of your mind, soul and body.”

Beyonduality is your source of inspiration and guidance for Spiritual Awakening, Gene Keys, and Soul Purpose. Each person is a unique piece in the puzzle of the whole and plays a meaningful role in completing the entire puzzle. As soon as one piece in the puzzle is missing, the picture is incomplete. Dominik and the entire Beyonduality team accompany you in discovering and embodying your unique piece in the puzzle, full of amazing qualities and archetypal abilities, so that you live in peace, abundance and freedom.

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All of my reads about the purpose of life and your vocation. Are you truly ready to live a life in prosperity and abundance? Find it out!

Gene Keys Reads

All of my reads about Gene Keys. Gene Keys is an intuitive system of higher consciousness to guide you towards your soul's purpose.

Self-Love Reads

I recommend you to start with my comprehensive self-love blueprint.

More Conscious Reads

My extraordinary reads about meditation, self-confidence, self-awareness and one of my diaries about the effects of raw food on our psyche & soul.




The purpose of Beyonduality is to guide you to discover your unique life's mission and the embodiment of your higher purpose. Connecting to one's truth is like being taken out of the duality of good and evil while remaining fully present and grounded at the same time. It is the synchronization of individuality (male aspect) and wholeness (female aspect). This state of our consciousness is filled with a deep but quiet ecstasy, a mixture of joy and peace. A state beyond the polarity of good and evil. It is the message of a higher intelligence, of our future self, for a harmonious and joyful cooperation on earth. A state in which the impossible becomes possible and a deep self-confidence beyond our ability to communicate becomes our new reality. The manifestation with us, for us, through us from the perspective of true love and the foundation of our heart-based consciousness. A perfect, honest transparency that respects all individuals and the wholeness collectively. Beyonduality is a project which has been created by Dominik Porsche to facilitate the arrival of a heart-based consciousness that respects our unique individuality while embracing the spirit of oneness.