Hello, I am Dominik Porsche

I accompany you in this blog on your journey for a joyful, courageous, and peaceful life full of possibilities.


The purpose of "Beyonduality" is the reforming of the trinity, beyond our polarity. Connecting to one's truth is like being taken out of the duality of good and evil while remaining fully present and grounded at the same time. It is the synchronization of individuality (male aspect) and wholeness (female aspect). This state of our consciousness is filled with a deep but silent ecstasy, a mixture of joy and peace. A state beyond the polarity of good and evil. It is the message of a higher intelligence, of our future self, for a harmonious and joyful cooperation on earth. A state in which the impossible becomes possible and a deep self-confidence beyond our ability to communicate becomes our new reality. The manifestation with us, for us, through us from the perspective of our true love and the foundation of our heart-based consciousness. A perfect, honest transparency that respects all individuals and the wholeness collectively. Dominik Porsche's project with Beyonduality is a small drop in the ocean and prepares, like countless people, for the arrival of a heart-based consciousness by preserving individuality and feeling the oneness deeply.