Can Depression Kill You? 5 Self-Love Strategies for Suicide Prevention!

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People around the world rarely talk about “the suicide issue”. But can depression kill you? Sometimes the public hears about a celebrity that has successfully committed suicide, and it is not very uncommon for families to have experienced at least one suicide case.

Important: Take any suicidal talk or behavior seriously. It’s not just a warning sign that the person is thinking about suicide—it’s a cry for help.

This article is great to read if you…

  • … know someone that wants to commit suicide.
  • … know someone that committed suicide.
  • … are in danger of committing suicide.
  • … are having a hard time processing a previous suicide experience of a friend or family member

I’m speaking about this serious topic “can depression kill you?” here because there was a time in my life where I wanted to give up on life, too. Therefore, I love to share my reflections with you on the causes of suicidal intentions as well as the personal insights I gained from experiencing the danger of suicide.

There are lots of topics people are not willing to openly talk about and suicide definitely is one of them. My mission is to help people have a more peaceful and loving mental state because this is exactly what helps to decrease depression and suicide attempts dramatically.

In that way, in an instant, hardships like depressions or suicide attempts decrease dramatically.

My Own Story. Can Depression Kill You?

At the age of 17 to 19 I experienced a time of pure uncertainty in my life. I wasn’t sure if my life really mattered.

After having had four major knee injuries I almost broke apart. I repressed myself, while also going through outbursts of rage. It was extremely painful and I was tormented by thoughts, asking myself what I had done to deserve this. At this time I ate more unhealthy food and played way too many computer games.

…and my mental condition deteriorated. More and more, I withdrew from the physical world. I thought; “Can depression kill you?”

Those feelings of depression, of not being loved by others, not knowing what to do with my life, along with too many thoughts kept my stress levels high.

Therefore, I thought about simply ending my life and was on the verge of committing suicide. But can depression kill you or me?

The Power of Hope

I am sure all suicide attempts or thoughts have one thing in common: the uncertainty of one’s own future and a very painful present manifestation through a state of hopelessness.

However, there is always hope.

Believe it or not. At least, even if you do not believe in yourself right now, others always do.

There is a higher reason for you to choose your life. Do you want to know one of the reasons?

“If you are suffering from pain or depression transform it into love.”

So, for example, if you give up on this life, there is absolutely no certainty that the pain or depression will just stop. Actually, the probability is incredibly high that this is not the case.

I had hope for myself, so I continued, and I am extraordinarily happy and thankful that I did.

Why Do People Think About and Commit Suicide?

why think about suicide_Fotor

Let me tell you about five mental and emotional reasons behind suicidal thoughts and actions.

Losing Hope in Life

For example, you experienced a serious health issue and solved it – however, it has returned now. Maybe your family or friends suffer from the same disease, too.

Giving Up on Dreams and Goals

For example, you may have had this great willpower to achieve your goals for a long period of time. Sadly, it seems impossible to reach them now and/or you’ve failed a lot of times.


Losing hope and giving up is often accompanied by a tendency to victimize yourself. I call this the “mimimi-effect” – you never feel responsible for your own life. In this case, it is important to seek professional support.

A Certain Predisposition

I won’t go into this too much, but I know some people say that having a certain brain predisposition can lead to a higher probability of experiencing depression. What I believe 100% is that this also has a unique reason beyond our current understanding. This can be an easy way to victimize yourself even more, and because of that, it is super important to believe in your own strengths.

Fear of the Ego’s Death

Being afraid of death can exactly manifest all those fears and thoughts in your head. In my opinion, this is the biggest reason for depression and suicide. Just because of the fear that something might happen, you start to think, feel, and act totally as if it really is happening.

In a sense, it is crucial to stop the automated behavior, and one of the resources could be to read a book like “Conversations With God” ** from bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch. He sold his book over 20 million times,  and I have to say that the first three books of his series are a huge eye-opener.

conversations with god complete

In my opinion, all these five different reasons combined add up to and can result in the state of depression.

You still may think; “Can depression kill you?”

I was afraid of death and of health issues. I almost lost hope in life and wanted to give up. And I victimized myself for over three years. We see that a lot of people get killed by depression.

Do you know why I didn’t choose to do it? Because I would have felt guilty for my family and friends. Plus, I had this inner voice telling me: “This is not the time to go yet.””. Therefore, it was the correct decision to stay.

But even if you say: “I do not have a family or friends, I do not care, and my inner voice is urging me to ‘just do it,’” please read the next chapters carefully.

Why is killing yourself the biggest illusion of all?

why is suicide the biggest illusion_Fotor

First of all: You cannot be certain that you will have a better life or a better situation after your current life.

So, can depression kill you?

Science and consciousness are displaying the possibility of an afterlife more than ever before. There are countless reports of near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and flashbacks to earlier life’s stories.

So, escaping through suicide is the worst thing you can think of, and chances are high that you will just be starting over to learn from your own misinterpretations.

In that case, it is better to stay strong and learn how to love yourself.

Now is the time to really work it out!

High Sensitivity to Environment

Your thoughts and feelings are also influenced by those of other people around you. This is happening more often than we think – especially for highly sensitive personalities.

So, can depression kill you?

No – seriously!-  thinking that you should deal with depressed feelings by killing yourself can be a huge misconception – maybe the thoughts and feelings aren’t even yours!

After I learned how to program my subconscious mind to a very deep extent, a lot changed.

For example, I was able to tell the difference between my emotions and others’. Since that time, I am super happy about my highly sensitive personality.

Misconceptions of Suicides

What are three of the favorite things people really think happen after their suicide attempt?

  1. That they go back to heaven.
  2. That all of their problems will be solved.
  3. That life finally “ends”.

In this sense, it can be a really big illusion, and suicide is a “white flag” give-up action.

How Do You Prevent a Suicide with the Power of Self-Love?

You still may think; “Can depression kill you?”

“If you love your life, ending it would be paradoxical. If you hate your life, ending it would be even more paradoxical.”

Let us talk about five direct strategies that help in case of depression.

Before that, I have one important suggestion.

Getting medical help can support you in very dark times, so I do not recommend that you just skip seeing a professional. However, in the long-term it is very important to think about further strategies than only going to a professional who treats mental health problems, because you can only solve them yourself.

Medical help can be good for a short time, however working on yourself to release your unprocessed experiences from your past is crucial!

So, can depression kill you? Not if you apply the following five strategies that will help boost your current self-love state.

5 Self-Love Strategies for Suicide Prevention

5 strategies for suicide prevention_Fotor

The First Strategy

Set short-term goals for the next hours, day and maximum the next weeks. Also talk about mid-term goals that you have already achieved within the last six to twelve months. For now, do not bother about long-term goals. It really does not matter for now which level of happiness will you reach within three to ten years.

For example: Find a great reason for a mindful smile every day and your weekly goal could be to automatically integrate your mindfulness smile into your day.

At the same time, integrating two to three of the five strategies can also be considered as a great goal to achieve.

The Second Strategy

Influence your mental state directly before sleep and after waking up, because this will have the strongest effect!

I recommend meditating in these phases because there is just no excuse not to do it. Also, smart affirmations, like, “Every day, in every aspect, I am happier,” or “Every day, in every aspect, I automatically transform my pain into happiness,” can work like a miracle.

Important: If you really want to change your status quo, being in a helpless state does not help anyone.

The Third Strategy

Here is a short-term selection of solutions you can integrate in your daily routine.

  • Working out in the gym.
  • Watching funny videos.
  • Meeting friends.
  • Walking in nature.
  • Practicing meditation.

All the tips above are also distractions, so I recommend from the heart to integrate breaks in everyday life, i.e. to pause as often as possible. After a certain time of pausing, you will realize how big you have made even the smallest things in your life. You will realize that life is very beautiful, quiet and worth living, if we treat ourselves, nature and others in a loving and gentle way.

The Fourth Strategy

Start to accept your state of mind as it is. One of the best instant ways is to increase your level of mindfulness by learning daily meditations.

Visit high-quality seminars like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s eight-day meditation retreat. Thousands of people attend each of his seminars because the seminars just work so well.

Therefore, your transformation from pain to power or self-hate to self-love can be a lot quicker or even in an instant.

The Fifth Strategy

The more you think about your hardships, the more you manifest them in your life. It cannot get any worse.

Therefore, your transformation from pain to power or self-hate to self-love can be achieved much quicker or even in an instant.

Observe your daily thoughts and write down your negative and positive thoughts. By doing so, it is easier to analyze that you probably also have a lot of positive thoughts, and your current challenge is that you give more weight to your negative thoughts than your positive thoughts.

It is standard for most humans to give more weight to the negativity in their life.

For instance, you are out in your favorite coffee shop, and five people smile and are nice to you, so you are happy. The moment another person looks at you in an angry or depressed way, it negates all the positivity you felt before and you ask yourself, “Did I do something wrong? Why did that guy look at me like that?”

Writing down your thoughts and sensations can help you a lot.

Bonus: Actively read more about self-love and check out how to release your inner fears. I recommend reading my complete self-love blueprint.

So in the end, can depression kill you?

Not really. You have the power to unlock your true potential of happiness and this is your current goal to achieve!

Thanks a lot for reading my complete article. I am happy to serve you the way I can.

Do you love reading my articles? I deeply believe from heart that more people have to know about these important topics. 

So share it with friends.

and feel free to discuss my articles below. 

With unconditional love,


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