Selected Gene Keys Work by Guides and Ambassadors

This exciting space is an inspiring temple of an exquisite manifoldness of creators, artists, and guides of the Gene Keys Teaching by Richard Rudd. Look forward to the best of the best in the Gene Key universe - tested and certified for best-use and quality. PS: If your authentic work is missing - send a mail to dominik(at)

1. A Yearly Calendar by

Yearly, the devoted bulgarian Gene Keys community invites artists to craft a powerful calendar - inviting all Gene keys voyagers to enhance their home with beautiful art, the transits of the 64 Gene Keys and much much more. I am happy to support their projects and encourage you to do so as well.

2. The Wisdom Keepers by Rosy Aronson

The one and only contemplative Oracle Deck for the Gene Keys by Rosy Aronson - includes beautiful artworks for all 64 Gene Keys and inspiring stories that can change your worldviews and life forever.

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