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The Beyonduality Story

First LOGO Concept

The Story

In the summer of 2018, the Beyonduality journey began with a blog article about self-love. At that time, Dominik developed the logo together with a designer. Through Dominik's devotion to spiritual development, together with a robust digital marketing partner, what you find on Beyonduality today was born. Since then, the website evolved, and it got significant tweak in 2020 and 2022.

Beyonduality Vision

You may be wondering: why Beyonduality? Beyonduality suggests that there is something beyond duality, reason and logical understanding. The challenges and dangers we face today are the result of our limited identification and the outdated perception of our morality. For example, we identify ourselves as American, German, or Indian and have forgotten to identify ourselves with cosmic intelligence. We can use a knife for good or for evil. Superiorly, the knife is a neutral tool that saves many lives. Our identity determines how we use the knife. The project around Dominik allows you to gaze into dimensions beyond the concept of duality. We have to go beyond the conceptual boundaries of duality. With a lot of imagination, our logo gives you a deeper dimension into our work. The heart represents cosmic intelligence, love or consciousness. The two hands symbolize creation from the second dimension - minus and plus, negative and positive or feminine and masculine, depending on how you choose to look at it. So Beyonduality inspires you to take a step back from your limited identity and maintain some distance from your intellect to remember your natural cosmic identity. The vision of Beyonduality is that the intellect serves humanity. Then something magical happens and we realize the true potential of our cosmic intelligence - love.

Heal the History

Humanity today is experiencing the greatest inner and outer transformation since World War II. For a long time, we could suppress our fears and shadows worldwide. However, since COVID19, we have experienced ourselves in a new light, and what global change means for us. Beyonduality accompanies people in their vision to cultivate a sustainable increased quality of life. The team supports people in tearing out old distorted roots (shadows) and planting new beautiful seeds simultaneously. Dominik is a huge fan of the Gene Keys Synthesis and the concepts of our multidimensionality. True spirituality moves beyond beliefs and identifications.

Awakened Humanity

We have arrived at a decisive moment in humankind's history. Do we want to take a big step towards awakened humanity or decide for totalitarianism, where we can hardly see, touch, and hug people because we fear illness and death? Do you want to be part of the perfect security state that sells us "freedom"? It is irrelevant whether COVID19 exists because we are so overwhelmed with information that it is difficult to distinguish reality from illusion. On the other hand, are we willing to give up our freedom to "live" maybe 3-5 years longer in the end? What does "life" mean to you here? Is your safety so important to you that your children can no longer play freely with other children without worry? Beyonduality brings this vision of awakened humanity to the forefront, where we ask ourselves even the uncomfortable questions to enable actual inner and outer change. No matter what happens in the world, the vision of awakened humanity will flourish and blossom, even though we all feel that the times ahead are not all sunny. Beyonduality supports you in this transformation into awakening - the vision is that we are so many awakened people that only peace, abundance, and freedom are an option.

- You are an infinite gift for this world, discover yours -