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The Beyonduality Story

First LOGO Concept

The Story

In the summer of 2018, the Beyonduality journey began with a blog article about self-love. At that time, Dominik developed the logo together with a designer. Through Dominik's devotion to spiritual development, together with a robust digital marketing partner, what you find on Beyonduality today was born. Since then, the website evolved, and it got significant tweak in 2020 and 2022.

Beyonduality Vision

It was not until 2023 - five years after the name Beyonduality was revealed - that Dominik realized the profound mysticism of the term. In 2012, according to research in astrology and well-known mystics, we passed from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Already in the twentieth century it flooded the world culture with impressions from West and East, from science and spirituality, from logic and love. Robert Edward Grant, one of the leading independent researchers of the pyramid in Giza and Leonardo Da Vinci (Gaia Show - Code X), conveyed the following in one of his drawings. 2160 years lasted the age of duality (Pisces). The core 'self-right' of this age was connected with the extreme experiences of the duality of light and darkness.

Since 2012 we are in the Age of Frequencies (Aquarius). Beyonduality operates in the new Age of Aquarius and states that we must learn to accept and love the challenges it contains. We learn to know ourselves better in order to build peaceful and authentic solutions with each other globally, instead of continuing to fight against the old system embedded in indifference, mediocrity, and full of fears (from Pisces and the previous Age of War - Aries). We are finally making the journey to our oasis after a long exhausting struggle to simply BE! Being human - not continuing human-doing or human-fighting or human-suffering. Simply being human. With each other - among each other - everywhere on this beautiful planet, because that is our true destiny, yet every hero's journey is unique.

Heal Humanities History

Mankind experienced alone in the last 100 years, the greatest transformation for over 2000 years. For a long time we were able to suppress our fears and shadows worldwide in the Age of Pisces (ended 2160 year cycle in 2012 and entered the Age of Aquarius). Beyonduality accompanies people on their mission to cultivate a sustainable enhanced quality of life. Strengthening your emotional intelligence plays a special role in this.

"Every Shadow Contains a Gift" - Richard Rudd