What Is Thinking and How Do You Improve Your Thoughts?

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We humans all think, but what is thinking?

First of all, thinking is a state of awareness all of us humans have. Animals, for example, do not have that state of self-observation we do. Because of that, we humans have the capability to express multiple personalities.

One personality might be the one you express when you meet your parents. Another one might be for when you meet your best friend and another one is for when you do business with strangers.

What is Thinking in a Scientific Approach?

what is thinking in a scientific approach

Thinking is a form of energy that cannot be felt or touched. Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to detect in a scientific approach.

What is crazy: every day around 60,000 thoughts pass by and most of the thoughts are subconscious (invisible to us); only some are conscious (visible to us).

Also, thoughts are the experiences in life itself, like a transmitter to communicate our well-being between us humans. Thoughts are a lot of our unprocessed experiences, and most humans have them in unlimited quantities, because they did not work on their level of mental, emotional and physical processing of individual and collective experiences yet.

In science, it is possible to measure thoughts by brain activity. In response to the question of how thoughts are measured, MIT School of Engineering has written the following:

“By watching one neuron at a time, or by looking at how millions of them are talking to each other…”

In which ways do we use our thoughts most of the time?

  • Analytical behaviors (mathematical calculations)
  • Forecasting your future (what you want to happen, what might happen)
  • Talking about your past (what happened, things you liked and did not like)

Summarized mostly to form opinions, compare in duality and to draw logical conclusions.

All of it matters every second, because your thoughts and emotions shape your reality more than anything else.

However, not only your thoughts shape your reality. For sure, your actions shape your reality a lot. Therefore, thoughts are attracted in alignment with your hidden feelings and behaviors.

Friend or Fiend?

For instance, having a fight with your friend or partner can mess up your whole day, and at the same time, you could observe it as an opportunity to grow.

Depending on our attitude and identification with thoughts, we react strongly to our environment, withdrawing or keeping a calm and harmonious overview. 

What happens to you: are you self-motivated or do you struggle with the situation?

Your way of thinking shows the level of friendship towards yourself, or in other words, your state of self-love.

First: Do you hate your own friendship?

Second: Do you love your own friendship?

Third: Do you have an extraordinary friendship?

An Intelligent Approach to Profit Efficiently from Thoughts

Most humans’ thoughts flow inefficiently, but for masters of life, thoughts flow efficiently.

For masters, it is almost impossible to leave the present. Even in the most extreme situations, masters stay calm and they instantly process the unprocessed experiences, because they know how to handle them.

This is crucial, because masters of life attract thoughts with unlimited accuracy! In one moment, they think about business or work, and in another moment, it is simple to switch to their being level (flow).

After you’ve mastered your thoughts, it is simple to switch your emotions and your sensations from good to bad or bad to good, depending on what you want to experience.

So, in my honest opinion, an intelligent approach is to only use thoughts for analytical behaviors, like mathematics and calculations, and for general communication to observe and analyze yourself.

When we step out of duality, it is easier for us to keep an overview. Getting out of the duality of thoughts means getting out of opinions and comparison with other people and situations and entering into an objective far-sightedness. 

In most cases, at least 95% of our thoughts are redundant, because we think about our past and future and possible outcomes! At the same time, we also think about how we feel in our bodies, and how we’d like our achievements in life.

And exactly the same way, we think about why we have to restrict ourselves in the way we do. So, most times, we think about something that is not in our heart’s duty, and we continue to let our thoughts rule us. What a pity.

How can We Improve Our Thoughts?

How can you improve your thoughts

By pure intent. You have to forgive your past and future before you have the capability to attract creative thoughts or manifest original thoughts.

There is a secret in this unique contemplation path; the power of your own free will and the power of your soul are both powers to release your own identity.

You have to observe your darkest times in history with a distance flavor to be able to fully release all of your fears.

The Power to Release Your Identity

It is an art of life to release your own identity, beyond your name. There is another “you,” and that is your true self. It is a truth that is deeply hidden within you. The truth of freedom and true love.

We all play a game to remember our truth. At the same time, we all value our experiences differently.

Most importantly, what do your thoughts express?

Inner excellence/peace or inner fights?

Tip: Observe your thoughts every day and write down the thoughts you do not want to have in your present and future. Also write down the thoughts that appear in your mental plane, which will make you peaceful and bring you harmony.

Especially check out which thoughts come from your past.

As told in my other articles, meditation practices are one of the most efficient ways to learn the observation of thoughts.

You can learn more methods in my complete self-love blueprint.

An Ending Story: Maria’s Thoughts and the Family Party

Maria’s thoughts and the family party

Going home for a family party, Maria packs all of her clothes. She is invited to her nephew’s birthday at their family’s village about 250 miles away. Quickly, she starts to think about the party:

Did I buy the right present for him? How will the party look like? Will I have trouble with my mother again? Will I miss my train again? How do I approach my brother’s health situation?

Even before anything has happened, Maria already starts to think about all kinds of future predictions.

Fears of the future are an unnecessary and troublesome behavior that most of us humans identify with.

Three hours later, Maria is at the party and she is meeting up with her family. Everything is going great so far, and Maria has nice talks. Later on, it is dinner time, and after having an extraordinary buffet with a great variety of local food, beers, and wines, it is time for the common small talk at birthdays.

Peter, Maria’s dad, talks about last week’s horrific time in the village.

“Hey, Michael, this week it was figured out that another two of our village have cancer; this is so sad.”

The nephew, Michael, answers, “Yeah, that is really a pity. We can only hope to stay healthy ourselves.”

I do not want to outrageously expand on this story, because you all know where it ends.

For sure, it ends with more specific talks about illness and discussions of other people’s lives in the village.

The Invisible Poison

Why is it poisonous to talk about other people’s illness or discuss people’s lives?

Because it is an excellent strategy to be imprisoned by your past.

Are you still in this mindset and environment?

If your honest answer is yes: really ask yourself, for whom is this beneficial?

  • your ego?
  • maybe your dreams?
  • or your true heart?

I bet I know your answer. Join a journey to the inner heart! 

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So, share it with friends.

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