Innovative States of Consciousness Self-Test – 3 Layers

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The article’s goal about the three states of consciousness is to make you more aware of your current well-being and prosperity. But the article should also inspire you to look! Where?

Recognize which worries, fears, or doubts are still robbing you of vitality in today’s worldwide extreme transformative situation.

Maybe you are tired of scratching the surface. Then you’ve come to the right spot with this article and Beyonduality.

So here we go! Step out of the shadows, into the gifts.

How do you find out which of the three states of Consciousness you are in?

There are many consciousness state self-tests, but none like this one. It combines the wisdom of the Gene Keys with other models of Consciousness. In the Gene Keys, there are the three states of Consciousness – Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi.

In the Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, there are 17 different states of Consciousness. I want to discuss some of these states combined with the spectrum of Consciousness from the Gene Keys.

So, in this list, I classify some of these 17 states into Shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis. With this method, you can see which energy field you are most often in. This self-analysis also requires a great deal of courage and honesty.

Even if you have been on your spiritual journey for a long time, you will often find yourself in the shadows along with the gifts and siddhis unless you are the reincarnation of a Buddha in the final stage? 😊 Who knows.

Important note for the consciousness states test:

In the Gene Keys, there are the living areas of purpose, relationships, and prosperity. In the Wheel of Life, there are often seven different areas such as happiness, love, personality development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

Consider the three states of Consciousness together with all seven areas of the Wheel of Life because you will act differently in each one. In each area of life, you think, feel and act differently. So it can be that you live out your vocation, but in the relationship and love, you are a loser and occupy yourself only with negative thoughts or even completely suppress the topic. I developed this model because one of the higher purposes of man is to come into harmony, balance, and prosperity in the wheel of life.

In the following, you will recognize if you act from the shadow, the gift, or the siddhis in your daily life.

Here starts the self-test for the three states of Consciousness – so where do you stand? 😊 Where are you? Have fun!

State of Consciousness: Shadow

Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Shadow Essences

Lowest Frequency

Low Lifeforce


Unconscious Victim Attitude

Narrow-minded Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of shadow consciousness.


This state of Consciousness is like a collective virus that prevents us from going our way and living our dreams. We feel there is no way out for our situation in this low-energy field. Everything is surrounded by seriousness. Every time we feel ashamed of something, we suppress more life force. Every time we maintain the role of shame, we don’t have to feel our deep inner pain and collective suffering. You can only transform your shame into a higher loving frequency if you express your inner pain. To do this, you must first accept and embrace this suffering. Then, you must act courageously and breakthrough your limitations until you realize that such a wonderful light and playful energy comes forth behind the shame.

Is there something you are currently ashamed of? Discover a playful way to transform this state of Consciousness of shame.


This state of Consciousness stays permanently in the future. It takes away our breath. We react. We breathe shallowly instead of taking deep breaths into the abdomen and solar plexus. We hoard air because we are afraid. We are all fearful at certain stages of life, yet it is often not so obvious. Fear is the field that allows diseases to flourish. Fear is also the field where we have neither the will nor the willingness to change. Fear is an illusion until it manifests itself in people’s lives as just such “fear.” Here we may transform the fear of death, which is possible for us only when we experience that death does not exist.

Is there something you are afraid of? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of fear.


This state of Consciousness focuses most of the life energy in the chest to the head area after a certain point. Frustration either leads to outbursts of anger at a certain point if we do not find a suitable outlet to vent it. The suppression of this energy exhausts us until we are lackluster and depressed. Frustration is like accumulating too much baggage and too many unfinished sequences of action. We may allow frustration the space to distribute itself throughout the entire body with equal loving mindfulness. Meditate. Pause and find your unfinished sequences of action that you have long pushed away. Resolve them by taking proactive steps. Use this proactiveness as an outlet! Focus is the key.

Is there something that frustrates you? Then, discover a playful way to transform this level of frustration.


This state of Consciousness stays permanently in the past. We grieve for things we did not do, for people we have lost and are caught in a web of illusions. We have forgotten to remember. We hold on. We find it hard to let go of things. Partners, as well as a business or a deceased loved one. Here you may realize that the whole life is coming and going. Just as birth is part of life, death is also part of life. Here we may learn to decide. To lovingly let go of old things from our past. Then the mysticism happens. We realize – no one ever goes or leaves us.

Is there still grief in you? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of grief.


This state of Consciousness is very subtle. Desire means that you give your shadows room to rule over you. You are in the service of your shadows. They tell you that you should eat that juicy piece of beef or that piece of cake. They tell you that you need to satisfy your sexual desire! This neverending dissatisfaction can lead to all kinds of distractions in your life. Often, desire doesn’t let you look deeper into the shadow world. It stirs up intense inner conditioning in you that distracts you from looking closer, more thoroughly, where real true change might occur. Often we give in to our cravings after we have been successful. We give ourselves an unhealthy time-out without being aware of its effects. We may be very gentle with this craving here to transform it. 

What strong desire still exists in you? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of desire.


This state of Consciousness makes us seemingly strong. We are successful – but at the same time, we need the respect and recognition of other people. Growth here still means to eat or be eaten, even if this level of Consciousness is often already accompanied by the willingness and the will to change oneself and others. Spiritual teachers, coaches, or psychologists often fall for this trap of recognition without being aware of it. Pride could also lead us to be convinced – to be further, better, higher than others. However, we very seldom realize it in this form of pride. Here in this state of Consciousness, we want to protect our shadows. We like to work with the shadows and problems of others, but we gratefully decline when it comes to ourselves. We have built up a kind of resilience to look deep into our inner suffering. We usually only dissolve this pride by making severe changes in our lives. So you may look very closely at what your true motive is. Who do you serve? The higher well-being of the people or mostly only yourself? So let go of all expectations of yourself and others.

What are you proud of in your life? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of pride.

State of Consciousness: Gift


Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Gift Essences

Higher Frequency

More Lifeforce


Active Creator Mode

Advanced Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of Gift consciousness.


This state of Consciousness is a creative tool to transform shadows. We give our shadows a higher reason for existence in the form of music or art. Art could mean many things. All professions have one thing in common – interpersonal relationships. We use these relationships to get to know our shadows mindfully. We then transform these shadows in creative or silent work, such as meditations, painting, singing, to name a few examples. In this state of Consciousness, we expand our worldview, experience more life force, and mindfulness. In the creative activities, we are hopeful and inflow. Self-hatred quickly transforms into love in these activities, and frustration becomes playful ease.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of creativity as a gift to transform shadows.


This state of Consciousness is, as you can already imagine, encouraging. You begin to explore new paths that you could never have imagined before. In courage, you also awaken your imagination that everything in your life is well. You trust yourself and life, even if it is often tricky and bumpy. Courage also means to dare – to be yourself, including all the shadow parts in you. You courageously go into the basement, where your shadows are just waiting for you. The lust, the frustration, the distraction, the fear …. but courage as a gift faces all these shadows, even if they are unpleasant. Courage is thus a transformational gift for you and the world.

Discover a playful way to use this courage for yourself and others.


This state of Consciousness is like a neutral level where you communicate with others. Neutrality exudes logic and rationality, but here we use our minds to loosen old beliefs and conditioning. We see other people in a new light. The consciousness level of neutrality has a calming effect on you and others, even though it can come across as detached or indifferent. Between neutrality and indifference, the difference is often difficult to discern. Neutrality is in creator mode, and indifference takes on an unconscious victim posture. At the lower frequency, we protect ourselves from supposed external dangers and not get into creative action. At the higher frequency of the gift, we simply look at a situation to expand our worldview and move into action.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of neutrality as a gift.


This state of Consciousness takes calculable risks. Here we also are willing to try out new things and jump into ice-cold water without knowing – what will happen to us in the water. It is the willingness to act creatively without focusing on possible doubts. Perhaps doubts will arise on the journey. However, we also have the willingness to transform our doubts here. This state of Consciousness is essential when you are in the process of change at work. A new job? Maybe from employee to entrepreneur? A new country? Everywhere you need the willingness and also the courage. This readiness needs optimism. Readiness also means knowing the art of decisions. Every time you decide to do one thing, you let go of another. Do you want to travel to another faraway country and even live there? Then you enter into the willingness to meet new people, new professions and break social and language barriers. At the same time, you are leaving many things behind. Here it is advisable to have the confidence always to be taken care of. Money flows in and out. Friends come and go. This play is the art of choices.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of readiness as a gift.


This state of Consciousness accepts people as they are. It neither tries to change them nor to evaluate them negatively. Acceptance has the gift of objectively judging a person without condemning them. But we accept other people, especially ourselves and our shadows. We work hand in hand with our shadows until they are in service to us, rather than continuing to waste life energy trying to maintain the illusion of our masks and roles. We need a great understanding of unconscious worries, fears, and frustrations so that after a particular time, we transform them as if automatically. Acceptance is self-reflective and self-loving. Acceptance allows. Where in the shadow we still act selfishly, in the consciousness level of the gift, we care equally about the welfare of other people. Mostly, however, we only care about family, friends, or business partners. For “strangers,” the gift level is still sufficient, where altruism is also found, but here we are usually not willing to give everything. This unconditional willingness is reserved for the consciousness levels of the Siddhis.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of acceptance for yourself.

State of Consciousness: Siddhi


Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Siddhi Essences

Highest Frequency

Maximal Lifeforce


Unlimited Creator Mode

Inconceivable Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of Siddhi consciousness.


This state of Consciousness goes beyond human love. It is the level of unconditional love to which we give ourselves selflessly. We send loving energy to strangers because we are full of life force. We take on a worldview that is still incomprehensible to us. The reason is simple – this kind of love is beyond our reason and ratio. It is irrational, beautiful, and indescribable. If a person attacks us physically or psychologically, we remain in our center, far from any reaction. We meet non-love with love. Thus all masks and roles dissolve as if by themselves. We have arrived beyond duality – beyond good or evil, right and wrong, perpetrator and victim as the sun sends its warmth to “good” and “evil,” so we send our warm love to all.


This state of Consciousness is like a sustained high while intoxicated but goes far beyond. All thoughts dissolve into thin air, and all that remains is simply the creative freedom of joy. Ecstatic states are a normality in this high state of Consciousness. It is like a tingling sensation throughout the body with no locality like “goosebumps.” With goosebumps, we usually feel it on our backs. With ecstasy, it goes beyond our physical body. We merge with the sea of all possibilities and draw from it. Joy is only possible in surrender. As soon as the first thought arises with the question, “What is this feeling?” the joy is already gone.


At this state of Consciousness, we have arrived at peace. Eckhart Tolle describes this state very well in his bestseller “NOW.” You are in your center and harmony no matter what anyone tells you. Peace is like a future energy field waiting to be physically born, to appear. Whoever radiates true peace embodies a deep inner serenity. Thoughts dissolve as if into thin air – they are gone. You are gone. We are gone. The game is over, and at the same time, it is just beginning. Beginning and end dissolve. Everything is as it should be. Where the shadow is still in conflict with itself, the gift in diplomacy, the peace in the Siddhi whispers NOW.


Are you acting like a Buddha and Jesus, or are you just pretending? A legitimate question that we may ask ourselves again every day. How would Buddha act in this situation? Here there is absolute clarity, and the field acts paradoxically, selflessly, and irrationally. We recognize the beauty in everything, even in darkness. Just a thought is enough to beam us from the deepest shadows directly into higher states of ecstasy. Here you also have the feeling that your body is invisible, although it is still there. You recognize and embody connections that can transport people directly into higher levels of Consciousness. At the consciousness level of enlightenment, you also possess almost like supernatural abilities. These abilities could be physical or non-physical. For example, the Iceman Wim Hof controls his physical body so well that he can keep his body temperature in the normal range for a long time in freezing temperatures. Here are countless stories of spiritual masters who have made the impossible possible.

The end of the self-test! Where are you most of the time? What are you still allowed to transform?

Did you know that David R. Hawkins found out in consciousness studies that only 10-15% of people live beyond the “shadow” level of Consciousness? 85-90% of humanity lives permanently in the shadows without being aware of it. 10-15% dare to step into the gift, and only 0.0001-1% of people reach the consciousness level of Siddhi.

Where are you most of the time? 

Feel free to share your current Wheel of Life result in the comments. Also, feel free to pick an area to share here and SHARE the article with friends who should also take the self-test.

With love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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