Gene Key 61 – From Psychosis to Sanctity (61st Gene Key)

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In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 61. At the end of the article I provide you with 3 questions to contemplate and reflect on this Gene Key.

The 61st Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Sanctity, the Gift of Inspiration, and the Shadow of Psychosis.

Gene Key 61 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 61 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 61 – Shadow of Psychosis


In the shadow of the 61st Gene Key, we are in a deep psychosis. You can observe how deep humanity was and still is in this state of psychosis. We have forgotten who we are. Instead, we align ourselves with the limited capabilities of our intellect, which leads to serving our intellect.

We listen to our limitations. We stagnate and stop listening to our hearts. But all of this – we do not want to realize within the realms of psychosis. In our intellect, we believe strongly as the most intelligent invention of all time.

Yes, the intellect is excellent for – learning human language, mathematics, calculations, and analyses; however, it lacks depth. It cannot perceive the unknown realm because it isn’t equipped for those. So, because the intellect cannot sense or feel those realms, it doesn’t believe in such unknown realms.

Ultimately, this 61st Gene Key is also related to our fear of death. We built a collective cultural belief that death is something “bad” in the unknown realm. However, the scientific discoveries and exploration into near-death experiences, epigenetics, quantum physics, and neurology create faith to transcend this fear of death into understanding slices of the unknown realms.

Ideally, the intellect is not here for decision-making. But in our daily lives, we struggle to decide because we use the intellect for decisions. This ongoing intellectual shift between a “No” and “Yes” causes exhaustion, which keeps us in the unconscious loop of sleep and dreams.

We can see this shadow running through religion and science in many ways. For example, one of the common fears today is about the concept of heaven and hell. However, if we look deep within, we remember that such ideas are fear concepts of homo sapiens that never existed from a higher dimensional perspective.

This shadow lets us believe that we lost all contact with the divine. It is a profoundly unconscious shadow Gene Key 61 with great manipulative power that we keep listening to until we don’t listen anymore.

Ultimately, we suddenly open our hearts, and the intellect is in our service. Then we move from the lower frequency state of psychosis into the realms of Inspiration.

Gene Key 61 – Gift of Inspiration


A part of Inspiration is to discover the world differently, experiencing life, and reflecting the experiences intelligently. This spirit integration empowers the whole being. Inspiration is always original – it is never a copy. So, it is not about copying others’ ideas and concepts. This Gift is about discovering our fresh style through the infinite realms of the mind.

The Gift of Inspiration in the 61st Gene Key emerges when it emerges. Suddenly! There is no technique to trigger it and no task to do. Inspiration happens to us. We cannot initiate Inspiration. The only worthwhile task is to build the proper foundation for Inspiration to occur.

This Gift of the Gene Key 61 needs a ground with fresh seeds that can blossom into the world. The new seeding process needs transforming and authentic shadow work, so we understand that the shadows aren’t what our intellect, sensations, and feelings projected on us. In truth – our shadows are the seeds, and we discover that we can unroot limiting and negative roots and seeds and plant new seeds of empowerment, peace, and love.

That is also the danger of the darkness within this 61st Gene Key, either you are in psychosis or not. When you enter the conscious realms of Inspiration, those sudden insights and revelations appear more often. From the unconscious realms of psychosis, this seems impossible.

Gene Key 61 – Siddhi of Sanctity


The 61st Gene Key is unique in the realms of Siddhis. It can potentially transcend your mentality from one experience to another altogether. When you discover the holiness within “All that is” – experiencing it, embodying it, you receive a glimpse of this sacred life.

But our psychosis is very manipulative. You may even know all those concepts and ideas about yourself as a spiritual being. And still, your intellect finds perspectives to make you believe you already know the truth – even if you don’t. In fact, we are all cells of earth. Do we TRULY CARE about each of our physical body cells? Millions of cells die every day within our physical body structure – are we MINDFUL about them? Did we ever realize that each cell has immense power like a battery? Altogether Dr. Bruce Lipton estimates the cell’s power to be 70 – 3.5 trillion Volts in the synergy altogether.

Our mother earth cares about all life on earth – it is the mother instinct. So, in a Siddhi of sanctity, we would also embrace all our organs, cells, DNA, molecules, and life forms.

When this leap to the Siddhi happens, you disappear. All Siddhis are more related to death, like a mother’s womb.

It is like a transcendence process into a completely new lifeform. And that lifeform doesn’t even care about the outer world – because it inherently knows what truly matters – the inner world.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. How can I create an environment in which true inspiration can rise?
  2. In which life situations have I been and am I inspired?
  3. Am I aware of my inner sanctity – if not, in which areas can I still grow in?

Added 01.09.2023: Further contemplationon psychosis, inspiration and sanctity and what these truly mean to me, created from a question in our german Telegram community.

Psychosis: You make your ego and lower nature the boss “king, leader”. I look at this gene key 61 with the focus in the mental realm.

Inspiration: you let your being, higher nature and intelligence inspire you and use this for growth so that the ego is more and more your wonderful servant.

Sanctity: A part of God “Divine” speaks through you – which means that your higher self has taken over the vehicle of the three lower bodies – physical, emotional and mental bodies and thus your true self is the boss within yourself.

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Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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