Planets in the Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile

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In this article, I guide you in fresh messages for the Hologenetic Profile Spheres related to Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Discover which planets connect to the spheres and thus to the hologenetic profile of the Gene Keys.

At the end of this article, I answer five exciting questions from our community.

Important note: The Gene Keys and their calculations are not intended for analytical personality profiling.

The Gene Keys teachings and associated themes of the 11 spheres (shadows – gifts – siddhis) provide insights into the inner world and the associated interaction of the outer world.

The potential of this synthesis is the unfolding of your gifts and the transformation of your shadows. Like a living organism, your Hologenetic Profile constantly evolves according to life situations.

My contemplation in this article is according to my mind and may differ from the wisdom of Gene Key teachings. The contemplation means to inspire, stimulate, and guide you.

You can find the planetary constellation calculations and their connection to the spheres in the hologenetic profile at

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Life’s Work/Brand:

Planet: Sun

Influence: pre-birth (conscious)

Personal Contemplation: The sun and our birth are strongly intertwined. Particles and fragments invisible to us from the sun influence our DNA at the time of our birth. These invisible fragments of light in your DNA are what you have chosen for yourself for this incarnation of your own free will and are connected with much joy.

The sun is much more than just a star. It is our life-giver and creator. Deep within us is hidden the potential of the sun. Every person before and after birth awakens with unique gifts. We have given these to ourselves through the sun. Some of these gifts you may discover in the Gene Keys, others through life’s experiences.

If you have forgotten why you incarnated and came to earth, a look at the sun will help. But be careful, the sun is not always what you think it is, and its love for you can be unbearable. Receiving such love is something we are not used to. True awakening in all facets is thus when you become aware again of why you came here. In this sense, you bathe in the love of the sun.


Planet: Earth

Influence: at birth (conscious)

Personal Contemplation: The earth can be a beautiful or terrible home for us humans because the duality on Gaia is strong. You cannot escape this back and forth, down and up. So you have to allow it, accept it, and embrace it. Funny enough, people try to stagnate on Gaia until they wonder why they are depressed and melancholic. Earth helps us in our next evolutionary step; thus, it is like a birth tunnel into a new world for many of us. Richard Rudd describes the new human being (Homo Sanctus) in Gene Key 55. Universally, in the next 50-100 years, more and more people will begin the evolutionary development towards universal consciousness and away from fear consciousness. This evolutionary step is an intense purification process in which we must let go of the old to embody the new. In this process, especially today, many people are as if lost. It feels like being stuck in a caterpillar’s cocoon and waiting for the butterfly to emerge without knowing when the transformation is complete.

If you find life on earth difficult and almost want to give up, connect more with the earth and let its messages from nature penetrate you. There is no time pressure for you because your evolutionary process is unique and cannot compare with anyone.

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Planet: Sun

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: The sun shines into us, and we shine into the sun. This paradox is beautiful. What is your radiance that the sun has given you? The Gene Keys and the hologenetic profile describe that the more challenges you overcome, no matter how small or large, the more you radiate your essence. For me, challenges in this context are letting go of the old. Think of it like a dried leaf on a tree, which joins the green grass in the field in the next moment. The tree lets go of what has died. The more you can let go as a human being, the more you experience your core and radiate true self-love.

Looking to the sun could be a real eye-opener if you have low self-confidence. If there is one thing you can learn from the sun, it is that the sun never holds on to anything. It is constantly changing, and this potential for change is also your birthright, even if you have forgotten it.


Planet: Earth

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: The earth knows its destiny. It gives birth to a multifaceted and diverse existence of personalities. The human beings, animal and plant kingdom, and so much more. What is the reason for it?

The joy of further development and the love of the universe. The joy of diversity and the celebration of the known and unknown. Is there a general purpose as a human being? I believe that we humans are here to evolve in many ways. On the one hand, we are here to build core stability to take the evolutionary next step with humanity; on the other hand, we are also here to celebrate life. Our ultimate purpose is to be the five or six senses for the earth and protect it from danger. Today, we are more the danger for Gaia; however, even though we are the shadow and cancer of the earth today, soon we will be the gift and the miracle of the earth. That transformation is my vision, as Richard Rudd describes so beautifully in the Gene Keys.

In every shadow is hidden a gift.

If you feel disconnected from your purpose and are just not getting anywhere, connect to the earth just as you did in the sphere of evolution. Connect with nature, the elements, and the animals.


Planet: Moon

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: The moon is a wonder that makes life on earth possible in many ways. The moon’s gravitational pull determines the tides’ ebb and flow. The element of water is predominant in us humans and throughout the earth. In the past, my mother often told me, “When there is a full moon, my behavior changes. Every time I would get all wound up, she would say, “Oh, the full moon is here again, isn’t it?”

Emotions boiled over and sometimes made me a nightmare for my parents. Today, I observe this ebb and flow of emotions on a completely different wavelength and use the irrepressible power that the moon gives me and all of us humans to get real breakthroughs and insights for myself. At this time of the full moon, we can most easily crack and break through behavior patterns so that the new patterns of success emerge at the new moon, and we flow as if attracted by the moon and its fresh energies.

If you are dissatisfied with what you are attracting into your life, looking to the moon might help. Engage with the tides and contemplate the bright moon in the night sky. Crack your limiting and old behavior patterns at the full moon.


Planet: Venus

Influence: at birth (conscious)

Personal Contemplation: In the Gene Keys, Venus has its very own sequence in the hologenetic profile, the Venus sequence. Venus stands for love, coherence, and relationships in many cultures. For example, in Cyprus, my perceived spiritual home sits the deity Aphrodite, who is associated with Venus. In early March 2023, there was the rare Venus-Jupiter conjunction where both planets were at the same celestial point for us as seen from Earth. For me, this event was a chance glimpse into the sky that sent me into a mystical contemplation. Astrology is not one of my main subjects; however, I am very curious when looking at stars and planets that hold specific energy. This curiosity for the night sky activated at the end of February and the beginning of March 2023.

My first contemplation was to explore which Gene Keys spheres Venus and Jupiter are in. In profile, Venus is in IQ and SQ, and Jupiter is in Culture and Pearl.

Venus helps you to let go of the old: old patterns, old habits, and karmic connections. Venus is also uncomfortable for all people who reject letting go. If we choose to stagnate, we die. Venus connects molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles in humans in a new way. Venus transforms us toward life or death. After all, besides being the planet of love, it is also the archetype of the warrior.

If you fear death or the unknown, the Contemplation of the planet Venus can be helpful. At the same time, you can also profoundly contemplate the IQ and SQ spheres with your Gene Keys. Allow yourself to come to terms with this. Accept your inner transformation. Embrace yourself completely.


Planet: Mars

Influence: at birth (conscious)

Personal Contemplation: Mars is one of the Earth-like planets in our solar system. It looks like a wasteland where life once existed or will exist in the future. In the Gene Keys, Mars associates with EQ (emotional quotient), which is all about emotions. Our human emotions are often hidden and impulsive, so we rarely observe them. For this, we did not learn how to deal with our emotions from our parents or in the school system. The planet Mars occupies a special place in the spheres of the Gene Keys because, in addition to emotions, it links to your core and the associated vocation.

Contemplate this sphere of EQ if you find it challenging to observe emotional states and want to know the emotions that rule you.


Planet: Venus

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: Besides the sphere of IQ, Venus influences our physical body most intensively during the first seven years. During this time, there is a constant transformation of the physical body. Our children are constantly changing, and for parents who are not up to it, this will be the most challenging time of their lives. No one can escape this whirlpool of change in the newborn. Thus, inactive old issues, patterns, and challenges activated, so it was for me with my family. He is the biggest miracle and, with my wife, the most significant challenge I can imagine. Through him, I questioned everything again. From spirituality, esotericism, and business to my circle of friends and family life, I questioned many things anew.

If you are afraid of change and chaos, Contemplation of Venus can be helpful.


Planet: Mars

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: The core (Venus sequence) and the vocation (Pearl sequence) are associated with the planetary archetype Mars. The energy from Mars thus influences your core (described in the Gene Keys as the core wound) and the associated vocation, the medicine you brought with you for this world. Once you engage your core and the wound, you open the healing field for yourself and others. You attract people who can accompany you in your healing process and support you in your vocation. The core is also associated with the pre-birth three semesters and deals with the frequencies and energies your mother has given you.

If you conflict with your mother, engage with this sphere and the planet Mars. In this personal contemplation, whether your mother is still physically alive or not is irrelevant. This inner contemplation is profound and requires good preparation and a lot of courage. The goal is to detach yourself from frequencies that hold you down, scare you, and lie in the shadows. This deep dive is where the greatest challenges and a tremendous potential for personal growth lie in your DNA structure.


Planet: Jupiter

Influence: pre-birth (unconscious)

Personal Contemplation: Jupiter stands for growth and expansion. In the Gene Keys, the sphere of culture is also concerned with growth and expansion. There are three paths in the Pearl Sequence. The path of initiative from vocation to culture. The path of growth from culture to brand, and the path of service from brand back to vocation. This closed trinity opens another path (quantum) towards the Pearl. Jupiter is like a portal toward your inner pearl and the potential for prosperity hidden within.

Moreover, this constellation of the three paths + quantum is like a test for your higher evolution. Only when we act in service the quantum field can open towards the Pearl. Only then will our portal to true prosperity open.

If you doubt humanity or people and are not currently going your way, contemplating Jupiter can do wonders. What gift may you bring in culturally? What shadow is blocking you from this initiative? What highest essence (siddhi) are you not admitting to? What are you afraid of? Jupiter accompanies you on the way to the liberation of your genius.


Planet: Jupiter

Influence: at birth (conscious)

Personal Contemplation: The sphere of the Pearl is your conscious expression of Jupiter and represents your perfect potential on earth. Only after you are in the service of earth and humanity can this portal open entirely in terms of the Gene Key and the Lines in this aspect.

The Pearl is like the last piece of the puzzle you have given yourself to complete on earth. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to understand this aspect early in life. However, contemplation can be very helpful for you to reflect on yourself, whether you are in the service of society or not. Many people who take action are financially successful and growing. Few people complete this cycle through the path of service and thereby accumulate more and more wealth without sharing it in higher service with humanity.

What you can glean from this aspect along with Jupiter is this. You are likely operating from the shadow here rather than the gift or the siddhi. So, you can learn a lot from the shadow and how it interacts with the overall hologenetic profile.

For me, for example, this aspect is “distraction.” This shadow of gene key 56 fits perfectly with my life path because I often distract myself from the essentials. So, my highest essence of intoxication lies dormant or inactive, as does the gift of enrichment, even though I observe people in society giving me clues as to what enrichment and intoxication means.

In essence, more and more, I will be able to ” distract” others to their higher nature and their true purpose in life. This optimistic outlook is how I view the essence of intoxication, even though I operate from the shadows the vast majority of the time today – I got my first glimpses of what the highest essence means through Beyonduality and my path of higher service, without fully embodying it directly. Enriching myself and others is thus my highest gift from the perspective of the Pearl Sequence, the Gene Keys, and the planet Jupiter.

This critical self-reflection is essential to open up to the Gene Keys, the hologenetic profile, and the three sequences. This beautiful teaching is not a personality analysis but a profoundly transformative, living, and organic lore that adapts to your life situation.

Feel free to write in the comments how you view the planets about the hologenetic profile and what experiences these wise beings have given you.

Community Questions & Answers

  1. When are the planets meaningful (the energy available) for each individual? It’s certainly different when I’m looking at a child’s profile, a 30-year-old profile, or a 60-year-old profile, right?

    The Gene Keys teaching enables you to discover this answer for yourself. It is not so much an analysis tool. If you are attracted to or engaged with a planet, that planet will be active or of value to you. However, this process is allowed to happen naturally. In the Venus sequence, there is the seven-year cycle in the core/vocation, SQ, EQ, and IQ respectively. Here, you can observe that in the prenatal phase, according to Gene Keys, the planet Mars has the most significant active influence on the prenatal process, from 0-7 years Venus (SQ), from 8-14 years again Mars (EQ), and from 15-21 years again Venus (IQ). At the same time, the Sun, Earth, and Moon are always active in these phases of the physical development. You can not generalize this.
  2. The Pearl, like a pearl, is formed throughout life. That is how I understood it; it is the center of prosperity. How do you feel the difference between the Pearl and the life work and vocation?

    As you beautifully describe, the Pearl is the center of prosperity that opens throughout your life as you pursue your higher service. So, it does not open when we act only self-centeredly. The difference between life work and vocation is that life work is more concerned with the external qualities visible to people. The gene key of the Pearl is more hidden and operates on a more subtle level. The vocation is your core wound and, equally, the potential and “medicine” you carry to humanity. So you can consider the following. When you provide your medicine (vocation) to the world (culture), it affects your brand (life’s work) and opens the portal to the Pearl. In this, pure heart-based medicine opens the gift in the Pearl, and self-centered medicine activates the shadow.
  3. Are there differences, e.g., whether Uranus is in the attraction or another sphere? And what would be the difference?

    The planet’s position in the 11 spheres is immutable, and the sphere of attraction sits in the unconscious moon. So far, no Gene Keys sequence or sphere deals with the energies and the planet Uranus.
  4. When does it make sense to exchange with someone with the same keys but in a different order in the activation sequence?

    If it helps your contemplation and you have an ally by your side with similar life issues, exchange with him. This new viewpoint can act as an amplifier to speed up your remembering and transformation process.
  5. Do planets get a more potent effect through channels in the profile?

    In the Gene Keys, there are no channels as in the Human Design, only the pathways between the individual spheres in the hologenetic profile. How the planets influence the pathways depends on your life path. For example, when you start a new project, take the first steps of planning and take the initiative (Path of Initiative in the Pearl Sequence), the planets Mars (Vocation) and Jupiter (Culture) act as an amplifier. In this situation, it can be helpful to look at the energies of these planets to find out if your initiative is pure of heart or not. If you have attracted a partner, looking to the sphere of attraction (Moon), destiny (Earth), and IQ (Venus) with the pathways of dharma and karma may act as a mirror and soothing balm for the soul.
Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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