Interplay of Gene Keys and Human Relationships

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In this article we consider the impact of the Gene Keys on human relationships and whether it makes sense to participate in the Venus sequence.

I also address experiences from the collective in terms of dharma, karma, and ancestral lineage, and we ask the question: What is authenticity? Where are you in terms of honesty and transparency?

Impact of the Gene Keys on Human Relationships

The Gene Keys are a self-study contemplative organism for actively creating a higher quality of life. That is how naturally the Gene Keys influence also flows into human relationships and how you build harmonious relationships.

” All is one.” or ” Everything is connected to everything.”

Do these word phrases sound familiar?

All is One, an often overused and fantastical quote from spirituality and esotericism, becomes tangible daily with the 64 gene keys and their profound stories about human individual and collective behavior patterns.

The more intensively you study the human psyche, the more clearly you will understand the collective society and its diverse personalities. Here, your job description and social status do not matter at all.

You can put yourself in other people’s shoes and their situation. By doing so, you build these people up, strengthen them, and make them laugh.

What could be responsible for growing into such a loving and enriching personality?

For example, in the Gene Keys, there are the subjects of empathy (Gene Key 13), compassion (Gene Key 36), and clarity (Gene Key 57).

And mastering such qualities would be enriching for you, wouldn’t it?

The logical conclusion and evaluation would be a clear YES for most people!

Why do we not act more gently, more lovingly and more patiently then?

Suppose there weren’t these limiting behavioral patterns that want you to stagnate just as much as before. Why actually?

Trigger-warning: What I write next could provoke you. However, I have resolved to speak and write more what I am, even if it can be painful for some people in the first moment.

It’s comfortable – why change something that works and keeps you alive, even if it makes you deeply unhappy?

The paradox is that many people would rather live safely and unhappily than freely and fulfilled.

Today, we live in a state of security madness, especially in the West. However, the East has been catching up firmly in recent years. The East is copying the West, which has long rested on its prosperity.

Yes, I have said it. The reality is that people love the sense of certainty in the drama, its stagnation, and the resulting frustration and anger more than true freedom and fulfillment.

You, as a reader, I, as a writer, and every person reading this article has their weaknesses and strengths, shadows and gifts. We all know pain and suffering in gravely different perceptual parameters, depending on history, events, and future views.

So is it wrong that we live dramatically? Should we be ashamed of dying unfulfilled rather than living free?

No, absolutely not! However, there is a subtle yes – no one who lives unhappily should look for the mistakes and evil on the outside. You should always recognize the mistakes inside because that is what liberates!

That liberation from old behavior patterns is precisely where the Gene Keys are your perfect companion – without annoying coaches or trainers who bombard you with advice.

Which does not mean that support is harmful. On the contrary! Just be clear that it depends on the correct dose and the right timing. Any outside support is for inspiration only. You are the solution to your challenges.

The implementation starts with you because your initiative and action come before the solution, the achievement of a goal, or the liberation of an issue because only when we act we move towards the desired goal.

Many people in the self-improvement area are as addicted to other people’s solutions as heroin-addicted drug junkies to drugs, sugar-addicted people to sweet sugar, or chain smoker to cigarettes – without ever realizing it.

The Influence of Authenticity on Human Relationships

The Influence of Authenticity on Human Relationships

The effects of Gene Keys on human relationships, of whatever kind, are therefore immense and almost impossible to express in words. You may experience the effects yourself by daring to be honest and transparent with yourself.

Honesty and transparency in terms of;

  • No human is perfect, and everyone has their issues.
  • All people are here to learn from each other.
  • An inner world of thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns surrounds everyone.
  • You are here to free yourself from a part that no other person can heal.
  • You are the medicine. Walk your path. Discover your truth.

Be clear about yourself. Self-knowledge and clarity are not easy fare for many.

Since we often realize that…

  1. … we do not treat ourselves as we would like others to treat us. Often we believe that others mistreat us, although we think we are gentle and loving to ourselves (and we usually are not, but expect this from everyone else).

    An example from my life: If I have a crappy day, few people greet me, and no one smiles because I close myself. But that has nothing to do with the others! If I have a good day, people greet me and smile – everyone knows that, too, right?
  2. … we project and manipulate, although we think the “others” manipulate us.
  3. … we are the cause of everything and are allowed to take full responsibility for our lives.

I must mention that many things in life and my life do not turn out how I would like them to. As a baby, children, and teenagers, we often lack the mindfulness and maturity – to look at situations with detachment. To do this, we are stuck in our parents’ experiment until we can make independent decisions.

Once we are wiser, we can look at some issues and change them, but sometimes the past will catch up with us to teach us that we are now wise enough to deal with a situation with detachment and mindfulness, with gentleness and Love.

Dharma, Karma, and Ancestral Lineage

Dharma, Karma, and Ancestral Lineage

Consider contemplating these two examples.

  1. Your parents fought and separated. You are going through the same process with your partner today.
  2. The Status Quo of your parents is/were money problems and/or health problems. You are in a similar situation today.

Why do we often experience a similar process?

We go through it to learn, to grow, and most importantly, to heal a part of our ancestral lineage.

Most of the time, we don’t like it, especially when we are deep in the pain body and suffering and identify with all the difficult life circumstances.

My insight from this is that we as a soul have chosen precisely this human often so hard experience to learn from and to give our medicine to humanity.

Much like a scientist performed many experiments, often failing until medicine was born, we must awaken all our curiosity for physical, emotional, and mental transformation so that our cells align themselves for healing and harmony.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to carry out the initiative of your experiments to fulfill your life mission and purpose.

Gene Keys & Power of the Venus Sequence

Gene Keys & Power of the Venus Sequence

If you have the right tools, techniques, and teachings for this inner transformation, this process can be delightful, and it should be!

Because anything we do half-heartedly and not with passion, we quickly stop doing.

This clarity is precisely what the Gene Keys help you with. They are like a key to your DNA that lets you remember who you are and how to align your cells to a higher frequency.

The Venus sequence of the Gene Keys is the key to love, human relationships, and inner transformation work.

It is about attraction, dharma, karma, intelligence, love, realization, and more.

If you don’t know the Venus Sequence yet, I encourage you to look at the details here.

In the Venus Sequence, you also contemplate the impact of the Gene Keys on human relationships and how you can use your life topics to build harmonious relationships.

My favorite part of the Venus Sequence is the theme of attraction.

Who are you attracting? What is the purpose of meeting someone? It is so mundane and seems meaningless, but if we look deeper and deeper it can be like discovering the holy grail. And it truly is magical!

Gene Keys Readings with Dominik

Would you like to deepen your Gene Keys in the Hologenetic Profile and get to know the three sequences? Then I now offer you a unique opportunity to work with me in live 1:1 Zoom Sessions on the topic of Gene Keys.


I hope you enjoyed this read.

PS: I encourage you to write in the comments below about your experience with the Venus Sequence.

With Love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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