Gene Key 30 – From Desire to Rapture (30. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 30.

The Gene Key 30 is about the Siddhi of Rapture, the Gift of Lightness, and the Shadow of Desire.

Gene Key 30 Energy Symbol

Dominik’s Gene Key 30 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with your innermost self. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 30 Symbol

Gene Key 30 – Shadow of Desire

“Distraction in half-heartedness”

The shadow of the Gene Key 30 is weird because it is one of the aspects of my hologenetic profile that I contemplated the most – and now, while I feel to contemplate and write about it, only emptiness shows up. Desire is one of the most amazing shadows because its fire is so intense.

What fire?

The fire of purification and cleansing of the physical body. And wow, how much is this key rooted in half-heartedness, the programming partner – Gene Key 29.

In this context of purification and cleansing our DNA from old patterns, we desire not to feel this strong sense of change and transmutation. But, so many times, we want to stay the same. It is a safe place; we know how it feels, what may happen, and what not.

So half-heartedly, we keep doing the same, falling into the same patterns of distraction and fear without actually realizing it.

The spiritual seeker’s path becomes subtler and subtler while the cleansing becomes more intense.

The paradox is that we begin to distract ourselves more, and the closer we come to the truth – the closer we are reborn into freedom.

Only someone stupid or devoted may take on this path that I and many are on because it is ultimately a journey of purification and rebirth.

In the shadow state of Desire, we cannot see the lightness within the harsh experiences of our daily life – it doesn’t matter if it is business, relationships, friends, or family. Instead, the density of desires confuses us about the astral planes.

We could name it the distraction of half-heartedness. This state of shadow keeps us from feeling the pain and joys of evolving. It is afraid to evolve because of what it might become.

Maybe all I share here doesn’t make sense to you, as I usually share differently.

But there is one big but!

Lightness is the Gift of this archetype, one of the most beautiful and intense transformations a human can initiate and experience.

Initiating out of the fears of the collective and individual pain body into the lightness of the heavens.

Initiating out of the density of our physical body into the lightness of our future solar plexus-focused brain will make life a lot more efficient.

Gene Key 30 – Gift of Lightness

“embracing the physical transmutation”

The Gene Key 30 Gift of Lightness feels very different from most other Gifts of the 64 Shadow archetypes. Maybe because it is about daring to evolve, to experience actually to evolve while accepting your mortality in the human body.

Richard Rudd writes about releasing the paradox and the light of life.

While the Shadow of Desire burns yourself or you are burned by fear, the Gift of lightness is an actual breakthrough – and with such a breakthrough arrives humour.

Because what a joke this has all been, such a farce of fakes, struggles, and dishonoring our truth. We are lightness, and that always has been the case. We forget to take life lightly, and we should relax because it is all a play of consciousness developed by us through the infinite presence of our divinity.

With the Gift of Lightness comes the inevitable opening of the third eye or the pineal gland, which looks a little like a pinecone.

The trick is still feeling intimate, playful, and connected with our roots, the physical body, while realizing our divinity.

The trick is to let the masculine and feminine energy flow harmoniously in the game of life and surrender to the essence and source of you that you need right now.

When this occurs, this Gene Key will, as Richard Rudd explains, flood wide open, transmuting and destroying the Gene Key 30 so that only a state and frequency of devotion will survive.

Gene Key 30 – Siddhi of Rapture

“the intuition of a new brain”

This Gene Key 30 is very emotional as it is connected to the solar plexus and its related Siddhi Rapture of this Gene Key 30. As soon as the sun trusts us and we trust the sun, the light, and fire transform us without a doubt – forever.

There is no way of return, no reason to judge, and no escape from our inner truth in the siddhis realms. The siddhis are like our future superpower, and while this siddhi shines, only rapturous devotion is left, and all lower desires are deleted forever.

The only Desire left, and may still be here, is the Desire to serve under the flag of the divine ecstatic because there is nothing else left to do. The illusions are gone because the truth has been revealed.

And the ultimate truth is of many names, secrets, and myths. The one who transcends will know them from the wisdom of the true self-connected to the wisdom of the body.

We may describe this new awareness as fearlessness and the courage of divinity or not. We may understand this new awareness or not. It does not matter, not now and never, because we doesn’t care about opinions, judgments, beliefs, and doubts.

We experience the blissful reality of the everlasting divine fire, and that’s enough. 

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Do you feel a strong urge and Desire to evolve?
  2. Can you allow the Lightness of your Evolution to incarnate?
  3. Is it possible to do the impossible and activate the Homo Sanctus, the future human vehicle before most humans active it, but not because you desire this privilege falsely from the destructive ego, but because it was always your higher purpose?

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Thanks so much for reading the Gene Key 30 article, my second 2023 article!

I am here to inspire you to look deep within.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 30 here.

With love, Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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