Gene Key 49 – From Reaction to Rebirth (49. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 49.

The Gene Key 49 is about the Siddhi of Rebirth, the Gift of Revolution, and the Shadow of Reaction.

Gene Key 49 Energy Symbol

Dominik’s Gene Key 49 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with your innermost self. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 49 Symbol
Gene Key 49 Symbol

Gene Key 49 – Shadow of Reaction

“A Lack of Roots”

The shadow of the Gene Key 49 is heavily influenced by emotions, especially by the spectrum of intolerance. If we couple reactions and intolerance, they are like the playing ground of humanity’s low-frequency ignorance.

In this aspect of the 64 Gene Keys, humans fight one another and reject others before they can reject them. So, pushing others away is the defensive expression of the reactive nature.

In the Gene Keys shadow states, there is always the victim and perpetrator or the repressive and reactive nature.

You may wonder if the shadow of Reaction can also act repressively. What happens if humans react inwardly and oppress themselves?

Such human beings shut-down.

This shut-down mood is like an absence of Reaction; in such a state, others can influence, control, and manipulate us through our asleep DNA.

Because if we do not act and express our real dreams, others will manage them for us, and we serve their agenda.

It is not like the perpetrator and reactive power is using their awake DNA to influence us because they are stuck in the same low-frequency illusion, believing they are more evolved, while in truth graduating their level of sleep within the world of sleepers.

Only in the frequency of the Gift, when we help others into their original essence and influence others on the heart level, does the perpetrator and victim game dissolve.

In this shadow of Gene Key 49, there is no evolutionary impulse, and we can even use subjective beliefs to behave inhumanly.

Collectively this leads to all kinds of horrors, from wars to killing. Therefore, the Shadow of Reaction can be one of the darkest places within our DNA that simply does not understand its place in the universe.

The programming partner of the Gene Key 4 helps to understand the low-frequency fear patterns until human beings break out of the deep-seated fear of not receiving the love that humans desire to receive.

Within the reactive shadow state, we do not tolerate or allow the love of our higher nature because we desire love and acceptance from human society.

We do not see that all along we have been loved, we are loved and will always be loved from the higher nature realms and all that is.

The state of Reaction is very physical too, because the person does not want to feel the wounds within the body, carried through the ancestral and individual karmic story.

The human being tries to escape their emotional wounding because it is too painful to hold. After all, most humans do not know how to let the stuck energy move freely on a higher octave of life and advance in the cycles of life.

But times change, and we are on the verge of such a significant change in humanity.

The Gift of Revolution helps us to release the stuck energy, finally leading to the destruction of the low frequency – the true Purpose of the Gift of Revolution.

Gene Key 49 – Gift of Revolution

“The freedom of fear”

Welcome to the sphere of Revolution. We can understand this Gene Key 49 Gift of Revolution from the perspective of DNA and the Codon Ring of Whirlwind.

Together with the Gene Key 55, this inner magnetic field of Revolution will finally trigger humanity’s true freedom. 

As the whirlwind becomes stronger and stronger, the patterns of reactions will change its direction.

Whereas in the shadows the reactions keep us in a victim loop, the reactive revolution of the gift turns and channels all energy towards the destruction of the low frequency.

Revolution is a rebirth in itself, as is the freedom of freedom.

Our DNA changes and becomes more efficient, and by becoming more efficient, the old ineffective DNA strings leave humanity’s vehicle.

The whirlwind story makes us understand that this intense Codon Ring has nothing against current humanity. On the contrary, however, the whirlwind unlocks humanity’s future; for that to occur, old habits and patterns need to vanish from the active DNA structure.

We need to understand that this process is painful. But, nevertheless, it is a part of humanity’s evolution, like a new rebirth, a new birth into a new frame of reality.

If we can withstand, pause, allow, accept, and embrace this pain, this change, if we do not panic or react from humanity’s old vehicle, true miracles occur.

As many teachings share, pain is necessary, while suffering is optional.

But because we humans tend to become intolerant and ignorant about the universal principles and laws of nature, we believe we can bend reality to our own will, not feeling the pain.

And yes, to a certain degree, the pain transcends when understood and forgiven because we transcend into a higher reality. However, most human beings’ path is still to accept and allow the body pains and struggles to exist.

Ultimately this Gift is about a new creative, supportive, and loving standard of perception about life, in which even pain and suffering can be embraced – all to cleanse humanity’s overall vehicle, preparing it for the rebirth.

Gene Key 49 – Siddhi of Rebirth

“Embracing the divine mother”

Finally, we arrive at the Gene Key 49 Siddhi of Rebirth. Rebirth transcends all beliefs about humanity.

Rebirth is not what it seems to be and transcends pain and suffering. It is not logical, while it is logical. It is a paradox, like all the siddhic states of humanity.

As we enter the age of Aquarius 2023, the community agent of the air element, we enter the rebirth of freedom and the freedom of revolution.

What is remarkable is that it is about our future awareness, the mutation of today’s humanity into the organic flowering of the future collective humanity.

Not too far in the future, a new species will be born – Homo Sanctus. A species of highly developed emotional maturity and divine intelligence paired with complete physical relaxation.

For our fear-based patterns, this seems like a fantasizing dream. But if we look closely, for years, we dream this reality into reality.

So many distorted aspects of fear-based patterns will disappear until humanity enters this sacred space of Homo Sanctus.

It is a bold promise, a hidden gemstone of a future, and a great revelation for human beings.

In the face of the divine mother, all is good, was good, and always will be good.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. In which concrete situation and in which way do you usually react in your everyday life? What does this experience want to show you? What can you learn from it?
  2. Were there moments of DNA revolution in your life – if so, how did you deal with changing and how did you integrate it into your life?
  3. Imagine the most beautiful possible future: humanity and all individuals work together lovingly, without judgment, opinions, and divisions.

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Thanks so much for reading the Gene Key 49 article, my second 2023 article!

I am here to inspire you to look deep within.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 49 here.

With love,

Dominik Porsche

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