Gene Key 39 – From Provocation to Liberation (39. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 39.

The Gene Key 39 is about the Siddhi of Liberation, the Gift of Dynamism, and the Shadow of Provocation.

Gene Key 39 Energy Symbol

Dominik’s Gene Key 39 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with your innermost self. Enjoy it!

39th Gene Key – Gene Key 39

Gene Key 39 – Shadow of Provocation


The shadow of the Gene Key 39 is here to act provocatively towards one another or to oneself. The difference between the shadow of Provocation and the Gift of Dynamism is that the shadow channels the energy to suppress yourself or others by moving into repressive or reactive patterns.

This provocative behavior pattern is very old, ancient, and feral because the archetype of the Gene Key 39 uses its power to supress others in a hidden and subtle fashion.

The best collective example of this shadow is the global media, pharmacy, and war machinery. We tend to feel guilty, shameful, or frustrated about the world’s situation. The cooperative media and news shadow project its fears into humanity, and many of us feel in denial about ourselves. We feel in denial to act, do not act self-empoweringly, and ultimately do not take responsibility in life. The negative pattern might be “I am too small to change humanity.” or “I lack the power to change myself and help others.”

We keep playing the perpetrator and victim game if we do not learn our boundaries. What does this mean?

It does mean that our masculine and feminine energies are not in harmony. There is a great struggle (Gene Key 38) to overcome the conditioning and breaking out of the collective shadow matrix. Many spiritual seekers, inner child work experts and educators believe that human beings lack feminine energy, not masculine energy. However, that is a very subtle shadow belief pattern.

We all are conditioned through the feminine aspect, like when we were babies and children. But unfortunately, we never activated the masculine aspect to protect ourselves from negative influences, and many humans never learned to use their masculine energy – whatever their experience or age.

That is why few people install their fear pattern software on most of humanity. So today, fear-mongering sells best – war is productive for the market makers.

Today’s challenge is a lack of the heart symbiosis of the masculine and feminine principles. Many that use their power to overpower others via the masculine principle – are very strong in their protection and repression of the heart center. They feel, “If I do not save this world, no one else will.”

But acting out of false heroism comes from human beings’ insecurity in life and intense emotional traumas – and that’s what the Gift of Dynamism is transforming until true Liberation dawns in humanity.

Gene Key 39 – Gift of Dynamism


The Gene Key 39 Gift of Dynamism is about dynamic and rapid or instantaneous interaction of the masculine and feminine principles. The feminine principle is like our energy generation, our inner power source of creativity.

In the Gift frequency, humans allow themselves to breathe deeper, live happier, and walk their path in life. In addition, those influenced by this heightened frequency protect themselves from collective fear.

This Gift is about the right understanding and right action. The inner wisdom activates the flow in the heart center and right speech. The eightfold path of the Buddha is beautiful and simple. When we lead a life from the heart, all the right “activities” will follow because we align with our source, soul, or uniqueness of light and love.

In the Shadow frequency of Provocation, the energy fights itself, looping and stagnating– creating all kinds of challenges within the body and mind. Finally, in Dynamism’s Gift frequency, we honestly look at the inner fights and dissolve them back into a state of flow in which creativity emerges.

Here we feel empowered because we use and create permission slips or tools that act like a user manual for life itself.

Sadly, most humans today endure much extra suffering that would be avoidable if the education system were self-empowering, holistic, and integrative. So, less suffering or pain is a matter of the parents quality of life supporting the children’s genius and talents to lead a fulfilled and happy life or not.

The embodiment of the parent’s genius is essential because, as we shared in the shadow – we program our children with everything!

If we deny our dreams, our children may do so too. However, each generation learns to let go of some fear patterns – the promise of the higher evolutionary realms –  a very optimistic promise that the world view of the shadow cannot allow.

However, human beings that experience and embody a higher art of living know the truth behind those optimistic words.

And the human beings that connect to the higher art of living are not freed from suffering and pain – however, their attitude and perception change towards the subject of suffering and pain.

The Siddhi of Liberation is the only field that transcends pain and suffering.

Gene Key 39 – Siddhi of Liberation


The Siddhi of Gene Key 39 is the field of Liberation, a very rarified energy field of our higher nature, constantly changing, adapting, evolving, involving,  observing, manifesting, and creating out of the Spheres of true love.

Not much can be said of humanity’s highest potential because most of us never experienced these states. Let us discover what Richard Rudd wrote in the Gene Keys book.

Even though Liberation is often described as an event, it is not an event. Even though it appears to happen within time, it does not. It occurs outside of time. There are no sounds that can be vibrated that resonate with this phenomenon. There are no words to describe Liberation because there is no process to describe. It is perhaps best understood as analogous to dying. Liberation is beautifully represented through the metaphor of the warrior’s death. The warrior’s life is one of preparation, adversity, energy and finally, death. The perfect death for the warrior is to die in battle. In ancient society, it was a great honour for the warrior to die in battle (the 38th Siddhi is the Siddhi of Honour).” – Excerpt of the Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd

This Siddhi is dangerous to be around, shares Richard Rudd. However, not physically, but for the shadow patterns themselves because the shadows and seeds blossom in Liberation, therefore, die in their battle to survive. Like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, the fears of the shadows transform into the love of being. There is not a single journey as beautiful as this one. However, it is a warrior’s journey and story to be written.

And we entered the courageous warriors of the inner planes in the last century. It is not necessarily about the warriors on the outer planes anymore, like in the Gladiator times. Even thus, the Gladiators still exist through the fighting spirit of physical reality – for example, in MMA, boxing, dangerous street fights, and the elite military units around the globe.

Now we enter a new age of the inner warrior – like the shaman entering the cave and the darkest places within to understand them, transform and transcend them into a beautiful cocktail of lightness, compassion, and love. So…

DARE to feel – all that is who you are. (Shadow)

DARE to channel – all feelings and emotions in a proper way. (Gift)

DARE to be – the human of the future. (Siddhi)

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Are you provoking yourself or others to protect your emotional traumas, to keep them at bay from feeling the pain?
  2. Observe daily the dynamics of the feminine and masculine energy in your life. How do you use your energy – to empower or to disempower yourself and others?
  3. How can you provoke the trust of the higher nature reality within yourself?

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Thanks so much for reading the Gene Key 39 article, my second 2023 article!

I am here to inspire you to look deep within.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 39 here.

With love,

Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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