Gene Key 38 – From Struggle to Honour (38. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 38.

The Gene Key 38 is about the Siddhi of Honour, the Gift of Perseverance, and the Shadow of Struggle.

Gene Key 38 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 38 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

38. Gene Key Energy Symbol


Gene Key 38 – Shadow of Struggle

“fighting yourself”

In the shadow of the Gene Key 38, we give up, tense our bodies, or we feel threatened and fight.

The repressive and reactive nature can be super exhausting, especially when we cannot let go of projecting others’ fear onto us or projecting our fear onto others.

Most likely, this fight ends in a lack of energy and, ultimately, in a lack of purpose for yourself and the world.

We need to honour states of struggle as much as we would honour states of honour. The road that leads to fulfillment and purpose is not through the fight as society may suggest to you because fighting yourself builds resistance and you stay locked within your own survival prison without realizing it.

The programming partner is the Gene Key 39 and its Shadow of Provocation. We can see how both Shadows reinforce one another.

We provoke a purposeless fight and hold onto our negative patterns that make us believe – life is hard.

We are provoked by society and its fear generators. Yet, in this shadow state, we struggle to move beyond those fear generators by society, which can lead to sadness and, ultimately, destruction.

Only when we are unwilling to continue to fuel the purposeless fights and struggles may we begin to grasp the Gift of Perseverance.

Gene Key 38 – Gift of Perseverance

“Fighting for purpose”

The Gene Key 38 of Perseverance is a dynamic (Gene Key 39) Gift. It is about directing your fight for a higher purpose. You battle to empower others and yourself. While doing so, you are in the rhythm of life – meaning effortlessness replaces resistance.

The flow of energy returns to you. You feel alive, well, and balanced. The Gift doesn’t suggest that you never feel the struggles of your wounded history or the wounded history of humanity again. However, the Gift slowly and patiently moves you out of the intense and unaware dilemma of fighting.

The cellular fight needs to stop. As soon as the cellular fight stops and all cells move and act in harmony with one another, diseases stop existing.

The Gift of Perseverance inherits the quality of the right breathing. Proper breathing leads to the appropriate use of force.

Gene Key 38 – Siddhi of Honour

“On a Date with Gaia”

The Siddhi of Gene Key 38 is Honour. This heightened state of human consciousness always returns low-frequency with high-frequency. For the low-frequency shadow state, this can look stubborn and dangerous.

And yes, it is – because this Siddhi state absorbs the Shadow states. The victimization of people and all humanity must die for a new life to emerge that includes absolute responsibility for all thoughts, emotions, and deeds. If there is no victim, there is no perpetrator. If there is no perpetrator, there is no victim.

Repressive and reactive nature needs one another; they are like an old couple with many dependencies, stories, and roles in today’s world.

The field of Honour challenges the opposition. Only beings with great love can achieve this task by using the appropriate force to free the extremes. Those extremes are like being trapped and sleeping in a spider’s web.

People want to feel alive and do anything to feel alive while deeply asleep. So the extremes of the shadow state expand until it is too late.

Honour gently cuts old patterns and extremes wide open, similar to Archangel Michael with his swordplay. The reason is simple. It is all about honouring another’s divinity, and old, outdated fear patterns no longer serve divinity.

This Gene Key is very earthly, like a wise teacher of earth consciousness that knows what must die. The fears of humanity must die for the earth to evolve because, for the earth, every human being is like a singular cell – and the tumor cells must be cleansed one way or another.  

So the Siddhi of Honour is like an agent of earth that holds the highest vibration. Around such beings, miracles are not something uncommon – it is almost like their natural state.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Where are you feeling the fight and resistance – leading to a lack of purpose and energy?
  2. In which situations do you meet obstacles? Remember yourself – how you can effortlessly overcome them.
  3. Is Gaia something very precious to you – like a son and a daughter that you need to protect? If so, this Gene Key may be in one of the primary positions of your Hologenetic Profile and if not, feel honoured to feel the connectedness towards Gaia, the Earth.

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Thanks so much for reading the Gene Key 38 article, my first 2023 article!

I am here to inspire you to look deep within.

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With love,

Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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