Gene Key 54 – From Greed to Ascension (54. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 54.

The Gene Key 54 is about the Siddhi of Ascension, the Gift of Aspiration, and the Shadow of Greed.

Gene Key 54 Energy Symbol

Dominik’s Gene Key 54 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with your inner most self. Enjoy it!

54. Gene Key

Gene Key 54 – Shadow of Greed


The shadow of the Gene Key 54 is here to teach you a great life lesson. It is one of those shadows very connected to the material and physical realm. Greed does not necessarily mean, having a lot of money and financial growth is bad, however in the shadow state, you will experience the need to secure money and accumulate more and more of it. However, you can fall into the unambitious trap, of not wanting money, therefore giving up and deny material needs altogether.

The most important is, to allow money to flow in and out of your life seamless without it controlling your mental, emotional, and physical life. Your mental life may be worried with thoughts, your emotional life may still feel unsafe after financial success, and your physical life may be trapped in the greed cycle with a lot of expectations and desires, like status, buying trust, contracting everything in your life and so on.

This Gene Key 54 Shadow of Greed is one of the more common shadow expressions in today’s economy and internet age. It is not until we begin to channel our wealth back into culture and society through a holistic community-serving activity and helps humanity to get out of the fear focus of needing money to be happy and successful. Money is transactional and contractional, and we need it because of the distrust of society. There will be a time ahead, when humanity works together as one being, trusting each other and their talents and gift. For that we need to open our hearts and discover the truth within.

The Programming Partner is the Gene Key 53 with its Shadow of Immaturity. We can observe how both, the 54 and 53 Shadow relate to one another. Immaturity can be seen on many levels, related to the Gene Key 54, it is about immaturity of trusting the whole, which creates disharmony, inactivity and we cannot start new things or need to always change activities. Immaturity occupies our minds with immature and unwise thought patterns that invite more Greed patterns and activity into our life.

With Greed we not only hold onto the material, but also the emotional immaturity and mental instability. Greed is a heavy energy, and both very wealthy rich human beings know it, however also the very poor are affected by this Shadow through their inability to let go of their fear that if they have money, they become as evil or bad as the rich. The reality is that both rich and poor work under the influence of the same energy, fear of feeling one with humanity, fear of loving all human beings for what they truly are – a unique expression of our solar system to learn to love and expand their love. And all of us have their themes in life to work with.   

Moving into the Gift of Aspiration, we can discover how the energy shifts into a different wavelength and density.

Gene Key 54 – Gift of Aspiration

“ALLOWING & pausing”

The Gene Key 54 Gift of Aspiration is all about allowing and pausing. By contemplating and self-reflecting on the energy we use on a daily level regarding “Greed” and the contracts of distrust, magic happens. We begin to aspire something else – feeling the love, the emotions, and the connections. As soon as we allow the energy to flow freely, the poor may begin to balance their balance sheets from within and the rich may start to discover and develop systems and task that enhance the poor or immature to evolve rapidly.

This is also about patience and respect. More rarified energy moves through our vehicle and a supportive energy is available that was not present before. Until both polarities neutralize themselves by understanding that fear controls the extremes of rich and poor – and compassion and love arises within their hearth, true ascension merely becomes a fantasy of tomorrow.

In this higher frequency of the Gift level, an inner drive to support others in need occurs. And by giving them the love and touching their hearts, they may also be gifted with a new perceptive on the worldwide monetary system and on what it means to be truly human – to feel connected to one another and to master thoughts, feelings, sensations, and activities in the daily life.

Gene Key 54 – Siddhi of Ascension


The Siddhi of Gene Key 54 is Ascension, and it is related to the flow of Kundalini. All chakras need a free flow to experience the well know Kundalini awakening. The Kundalini can be a descending or ascending energy, depending on how each human vehicle works. For some a descending awakening through the crown chakra works best and for some an ascending awakening through the root chakra until it opens the crown chakra. Once the veil is open, there is no going back, no return to “before”, because you felt who you truly are – an infinite flow of energy, a being beyond words and forms and now deeply connected to humanity to serve. The path of ascension is always about the higher chakra opening and it is a serpent or dragon path.

This energy is also related to the Codon Ring of Seeking. We seek happiness until we remember there is nothing to be unhappy and feel unease about. One of our Higher Purposes is to transform this pressure of seeking into feeling at home wherever we are and whatever we do. Also through the Shadow frequency, we seek – acknowledgement, being loved, accepted and understood in society through status and all the different activities to feel loved. But the more we have, the more we feel the need to be loved, because we innermost feel empty and stressed out.

In this Siddhi, our higher nature is the new status quo, and we remember how loved we were, are and always will be, because we are an expression of that higher nature love.   

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Do you think you are greedy – if not outwardly, what about inwardly?
  2. Can you allow, accept, and embrace other peoples Greed? If no, how can you allow yourself to change this perception to feel compassion and forgiveness for those in greed and need?
  3. How does your aspiration look like, when it is used for the greater good and to serve all human beings, including yourself?

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Thanks so much for reading the Gene Key 54 article, my second 2023 article!

I am here to inspire you to look deep within.

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Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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