3 Steps How to Discern the Voices in Your “Head” and Heal the Mind!

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Welcome to a beautiful spontaneous quest and journey through my hive mind. I am here to serve you – to observe, and think differently through – so far, my manifold personal experiences of life.

1. Step – Observing with Self-Awareness

First, we cannot allow ourselves to identify with the voices in our heads. The term “head” is also inaccurate – you can term it differentiated mental states of the mind in the interaction field of energy or aura.

My experience is that two prominent voices exist. One subtler more in the background voice, always gentle and patient – giving guidance, and another louder voice, which focuses on leading you into the conditioned or limited behavior mental patterns you are so used to following.

The subtle, gentle, and neutral voice is that of your true self – so you could term it “your true inner voice.”

The loud, narrowminded, and impatient voice is that of your conditioned self – so you could term it “your false inner voice.”

False in that it doesn’t exist for your true self, but for your conditioned environment and “yourself” or the ego construct and pain body.

My experience is the following: for 25 or 26 years, I was not trained nor understood the voices in my head or, more accurately mental aura field. Nobody guided me, and my life felt like a disaster.

When my spontaneous awakening to my true self occurred during my first seminar visit to reprogram the subconscious mind, I was slowly but steadily guided by my mentor and master toward recognizing the differences between the two voices.

The deeper the root of our protective conditioning, the subtler the two voices in the head because they seem to melt together.

But they are not melting together!

What actually happens is that we lose self-awareness or the observing mechanism to our true selves because we stop listening to the gentle voice.

Without realizing it, we jump into the life experiences of our conditioned child patterns.

It is like blindly earning money and excessively growing and securing it. It is like building a business and not caring for others because of selfish success. It is like excessively going to the gym or eating junk food without listening to your body and injuring yourself because you overdid it. (by the way – junk food leads to junk DNA! – my subjective, objective observation)

That is the subtlety of the two voices in our heads.

So how can you stay the observer with self-awareness and not drop back into the ocean of your mediocre tiny, hurt-conditioned child self?

That’s where step two kicks in!

2. Step – Intimate Honesty  

If you start to discern your true inner voice and the false inner voice, then being honest and intimate with yourself is the next challenge.

Because even if we observe the two voices, and out of comfort or fear of making new experiences and thus mistakes in life, we still tend to follow the false inner voice. And that is okay, to a certain degree – however, that behavior will not guide you toward your genuine, joyful, exciting dreams.

Sometimes it is great to do more inner work; sometimes, it is not. Sometimes it is great to experience life to recognize those inner chats with the voices, or we experience situations like I sometimes did that were so uncomfortable that I can only look within and honestly observe what’s going on.

Another significant factor is how to observe the two inner voices. Our physical body has needs besides food, namely complete relaxation to detox stress from the system and much more. Let me share two examples of my life.

First Example: Playing videos game – takes me away from my body, sensations, and emotions to protect me not to feel something.

In a way, excessive addiction to video games, series, or movies is caused by deep wounds and traumatic experiences in our physical bodies. And we protect ourselves by disconnecting from the body and not feeling it anymore.

I experienced that not living a healthy balance of outside grounded earth life with fresh air and movement and playing games or watching videos lead to depression, anxiety, emotions, and mental instabilities.

The reason is simple – yes, pausing, playing a game occasionally, or watching something to destress or shut down is excellent. But if this leads to excessive addiction, and there are no natural balances of body activity, social life, and mental activity – this logically leads to all sorts of imbalances.

And I am a master of imbalances. That’s why I am writing this article for you.

Could you please avoid the same mistakes I made? All I reveal next will blow your mind, so catch a drink and some snacks.

It is unnecessary to follow me, as did many others in the last decades.

It all began with my many physical injuries as a small child. At 2 or 3, I had my first operation because I cut my head open by driving a farm tractor with a sharp knife down the hill while my parents partied somewhere.

And with 6 to 7, I broke my knee (cruciate rupture) in the ski holidays. You need to understand the implications of that. No one could operate on me at this age.

I had to wait two years before a Heidelberg, Germany, cruciate rupture specialist could operate on / heal my knee. That was the specialist that advised FC Barcelona in football back then.

I could not do sports for a year or two, and every time I did, it was scary, and my parents were paranoid.

My natural protection mechanism disconnected me from my physical body in many ways. In the following fifteen years, I had three further cruciate ruptures, meniscal damage, and a severe appendix last-minute operation.

So it is not like I gave up after one or two injuries; however, after twenty-plus years of misfortune, while I did the best I could following my conditions, I had several mental and emotional breakdowns, panic attacks, and much more.

I have one dream alone – that fewer and fewer kids and adults have to suffer the pain from a conditioned self that wasn’t nurtured for self-assurance, love, and care but for fear, self-pity, and low self-esteem.

After the birth of my son, much came up for me. When he hurt himself, and he did many times in his first year and a half, I became like a bloody berserker, letting all my emotions out of my body that I still suppressed.

My son is my greatest teacher in a lot of ways.

But there is a big BUT! If you do not observe, if you did not do the real inner work, and you cannot observe the two inner voices – your son, wife, or friends will not guide you.

You will stay in the victim matrix bubble loop, and nothing will change until the suffering and pain are so great that something happens that makes you change.

That’s how life as a human being is a lot of times. We evolve through pressure and pain; it is not something to be afraid of – no, it is what it is.

So it is all about our perspectives, self-awareness, care, love, and clarity.

I also want to share that a lot of pain can be reduced – if we start following our true inner voice and true self because it is full of wisdom, love, light, harmony, peace, freedom, clarity, beauty, and so much more.

But suppose you continue to follow your false inner voice, the negative narrow-minded patterns. In that case, the pain and suffering will become stronger and stronger until it is so unbearable that you will start the chapter of the spiritual seeker, the psychology analyst, the shadow work madman, the shaman, or the monk.

And even then, it is essential to remember that most others – gurus, coaches, teachers, guides, and mentors may also be amid their unbearable transformation phase. Many are searching for the liberation of the dark side and searching for revelations.

The best guru, coach, teacher, guide, or mentor you can trust is YOURSELF, your true inner voice, and your true self. And the best teacher, guide, or mentor that may appear to have the slightest interest in a buildup of followership and will guide you only within – sharing with you what he transmutes.

Everybody must go into the dark inner cave alone. It is not something we can prevent, it is not something someone else can channel for us, and it is not something others can put into us by techniques like hypnosis – sorry.

Those third-party insights have never been sustainable. The only sustainable path is to do the work yourself, forget all the s*** that society has put into you, and remember how to open the hidden cave yourself gently.

Well – that was unexpected and long! So let’s keep the second example simple.

Second Example: Eating foods achieve the same result, distracting yourself from the body when the body doesn’t need food.

Excessive food is the second defensive mechanism I learned – the more sugar, fat, and processed food I ate, the less I felt and sensed myself. So, in some way, I shut myself down from myself.

The following may be true or false – it is a spontaneous revelation for me and my path. So may it be to service of you or not.

“Eating processed food doesn’t matter which; we deny processing our emotions and wounds. Processed and junk food puts more unreadable junk code in our DNA.”

To sum it up, all kinds of outer addictions distract us from feeling the wounds, the traumas, and the stress within our bodies. It is okay to do it, and we can not blame ourselves for that behavior – BUT there is a great change in the air, and great change means a great opportunity for many to let go of the old junk DNA or hidden darkness within the light.

3. Step: Sensing What Your Body Needs

Besides listening to our two voices, we must listen to our bodies and understand our emotions. It is also not like we have two voices because each false voice has its subtlety and life depending on the exact defense mechanism and the conditioned mind.

The best ways to discern between the true inner voice and the false inner voice are the following.

The true inner voice will keep us connected with our emotions and physical body. In contrast, the false inner voice creates the illusion of separation of body and mind, not to mention emotions, which have their own “separate life.”

The true inner voice asks us questions and guides us toward our body, emotions, and gifts and feels more like an ally or friend. In contrast, the false inner voice pushes us to do this or that, so we are in a state of superficiality and numbness with our body and not in a state of bonding and communion.

The true inner voice is subtle, quiet, wise, and intelligent – it knows what’s best for us. In contrast, the false inner voice ignores health, boundaries, and common sense.

The true inner voice makes you feel connected to the universe and your hidden potential. In contrast, the false inner voice makes you confused and constantly doubt yourself.

The true inner voice is consistent, and the false inner voice is inconsistent.

The true inner voice guides and the false inner voice always leads.

The true inner voice helps deepen the breathing and allows the body’s natural rhythms – it also profoundly respects those rhythms. While the false inner voice creates an environment of shallow breathing and never allows the body’s natural rhythms – so it dishonors and disrespects them.

This final observation may trigger some of you. However, my true self gives me the courage to share it because almost no one shares this message.

The true inner voice allows, accepts, and embraces your sexuality; the false inner voice distorts your sexuality.

Remember: the false voice is always about protecting ourselves by separating us from the reality of our gender, body, and authentic selves.

In this case, it is a profound traumatic separation of our gender. Although, as the other false voice and conditioned self-patterns, this isn’t worse or better – it is profound and needs sensitive care. And also, it does NOT mean you cannot love the same gender – not at all; however, it could be.

I truly wish and hope that this article will reach the depth of humanity because it is so much needed. So much depends on healing the mental mind, the physical body, and the emotional plane. The physical, emotional, and mental planes need care, love, play, and lightness for purification.

Many blessings and love, Your Guide Dominik Porsche       

Dominik Porsche
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Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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