Overcoming Self-Doubts – The Practical Guide!

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Overcoming your self-doubts about any topic in life is challenging. So how can you doubt your self-doubts, finally achieving the unachieved? For that to happen, you need to understand and overcome self-doubts. Then you will thrive activity, and therefore the realization of dreams on the physical plane can be real. This continuous daily activity was and still is a big challenge in my life, so it seems some have luck and others do not.

So, in which aspects will this article guide and support you to stop questions everything and start acting?

  1. You deepen the understanding of self-doubts in your life.
  2. You thrive on the inherent gift of Inquiry.
  3. You create prosperity of your life’s challenges with excellent decision-making and daily activity.
  4. You motivate and inspire yourself and others.
  5. You do, act, and stop questioning everything.

What are self-doubts?

Self-doubts are often a form of mental stagnation. We created a negative behavior and thought pattern which keeps us locked in a loop of hopelessness. Pessimistic questions run your life. You may create statements for yourself that others are so blessed and wealthy and you are poor and unlucky every day. Whenever a question pops up in your awareness, it guides you into more self-doubts which finally leads to a complete lack of energy and purpose. Your self-esteem becomes exceptionally low and unstable because you question everything in your life. Most likely, you cannot sit still – if not on the outside by physical activities; then you cannot sit still on the inside with emotions and thoughts because they constantly interfere with your life with negativity. This dilemma sums up the power and destruction of doubts. However, in the Gene Keys Approach by Richard Rudd, I remembered that every shadow (self-doubt) is hidden a gift. You may read this the first time in your life and ask – how can self-doubts be a hidden gift?

What is the hidden gift of self-doubt?

What is the hidden gift of self-doubt?

The gift hidden within self-doubt is Inquiry. Inquiry is the enormous gift to use your mental abilities to forgive, motivate and inspire. The most known expression of this gift is marvelous storytelling that inspires and motivates you and others. However, Inquiry is mostly about inner questioning and healing your history. It is a gift about forgiving others and yourself – seeing and understanding the bigger picture of reality. Instead of questioning and focusing on the doubts of life, as an example, you use your self-doubts and create art or music until you receive inner revelations, and you can let go of the past. This attitude is an act of pausing and allowing your shadows (self-doubt) to be! You recognize the level of victimization through doubts in your life and how they run your life. You deepen to accept your shadows, and you also understand via Inquiry that you can change and evolve, even if others disagree with you. You stop using the past as a mirror of your future. Your past is the past. Instead of reacting or repressing relationships through the past, you stay open-hearted, and the past becomes your greatest teacher. 

Example of Self-Doubt vs. Inquiry

How can your mind trick you into a low-frequency, pessimistic pattern, and how can you streamline and use your mind to inspire and motivate yourself and others?

The shadow of Self-Doubt:

My perspective of Beyonduality changed over time. I am not sure why stuff constantly changes for me. Maybe I am not good enough to find something to focus on? It seems like I cannot let go of my old patterns – they always return. And I am not even sure how my articles and my content is helping others. Probably other people cannot change their patterns, and they stay still in their lives. So I am helpless to help others in their lives.

Note: After reading my lines of self-doubt, observe gently if some of your self-doubts trigger you. We can all agree that this inner communication in our lives is often a norm of society. What can you do about it? First, you need to allow and accept that you are in self-doubt. From early childhood, the questions we asked and the answer we received from our environment influenced our lives. The answers we received from our parents often were logical, and we may even have felt shameful or guilty to ask such questions. This feeling of shame and guilt over the years may have even deepened enough for you to lose all curiosity in life. The only way to heal this mental stagnation in life is patience and gentleness, which leads to Inquiry. It would help if you forgave your parents and environment because they also did not know better. Now it is your job to evolve! When your parents and ancestors could not forgive in a time and space, it is your job to be strong enough to learn to forgive. When you achieve this quantum task, instead of feeling heavy and blocked with your mental package, you begin to feel light and fluid once again. You only need to observe children’s curiosity and lightness in their eyes and whole body.

The Gift of Inquiry:

My perspective of Beyonduality changed over time. It is a project to heal your history and discover your soul purpose and a project to guide you in your deep self-reflection and helps in self-inquiry. While reading one of my articles, you may realize essential solutions and to-dos for your life. Of course, you need to implement changes, and old patterns and conditions are not always easy to change from one day to another. But like an onion, you have many slices of old behavior patterns that need to be replaced by new success patterns, bringing your quality of life in new dimensions.

Note: Inquiry opens the mind to new possibilities and strengthens your will to act. In the past, I observed a pessimistic habit and attitude in my life, again and again. And this never ends well because our physical body feels anxious and exhausted. So, it is essential to keep an open mind full of curiosity and to use the gift of Inquiry to heal your history. It would be best if you did not insist on blaming and judging your self-doubts because your job is to observe the doubts and remember and learn how to use the gift of Inquiry to self-heal your history.

3 Ideas How to Overcome Self-Doubts

How to Overcome Self-Doubts

1. Mindfulness through Meditation

You must remember and realize that you are in a state of self-doubts, which is possible through mindful practices. If you are not mindful of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations – you will not change your behavior. Meditations are the best acceleration tool to realize the state you are in. And do you know why many do not like to meditate? Because they are confronted by their inner self-doubts and all their baggage of the past and the future fears. It takes courage and patience to start to meditate regularly. I meditate for several years now, and it is a true blessing. I love meditation!

2. Gentleness in Daily Activities

Another essential realization is gentleness in daily activities. If you are always in an escape mode or a confrontation mode, you cannot understand your self-doubts. That is why mundane tasks like walking in the forest, washing your dishes, or cleaning your flat can be such a great teacher of gentleness. They have the potential to change who you are. But only when you approach your emotional baggage with gentleness and patience.

3. Patience through Understanding

Do you want to read more about patience? Probably not! Patience is something we are not thriving in society. Everything needs fast fixes – from businesses, investments to self-care.  But a tree needs patience in winter to improve his next summer for a greater blossoming of his fruits. And it would help if you had patience with your shadows and emotional turbulences to heal them and to receive more energy and open-hearted frequencies, so you are more valuable for others too. Patience is a gift of divinity.  It is the gift that time and space are expandable through patience. Some call patience luck. And yes, sometimes it feels like luck. But it’s divine trust in the events in your life, and that creates alignments that may feel like luck. Most people live their life’s like a mayfly, rushing from one event to another without self-awareness until their death. It is time for you to reevaluate your purpose in life. You have the power to change and evolve. The mayfly’s purpose is its quick death. So be patient about your worries, fears, and doubts.

How to Create Prosperity in Your Life

How to Create Prosperity in Your Life

What is prosperity? For me, prosperity is physical, emotional, and mental harmony guided by my higher mind and higher self.

For many, prosperity is led by the lower nature and the animal instincts of survival of the fittest, leading to feeling the need to store a lot more money. Spirituality can be dangerous when we use our logical minds and emotional immaturity to create prosperity because it often leads to more imbalances in our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the true meaning of prosperity, and you discover this meaning. I can’t entirely agree with the many people living in poverty because of spiritual beliefs that money is evil, and I’m afraid I also have to disagree with the many living in richness because of the spiritual belief that money equals prosperity because it is not. At the same time, you must understand that money is the monetary system we live in on earth and that it takes centuries to change our perspective of the system. The system is not inherently negative or evil because the only evils are the human beings abusing such systems for their greater good while not giving back to humanity. Especially human beings that do not earn millions of dollars because their purpose needs to be allowed, accepted, and nourished through the global system.

It would be best if you remembered your place of happiness in life. What is your level of responsibility for culture and society? Whenever you feel lightness and curiosity in your life, you know that you prosper, and whenever you feel heavy and stagnating, you know you are not. Prosperity is not something you “achieve.” It is something you embody and live on every day.

Self-doubts can make this journey incredibly challenging because doubts always tell you that it’s good to focus on the heavy journey full of troubles and similar thought patterns and loops. These self-doubts are the path of what you know, experienced, and embody.

Inquiry is an unlearning process into the unknown fields of the future. You need to let go of the rotten patterns of the past to move into the beautiful harvesting fields of the future. And this takes time and patience. Embodiment always takes time. In winter, you cannot just wish for a quick next day summer for a beach day, except flying to a warm country for a holiday.

Living 15 years or even 50 years in pessimistic self-doubts every day needs time for adjustments. And the gentler and more patient you are for those changes to occur, the faster they manifest in your life.

How to Inspire and Motive others?

The most straightforward approach to inspire and motivate others is to tell the story of your transformation to them. This approach helps and guides others in their inner Inquiry through relating. The more blessings and quantum changes occurred in your life, the more authentic stories you can share. Also, you understand others better – which leads to empathy and compassion for them

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