Gene Key 13 – From Discord to Empathy (13. Gene Key)

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In this article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 13.

13. Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Empathy, the Gift of Discernment, and the Shadow of Discord.

My Sacred Circle of Empathy

I started to create siddhi abstract artwork expressing my heart and soul on a deeper level. The sacred circle may empower you to resonate more in-depth with the specific Gene Keys. It is simply impossible to put this into words.

Gene Key 13 – Shadow of Discord

“The Recreation of the Past”

This Gene Key 13 is all about the art of listening. At the shadow level, we only hear acoustically what another tells, but we will not listen from the heart to hear what they truly express.

In another sense, we do not listen to the signs of our past. We continue to follow the same negative belief patterns repeatedly, without changing them and thus always recreating the past in the future. This recreation always differs and never seems like the same, but if we could observe it from a fractal pattern, we would notice that the patterns are identical.

The programming partner of this Gene Key 13 is the 7. Gene Key. At the shadow level, discord meets division. The low frequency of discord reinforces the state of our division, and the division reinforces the state of our discord. If we stay stuck in this limited belief pattern, we cannot see the forest beyond the trees.

The Gene Key 13 is in the Codon Ring of Purification. The 30. Gene Key is the other Gene Key in this Codon Ring. In the shadow, discord meets desire, and they all reinforce each other at a low-frequency level. One can imagine what a mess the shadows of discord, division, and desire can produce in our outer world.

In my Gene Key 13 video below, I share one of my experiences of this shadow and its manifested in my physical life over the last 15 years. I recommend you to watch it here.

Gene Key 13 – Gift of Discernment

“The Art of Listening”

At the Gift level of Discernment, we begin to listen inwardly. We discover the art of emotional maturity. We can translate the acoustic waves of frequencies in our environment into the correct emotional and physical wavelengths, thus utterly understanding others.

This inner listening needs constant adjustment because others change their frequency depending on the subject matter in a conversation.

Discernment means that we can keep a distance from another while also starting to be entangled inside another.

Only the siddhi transcends this stage of immersion altogether.

When the Gene Key 13 of the Gift Discernment is active, we also act out of guidance (7. Gene Key), the programming partner, and we feel the lightness (30. Gene Key) Codon Ring of Purification.

Only when we feel the lightness can we see the opposites clearly and guide one another.

Gene Key 13 – Siddhi of Empathy

“From Sympathy to Empathy”

A lot of people mistake empathy with sympathy. Sympathy means “with another,” and empathy means “within another.”

The siddhi state of the Gene Key 13 is a state of the union.

We are the panther. We feel like the panther. We think like the panther.

We are the other person. We feel like the other person. We think like the other person.

There is no separation anymore between you and the other. This experience leads to ecstatic states of rapture (siddhi 30. Gene Key) and Virtue (siddhi 7. Gene Key).  Our heart is wide open, and we feel blessed to be alive and at the same time immersed in ‘All that is.’ We remember that we decided to be a part of this game and that we are the game.

Peace reigns, and the lightness of our being open all our energy centers. The first time we feel free, while we are still playing in the game of existence.

Thanks so much for reading my article!

I am here to inspire you, to look deep within.

Visit for more information on the Gene Keys teachings and in my “Everything you need to know about Gene Keys” article.

You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 13 here.

With Love,

Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, living in Cyprus, age of 29, freethinker, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. Here I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover and and embody your soul's purpose. My greatest vision is to play a decisive and inspiring role on earth in your collective inner transformation into your Higher Purpose. And to realize this, every day I jump into the water again and remember a bit more of what I already am.


  1. Thank you for this video. I just discovered Gene Keys few days ago and I am amazed. You were very right, many coaches project their own past on clients- I admit to be one of them before. ps. you are very natural on front of camera, keep recording ! such a good resources


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