How to build up self-esteem? 3 powerful ideas!

Maybe you told yourself and felt already in your life: “You are just not there yet!” “Everything in life goes against you,” or “I will never reach my goals.” By building up your self-esteem, this can be radically changed!

Most people with low self-esteem have feelings of shame or envy, heavy self-criticism, dissatisfaction, or perfectionism, which can lead to frustration when perfection is not achieved.

The state of your self-love is also a big factor of higher self-esteem, because when you start loving yourself more, self-esteem gets more and more easy.

For that, you are always welcome to read our complete self-love blueprint.

Anyway, let us find out powerful ideas and strategies to build up our self-esteem. When you believe you already have a great, built-up self-esteem, maybe there are one or two abilities that you can still detect to improve on. These abilities can be invisible for your conscious mind.

Others aren’t better than you!

Others aren’t better than you!

Stop thinking that others are better than you. We all have our unique qualities in life. Therefore, all of the higher and lower consciousness talks are totally bogus.

You are right at the perfect place—ALWAYS.

The only one that loves to tell you the opposite is your second inner voice—that voice seems never overly satisfied or fully in harmony. The more this voice rules your daily life, the worse your quality of life is getting.

A lot of people already gave up and victimized themselves over that second inner voice.

You might ask: What is the first inner voice? It is the true inner voice where all of your intuition, love, and harmony takes place. However, a lot of people have lost the connection to that inner voice.

The idea and strategy have to be to reflect your inner voices, write your thoughts down on paper, and check which talks are from the true inner voice and which are from the second inner voice (ego-minded). That is a very powerful daily implementation in your life.

How to detect which inner voice it is?

The ego-minded inner voice is always loud, harsh, and at one moment, that voice is certain of one decision, and in the next moment, it jumps to the conclusion of another decision. That voice is also hectic, selfish, and disturbs your true goals in life.

Your true inner voice is soft, clear, and quieter in the talks. The goals and decisions that are made stay mostly the same.

Learn to be alone with yourself!

be alone with yourself

Start to be even more with yourself in a conscious way, because if you are only there for others, you miss the balance to take time for yourself.

For that, it does not even matter if you are working in a company or working on yourself, because when you do not use any time for your own reflections in meditation practices and other mindfulness practices, you are a part of an automatic machine that you wish to break out of but you never actually broke out of.

The illusion can be that you think you broke out . . . but in reality, that is far from your inner peace, harmony, and wealth where you wish to be.

In this illusion, you plan and work for the future! That way you cannot live in the present!

Also, take time to reflect on your days and weeks and always ask yourself questions. Three ideas for how these questions can look like:

  1. Is what you are doing the way you want to express your full potential in life?
  2. Is there a more efficient way that you can be a lot happier? Do you act towards these goals?
  3. What is the purpose of what you are doing in your life? Does it really lead you to the higher-conscious state of your mind and life where you want to be?

Inner world, your outer reflection!

inner world outer reflection

Your body is a reflection of your inner world.

  • Does your body look healthy?
  • Does your body look unhealthy?
  • How much do you care about your physical body?
  • Do you regularly drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and do you think it is helping your overall health or not?
  • Do you eat in a respectful and healthy way?
  • When was the last time you really went deep inside yourself and felt everything that is going on?

A great looking body and a nice charisma shows a lot about your inner body “thought and emotional balance”.

My inner world changed with patience and radical activism!

For instance, I myself had a very bad body shape for a very long period of my life, and a lot of unneeded fat and unhealthy eating behaviors most of my life. However, just recently, it was possible for me to switch out some of the deeper unhealthy programs and behaviors for more friendly and positive behaviors for myself and my environment.

For the very first time in my life, I balanced out my body, mind, and soul to a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, I have a lot more energy every day. I am more positive and happier than ever before.

In the last 12 months, so many changes happened that only if you have experienced the same would you believe me that this is possible. Besides the health side of my body, true friendships arise. Also, a stronger partnership with my wife is the result of my inner world developments and several other bigger changes.

For that, I really took a lot of my time to transform my life. This is not a 20-minutes-per-day job, this is a full time job for 2-3 years and more! Radical activism and self-discipline are the only way to go into a deep inner flow and feel daily momentum for everything that is.

What changes do you pursue this year or in the near future?

How did you build up self-esteem over the years?

How were you able to transform your life already?

Comment below about your story! I am happy to read it.

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