Does consciousness heal our soul on earth? Part 1

Today, I am very happy to be able to share an article about our consciousness process and the forthcoming consciousness change, which is very close to our hearts with an intense personal experience.

On social networks, I have already addressed today’s topic, but I could convey the true message in so few words only limitedly. There I see us humans in interaction with the earth in a cell-conscious constellation.

How you evaluate those points of view and my world view is entirely in your hands. I simply share my open world view with you, and for an inner actor with you, this could be most unpleasant! More about this in my own painful experience.

As already scientifically proven, our up to 100 billion cells work in harmonious cooperation so that our body-mind-mind construct functions completely. So our cells, as a unit, possess an incredible energy.

In my experience, the earth also balances all living beings as an energy construct on your planet. All inhabitants of the earth as well as our human cells should therefore live together optimally in a cooperative harmony so that the earth construct functions sustainably.

So what is the challenge that we humans face?

We humans are collectively the only life form on earth that has the habit of throwing the balance massively off course. That’s why we have a huge individual and collective responsibility. We also seem to be the only living beings at present who are capable of physically and even psychologically deeply hurting the earth.

What is exciting here is that we are currently in the midst of an increased awareness process into a new age.

Are we perhaps only a decision away from our “destruction” or our “heaven on earth”?

Is all consciousness making a quantum leap into a new age?

consciousness helps the planet earth

Today, our earth vibrates much higher and differently than we are used to. We feel this in us daily. The “time gaps” in which we feel depressed, happy, balanced, or listless become more and more intense and shorter.

Our complete internal system is spun like a washing machine.

In addition to strong economic transformations and collective themes such as “digitisation” or “globalisation”, we are also more concerned with individual themes such as “life’s work” and “vocation”.

Not only are we at the end of a huge human cycle, but also the earth is at the end of a cycle. Many scientists speak of an imminent “pole shift” and in many news stations, there is a long, superfluous pole shift which could have a serious impact on global energies.

Climate change is just as topical as ever. The forest fires in the Amazon region rose sharply, as an example. Many people all over the world were emotionally affected not only by the forest fires, but also by the many other developments in the world.

Currently, we are in the middle of massive global and individual changes and we humans are susceptible to massive changes due to our fear patterns.

So we can also adapt and make the quantum leap together. In addition, it is an advantage that today we deal much more intensively with the spiritual and soul level and, at the same time, we continue to keep our bodies fit.

Over the last 10 years, there has been an upsurge of awareness and awareness. Although the topics have by no means reached the masses yet, people are already much more concerned with these topics than they were a few years ago.

There are also breakthroughs in science, such as epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

If you look at Hollywood films like Interstellar and Inception or series like Westworld or Altered Carbon filtered and viewed from an increased awareness, you will also notice what possibilities of reality might come to us or how it could end alternatively.

Although in Hollywood films, violence is usually the main focus, this physical violence can also be seen as a metaphor for the great change in consciousness that is coming towards us or is already here.

We are entering more and more into a new dimension. On my blog “Beyonduality“, I like to call it the reunion of the Trinity.

Meditation here is a great introduction for more attentiveness and awareness of our trinity of body, mind, and soul. By the way, you are free to download our guided meditation “Energybooster” here, that was created for that purpose.

This could be perceived as a quantum leap and a new age. It is a step from unconscious people to conscious people. So we all become a bit more aware of our own truth, whatever that truth may be for us individually.

Unconscious People & Conscious People

Does consciousness heal our soul on earth and helps the earth

Much depends on how conscious we as humans are with nature and our environment. Here, I would like to present a painful example from my life.

After I had dealt a lot with consciousness, spirituality, and science and had also worked up a lot of topics for myself in over 5 years, special activities became more difficult for me.

I had become aware that I love myself more, that I trust myself completely, and that I respect all life. At the same time, however, I could not yet fully live out “indifference” and “humility”.

I began to look down on people unconsciously and to put my knowledge above the knowledge of others, because I simply made such a great development and was immersed in a very extended reality system.

This is currently a topic that has become much more conscious for me, where it was completely unconscious before. I myself was completely convinced that I consciously acted indifferently and humbly in the sense of “all that is”! At the same time, I was unconsciously acting exactly in a way that I deeply wanted to avoid or even hated.

I even thought of many people, especially very good friends, as “arrogant”, “snooty”, or “know-it-alls” and thought that they do not fully live out their knowledge, but reflect it purely from the mind. That really scared me, and I was sad. In this case, however, I was simply held up to my reflection. What irony.

That hurt me deeply in my heart, especially because I have been communicating very consciously for more than 3 years. For me, it never came across as wanting to force my opinion on people. Only just as strongly do our beliefs function! Here, only pure consciousness, true love, and forgiveness can help.

Now I am glad and grateful that it didn’t take decades to realize how it came across so often and that I was willing to get involved with my big ego issues and let this identity fall more and more.

My experience has clearly shown me how quickly I act unconsciously again, exactly as I wanted to avoid it. I already know more today how unconsciously destructive I can be in everyday life and that is exactly why I forgive myself again and again in order to learn from my mistakes as quickly as possible. At the same time, I never see it as an “excuse” and reflect and integrate what I recognize directly into my everyday life.

Which blind spots do you still have that let you unconsciously act destructive?

Which barriers still prevent you from shedding your unconsciously destructive behavior?

What do you predominantly see in your fellow men?

Ask yourself these questions and pay attention to what your heart answers. Observe your surroundings, crystal clear. Most of the time, what we see opposite is really just our own reflection.

How Do We Experience for Ourselves the New Consciousness – Age?

increase your consciousness and save the world

Very importantly, I also reflect all other truths and understand when you have a completely different perception of your reality. Nevertheless I would like to tell you some points of view from my reality picture. What does it look like in concrete terms with us humans? Are we perhaps the cancer of the earth?

I see the deep, unconscious issues that we as humans have absorbed as cancerous tumors, but only if we always and always keep turning in the wheel of ignorance and thus act destructively for the good of all. However, I perceive it more as a metaphor for myself. I also see myself in this wheel, and at the same time, through my active consciousness work, I see a light on the horizon.

How do we identify our “individual cancer”?

Our unconscious beliefs and programming cause us to focus on survival more often than we think. From the survival phase of evolution, however, we have actually been out for quite some time; only our active genes and our unconscious faith are still deeply, actively interwoven.

So my main aspect of the cancer argument is how destructive or constructive we are in the sense of humans as a community and how we treat all life, including the earth If we therefore act destructively and destroy the balance between nature and earth, a cancer may form in us that attacks us and “kills” us sooner or later.

Just as our sick cells die, so I look at the Earth one level higher. In this higher plane, we are the cells of the earth body or earth consciousness. Natural wonders of the earth, such as volcanic eruptions, severe storms, earthquakes, or tsunamis, are here to be equated with our diseases, such as stomach complaints, headaches, digestive problems, or organ failure – just one level further, thought.

For me, this is neither esotericism nor conspiracy, because as the famous mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot describes in his book “The Fractal Geometry of Nature”, this is scientifically proven and reality. One level higher, I see that our sun and our solar system are again a quantum leap higher in consciousness. In all these systems, we are an essential part.

Sacred geometry is wonderful because it deciphers wonderfully universal structures in our universe. Our blood vessels, for example, look one-to-one like the course of a river from a plane. Our atoms resemble our solar system.

Just as there is climate change on Earth, there is a permanent climate change in our human system. We could perceive this as temperature and every time we get a cold or have a fever, our climate changes. We will then be in the midst of increased inner changes.

In addition each human being possesses individual “weak points”. Some people have it in their head and headaches are more common. Some people have it in their throat or eyes. In the next person, the weak spot is located in the large or small intestine or in the heart. Just as there is a heart in us humans, there is a heart in the earth that wants to be heard.

consciousness help the world

Earth keeps giving us clues we don’t want to listen to. So, when we observe ourselves, it is possible for us step by step to identify and realign our own physical and mental weaknesses.

Just as our mental and spiritual development works only from the inside out, this identification of our weak points works only from the inside out. Other personalities have much less insight into our own inner lives. We ourselves are much more aware of the area in which we are more or less susceptible. There are media companions or “channeling experts”. Still

The real work always begins and ends IN ourselves. We can take the initiative.

Still, psychics in the form of coaches could also make us more dependent than we were before, just as a doctor could talk about our health as much worse than it is and thereby reduce our healing process, as the placebo or nocebo effect has long since proven in studies.

Paying attention to black sheep is essential here and often our faith patterns, our programming, bring us exactly into such a trap of dependencies. I wonder why?

Since our ego-controlled patterns don’t want any change, they just want to stay alive to keep us alive no matter how obsolete these energetic-ego patterns are. Our ego patterns are masters of repression and manipulation.

For all personalities, this is a process of becoming aware that appears infinitely individual With us, this is consistent from the completely unconscious human being to the conscious human being. In other words, we perceive our inner and outer world more and more consciously and thus control our minds and bodies more efficiently with our souls and bring the Trinity into harmony.

We could say our body is our vehicle, our spirit our fuel and our soul our driver.

When we look at how things have been on Earth for millennia, we see how deeply our minds are controlling us with unnecessary fuel, in the form of behavioral patterns and how little access we have to our souls.

Ask yourself honestly what would happen if we robbed the driver of all vehicles worldwide. And that’s exactly what we seem to be today.

We ARE IN our body (vehicle) without active access to our soul (driver).

From this aspect, we are in the greatest awareness process for a new age and a violent climate change of our system that we can only imagine. At least, that’s how I see it, personally. Every human being lives in his own reality and I contribute a small drop in the infinite ocean from my consciousness research and practical experiences.

Initiative from the Heart for a Conscious Humanity

Initiative from the heart for a conscious humanity.

How are we now healing everything with the power of pure consciousness?

By letting go of everything that is destructive for this healing and accepting everything that is constructive for this healing. Before my inner eye I see a world without restrictions. A world full of possibilities that brings us people forward.

A world where we are all brothers and sisters.

This kind of world in which we all support each other cooperatively by shaping what we love from the heart.

We feel this power of pure consciousness when we deal with ourselves deeply on our own, when we deal with our weaknesses and our fears, our gifts and our love.

First, we have to admit to ourselves that we are deeply controlled by the ego. We have to admit to ourselves that our ego patterns have unrestricted control over us and our destiny.

This is always the first step.

Then, we should ask ourselves whether what we do to others we would do to ourselves or let others do to us. We’re questioning our egos.

Books, seminars and workshops are all part of the solution. But we ourselves are the biggest part of the solution for our cosmos! Without independent courageous with true self-confidence, we change very little and we always run after the masses, which makes us a bad copies.

By acting from our hearts, we heal ourselves all by ourselves. By accepting and loving our uniqueness, we also give others the opportunity to experience and live it for themselves.

But this is only the beginning and very philosophically considered. In the second part that is being published soon, I go more into the details of how we integrate this into our everyday reality.

Please comment below on your story! I’m glad to read it.

Do you like reading my articles? I believe from the bottom of my heart that more people need to know about these important issues. So, share it with friends. Discuss with, leave a comment under the article now.

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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