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In this extensive article about true self-awareness, we go beyond our own limitations and remember a deeper understanding of self-awareness and how to strengthen our self-awareness. The goal of this read is to make us all remember more about our own unique style of character, and at the same time, it is a guidance back to our roots and therefore a strengthening of our self-awareness. This read empowers our daily life to know more about our passion, vocation, and life’s work and purpose and to let go of our misleading distractions and hidden loops. As always, I combine stories and experiences from myself, common sense, science, and spirituality with amazing practical to-dos so that this article serves especially your higher purpose of being, so you can free yourself from existing suffering and live a joyful and confident life! The highlight of this read is the seven ultimate tips to strengthen your individual self-awareness.
1. What is self-awareness all about?
  • Definition of Self-Awareness
  • What makes us human beings self-aware?
  • Why is it so important to be self-aware?
2. 7 ultimate tips to establish your self-awareness!

Self-Awareness & Gary Vaynerchuk

Above all, self-awareness is vastly underrated in our society. For years, an eccentric social media star who builds businesses has spoken more about awareness and self-awareness than most other business and social media stars—Gary Vaynerchuk, a true pioneer of intuitive early venture capital investments in both Facebook and Snapchat, a mentor for a massive amount of online business entrepreneurs, and an authentic speaker with a reach of over 10 million fans combined across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In 2015, Gary Vee wrote a blog article where he stated the following:
“Self-awareness is being able to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. The moment you decide to accept your shortcomings and bet entirely on your strengths, things will change. Trust me.”
I also believe that acceptance of your weakness while focusing your attention on your strengths works out well. However, in my opinion, it is not working out for everyone because we are all too individual. A personality like Gary Vaynerchuk is so pure and crystal clear about his mission, vision, and ideas that it works out perfectly for him. Today, we rarely see these crystal-clear pioneers, however this will change within our lifetime because we can all feel that big changes are around the corner in every aspect of our life. Also, our home planet is deeply connected to our awareness and big changes are happening to our earth, too. The true challenge is: To remember your true weakness is to first go deep into that weakness of yourself, to experience and understand it while shutting down your active mind and to go into a silent state of mind. At the same time, strength and confidence in your character are essential, otherwise you might just be another follower of a belief system. Are you ready? Are you truly ready for a life Beyonduality and this amazing read? Continue the read only in this case! Let us go down to real, honest business! Your authentic self-development!

What is self-awareness all about?

Definition of self-awareness

Within our society, self-awareness is one of the most essential abilities to be unique enough to separate ourselves from others in the way that our lifestyle suits us well and we believe in our journey. Self-awareness is based in our roots. It is our fundamental strength to create our own life with our abilities. It is not to let others take control over our abilities to make them their own. It is not meant as a slavery tool. It is meant as a liberating and creative space to grow your consciousness into the higher realms of dimension. To be in our own creative space allows us to create the impossible. To be in our own inner strength allows us to observe what is helping and what is hurting us. To be in our own creative space is to be in our fractal line and to be connected and interact with other beings out of our fractal line. In a lot of societies, low self-awareness can be seen as being shy or introverted. I am sure both interconnect quite well because whenever I think back to my super low self-awareness times, this was 100% accurate. Being shy and introverted are strong signs of suppression and low self-awareness. We are too often in our heads and too rarely open our hearts. That does not mean if you are shy and introverted that you are suppressed by others; it can be that you just suppress your own previous life experiences to an extent that you are not able to go outside of yourself anymore. Maybe it is a suppression of aggression that you love to hide from others. It takes crazy amounts of energy to suppress states of aggression and fighting spirit. Low energy is a signature of suppression and low self-awareness. Low energy creates little to no output, which looks to us like introversion. I am not saying that this is always the case, because every one of us human beings are too unique to objectively measure low self-awareness in this simple way. I myself went through the lower states of self-awareness in my current lifetime and some of my blogs today are not even written by myself—funnily enough, I connect to all of my databases and build bridges between dimensions. Not to say that I’ve mastered something yet, nor to say that you should take something too seriously here.
Every day, I make sure to tell myself that I know nothing, because the more I know, the less I seem to know.
Whenever my blog articles inspire and guide you toward your true being, it for sure is a pleasure and for sure my greatest passion is to serve everything in existence.

Chakras and self-awareness.

I am a big fan of the chakra system. Our seven main chakras are not visible to our physical eyes and are also not scientifically researched. That is because the chakras are between our world and the spiritual world. Self-awareness correlates with the first chakra, the root chakra. I found a highly interesting chakra definition of self-awareness from the book, “The Jeshua Channelings”. In the first chakra, a healthy and balanced male energy leads to self-awareness. The male energy no longer needs to fight and quarrel; it is present through self-confidence. To be present, i.e. to be completely in the here and now with the whole soul, is an essential quality of the first chakra. It is to be aware of oneself and to be centered without losing oneself in the opinions, expectations, or needs of others. A balanced energy of the root chakra allows you to stay in your midst and be aware of yourself while communicating with others and the outer world. It is very important to develop this kind of self-awareness because it will protect and guide your feminine energy. The female energy naturally tends to connect with other (living) beings and to be there for others in a caring, nurturing way.

What makes us human beings self-aware?

Our world wide web is connected to the unlimited database itself, like everything else. On Wikipedia, it is written:
“While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness. Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, motives, and desires.”
This fits with one of my new experiences as a producer of meditations. The very first voice recordings could not transport my message well enough, because I had never recorded professional guided meditations before. However, the more I invested time into my activities, the more I was able to recognize whenever a recording was fitting and whenever a recording had to be remade. Even while recording my voice with live headphones for feedback, I was very quickly able to recognize whenever my voice went too low or too high. What was the trick to learning or implementing the meditation recordings as quickly as possible? The trick was to make myself vulnerable, very vulnerable to myself and others with my voice. In another sense, this means that whenever you love to learn and implement something extremely quickly, it is great to initiate the opposite of your desires. In my case, I wanted to create super meditations, so I started by doing meditations that most people would call “weak, with self-pity or low self-esteem in the sense of my voice.” That was the only strategy available to rapidly improve my self-awareness in recording my guided meditations. So, I quickly understood my characters’ feelings, motives, and desires on a whole new level and the meditations I am recording now have a sense of the best characteristics to support people in the meditations to come down.
Wherever in life you want to become a master, be vulnerable.

Why is it so important to be self-aware?

Acknowledge the signs and follow your heart. Whenever we as human beings are in a low self-awareness state, we have the attitude to over satisfy our desires and under satisfy our true motives in life. We may begin to follow monetary activities instead of following our true passion and living a greater life. We may begin to follow negative spirals of suffering and pain instead of following a joyful heart-based consciousness. We may begin to dream about our dreams instead of living them. We are stuck in our duality of good and evil and an inactive self-awareness kills our individuality and maneuvers us to be puppets in our daily life, entangled in all that exists. So yes, self-awareness is important to growing our own individuated consciousness to even higher levels of consciousness beyond our limitations and even beyond that. In another aspect, it shows our confidence in all of our cells. Studies show that we have between 50–100 billion cells working perfectly in harmony to let us experience our environment as we do and work efficiently as human beings. The more we trust ourselves, the higher our self-awareness rises, and it is therefore a present force in our life. We feel what to do and what to leave behind us. We feel which people to connect to more closely and which people to keep a distance with. Some of the advanced self-awareness and trust abilities may even protect us from dangers of the future.
  1. 7 ultimate tips to establish your self-awareness 

Now we enter the heart of this article. The goal of the seven tips is to create a deeper understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. All tips are less a generic build-up of “go outside in nature” or “drink no alcohol” and more a comprehensive read that is able to reach every human being in their deeper state of mind and consciousness. These seven tips are also seven steps that line up together. So, let us start at number one out of seven and for sure we start at the most crucial tip. 

1. Understand your weakness.

“To strengthen your self-awareness, besides knowing your strengths, you have to also understand your deepest weaknesses.” Writing about people’s individual weakness is probably a bad idea, because it is . . . well, so individual. However, there are some collective weaknesses we human beings have. By fully reading this first tip, you should already have a deeper understanding of some hidden weaknesses of yours. I am going to reveal the three biggest weaknesses we subconsciously and genetically seem to have. From those three weaknesses, most other weaknesses spread out. In a sense, they are closest to our source.
  • The Fear of Time
Everyone tells us, “Time is running away from us,” whenever we are earning less and less money, whenever we are less proactive and less ambitious in every aspect of life. However, is time ever really running away from us? Do we really understand time at a profound level or is our human perception misleading the ultimate truth? A lot of fears are built around time because of our perception of past, present, and future and beginning and end—we human beings are stuck in a loop of our belief systems. Eckart Tolle is one of the few human beings who truly goes beyond time, as he explained in his bestselling book, “The Power of Now”, that in his point of view there is no past or future—only the present exists.
A never-ending present.
If a never-ending present or a “NOW” really exists as a truth from a higher dimension’s perspective, our fear of not having enough time or that time is running away is only a big misconception from our linear awareness. I love to see it as a complete, open world view of unlimited possibilities. In most human beings’ perception, time exists in past, present, and future. Space is essential for time to move. In another higher perspective, time exists and at the same time does not exist. We know that electricity, atoms, and wind exist and at the same time we are not able to see them with our physical eyes. Why is it so hard to believe in different dimensions that are invisible, too? Maybe because we are just fearful of the unknown. So, are you fearful about not having enough time? Are you impatient in life?
  • The Fear of Not Having Enough
The fear of not having enough is exclusively created from the lack of love or the need of more love. In another aspect, it is about a lack of connection to your truth. We believe that our current situation and experiences are not good enough, that these have to immensely improve, and exactly that belief is holding us back from our brightest and greatest potential. As an example: we always play different roles at our parents’ home than we play with our friends or at our workspace. The reason is clear. We lack love to show true authenticity. We lack love to be ourselves. Ask yourself: which roles are you playing in the different environments of your life? Which roles are essential to being a great server to yourself and others? Begin to disintegrate all the other roles in your life—one by one, step by step.
  • The Fear of Death 
This is the biggest stimulator for our low self-awareness. Everything is based upon this topic. All of our current worldwide markets are structured around our fear of death. We seem not to know what happens afterward, if anything at all. Water, food, and health are our biggest money-driven systems and that is for a reason. Whenever we fear death, we are in a low frequency, low self-awareness state. We fear the unknown and we prefer to suffer for years and years in our body instead of letting go. We fear losing our beloved and we fear never remembering or seeing them again. To a great extent, this fear manifests exactly as that—we live to remember, we live to hold on. We have to overcome death to transcend to another level of awareness. We have to open our eyes to the truth of our soul and remember what really matters in life. What could that be?
Everything and nothing matters simultaneously.
Analyze your weaknesses and ask friends and family for constructive feedback. Reflect upon yourself with true honesty. 

2. Avoid overestimating.

I see more and more human beings that love to overestimate their current level of consciousness because they have read so many books or attended 20-30 years of trainings, seminars, and workshops. However, 98% of the current market’s seminars, videos, and coaching are ego based, are competition, and are money driven. If you are inside that 98%, it does not matter how many more years you invest in training and coaching. The illusion is still present. The illusion inside the personal development market is that most of the market is based on competition and business and less based on cooperation and real philanthropy. Most people love to say the opposite. Most people say money and spirituality goes along. For sure, it does. However, at the same time, there is a real risk of falling into the money game. Instead of truly helping and serving others and the whole, instead of telling stories about how you help customers and stories about customers, as an example, you might just talk a lot more about your business and money. The true reason behind this is that the money-game from the very beginning was set to fail. Especially in the self-help market, we see massively destructive behaviors because we force ourselves to play illusionary, exactly the opposite game of what was initially our true goal. To find out your motive, just go deep inside yourself and ask the following three questions honestly:
  1. Are you investing more than 5 minutes per day on money-driven thoughts and emotions?
  2. When building up a free source of high-quality content—for example, on YouTube or for blogging/podcasting—would you also build it up if you knew that no income stream would exist for the next 5–10 years and that you would never monetize most of your activities?
  3. Would you believe that money, besides being an energy, can also be a big illusion? A big paradox?
For sure, I love to live in abundance. True abundance includes the ability to do whatever you love in life, meaning that in our current system, money plays an important role. At the same time, it can be abused very quickly and because you play the game of money, you might never in your lifetime notice that this is the only thing you did.

3. Combine weaknesses and strengths into one force.

Integrate the best of your weaknesses and strengths together. After you understand your individual weaknesses strongly, only then are you able to understand your greatest gifts and strengths in life. I understand that a lot of people around the world in the personal development area are in a belief system that considers focusing on your strengths. However, your true strengths might be hidden within your weaknesses.
Within every shadow lies a gift.
After we truly understand our shadows in life, we begin to merge our weaknesses together with our strengths and therefore create “one force”. To dive deeper into your “one force” I recommend Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys from heart. His passionate project is amazing. The Gene Keys are a living wisdom and a magical system. Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools

4. Balance out your comfort-zone.

Never go too far outside your comfort zone and never stay too deep within your comfort zone. To achieve true self-awareness, we have to expand our comfort zones with joy. To expand our comfort zones, we have to open ourselves to the yet unknown. Our hearts always know how far we are able to stretch our comfort zones. However, our egos always want to stretch our comfort zones way too much or way too little. Our egos either tell us to go faster, higher, and quicker—because if we do not achieve, we are losers—or to stagnate and do nothing at all out of fear. Our egos wanting too much in a short time period put us in danger of exhausting our bodies and in those situations, we are no longer able to reflect our hearts.
We are trapped in our minds.
Our egos hiding put us in danger of doubting life, gaining massive body weight, and living heavily in the past while wishing for a better future. From my experience, it is massively important to let our hearts and our souls speak more often. Our hearts are always soft, quiet, and generous in communication. However, our hearts also send us very harsh signs, while we have not listened to our hearts for years and years.

5. Act more soul based, less programmed based.

It is easy to act without clear consideration. Acting programmed could let you hate your genius for your whole life and you might never experience and act toward your genius and deep, hidden gifts. A lot of our geniuses were buried when we were very young. For example, we started to love asking philosophical questions about ourselves and our surroundings, however, our parents got annoyed and told us to stop it. We maybe lost our love and passion for philosophical talks; another decision we could have made is to dig even deeper into philosophical topics at the present. What we rarely understand is that both decisions are out of programming from our early experiences and both are fuel for our minds or egos. Our souls might be disconnected altogether. We love to talk and philosophize about our souls, and still, we rarely seem to understand the true meaning of the soul journey. Our souls are never thinking in “good” and “bad” or “beginning” and “end,” therefore, with our limited incomprehensive and linear view, we love to analyze and compare our souls. We love to restrict our evolution with the evolution of our individual and collective souls. To be truly self-aware can be considered as a world view without limitations. We still have our egos; we are able to use them destructively or constructively and, at the same time, we see the bigger picture of “all that is,” including our souls and our unique psychic abilities.

6. Trust yourself by being patient.

Since every one of us is totally different, we cannot judge one process by another. For Gary Vaynerchuk, it might take 60 minutes to master a 20-minute speech and for me, it might take 8 hours to master that same 20-minute speech.
We have to trust our patience.
The more we trust our patience, the quicker we remember and learn to act more efficiently. In our digital informational age, patience is one of the hidden golden assets to master, because we’ve lost it. Everything is accessible within seconds and minutes. 20 years ago, we had to wait seven days for our favorite TV show to go to the next episode. Today, we visit Amazon, Netflix, and all the other video-on-demand platforms and are able to watch most of it instantly. Rarely do we have to wait one week for another episode of a series today.

7. Surrender your beliefs.

Surrender and let go of all your belief systems to remember a gentler way to improve the quality of your life. How does our subconscious mind influence our self-awareness? Massively, because our subconscious mind is like our “fuel” and controls 95–98% of our life through our habits and experiences. So, our beliefs of how self-aware we are and the amount of behavior patterns that we’ve installed for ourselves to have an automated, simpler life can change a lot. For example, while practicing something the first time, it feels very hard to operate smoothly and “in the flow”. Like driving a car, playing a new computer game, or playing sports—all of them need an implementation phase and after that implementation phase, our subconscious mind automatically pushes the button of driving a car or playing tennis or football and for us, it feels “in the flow” and simple. We have to ask ourselves honestly: Might it be possible that our subconscious mind also plays us in regards to relationships, quality of life, work, or business? Every expert I talked to says yes and that is also my personal experience. So, to have the joy of a higher quality in our private, work, and personal life, we have to change our software, our subconscious programs, and we have to understand why old programs stopped us in certain situations of life. Most people today believe that they have to experience major suffering and pain before they are able to look deeper into themselves and change old patterns that are not up to date for this era on earth. Especially well-known methods to reprogram our subconscious minds are said to change our lives by reducing stress, but do they actually perform well? Probably, they perform very efficiently short term, but what about long-term sustainability? What is your experience with self-development methods? I am really eager to read your comments below. This seventh tip is an initiation to work inside out. My subconscious mind held me so aggressively in his fangs that every affirmation, seminar, and book had exactly the opposite effect of what I dreamed of. My heart was cut off and I tried to defeat my suffering with suffering, I tried to defeat my mind with the subconscious mind. But I was not able to improve the quality of my life; rather, I noticed more and more how others improved and how I was not able to implement knowledge for myself in my daily life. I discovered step-by-step methods to unlock deeper levels within myself. This seventh tip reflects the importance of reprogramming our subconscious minds in a joyful, sustainable, and autonomous way. We are at the beginning of those developments worldwide. We are at the beginning of looking more efficiently at our inner and outer worlds.

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