Spiritual Money: How to Attract Money from the Heart!

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Why do I personally feel that spirituality and money with financial goals can be harmful? Doesn’t spiritual money go alongside our life’s purpose? How do you attract money? Is attracting money evil or from the devil itself (recent example “might be” the corona virus?)

I know, you might be going to say that we all need financial goals, because Bob Proctor and many great figures in personal development insist on having money goals and luxury goals, right? Besides, they like to say that money is neutral. People then use the money to do either good or evil deeds.

I am not explicitly talking about the Corona virus here, but since the topic from the perspective of fear mongering is 1:1 matching, this article is very valuable, because it shows how dangerous ignorance is.

Don’t worry, I’m not destroying the dreams of a wealthy and extravagant life or possibly taking something away. I wish to enhance your point of view in a magical way.

From a spiritual money point of view, the lack of money is a big issue in our society! Most people would simply love to be in the state to energetically attract money without doing any monotonous physical activity.

But most of the time, our questioning “how to attract money and spiritual money” does affect our journey to prosperity.

This article is about a broader perspective of how to attract money and spiritual money and how we attract money from the heart, exactly what we need.


  1. The 180-degree Turn: The Question of Questions!
  2. Spiritual money: the secret to true prosperity.
  3. Warum setzten wir uns so viele finanzielle Ziele?
  4. Robotic Behaviors vs. Soul’s Mission!
  5. A Mirror Exercise for Home.
  6. How to attract money: examples from the heart!

The 180-Degree Turn: The Question of Questions!

Spiritual Money: How to Attract Money from the Heart!

Please let me turn the wheel 180 degrees:

What’s important is that you just use your number or your visual example of luxury goods for how to attract money or the goods here.

Why exactly do you want to attract 1,577,000 dollars in your account? If you have set yourself this goal, why do you want to earn 157,000 dollars a month? Why do you really want the Porsche 911 GT3RS or the car of your dreams?

Until recently, I also had very detailed financial goals and material goals in the form of dream cars and luxury villas, but then I radically threw them all overboard in 2019 and it is not what you think.


Spirituality and money are distorted by our rationality and our fear of our possible insignificance. How to attract money or spiritual money is therefore such a deceptive undertaking.

You might say, “Then you don’t care now what you achieve in life and how much money you attract in life?” or “Are you now one of the many spiritual people who turn away from the material?”

Yes and no.

Spiritual Money: the Secret to True Prosperity.

Spiritual money: the secret to true prosperity.

My point of view on how to attract money: if we open ourselves to our true purpose and life’s purpose, then the imaginary sums of money in the form of spiritual money will follow and run after us and our bank account!

Perhaps you are thinking now: “Are you crazy, Dominik?! How… I’ll soon be chasing after money and luxury goods; how nice would that be?”

In my opinion, the secret to true prosperity lies hidden in the heart. As soon as we act selflessly from the heart and set goals from the heart, we no longer run after our bank account balance or luxury goods. Spirituality and money thus create a true and heart-based synergy!

“Acting from the heart and according to our worthwhile goals, we will always have the best possible financial supply.”

For the realization and the journey of our life’s purpose and our unique personality, we need different financial means from person to person and the money attraction works by itself in all its facets.

Once we are in our life’s purpose, we will have exactly the amount of spiritual money we need at that moment. This could be 1200 dollars for one person, 3500 dollars for the next, or even up to 150,000 dollars per month, depending on the individual life’s purpose and purpose in life.

Why do we establish so many financial goals?

Why do we establish so many financial goals?

We started competing with others early in our evolution! How to attract money is a competition on its own!

As a result, many have become more dissatisfied today, especially if the financial goal has not yet materialized. The “fast and more” game began. If the financial goal materialized for us after all, it might have been on its way to us or we might have moved away from our heart’s desire to the destructive side of evolution.

Financial goals can be quite treacherous, because growth can be forced and at the same time cause damage to others. We all know that cancer grows. For us, cancer is something “deadly.” In that same aspect, our financial growth can be “deadly.”

If we live from a pure heart, it would never occur to us to make profit based on common lies and marketing tactics. It does not matter whether we unconsciously or consciously strive for this growth.

The case of premium spiritual coaches.

Here I also explicitly address the spiritual Premium Coaches or High-priced Coaches. Because even these are in most cases no exception to the profit rule. Bold marked: “in most cases”. I was able to experience first-hand how quickly we fall into a spiritual Premium Coaching trap and imitate others 1:1, even if this is not our individual purpose!

We put the “attract and earn money” above the well-being of our clients. By doing so we attract a rat’s tail of infinite problems without knowing it.

With spirituality and money, we fall into an unconscious trap of our global economy and our desire for “faster and more”. We often tell ourselves that we can manifest whatever we want and at the same time we help people to become more conscious.

In other words, we follow a very few successful coaches 1:1 in terms of money, unconsciously imitate these people and we forget our uniqueness.


Tricky illusions.

Today, we see clearly in our world why there are so many challenges and problems with spiritual money. There are a few individuals who have been exploiting the earth and its resources for decades and centuries. Selfish behavior that is short-term oriented never allowed spiritual money at all. Such individuals are probably completely indifferent to what happens to the next generations.

It often happens that these people persuade themselves to do “good” to the world. Their behavior patterns are very tricky, and they like to spin the truth exactly the way they need the truth.

So, this point should make you aware that the focus on financial goals is often a selfish desire for more power and recognition and has very little to do with serving the good of the whole, even if it seems otherwise!

Often, it happens to us that we unconsciously use our everyday life to judge and analyze instead of really getting into action and acting from the heart and our inner intelligence. So, we act from the memory of our past and analyze the probabilities by which we could get the greatest possible financial success.

Our entire economic system is based on these ongoing analyses and assessments. Just as we analyze money, we also evaluate how our money attraction is progressing, what is going on in our wallets, and how the prices of commodities are moving.

Robotic Behaviors vs. Soul’s Purpose!

What happens to our perception when we analyze and judge?

Our own perception is only directed outwards or into the outer world and the inner world is completely neglected.

Today, we analyze and judge so intensively that we have even forgotten who we are. We have become a robotic being. We think as automatically as a computer.

Look at your life and observe when you direct your own perception outwards (focus on the physical world) and when you direct your perception to your inner world.

This may seem confusing to you, but just imagine that the outer world reflects the circumstances and experiences or memories in your life that you experienced yesterday or will experience today or tomorrow.

Unconsciously, you will direct your attention inwards (introverted) and seek a solution from your pool of experience. You look at your external circumstances and think: “Okay, now this has happened to me again and I have lost a lot of money. So how the hell do I attract money?” Only the attention is directed to the known wealth of experience and not to the inner part of your world, in which you find inspirational solutions for the outer world.

A Mirror Exercise for Home

A Mirror Exercise for Home.

Are You an Introvert?

For example, do the following exercise: Go to a mirror at home or turn on your smartphone’s camera. Look at yourself in the mirror and into your eyes. Now ask yourself a question in the mirror, such as, “What did I eat yesterday morning?” or “When did I get up on the exact second this morning?” and continue to look carefully into your eyes. Be present! Be mindful!

It is not so easy as we believe it is, right?

You may notice how your attention is going inwards, i.e. you’re introverted. This causes you to rummage around in the wealth of experience of your old behavior patterns and you become distracted. You may also notice that you have been distracted for a few seconds, as if you were absent. Maybe during the exercise, you judge yourself directly inwardly: “Phew, how should I know?” or “That was so long ago!” or you analyze inwardly: “Wait, yesterday, I got up here, but how was it today!?” or “So I can’t find out the exact time when I had breakfast, but I can find out the hour!”

The limitations and access to deeper levels of your consciousness remain hidden and you, as an introverted person, are only concerned with memory. This influences your true understanding of spiritual money and how to attract money.

Please practice daily how to keep your attention outside, wherever you have questions, so that the true inner solutions can appear in your consciousness and you have less and less of an introverted awareness step by step!

How to Attract Money: Examples From the Heart!

How to attract money examples

Be aware: To energetically attract money, listing examples already must be very rationalized, because it is such an individual topic! Nevertheless, I hope that it will give you a little insight into how you combine spiritual money.

1. A Self-Realization Goal from Heart.

Example: Your heart’s goal is to become aware of yourself on a deeper level and to radiate relaxation and peace, which enriches people around you. How to attract money is no concern anymore for you, because, probably, your current situation is deeply relaxed already.

2. Full-Focus “Service to Others.”

Example: Engagement in personal coaching with a focus on service. The monetary “goals” or how to attract money will happen automatically as soon as you are in this task, if it is necessary for this task. For example, for the last 5 years, I have had enough resources at any time to continue to educate myself freely, as I wanted from the heart, so the spiritual money comes out of my heart.

3. An Environmental Goal from Heart.

Example: You could develop solutions for plastic waste or other environmental issues with the focus on the solution and your heart’s purpose. You feel destined to make progress here. The monetary “goals” or the necessary change will automatically come into your life as soon as you are in this task. Observe the ocean cleanup as an example of how to attract money and why Boyan Slat was welcomed into the world of spiritual money. When Boyan Slat developed his systems, people all around the world supported him. Boyan Slat had trust and created solutions for our environment, and, after the completion, investors trusted him fully.

4. Magical Smile and Inner Radiation from Heart!

Example: Bring your magical smile and radiation into the world. Maybe you live on the street or you are involved in the economy and the financial market on a higher level! So, it could be that you are in your life’s purpose and helping the people on the street or as an investor or businessman. All this is so individual that we can’t find any rationalization for it. As a successful businessman, we might ask ourselves how a life on the street is worth living at all and vice versa—the person who lives on the street says that he does not understand the businessman and why he is in stress mode so much. If you start to compete with yourself, you will find out what you need in financial terms and you will be completely satisfied with the current situation. Spiritual money will definitely not be mutually exclusive!

5. Healer Career from Heart.

You have the feeling that you are destined to be a healer. Maybe you are a doctor and love your way or you feel determined as a psychologist. Maybe you are more active in the spiritual realm? The financial resources also show up there when you let go and pursue your goal with your heart. Whatever you need will be on your side. Spiritual money goes hand in hand with spirituality here. The journey of “how to attract money” is secondary for you and you know this deep inside your heart.

Spiritual money a means to an end?

The approach for a worthwhile goal, which appeals to me and many other people I have met, is to put the goal of the heart first and to act from this point of view and not from the point of view of when the next dollars will land in your wallet.

This is how I combine spiritual money and how to attract money. I free myself from the thought of having to earn money and then it is very easy to attract spiritual money, or “dollars, euros, or bitcoins.”

For me, spiritual money is a means to an end and therefore it receives very little attention. The focus should be on the aim, not the medium. Exactly this is how solutions are created, how money and spirituality manifest themselves with ease in life.

A great question to ask yourself at work: would I have done this EXACTLY the same way if “dollars, euros, or bitcoins” would have NOT been involved?

Whenever your answer is yes, the work is from the inner heart.

Whenever your answer is no, the work is purely based on earning money and fear.

I am glad that you have read the article to the end. Feel free to write in the comments how you liked the article and what your ideas and thoughts are. How do you deal with the topic of spiritual money and how to attract money?

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
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