5 Essential Steps to Becoming the Master of Your Destiny. Free Will Meets Life Purpose!

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This article reminds us of the following:

• Why we’re so often in fight mode and stressed out
• How we can use our free will to let go
• How we can become masters of our own destiny
• How we can exert our unique mission in life and live in alignment with our life purpose

This is how we take away our own free will.

how we take away our own free will

Why is it so difficult for so many people to embrace life playfully and with joy? Do we in fact have our fate and free will withheld from us? What can we do to become masters of our own destiny?

The answer to those questions is very simple and is hidden deep in people’s minds.

We might not like to fully admit that we are not able to implement our insights—which we get to know from books, seminars or YouTube videos—into practice. At least in the achieved quality.

The reasons are manifold. On the one hand we lack the experience to implement insights in our daily life. On the other hand most of the advices given are insights of coaches and consultants. These advices do not necessarily resonate with our inner heart, our life purpose and our mission in life. These people live in a completely different universe!

Each human being is a universe in him- and herself with a unique destiny that can be mastered.

The Idea of Mastering Our True Fate

Our beliefs or behavioral patterns, which are recorded in our subconsciousness, lead us to repeatedly experience similar situations in our life. The idea of mastering our true fate and destiny has, for a long time, been almost absurd in society, because we were subconsciously concerned only with survival.

How do we sustainably adapt our own operating system to the future?

The world is changing and sustainable systems which enable us to master our fate and destiny are desperately needed in the world. These systems are needed to eliminate old beliefs for all eternity and establish new, future-oriented success patterns. Within the essential 5 steps of this article we will explore the details of how a sustainable system is structured.

Anti-Purpose in Life: the Inner Fight!

Free Will Meets Life Purpose!

Usually, the knowledge and insights that we consume at the speed of light in our fast-moving time cannot be applied in everyday life. This creates enormous tension between our “actual state of life” and our “desired state of life” which cannot be reached.

Although we truly want to achieve our “desired state of life,” we do not know how to live up to what we have learned. And since we have forgotten about our mission in life, we walk from one Holy Grail to the next. This holy grail could be a book, seminar, 1:1 coaching or YouTube.

In the end, we are disappointed and deeply dissatisfied that we are getting further and further away from our purpose in life. We are disappointed in not only ourselves but also our mission in life and our free will! The promised Holy Grail, in which we invested a lot of time and effort, has disappointed us tremendously, as most of the changes we’ve achieved only have had a short time effect—this is the well-known seminar effect or boomerang effect which leaves us feeling doomed and tricked.

From that moment, becoming the master of one’s own destiny and fulfilling one’s purpose in life seems to have become a faraway goal away and we say “Goodbye” to our free will. For the moment of seclusion, disappointment, of doubt and mistrust, our heart’s longings seem to be endlessly far away.

However, this is not as bad as we might think because we can only forget our purpose in life to a limited extent and where there is darkness, there is also light. More and more people around the world start to care about their true purpose in life, therefore we are on the edge of releasing an intense amount of our collective karma.

Fortunately, our free will can only be taken away from us in a limited fashion, as the following little story of mine illustrates.

Voyage of Destiny and Limitation of Free Will

Limitation of Free Will

My first two years as an entry-level entrepreneur are an excellent example of the limited usage of our free will and how seldom we actually choose our destiny.

When I had completed my training as an IT specialist, I knew that my mission in life was far from being an employee. As a result – demotivated by my former employer – I was dismissed twice without notice for a fair amount of reasons. Once, I had absolutely no expertise in my job. Don’t ask me how I got the job! At the second job, I got bored after the orientation phase and invested more time in my research of stock market shares and consciousness development than my actual tasks. As soon as my boss noticed, this was the end of my employment and I had to invest time to look for a new job.

Today, I am glad that everything happened exactly the way it did, otherwise I would be somewhere else today—maybe I would still be an employee. Oh my God! This is not a life for me. Many people enjoy being employed. Me? Never again. I would be unhappy because of the restrictions. And I would never have been able to discover my higher purpose in life in such an environment.

During this difficult time, a good friend called me and told me about a special opportunity to earn a lot of money. Right away, the business appealed to me and so I started working as an independent salesman for the company. We held weekly meetings in which we were trained to become more skilled in sales. In addition to that, I continued full time in a new job which included night shifts. The idea to juggle jobs has been introduced in the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as well as in many other books – it’s sensible not to put all your eggs in one basket. I wanted to master the transition to a full-time entrepreneur step by step.

A few months later I dreamed of being a millionaire, yet at the same time, I wasn’t able to get 3-5 people excited about my business and its products. I was fated to fail. On the one hand, I dreamed of being able to let go of my work as an IT specialist and on the other hand, I put everything into my personal education for more than 2 years without feeling a breakthrough change occur! I felt doomed.

I thought, “Wonderful, I was sure that my free will has been on my side since my decision to start a business.”

But it was my free will which had me fully under its control, not vice versa!

Despite many books and educational seminars I never reached the point of being able to put the knowledge into practice. I was afraid to fail, and I felt like a stranger to myself.

I got to know the best strategies for sales negotiations, but I could never apply them authentically. And this is why I never sold anything.

At the same time, there were newcomers who sold very successfully with zero sales experience. Could they just make more use of their free will?

Back then, I felt irritated, fated, and doomed! I asked myself, “How can I master my destiny? What is my mission in life? What is my life purpose?”

Life Purpose and Belief Patterns

Life Purpose and Belief Patterns

Years later, I found the solutions for my fated-for-doom career as a salesman!

First of all, my behavior patterns did not allow me to become a “top salesman.” I was so blocked in life and in a shock paralysis that thousands of years of sales training wouldn’t have managed to make a top salesman out of me.

Self-doubt plagued me: “You know, if you succeed here what will your parents and family think?” Or “You’ve never been successful, as though it would be any different now!” These thoughts were deeply embedded in my system.

At the same time, I was a master of comparing, judging, and evaluating everything and everybody! That was what I had learned from my environment! It kept me from being involved more deeply with myself, or in other words, from competing with myself and not putting pressure on myself.

I was controlled by the opinions of others and thus doomed! I told myself that this business had to work, but at the same time, dissatisfaction built up inside me and made me more and more depressed.

“I realized that knowledge is not wisdom!”

After more than 2 years, following a bitter financial defeat, I decided to let go of the business and move forward. Today, this has become a great lesson for my mission in life!

My mission in life was not to be a top salesman. I imitated a role that I never was. My inner truth was equipped with plans of its own, and later I would learn about this. Years later, I remembered this!

When we make decisions, they are often unconsciously taken from our mind and not our heart! We make decisions from our memory and not from our inner intelligence. In the process itself we often have no access to free will and we are subject to fate, which leads to an unnecessary loss of time.

Ego will tell us “You have to follow through with this project now because you started it, or do you want to be a loser?” It’s one of the great illusions that have been in us since childhood and it’s leading us further away from our life purpose.

In summary, we have lost the manual on how to control our subconscious mind in a heart-based and loving way.

“It is not our waking consciousness that determines our destiny, but our beliefs. If we change our beliefs, we change our destiny.”

5 Essential Steps to Mastering Your Destiny! Unlocking Your Free Will and Purpose in Life!

Why could it continue to be hard dealing with our free will and purpose in life? How do we change that for ourselves?

I’m introducing you to 5 essential steps that have been successfully applied in practice for over 40 years by tens of thousands of people (including me and many of my friends).

1. Willingness to Recognize Your Potential

Before we can begin to shape our fate and destiny, we must realize that we have the opportunity to express a higher potential of our own free will.

As long as we still acknowledge that we are victims of our life circumstances and we feel we cannot change anything about it, the journey to the Mastery of Destiny is doomed. Only when we draw this “aha moment” of freedom into our lives are we able and willing to attract the improvement of our own quality of life.

For many people, a threshold of suffering must first be reached here: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” When people reach a threshold of suffering for themselves, the chance to break out of their current DNA structure opens up. The heavenly road to our life purpose opens up. Yet, at this stage, nothing changes at all in the outward world. There is only the existence of a probability that the DNA structure will transcend and not fall back into the same suffering routine again!

Many people are very capable of suffering and reach the threshold only after hundreds or thousands of repetitions, until they find a way to overcome the lower frequency structure of DNA forever and progress into everlasting evolution.

“Being a master of destiny requires a willingness to look deeply into oneself!”

2. Identifying the Originating DNA structure

In order to be able to transcend the DNA structure sustainably into higher-frequency ranges, it is essential for us to be aware of the system of dogmas or behavior patterns that we can apply in a self-determined fashion.

There are many spiritual teachers who advertise with thousands of methods to make this possible. The important thing here is that we can playfully find out the origin of the energetic pattern in a self-determined way in order to be able to say with certainty that we have dissolved a shadow theme or part of a shadow theme within ourselves.

Only when our path is connected with joy are we able to deal with ourselves deeply! Renunciation and remaining in our own patterns of suffering has never led to a higher quality of life.

“To discover our purpose in life, we have to let go of our fears and anxieties!”

3. Letting Go of Old DNA Structures

Once we have identified our demon or shadow subject, it is of crucial importance that we remove the existing emotional structure from this belief or let the energy flow out of the neural network. This should be done in a process of loving mindfulness and letting go.

There are many possibilities of visualizing this, such as letting the energy flow into an object or seeing how the energy flows back into the universe. The most important thing is that we neutralize the true origin and let it go – and not just pull a branch off a tree! Only when we let go of the entire tree, including the roots, will this have a sustainable impact on our life and our life purpose.

“To remember our purpose in life we have to let go of our destructive dogmas!”

4. Actively Shaping a New DNA Structure

In order for us to not fall back into old habits again and recreate the past in the future, it is essential to change the root of the previous shadow subject in a beneficial way that will make us free and light. To stay within our metaphor, we are planting a new, beneficial seed in fresh soil for our life purpose here.

As an example, we should feel a lightness, an increased clarity, or a tingling sensation similar to the tingling sensation of goosebumps when successfully transforming our beliefs.

“To connect to our purpose in life, we have to fuel a brand-new neural network!”

5. Establishing the New DNA Structure as a Habit.

What are the next steps you must take in physical reality to fire the new neural network?

How does it help your environment if you act according to this newly set pattern of success?

There are many ways to fire the new structure. One of the most important points is letting go of the control behavior. Daily control addiction and doubts lead to difficulties in the establishment of new structures. Therefore, it is equally essential to eliminate beliefs that cause doubt and control behavior.

“A part of our purpose in life is to act out of our brand-new neural networks!”

Summary of the 5 Essential Steps:

Only when we remove the entire tree, including its roots, and plant a new, conducive seed into the fresh soil in a self-determined way will this lead to a better quality of life in the long term. In this manner, we see our purpose in life more clearly, have access to free will, and our fate does not determine us any further, but it is us who master our destiny!

My motto: The path of life purpose is allowed to be joyful, self-determined, and sustainable (for all eternity)!

Bonus Recommendation: Only Compete with Yourself – Not with Others!

Only Compete with Yourself

One of the early secrets of the success of Apple and Steve Jobs was that he only ever competed with himself, his company, and the employees!

External communication never included a justification for why Apple was better than Microsoft or IBM, for example. They always used a centered, inward-looking approach to marketing.

With this secret, Apple and Steve Jobs were able to introduce innovative products to the market which did not exist in the status quo. See, for example, the first Apple computer or the first iPhone with touchscreen function – a world first in 2007.

Apple had a strong life purpose and no scruple to revolutionize the status quo. As you probably know, times are changing and so did Apple after Steve Jobs’ death. Today, it seems that Apple is only finetuning their status quo, not setting new quantum leaps.

What happens when you only compete with yourself?

You’re dealing with your inner core or heart and are stopping to accuse and judge others. Because of this, you’re experiencing your genius and are centered within yourself, just as you were as an infant. With one tiny difference: Now you have the possibility to consciously navigate your genius! A quantum leap in your development.

Important: This does not mean not being inspired by wonderful solutions of others. Regarding the Beyonduality Blog, I was very inspired by Neil Patel and his international blog and was able to consciously implement elements like optimal readability into this blog. This included elements like font size, formatting, design of the articles, and how pleasantly even advertising material could be integrated to achieve the best reading experience of articles.

My Mission in Life: Leadership from the Heart & Being a Child!

My mission in Life: Leadership from the Heart & Being a Child!

How do I implement these 5 essential steps in everyday life, you may wonder?

How did I lead myself into my wisdom and recognize my mission in life? How was I able to transcend my DNA structure to live my purpose in life?

Dealing with myself—I give myself the answers and compete with myself—as we were when we were little children; we were also competing with ourselves, which was very important. Only later did we learn to look at how others were doing. “How is Felix doing it?”; “Why can Nadine do it better?” We started to measure ourselves against others. We stopped measuring and improving ourselves. At the same time we stopped following our mission in life, our destiny and our calling. We began to emulate others and have continued to do so until today, without bringing our individuality into the equation.

How can I remember to compete with myself again?

It means a lot to me to provide the opportunities that have helped me on my way. Opportunities which are not purely theoretical but go into the essence of matter and non-matter, allowing for real change to occur. Opportunities that can be put into practice and can never be replaced, such as the CYP-Bio-Feedback method which follows the 5 steps that I mentioned above one by one and is helping me and many persons in my close environment. Yet, unluckily, this method is only available for the German market right now.

Do you know about international methods and systems that follow exactly those five steps described above? Contact me or write a comment below.

I am glad that you have read the article to the end. Feel free to share in the comments how you like the article and what your ideas and thoughts are. To what extent have you dealt with this topic and philosophy so far?

With unconditional love,


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