Discover Your Soul Purpose – Key to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life!

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This step-by-step guide article supports you to take the initiative to get to know yourself on the soul level. Finding your soul purpose in the present moment is like letting go of negative emotions and practicing mindfulness.

Already more than 20 years have passed since I started to ask questions like:

What is my purpose in life? How do I find my purpose in life? Is there a meaning in my life? Why am I here on earth? Why do I feel far away from ‘home’? I did not receive answers for a long period of time!

Later in my puberty I asked myself questions like: Am I useful to society? How do I find my purpose? Will I ever find something I love? What is my vocation? Or am I just a jumbled up useless heap of dead matter, as science has long led us to believe?

They were questions of noble truths, however it was not until the mid tweenties that I received answers on my spiritual path.

For more than two decades I have been on the trail of questions about how to find my why in life. And today I feel ready from my whole being to talk about this highly individual subject. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to inspire you to give your own answers to your questions, until finally you no longer need to ask yourself questions because you know the answers.


  1. Unfold Your Unique Piece in the Puzzle in ‘All that is’
  2. Soul Purpose – Can there be a General Definition?
  3. SECRETS and DON’Ts for Your Soul Purpose
  4. Please Keep this in Mind for Your Soul Purpose
  5. The Trap – Soul Purpose and Money
  6. 3 Brilliant Steps How to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life
  7. 3 Questions and 3 Statements that are Supportive for Your Soul Purpose
  8. Soul Purpose FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Unfold Your Unique Piece in the Puzzle in ‘All that is’

In the buddhist tradtion, for example Zen Buddhism we learn to sit still, meditate and enter the present moment. Zen Buddhism is one of the practices for mindfulness to discover your unique purpose.

Only if you recognize and consciously embody your piece in the puzzle’s totality will you enjoy a life full of abundance, freedom, and peace. And since you are the only soul in existence with your consciousness crystal, no one but yourself can find your soul purpose in life.

No one can tell you in detail what your unique soul purpose in life is; also, no enlightened person. However, enlightened persons may ignite your inner fire to help you see the nobles truths of your unique purpose.

At the same time, there are building blocks of existence, especially our human existence, which unite us all. Exactly these building blocks you remember in Beyonduality so that you lead a vibrant life out of your soul purpose. You start to accept clearly what you are and what you no longer decide to be.

Of course, my article will not do the work for you that you are allowed to initiate yourself. Because without your action there is no reaction. This law is a rule of existence that not only exists in our universe, but fundamentally in everything that exists.

How else would you, without action, create a reaction to consciously see your soul purpose in front of your eyes and embody it?

“Everything is possible, but it isN’t probable.”

Soul Purpose – A General Definition

The soul’s purpose is the mission that you have given yourself as a soul for this life on earth. Here, the definition of a soul is energy. The soul purpose is also often associated with the soul mission, vocation, mission in life or purpose.

Personally, the soul purpose is the one inner light and flame that stays infinitely on fire and that you choose to carry into the world. The soul purpose is not limited to one profession, money or relationships, but is a highly individual and a infinite energy form. Translating this inner light from the soul level to our mental level is a great challenge for many people, as many aspects of our soul purpose are not translatable into human language. That is because the energy is in the immaterial realm, not the material.

If your soul purpose is fulfilled, you can even set yourself a new soul purpose without having to change the form, but normally that spirit journey adjustment is not needed.

SECRETS and DONT’s for Your Soul Purpose

Recognizing one’s soul’s purpose is a highly individual magical process of wisdom. The paradox, when you have found the soul purpose, you are often not even aware of it. Like  an enlightened person may not be aware of his reached enlightenment. I would like to give you a brief insight of wisdom into the true self.

Your true self has also made it possible for you to appear physically and has access to your soul purpose and also to all soul purposes of other manifestations.

Likewise, finding the soul purpose is not a rigid and unchangeable process on the spiritual path, it is adaptable and highly flexible. Your spirit essence is never associated with pain and suffering, as it is non-physical in origin.

Worshipping and imitating role models and spiritual teachers leads to mediocrity, a very low state of consciousness where the majority of people are today, rather than your own spirit style, which comes from a largely higher state of consciousness.

Only if you are with style in the present moment can you find your soul purpose and perceive the wisdom in detail. If you want to find your soul purpose from your physical mind, you are constantly moving further away from yourself. You take a different way and follow the living of other people.

To recognize the soul purpose from the physical mind is too rough. For example, you might be aware that you came here to realize more who you really are. And since this is a universal conclusion and truth on the collective human level, you have not come one step closer to your individual journey of your soul.

To recognize your soul purpose, you may be aware of your unique crystal of consciousness. Your crystal of consciousness has unique abilities and qualities, such as qualities of love, radiance, compassion, clarity, understanding and above all the experiences you share with all other beings.

Unique abilities are the abilities that you have acquired as a soul and to which you have faster access. These can be abilities like sensitivity or concrete attitudes based on your previous experiences in physical reality, like human speech, intuition, the ability to grasp synchronicities of your higher mind, clairaudience and clairvoyance.

This balancing may sound complex, but in essence, the balance shows you that only you can know what soul’s purpose you have given yourself. And furthermore, not even your true self, from which you have physically emerged and with which you are in direct contact, knows your concrete soul purpose. For that would be highly inefficient in nature. The higher consciousnesses, like nature, always work in perfect harmony with each other.

Even if you should not understand any of the above from your mind, be aware that your true self and the higher energies will send you enough clues based on your current state of development to make you more aware of your soul purpose. So, observe your surroundings, nature and new possibilities that arise even more intensively in the next few days.

Do you know when you will discover your own soul purpose?

When you start and develop to act transparently from the heart.

Then the magic journey begins. Your true self receives the message that you are consciously dealing with your soul purpose and sends you clear messages of light from now on, which inspire you and support you in your process. This only works if you start to act.

„Only you yourself have the key to your unique purpose in life.”

Keep in Mind for Your Soul Purpose

What I often observe today in spirituality are people who are arrogant enough to say ‘I show you your soul purpose in 45 minutes’ or ‘I show you your vocation in 20 minutes’. The reality is that you need to discover the unique purpose on your own time.

In spirituality there is no wrong and right, it is a neutral space and I embrace all people with compassion and love. Understandably, this also does not concern 100% of the people who work in this field. It is simply the own unconsciousness and complexity of human language and genes that causes such misunderstandings.

People often use ‘hype’ words to market themselves better, even though they are basically just scratching the surface in this area.

No one can show you your concrete soul purpose in 45 minutes with their soul experience. You can only become aware of your soul purpose yourself. We human beings have the ability to connect with our or even another true self and the higher energies to inspire and provide points of view, but at the same time they cannot show you your soul purpose. Because only you yourself can initiate this process of remembering the light and bring your soul purpose back to your mind. So be very careful as soon as a person wants to convince you of the opposite and thinks he can show you the light.

If your self-esteem and clarity are very present, you know what you have to stand for. Others lose the ‘manipulative power’ over you. So this is the worst thing that can happen in our current society from the perspective of the manipulators. The game of victimizer and victim will be finally over.

The Trap – Soul Purpose and Money

Often, in connection with the soul purpose, the vocation is linked to earning money. We all know that money is a neutral means that we have collectively chosen to experience in this reality. At the same time, money in today’s world holds profound dangers, which we usually live out unconsciously. We need money for our daily life, for our family and we want more money for luxury goods. All this is by no means to be seen in a negative light.

The foundation on which money is built socially worldwide is nevertheless a debt system that has many complications. The majority of people build up massive dependencies out of ignorance and thus become an unconscious victim of a selfish system. This is the hunger of our collective society. We satisfy this hunger by borrowing money from the future to spend the money in the present moment.

For these reasons, it would never occur to me personally to limit my vocation or my soul purpose to the subject of money. Because then there is a very high probability that something will happen which will build up a lot of pressure in you and you will also walk around the world with blindfolded eyes. How do I know this? I experienced this 2019 on myself and could ONLY reflect this by reflecting myself intensively for 3 weeks and isolating myself from the rest of the world.

Your soul purpose and vocation are boundless and full of abundance, freedom and peace. Money is only one side of the abundance medal and furthermore in our society it is energetically collectively manipulated unconsciously by ourselves. Abundance comes to you in an infinite number of other ways. So why should you limit yourself to earning money? We often let ourselves be convinced by our beliefs that we can only live a safe and happy life with money.

I myself am an absolute fan of luxury goods and a wealthy life full of abundance. At the same time, we should never measure our lives meaning solely by money, because then we enhance meaning to our ego instead of working for the well being of all. 

Your soul mission gives you the abundance, freedom and peace to do what your heart desires. Money is a means to an end. If you follow your soul plan, there will always be exactly the money you need chasing after you.

3 Brilliant Steps How to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life

1. Compete with Yourself

Compete with yourself, not with others. Remember the toddler inside you when you were still competing only with yourself every day. You know all the answers in your own time.

Today, consciously consider subjects you have begun to compete with others rather than with yourself.

As soon as you master to compete only with yourself, you coach yourself and see relationships of any kind as a reflection and inspiration for the expansion of your soul, because a role model is not there to be emulated, but to recognize for yourself which qualities and abilities you seek to express from your inner core of being.

Just for competitions: Always consider your essence, journey and light and isolate from the mediocrity of society as much as possible.

2. More Statements and Less Questions

Make more statements that resonate with you and ask fewer questions that will take you deeper into the illusion and into the physical mind. Through statements you increase your clarity of light and wisdom. Questions often cause more confusion. This is related to the vibration you radiate. The higher you vibrate in peace and love, the clearer you see your consciousness crystal before your eyes. Statements show you the fundamental values that you embody and bring you into your oneness. Questions often trigger more doubts and the feeling of separation. I also consciously write more statements and fewer questions, because we often ask ourselves questions all day long and do not make any reasonable statements in our lives. We usually accept the reality of others, make it our own reality so that we don’t lose love and acceptance and agree to this reality without self-confidently living our own truth. Therefore, we are allowed to act more and to stand by what our hearts speak.

Through meaningful statements you gain clarity. You act instead of asking all day long whether what you are currently doing is the right approach. Exactly because of this the paradox happens that you do NOT take action. Here, your beliefs convince you that you are getting wiser with questions without having to act on them. This ego loop is what traps you in the low frequency thought-forms.

Be aware that you have created to identify with these thought loops of your ego completely by yourself. For our belief systems must work hard to convince us to hold on to their ‘logic’.

3. Begin Coaching Yourself

Do not rely on your advisors and coaches anymore but follow your heart and your inner coach or psychologist. A great system I myself have been working with for years is Gene Keys. Another method is the CYP-Bio-Feedback method with which you can reprogram beliefs in a targeted and self-determined way. With both systems I am entirely independent, and the two teachers and developers of both systems have the spin of ‘self-coaching’ out.

If you already work with other tools, be aware that all systems have their justification. The question you may ask yourself here is whether the tool leads you into the inner realm of your consciousness crystal and your soul plan or away from you. Do you feel light and relaxed or hard and pressures implementing a tool in your daily life?

With the two systems that I have got to know, you have the advantage that I and many of my close friends have already made remarkable developmental steps. Nevertheless, one thing should always be clear.

Make your own picture and always be self-critical from your heart.

3 Questions and Statements that Support Your Soul Purpose

Those three questions and statements have a supporting effect, because here you send a clear message to your whole soul to be ready to recognize your soul’s purpose.

Important: Don’t analyze the questions and statements from your physical mind, rather open your heart when you speak out the questions and statements, which is energetically located in the middle of your chest. At the same time, see how a warm woolly energy field builds up from the chest area of your heart down to the bellybutton, which supports you in this process and raises your energy level. Also connect to the earth energies for the necessary grounding and stability. And pause often during this process.

  1. What am I not yet ready to recognize in order to find my soul purpose?
  2. Which negative/limiting belief systems are currently preventing me from seeing my soul’s purpose crystal clear before my eyes?
  3. Which physical actions do I currently still refuse, so that my whole soul can give me hints for my soul purpose?

3 Statements that Support Your Soul Purpose

  1. I’m ready to let go . I serve the greater good from my purest heart. I let the light and the love shine in all my cells and give the wish to my higher mind and my true self to show my current soul purpose consciously as soon as this process is beneficial for me. Finding my purpose in life inspires me.
  2. I love my unique soul purpose, which I have given myself as a soul and I am happy to fulfill it. I am aware that I gave myself this soul purpose with my free will as creator. And as I have chosen my soul purpose, it is easy for me to recognize and fulfill this mission of my soul. Finding my purpose in life inspires me.
  3. Like a piece in a puzzle, my soul’s purpose, which I have given myself as a soul, is also completely put together again, so that I can recognize and fulfill this soul’s purpose of my crystal of consciousness without having to put myself under time pressure as to when this will happen. I know and trust myself completely that through this process of surrender and letting go I will recognize my soul’s purpose exactly when this is most beneficial for myself and others. Finding my purpose in life inspires me.

Soul Purpose FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Soul Purpose?

The soul’s purpose is the mission that you gave yourself as an individual soul or expression of your consciousness when you were not yet physically present. Think of it like a computer game, where the programmer has to define all the missions the player will experience. You are simultaneously the programmer as the soul in non-physical reality and the player in physical reality as human. Both realities exist simultaneously and cannot be separated. You can therefore continue to adapt your soul purpose as a programmer, just as the computer game can receive additional missions. I take the example of a computer game because it is the ideal analogy for most people in this timeline. Often the soul purpose is also called mission of the soul and is associated with the vocation.

What is My Soul Purpose?

To crystallize your unique soul purpose and fulfill it is your current form’s primary mission as a human being. Since there is no existing individual soul like you, there is no individual soul that can reveal your specific soul purpose to you. It is only possible through an internal recognition process within your soul. All human beings, nature, techniques, and tools only show you who you are not and give you hints about who you are. Since we on earth let ourselves be dominated by thoughts and social mediocrity in a very low vibrating frequency, we follow a very high probability not our hearts but other people’s definitions, opinions, and beliefs.

How Can I Find My Path?

You are always on your way, even if you often feel as if you have left it. Every detour and every challenge in your life can be seen as clues to who you are and who you don’t want to be. Observe the Trinity experience in which who you are and who you are not is put into context at any time from a neutral zone. Here you are in your center, in which you are in clear communication from your heart with your higher self and your individual soul or crystal of consciousness. Only from this neutral zone will you realize how far you have deviated from your soul’s purpose to experience who you are not. Free yourself from any thought constructs that try to convince you that you cannot live on earth in abundance, freedom and peace and that those qualities are only possible in the ‘home’ in the non-physical reality. For the great secret of physical reality is that it also takes place in the spirit and therefore is non-physical reality. Belief systems and collective definitions of all humanity limit and block this truth and at the same time should not be considered ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. If we had no limitations at all, we could not play along in this physical reality.

What is the Purpose of Life? 

A general purpose of life is to increase your quality of life and to experience life in all its facets and to decide what you want to be and what not. In order to increase the quality of life, we may look at our negative beliefs in a playful ongoing process, neutralize them and set new patterns of success. In this way we change into a parallel world in which we can observe more and more clearly what our concrete soul purpose is and how to fulfill the meaning of life which paradoxically is meaningless.

How Do I Find My Purpose in Life?

By not trying to find your purpose. I almost equated purpose in life with the meaning of life. With the small difference that destiny is often more sacrificial and you feel strangely controlled in time and space. As the name in German suggests, you become ‘determined’ or ‘foreign determined’ and that is always a limitation we impose on ourselves. For this the soul purpose or soul mission is loaded with clarity and as the name says, we as humans give up being what we are not, our ego. And only when we give up our ego and surrender to the true self, do we recognize our soul purpose with clarity.

For this I often see Destiny as a kind of excuse of our physical mind to reach the goal at some point in the future and to be dignified enough to embody its true nature. For when you embody your true nature you radiate your individual consciousness crystal into the world and step out of the collective mediocrity. When you live out your style, many magical things happen that your ego part in you often wants to define, but for which the thoughts, emotions and habits are not responsible. That is why our negative beliefs convince us that we should discover and fulfill our destiny sometime in the future. Because everything then remains the same and we are in a very similar or the same reality with the same people and definitions.

Does everyone have a mission in life?

Yes, since everyone has decided to incarnate on earth with his free will. There are also no ’empty or dead souls’, but only lower vibrating souls in different states of density or forgotten and awakened souls. We are all spiritual beings. That is why every person has a unique soul purpose in life. The most important thing is that we all act playful and lightful and do not use the limitation called time as a means of pressure to fulfil our mission in life as fast as we need it. Because if we want to force this journey with our physical mind or ego, we only delay the discovery and embodiment of our soul purpose even further. Everything needs to develop in your own time! Tha

How do you discover your Soul Purpose?

By letting go of your limited beliefs that prevent you from seeing your soul purpose with the inner light of clarity. Basically, it is the task of all people to redefine themselves at any time and to let go of definitions that we have considered logical by our parents, society and other external influences. Most of the time these definitions are absolutely no longer logical and therefore irrelevant for us. Here it is also essential for us to know that each person has decided to accept these limiting beliefs as logical and therefore true. Through this we step out of the victim attitude and into the creator attitude. We know that we, as souls, have unconsciously accepted all our limitations ourselves, because at the time we acknowledged them, they were absolutely logical for us. For this reason, the spiritual teacher or coach can help you to discover your soul’s purpose only indirectly with tools and techniques. Because if we are honest with ourselves, we often project our limited reality onto others, which reinforces that same limited reality. Therefore, I can only tell you about how I found my soul purpose and give you the tools to find your unique soul purpose on your own.

Thank you for reading my articles about spirituality. I am happy to give you some very essential insights and points of view along the way.

Write in the comments below what specific topics you would like to see in my blog.

I will check it and I will publish many more articles on the topic of discovering your Soul Purpose over the years and make them available to you for free. Because every person is worth to find and embody his or her ‘Why’ in life. This opens a completely new world full of magic and unimaginable quality of life.

With love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


  1. yeah, not all of us incarnated here by free will.
    sadly this may be a truth for the majority, but there are some of us who were forced into this shit ass Universe to serve a bunch of lesser beings who quite honestly don’t deserve our presence.
    I remember being forced to incarnate here, and forced into the soul contracts.
    thankfully, I freed myself from that slavery bullshit, and serve myself and only myself now.


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