How Can I Discover My Vocation, Meaning of Vocation & Gene Keys

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In this article I will provide you with valuable guidance and insights to find your vocation more efficiently. If you engage in this natural process, you will find your vocation with ease. You may ask yourself: How do I really find out what I want? How can I find my vocation? How do I find my purpose? Are there shortcuts to this path? How could I ever find my vocation without the big picture? In order to answer all of this and more for yourself, let’s jump into this river of vocation together.


What is a vocation?
Who has a vocation?
What is the purpose of a vocation?

– Fear-based Vocations
– Heart-based Vocations
How can I discover my vocation?
What vocation is right for me?
What is an example of a vocation?
The Trinity of Brand, Vocation, and Culture
Your Core is Your Vocation
Vocation vs. Job

What is a vocation?

A vocation is your greatest inner desire of how you would love to see life around you. In general, a vocation in our current collective society is often career-based. So, it can be about how to earn money in a loving gentle approach, that supports you and your client to the highest potential, without having any expectations to make a living out of your vocation. Thus, a vocation can make you a living, but it is not a requirement. This depends on your Soul Purpose and your needs in daily life. Some make a living out of their vocation, while others don’t. The most important factor is that your true vocation comes from your heart and not from the mind. This is the most reliant factor to discover your vocation.

Who has a vocation?

Every human being has a vocation to fulfill, which means everyone has a vocation to discover. Most human beings fulfill their purpose unconsciously, while only a few discover their vocation through the unconscious collective level of humanity consciously. Because the vocation is a collective phenomenon, we have to raise our frequency above our thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns to access the collective field of humanity.

Just because everyone has a vocation, it should not create pressure and high expectations. This is because also small vocations exist. Not everyone is meant to be the next Messi or Ronaldo in soccer. Not everyone is meant to be the next Dr. Joe Dispenza or Eckart Tolle in spiritual teachings. We have to respect also the people’s vocation that is not meant to inspire millions. If you inspire from the heart, no millions of people to inspire are needed.

What is the purpose of a vocation?

The greatest purpose of a vocation is to act on it for the wellbeing of humanity, earth, and other all intelligent beings. The purpose of a vocation is to never abuse and manipulate human beings. This abuse and manipulation or victimization can be seen as a step stone on your journey to your true vocation before you discovered what your true heart-based vocation is. Most people are on the threshold to find their true vocation, however, have not yet arrived to act and initiate their true vocation. I would love to introduce you to my thoughts on two concepts of a vocations, heart-based vocations, and fear-based vocations.

Fear-based Vocations

Even the subtlest amount of fear involved in your vocation diminishes the true journey and depth possible in the vocation. As an example, your vocation is to help animals. You built up an organization that takes care of animals, which is great. At the same time, you tend to fight people that threaten animals badly. You may judge and accuse them, and you have strong opinions about those people. In one way it’s a separation of them and yourself. You tell yourself that you are better than those people. This judgment mostly occurs on a sub and unconscious level of your feelings and thoughts and you are not aware of them. Because you separate yourself from the “bad” humans, you separate yourself from humanity as a collective being. As long as you project fear and bad feelings onto others, you strengthen the exact energy that you so desire to change. In one aspect you help animals, but energetically you strengthen the root of the problem or challenge. This is a super subtle example of a fear-based vocation. A vocation is not limited to a business or project model. A vocation can truly be anything that you are passionate about. Even in this fear-based vocation, your challenge to solve would be to not be entangled into those emotions and feelings anymore. This is your collective task and it’s moving you into the direction of the heart-based vocation. So, the vocation is an outer and inner journey. When you read those lines over and over again, you may find great truth in them, because those type of fear-based vocations are what most human beings are into right at this moment. The higher purpose of your vocation is to let go of the fear that you still hold onto.

Heart-based Vocations

When there is no trace of fear left, you ascend to the level of the heart-based vocations. I know what a lot of people may say. How can there be no fear within, isn’t that a fantasy? That is the greatest higher purpose of humanity, to move beyond fear. And because it is the higher purpose of humanity it is also an essential part of your Soul Purpose. Most people have given up fighting their fears. This is because we cannot fight fear, we can only allow, accept, and embrace the fear from the heart of our being. And this transcends the fear into something extraordinary, unconditional love. We are at the beginning of humanity to transcend those lower frequency fears, collectively and individually. In the example of the person that built an organization to help animals, they would never become emotionally hateful and hurtful for another human being, no matter what they did. They would always surround them by love, listen to them carefully and teach them compassionately and enthusiastically, why they believe there has to be another way to support animals, instead of not caring and hurting animals. They would be role models in caring and loving not only animals but also the people that have a fearful relationship with animals. In essence, they accelerate a new paradigm shift and put energy into this new modeling. Also, they stopped increasing the energy of the old paradigm model, which means there is absolutely no attention and focus on the fear-based reality. They are still aware of the fact, that this fear-based reality exists in a parallel dimension, next to theirs.

How can I discover my vocation? 

One piece in the puzzle of your vocation is the understanding that your vocation always thrives from your Soul Purpose. Then you can clearly see what vocation is right for you at the time it is right for you until a new vocation shows up or the current vocation transcends into a next level vocation.

I have written an extensive article about Soul Purpose. In this article, I stated the following;

The Soul’s Purpose is the mission that you have given yourself as a soul for this life on earth. The Soul Purpose is also often associated with the soul mission, vocation, mission in life, or purpose.

In this sense, the more aware you are of your Soul Purpose, the more aware you are of your vocation. This is because the vocation is a fractal part of your Soul Purpose. To be highly aware of your Soul Purpose, the importance is to let go of who you desire and want to be and become who you need to be, and who you are designed to be.

Only our collective and individual limiting belief systems create the barrier to continuously stay in a state of separation in which we have forgotten who we truly are.

I also created a soul purpose self-check PDF list with qualities and abilities for the Soul Purpose to help you in this specific process. You can access the self-check here.

When you are aware of your Soul Purpose, you align efficiently to your vocation, when the time is ready. To be aware of your true vocation for humanity can take patience and time because it cannot be forced.

What vocation is right for me?

Today we have a lot of misunderstandings about the meaning of vocation because it is abused for selfish acts and misleading self-development training programs and coaching. I am for example not here to tell you the exact vocation your heart needs to express. I am here to guide you towards discovering the vocation yourself on your guidance and self-coaching. My knowing is that you can find the right vocation only on your own. So instead of searching the right vocation, ask yourself which part of your personality on earth, needs more awareness and clarity to see your true vocation. I already talked a lot about meditation, Gene Keys or CYP-Bio-Feedback Method, to name a few valuable permission slips, to be and discover more of who you already are. We are in the time of self-discovery and self-illumination to be an empowered creator and co-creator. I will talk more about Gene Keys later, because the programs are super valuable for your vocation self-discovery journey.

What is an example of a vocation?

Most people would argue that a vocation always helps others, but often they exclude themselves out of the equation. In my worldview, a vocation has to benefit others and yourself equally. When you help people, animals, or nature and you exclude yourself, how much of help can you truly be to anyone? So, this is an example of a vocation.

Since we already started with animals in the chapter “What is the purpose of a vocation?” let’s continue here.

You started an organization for the help of cats and dogs. You love it, so you daily invest all your time into your organization. You run low on staff, because you are still new, and you cannot afford it. There are a lot of cats and dogs that need help. This challenges you a lot! Luckily you find an investor to support your heart-based project. Now you have also more time for yourself. Now you begin to work on your emotional and mental level to deal better with clients and people that trigger you. From starting to help cats and dogs, you now managed to help yourself too. You have great support in your project and you also know the importance to take time for yourself.

Are you an animal lover? Then this could be a vocation scenario for you.

Let’s check a second example of a vocation.

You are a Coach for Business Leaders. You do this because you love to help human beings to grow in their personality and you decided this to be your vocation.

Your approach to coach people is inspiring and your focus is on the emotional realm. Somehow you just managed to have great customers and you find the time for your personal growth to create a nice balance. That you were able to have great customers was not a coincidence. This happened because you invested a lot into your personal growth and your radiance and authenticity created your customer opportunities. And your customers are super happy. You don’t have to trick anyone into buying your products because your value for your customers has true value and they know this. To become even a better version of yourself, you invest a lot of time into your personal growth too. You are very gentle in your daily life and everyone sees you as a role model for emotional stability and growth.

You Inner Guidance

Please forget everything about what others tell you to believe about freedom, abundance, and peace. Just believe in your inner guidance! That is enough. Your vocation is not limited by starting an organization or being a coach. Your vocation can also be as an employee or any other form of activity that you are excited about and you love to do.

Be certain as a marker that the vocational activity excites you, helps others and yourself. And if there is nothing that excites you, just start something and if that does not excite you, stop it and start something new until you discovered something that excites you. Do never interpret this a failure! We are so easily conditioned to do something unexcited for far too long in our life. That’s about it.

Be in the knowing that your true vocation is unlimited, ever-expanding, and exquisite. It can never be copied by others.

The Trinity of Brand, Vocation, and Culture

Trinity of Vocation

In the Gene Keys, there is a trinity of branding, vocation, and culture at a collective level. This is an aspect of the Pearl Sequence in Gene Keys. In my opinion, one of the best paths at present to discover your vocation. When you are not aware of the Gene Keys, I highly recommend it to you. Gene Keys gives you a greater understanding of your weaknesses, strengths, and future potentials all underlined by human genetics and consciousness.

You will quickly notice that your vocation is just a single piece in the puzzle of your being and that other pieces in the puzzle help you to discover your vocation tremendously. For example, when you know what your outer work (Life’s work / Brand) is and how you express this into the world and you know your cultural strengths, the true vocation of yours will be visible easier.

There are also the trinity pathways of Service, Initiative, and Growth. To embody your core Vocation, you have to initiate or act (Pathway from Vocation to Culture)! This means you have to initiate your Vocation and implement it into Culture. The next step is “Growth” which is the pathway from the Culture to the Brand. You grow your Brand through the effects you have on Culture. As soon as your Brand (inherent individual value grows) this affects the quality of service for your Vocation to others.

This is how it looks personally for me.

For me, it is all about commitment (Brand), dynamism (Culture) and humanity (Vocation) at the gift level and devotion (Brand), liberation (Culture), and compassion (Vocation) at the siddhi level. When I am at my worst, I showcase half-heartedness (Brand), provocation (Culture), and turbulence (Vocation) at the shadow level.

The trinity of the 29. Gene Key (Brand), 39. Gene Key (Culture) and 36. Gene Key (Vocation) helped me a lot in my self-study for my true higher purpose and core vocation.

In each sphere of the hologenetic profile are also 6 lines. My brand is line 6, which is about teaching. My culture is line 2, which is about partnership. And my vocation is line 2, which is about marketing.

So, my core vocation is teaching, partnerships, and marketing. Line 2 thrives in 1 to 1 relationships/partnerships, so that’s what I am focusing on in my projects. I am an agent (Marketing) to teach about the expansion of consciousness at the core level of my vocation.

This inner realization needs patience and time. It cannot and will not be visible for you within a day. I am into Gene Keys for about three years and before Gene Keys, I studied and coached another very deep system to let go of my limiting belief systems. For about 7 years now, I tried out many projects and most utterly failed. It took me a lot of patience to follow through my unique path of life.

This creates a framework for my core vocation. I am always self-critical about all sorts of restrictions. So even thus, those are my Gene Keys in my hologenetic profile, I am aware that I do not have to limit myself to those Gene Keys or one permission slip. A permission slip is everything, a tool or set of tools that empowers you to express more consciousness into your daily life. I use a lot of different permission slips and I will write more about them in my first book.

Your Core is Your Vocation

In Gene Keys, the core of your being is also the vocation. Both share the same sphere. So, your vocation can be seen as the core consciousness quality of your being. The embodiment of your core means the embodiment of your vocation, no matter what you do. There are a lot of people in this world that judge, compare, and opinionate everything. So, should you have a vocation that is not for the masses to see, this is fine as long as it is fulfilling you. When you are happy and excited about something, it does not matter what another thinks and say about it. For sure, when you harm others, they would react and think and say something about it. This is different and a sign for you to change for the better.

Vocation vs. Job

To end this article, I shortly wish to motivate you that a vocation not necessarily is your job or has to be your job! You have skills that thrive best as a hobby too. You also have skills that thrive best in your job. Some of the soft skills will be passively helping others in your job and in your hobby. As long as you enjoy and are passionate about your daily life, you are fine. This should be more than eighty percent of the day, combined job, hobby, family, and friends. If you are not passionate about more than eighty percent of your day, you should check out what’s the source and challenge of dissatisfaction. Vocational jobs are great, however not mandatory! At the same time, we should always consider what we are doing. If what we are doing doesn’t excite us anymore it is time to move on!

I wish you the best journey of your life to discover your vocation.

Thanks for reading my article.

What vocation are you called to right now? Comment below.

Unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


  1. Bonjour j ai beau tourner les choses et observer dans tous sens, je ne parviens pas à degager un sens à ma vocation, j ai toute ma vie chercher un metier qui me plairais en vain, mon metier aujourdhii est alimentaire. Pour moi sphère de la vocation gk 28.1, sphère de life s work gk 30.1, sphère de l evolution gk 29.1, sphère de la culture 58.5, pearl gk 60.
    Voyez vous quelque chose qui s en degagerait ?

    • THis is an english blog Rapha, i sadly cannot speak french, only had it 2 years in school! After translating, i can say – I also have the 30/29 in same space and love to eat too. Maybe that ‘s a theme to contemplate for both of us! 🙂

  2. How did you discover that the the 6 line in brand means teaching? The 2 line culture is about partnership and the 2 line in vocation is about marketing? Where can we gather this information? Thank you!

  3. Wow, this is magical. I was following up a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about gene keys and found your website, Dominik. I was not into mood of reading everything, however once you started reading your example for Brand, Culture and Vocation, I could not believe that you have exactly the same as I do: 29.6, 39.2, 36.2. wow
    Magical! We should definitely connect!


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