ONE Great Mistake in Modern Spirituality – DON’T DO IT!

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There are too many spiritual pearls of wisdom, which, when combined, create complications of an incomplete worldview.

One of them is that we are connected to everything that is. We are one, it is often proclaimed in spiritual circles. Many spiritual seekers want to experience this unity again and unite with it. Leave the exhausting material world, the matrix, and reunite with the spiritual non-physical world where only peace, love, and abundance can be found. In doing so we forget completely that at this moment in our physical body on earth we are one with the spiritual world.

How do I mean that exactly?

There is a sentence in the film Troy with Brad Pitt in the leading role that particularly inspired me. After Brad Pitt, in the leading role of the best warrior Achilles, destroyed a holy divine statue of the Greeks, his comrades-in-arms asked if he wanted to enrage the gods! To which he replied “The gods are jealous of me because I am here on earth and they are not! These gods cannot harm me.”

We could interpret this as follows.

We are on earth in a very dense physical world, but this world is not physical at this moment, just like the spiritual world. Here there is no separation. The only separation that exists is the one we tell ourselves in our beliefs every day after we wake up. So not only theoretically have we never been separated from the spirit, but practically we have never been separated from the spirit.

The limitations must be maintained in the physical world, otherwise, the physical everyday experience would not be possible in this way. This also explains the condition of mentally ill people, which from a psychological and medical point of view could not be understood up to now.

The gods are not separated from us and make their own experiences. We, humans, are not separated from the spirit and we also make our experiences. Those also are scientific discoveries of quantum physics, in which 99.9999999999% of matter, viewed from the atom, is not matter at all, but only information in the quantum field.

As humans, we have such a variety of experience possibilities as rarely in existence. This is possible for us because of our strong materialization and the time and space component, in which we as a collective consciousness are ready to play along.

Even suffering and pain can be perceived as joy if we change our attitude and perception of it. I have experimented and experienced this myself. Although I never subscribe that physical disabilities and severe injury are always perceived as joy because that is not the case. Similarly, our attitude either creates a negative, neutral, or even positive image of these physical phenomena. For example, we could reflect positively on how we always put ourselves in dangerous situations to punish ourselves for lack of self-love. We realize that our actions are exactly what we radiate inwardly.

We move step by step from being a victim to being a creator. So we could look at this in a positive light if we surrender to suffering and consciously transcend it. This suffering has to be connected with joy and not with pain. For more pain and suffering only creates more pain and suffering. If we look at this with loving mindfulness and let go, we create the space for us to let go of this belief filled with thoughts, emotions, and feelings and are ready for a more joyful creation.

Achilles says with his statement that we are also creating gods. Achilles is fully aware of this and embodies this wonderfully in Troy.

Today, through prominent scientists like Nassim Haramein and spiritual teachers like Richard Rudd, we are much closer to this truth, as most people would like to believe.

Paradoxically, we are one and at the same time a fractal of the whole with a unique blend of qualities and abilities. Nassim Haramein’s latest scientific experiment shows that in the proton, one of the smallest possible particles, all information from the universe can be read out, such as the temperature of the sun, the distance of the planets, and much more. So although we are individuals and could think; “We are small and insignificant”.

At the same time, we are able with our true intelligence to create the impossible! When we can realign our beliefs to this god within ourselves, we allow ourselves to be much more than we currently experience. We allow ourselves to play an active role in the part of God authentically and without feelings of guilt.

Here we may only note that every element in existence carries God within itself. Many elements and beings just cannot apply this consciously and actively. But we as human beings have this possibility just like many other beings. So it is up to each one of us how we want to shape this world on earth.

And as there is always a reaction to an action, even the most selfish people on earth should always act for the well-being of all that us, shouldn’t they?

And please say goodbye to the thought that you have to return to the spiritual realm. Back to where you experience unconditional love, peace, freedom, connection, and abundance. This is already possible for you as a human being in this present moment. And whether you want to hear it or not, even the most horrible experiences you have had on earth have come through you unconsciously or consciously.

Most of the time we are not aware of how we have manifested these experiences. But look back and reflect on some of these experiences. In some of them, you will notice things that you were not aware of before in this way.

It is because of the dual aspect that shadow and light or low and higher consciousness seems to be much more intense.

The ONE Big Mistake of Modern Spirituality

The one big mistake is that we want to leave this planet. We want to experience the security again, which we still experienced in the womb. We want to feel this freedom again, which we experienced as a pure unlimited being. We want to experience this abundance again, that we are connected and related to everything and that everything is available to us at all times, which we need and wish for.

In doing so we forget that we have to create this security, freedom, and abundance here on earth because this is part of our life’s work and soul mission. Everyone will experience this security, freedom, and abundance in his way. One person needs an account balance of 1.000.000 and the next person lives fulfilled with 2.000 per month and a low account balance. One person needs a life partner at his/her side for a fulfilled life and the next person wants to stay single and live fulfilled with animals.

We live in such a diversity that we have to learn to deal with it. This is the task that most people are currently allowed to fulfill themselves. To be connected and at the same time completely grounded.

To build a stable house without holes in the foundation and walls and without time pressure. Then we are also able to connect in a relaxed way with energy that was previously far off our scale. Energies of love in all its facets and we enjoy all these forms of expression.

Then we are also a big step closer to embodying our true life purpose. To embody this soul purpose is the mission of Beyonduality and is personally my great vision.

A new earth on which we recognize that we all live together as brothers and sisters without having to take anything away from each other. A new earth where we simply celebrate every day from morning to night! A new earth on which we all simply do what we love from the heart.

Every fractal, even you contribute an insignificant part to this, so be brave and live your dreams instead of just thinking and talking about them. Live them in a way that you always respect other people deeply, never take them too seriously, and always go through the world with a smile. Your reflection will not laugh back if you don’t start laughing first! The same is true in life in general.

So laugh out into the world and the world laughs back

But first work on your deepest shadow issues and weaknesses. Open them up completely as far as possible, bit by bit more and more. Then your laughing becomes truly authentic and you truly radiate. Because hardly anything scares you anymore.

I am a big fan of Gene Keys and use this archetypal system to understand and transform my belief system more profoundly.

With unconditional love,
Your Dominik

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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