Commons of Your Soul Purpose and Death

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To embody your life purpose or soul purpose, you may let go of the conditioning that you have activated since birth and even earlier from the perspective of your belief systems.

Only when you have peeled the onion so far that your consciousness crystal shines through, you can discover your soul purpose. And only when you have discovered your soul purpose, a process begins slowly, that you embody this soul purpose, if it still suits you.

If it no longer suits you, you can assign a new soul purpose for yourself with the power of free will. This is possible because you have also given yourself the current soul purpose. Why then should it not be flexible?

With death, there are many similarities in this respect. Because to let go of your conditioning, you let go of who you think you are and begin to become who you feel called to be. You will receive completely new access to your part of consciousness that was completely hidden from you until then. You will make different choices, have a different attitude towards life, and attract new friends and relationships that match this new unlocked part of consciousness.

Therefore this change is like death into a new world unknown to you until now. This is why so many people choose to stay who they are. This is why so many people die within their first 35-40 years because the conditioning from childhood has grown so much that those people have little impact on their lives.

Blows of fate have among other things the destiny to shake these people awake again because they have already died in spirit.

So be aware that everything that happens in your life has a purpose, no matter what someone else tells you. Then you kindly offer compassion to this purpose for existence and you have the chance to develop your life into something unique.

No matter if you let go of conditioning and implement new beliefs or if your physical body goes back into the earth in a decay process, the process is the same. That is why so many people fear death and that is why so many people fear to decondition. Because deconditioning is simply like death. The death of an old ‘I’ that will never be the same again.

Ask yourself here what you really want to experience from your essence. Don’t answer yourself, just live this answer.

In the personality development sector, this is a great challenge. Everyone wants to be someone else but does not accept the ‘now’ as it is, to let go and be someone else.

We look for every shortcut there is, without looking into the depths of what is really going on inside of us. We suppress these sensations, feelings, and thoughts until the water overflows and we feel lost or depressed. We project these sensations, feelings, and thoughts onto others to be right. We explode internally or externally without getting to the roots.

We only get to the source if we are absolutely honest and transparent with ourselves. We are allowed to put our hearts above the mind and make decisions from it. Often the mind makes us doubt and tells us all kinds of consequential dangers, which we will suffer as soon as we begin to change. And if we don’t care, the mind tells us that our loved ones will suffer.

Our mind is extremely malicious and it has to be. Because all conditioning we have co-created ourselves. We are stronger and more powerful than our minds. To experience this understanding on a cellular level is the first step from being a victim to being free.

Back to Death and Your Soul Purpose

In our collective society, a great taboo is placed on death. So there is also a big taboo on your soul purpose and on deconditioning. If you dare to approach deconditioning courageously, you dare to break the taboo that sits on death and your soul-purpose.

This may result in temporarily loved ones being foreign to you, your friends and family no longer understanding you and wanting your old ‘I’ back, or you being foreign to yourself.

All this is temporary if you approach this master quest with intelligence and not with the intellect. All this is temporary if you keep the right attitude for yourself.

The attitude can be, for example, that you feel deep compassion for all the people around you who do not understand what process you are going through. Compassion does not compare and judge and lets all people be as they want to be. But at the same time compassion sets crystal clear boundaries.

Another attitude can be that you respond to non-love with love, no matter what comes and goes or you forgive because they don’t know what you have found.

They don’t need to know it either, because they will understand it when they understand it and not before. So just give the people around you space, because they need it.

If a person in your environment is too toxic for you, set a crystal clear boundary and decide to go your separate ways or spend much less time with that person. Often this toxic person still supports us seriously, because we can grow considerably from this person and discard our remaining doubts. Because when we react emotionally here, no matter if a toxic person or not, we still have toxics that we can let go of. Simply running away does not cause any fundamental change.

So be patient in your process and your fellow human beings will be patient and gentle with you.

Thanks for reading my article.

With love,

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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