Compassion – A Wormhole to Your Heart (Listening from Heart)

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This article is supposed to guide you into your compassionate inner heart by letting go of all your entangled limitations, finally, resulting in the ascension of true human love. Then a peaceful state of unity full of joy and understanding envelops you.

The foundation of this article is a part of my own contemplation and inspiration from the Gene Keys System. About Gene Keys, I wrote an “All You Need to Know” article. You’re welcome to read it here.

Compassion – How to Unlock the Wormhole to the Heart 

How to Unlock the Wormhole to the Heart

Compassion and turbulences are more intimate in our life than we would like to admit.

The turbulences in our life are manifold. Whenever we can’t accept and can’t love our distractions and desires, an entanglement of a lower frequency happens, resulting in a narrow-minded view of the world, which seems to be overwhelming us.

In this case of turbulences, how do we access this wormhole to the inner heart?

To gain access to this wormhole, we must first understand that the quality of our compassion is not something we can achieve, but a quality we need to earn. Therefore, the wormhole’s access to the heart is also reflected by our life experiences.

Through wisdom we begin to understand a bigger picture of the heart, the mind and the will from the divine.

Honestly answer the following three questions with an instant and intuitive “Yes” or “No”.

  • Am I ready to allow, accept and embrace all of my deepest fears?
  • Am I ready to go beyond my fearful path and enter a new path which leads to massive uncertainties?
  • Did I truly experience what had to be experienced to embody the quality of true compassion? 

We are on the path where more and more people can intuitively and honestly answer 2 or in rare cases even 3 times those questions with a “Yes”.

Compassion beyond our fears is not only to be earned on the level of thoughts, emotions or on the higher dimensions of consciousness. Compassion beyond our fears is mainly to be harvested deep down in our physical body, in the darkest memories of our cells.

The wormhole to the inner heart is suffering.

Suffering is the raw carbon minerals, and compassion is the diamond formed from those elements.

The Longing for the End of All Suffering

We can’t go beyond our fearful path while still fighting with our deepest desires. One root desire of humanity is to end all suffering. As long as we pursue such an unreal goal to end all suffering, we attract more lower frequencies and turbulences in our life.

It is one of the great paradoxes that how to allow, accept and embrace our deepest fears and transcend them beyond our current state of evolution.

When we dare to see the beauty in all suffering, true compassion ascends.

How Compassion Guides Us Beyond Suffering and Fear

How Compassion Guides Us Beyond Suffering and Fear

Compassion is one of the essential qualities, which is an embodiment to listen from our hearts. True compassion neither listens to judgement nor compares suffering. True listening accepts and embraces everything.

Compassion knows that everything we detect in another human being is also a part within us, therefore judgment and comparison are obsolete, because the mind tries to distract us from our fears, often with success.

Relationships and Compassion 

All kind of relationships are an essential part of compassion. These relationships can be with another individual, a whole society, the earth, the sun or humanity. Depending on the level of creating pauses and listening into all relationships, our relationships are either full of turbulences and conflicts or full of compassion and peace.

Each relationship is a rich enhancement of the raw carbon minerals, and we should never run away from them. Because soon enough the gems are ripe and ready for harvest.

Would you ever run away from a raw diamond gem, that you just about to cut?

The Inevitable Vulnerability of Compassion

The Inevitable Vulnerability of Compassion

When we truly listen to ourselves and other human beings, we open our hearts, which leads to the deepest vulnerability. Because of this immense vulnerability of our individual borders, we often shut down our hearts to protect our beliefs again.

From early childhood, we may have protected our heart, because in our childhood complex genetic codes far beyond our current understanding of science were triggered. Those genetic triggers served the understanding of being a human on earth and interacting with everyone else.

Later in life, protecting our heart most likely closes the heart, experienced as restraining of our breath into the belly, following a half-hearted life. In this state of contraction, true listening is cut off, because we only listen to our own fears, thus projecting those fears onto another human.

All the protection and oppression formed our reactive and repressive behaviors in which we learned to close our heart to protect us even more. As a result, we have attracted even more of these protective mechanisms.

A reactive behavior could be the projection of a fear onto another human being. A repressive behavior could be the internalization of a fear by repressing the state within us.

Even if our hearts stay closed for a very long time, fortunately, our desire to end all suffering at one point in our evolution inevitable cracks our hearts wide open again.

When the opening of our heart occurs again, we have the sacred opportunity to heal our past wounds. While we start to heal our sacred wounds, the first time in our evolution we experience a sparkling of compassion.

A great paradox ascends in which our vulnerability makes us invulnerable. 

The Revelation of Compassion

An unknown feeling and sensation of true compassion may be experiences only for seconds, however this first experience shatters us open into the raptured unity of humanity.

However, the portal to true compassion may be artificially closed by human will and force again, leading to all kind of emotional turbulences.

We can also identify ourselves by believing that compassion means having pity. In this case, we usually unconsciously lower our frequency to the person we want to sympathize with, which is a fatal misinterpretation.

Once we act from the shadow plane, we are no help to the person we are talking to, because we have no distance to give solution-oriented perspectives with clarity.

Thus, we only intensify suffering and enter into strong turbulences, although we wanted to catapult our communication partner with ease into the neutral observation plane for reflection, if that is what he needs. This is one of the greatest paradoxes and at the same time a great gift.

Every time we lower our frequency and approach a low shadow/suffering frequency, we have the choice to either suffer with people or to radiate true compassion from a higher frequency and minimize the suffering of the person by accompanying them to a neutral plane from which they can reflect themselves. This is the essence and purpose of compassion.

Anyway, at some point of our evolution we begin to feed our uncertain feeling and sensation from a higher frequency of collective compassion more often, until we naturally embody an open heart.

This could be like a learning and listening from failure until our mind has the revelation that the heart needs to be the authority and our ego identity accepted and loved the submission to the heart.

We begin to notice that to live with an open heart is not the end, but the beginning of a life full of joy and ecstasies.

Over a long period in our life, we realize that to feed our inner light by listening from heart, no fears are able to shake our foundation anymore. That is because…

Compassion is embodied humanity, which flows directly from the inner heart.

Grace and Compassion

Grace and Compassion

Inner and outer conflicts are never able to touch the fragrance of true compassion. In those times of conflict, we are in our own fearful prison and beyond this prison, we can’t see, feel, sense and listen anything else.

Only when we start living by allowing, accepting and embracing our deepest inner and outer conflicts we start to be compassionate.

In this context of conflicts, an often-misunderstood concept of compassion is the way we solve problems. We tend to distract ourselves from our true inner conflicts, by projecting problems from inside onto others in the outer world.

Those handful invisible distractions can only be understood in an honest approach by each individual. Often, distractions make us feel proud, valuable and popular in society. We may even feel and believe that we are a great asset for humanity and the earth.

But when grace shows us our true hidden motives full of superficiality, we begin to realize our own selfish acts, which only leads to a different kind of fearful life.

While such a graceful experience is embraced honestly, it leads to a massive breakthrough. Then everything changes for us and we begin to live in the present moment more often.

Grace is a force from ‘all that is’ that only visits us when we are ready, and certain trials have been successfully accomplished.

We remember that there is nothing in existence that we have to run away from. Everything, from good to evil is embraced gently. Everything, from duality and non-duality is embraced gently.

For the first time, we truly see life on a neutral space where we can freely decide what we want to experience. Because between good and evil or duality and non-duality there is always a balance or neutrality. This is our one point or the center.

Grace has to be utterly surrendered to. There is no technique or method for grace to visit us. Only when we feel helpless and we finally stop the pursue to end all suffering, our suffering slowly subsides.

To surrender as a human to everything that is, is like a shapeshift from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The Future of Humanity 

The Future of Humanity

Today we live in a time of a great shapeshift from human beings to humanity. Like the path from a caterpillar to a butterfly is magical, the path from humans to humanity is also magical.

For a long time, the base of our collective society and our individual achievement was built up on conflict and separation.

Compassion and grace are ready for our collective society based upon peace and unity. Love is ready for our individual achievement based upon peace and unity.

Evolution entangled by the involutionary force of grace can’t be stopped, because the involutionary force of nature can’t be stopped by humanity.

Compassion and love can’t be stopped, because the consciousness of the earth is compassion and love at its core.

Compassion never excludes anything; it only includes an infinite amount of gentle possibilities full of love and forgiveness.

In reality of our nature, every single cell in our body is compassionate and full of love.

May we remember this deep inner truth. May we allow grace to visit and humanity to be experienced at this moment.

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


  1. Dominik,

    Your open-hearted sharing was really helpful for me. I have GK 36.4 as my Life Work. It took me going through the Activation Deep Dive two times to even begin to get a sense of how Humanity could possibly be a gift.
    Your sharing about the caterpillar to a butterfly really landed with me. “Today we live in a time of a Great Shapeshift From Human Beings To Humanity. Like the path from a caterpillar to a butterfly is magical, the Path From Humans To Humanity is also magical”

    I had never considered this idea before and feel that some further study on my part would be very useful. Thank you for sharing this insight from your contemplative practice.

    I’m currently in a very difficult relationship and found this to be really helpful – “Each relationship is a rich enhancement of the raw carbon minerals, and we should never run away from them. Because soon enough the gems are ripe and ready for harvest.”

    I’ve heard Richard make similar statements as well. I’m currently in the Venus Deep Dive with Richard and Tanmayo for the next 6 months. I look forward to the insights that will surely come from this exploration. I so much want this pattern of toxic relationships to be resolved. If this GK work is the last consciousness tool I master in this lifetime, it will have been worth it.

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit and the wisdom you offer.
    With gratitude,
    Jan (Currently living in AU, originally from the US)


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