Gene Key 22 – Revelations of Grace

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This 22nd Gene Key article is inspired by my own suffering through grace and may lead you to a greater understanding about your suffering and how to overcome it. Maybe you discover your own wormhole for a breakthrough through spacetime.

In the next minutes you are going to read this article, with certainty, imagine how you are able to overcome all your suffering and how you are an inspirational guide to free yourself from worn-out beliefs, which gave you, in certain areas in life, a lower quality of life.

Liberation from worn-out beliefs is the goal of this article.

In this article, I intensively implemented my knowledge from Gene Keys, as my experience is highly related to Grace (Siddhi 22nd Gene Key).

Read more about the Gene Keys in my introduction article here. Every time I am relating a word directly to one Gene Key, it looks like “Grace” (Shadow/Gift/Siddhi 1-64th Gene Key). By integrating this wisdom in the whole article, you can observe how I am playing and connecting the dots between different emotional genetic states of humanity.

Tip: This is also an article that is not tangible from the mind. Simply let it resonate and read my words from your heart.

A Short Story: The Helplessness of My Suffering

In our society, it’s easy to misunderstand Grace and Suffering.

For a very long-time, my mind made me believe that it’s a bad idea to turn on my inner light full of hidden experiences because I labelled suffering as bad, evil and dangerous. I listened to whatever reason, which was suitable to keep my individual box of pandora closed.

So, I hided this box in my secure vault.

I repressed the hopelessness. I didn’t feel to think or talk about my suffering. This hopelessness was a state that I was trapped in.

Until my mid-twenties, I had intensive cycles of challenges over a longer period of time. I tended to believe that suffering is all life is about and I was a master to deep dive into suffering.

In a sense, my suffering seemed to be a state that I was supposed to be always victimized (55th – Shadow). I was a true victim.

So, which approach helped me to see the bigger picture?

Two Mechanisms That Numb Us

Reactive and Repressive

Still today, we see two main mechanisms in humanity that numb us and make us forget our deep inner suffering.

The first mechanism is passive / repressive. Here we introvert as human beings with all kinds of behavior up to addiction. On the outside we might catch ourselves consuming massive amounts of food, up to excessive movie marathons. This is an example of how we project our inner life to the outside.

This mechanism is the art of suppression.

The second mechanism is aggressive / reactive. Here we extrovert as human beings with all kinds of behavior up to addiction. On the outside we might catch ourselves investing incredible amounts of time in a selfish (Shadow 27th Gene Key) businesses up to the other extreme of being trapped in a spiritual society that is not beneficial to us and the whole.

This mechanism is the art of aggression.

Over the last couple of years, by observing a lot of my mechanisms playing out in front of my eyes, I noticed how deeply I was embedded in the game of selfish mediocrity (Shadow 8th Gene Key) in my life.

It is a lie if I state that I am fully free of my passive and aggressive mechanisms today, however my attitude towards those mechanisms altered to a gentle approach full of love.

I just discovered that a gentle attitude enables me to see love and beauty in everything.

The gentle attitude is the key to change towards a higher quality of life. And in order for us to see the beauty in everything, we are invited to change our worldview. And in order to change our worldview, we must change our beliefs.

Therefore, we must look inside and not outside.

Then, why don’t we look inside? What are we trapped in?

Interplay of Grace and Transfiguration

The programming partner of the 22nd Gene Key is the 47th Gene Key of the Siddhi Transfiguration. While in the highest state, true miracles and incredible transformations can occur, in the shadow state of oppression, we suppress our suffering further.

In the 22nd Gene Key, the shadow state is dishonor, which clearly displays the dilemma we are all in. The dilemma we are in is dishonored oppression. We do not honor that we feel oppressed.

We truly see the repressive and reactive patterns play out in our current evolutionary stage. We tend to confuse ourselves more than ever before with all kind of distractions (Shadow 56th Gene Key).

We may dishonor our physical body, our emotional or mental body to a certain extent. Yet, eventually we will have the wisdom to act with benevolence or graciousness from our whole being. You could say: gracious mindfulness.

In general, the lower frequencies of dishonor and oppression can be so complicated, that we even project and express a fake happiness in our outer life’s towards others, while in the inside we feel unhappy, in rejection and in a lost state of being.

This projection of our inner unhappiness onto outer happiness is the desire to express authentic happiness. Sadly it’s not the embodiment of authentic happiness. In other words, we have the desire to end our internal state of unhappiness, projecting our conflict out in the world by certain reactive artificial patterns.

By playing the game of numbness and dishonesty (Shadow 59th Gene Key), we hold ourselves back and we may never blossom true beauty (Siddhi 1st Gene Key) and exquisiteness (Siddhi 8th Gene Key) in our world.

Then, what are the essentials to success in our inner work?

3 Great Revelations from Suffering Through Grace

22 Gene Key

What would truly happen, if you have a gentle attitude in your life? The following three concepts show how my suffering positively influenced me and how they might also inspire your life.

1. How Every Shadow Contains a Gift

The first time I heard “Within Every Shadow There Is a Gift”, I had a mental and physical breakthrough.

After over one year of deep contemplation, by pausing over and over again, I discovered a truth for myself and graciousness (Gift 22nd Gene Key) emerged more often into my life.

In one perspective I was a victim and I cursed the feeling of separation from everything that exists and from the other perspective I was free, and I was gentle and grateful for the wholeness within everything that exists.

Both perspectives enabled me to evolve out of my deep-rooted fears by merging my divinity and humanity.

It’s a path of incarnated wholeness in action by embracing humanity at its fullest and embracing wholeness at its fullest.

To access my higher potential, I gave up fighting with my fears. I experienced that the seeds of my biggest potential were hidden within my vast fears.

So, embrace everything as it is and always remember that you are far more multidimensional than just a body with a given name at birth.

2. Be Grateful to Your Dark Night of the Soul

We all still tend to think, feel and live dualistic and non-multidimensional. When the time arises in which we recover from the dark night of our soul, we are not able to live dualistic for a very long period of time anymore.

One of the deep desires is the desire to end our own turbulences (Shadow 36. Gene Key). We often force us out of our turbulences by distracting ourselves, which in the end created more turbulences till exhaustion (Shadow 40th Gene Key).

While we observe this from a higher standpoint – turbulences are one of the most misunderstood shadow states. Because of turbulences we are truly able to feel connected to other humans because we all have turbulences.

Out of these turbulences, compassion emerges. We shouldn’t think of compassion correlated with sympathy. Sympathy is courtesy on the surface and compassion is deep understanding, because you are able to perfectly understand any other life form from the inside out.

Ultimately through universal love (Siddhi 25th Gene Key) we are all connected; however, turbulences are practical to the suffering of humanity, which everyone can relate to.

Probably there is no human being that has no turbulences in life. Alone by this undeniable fact we are all unified.

In fact, by suffering from turbulences we have deep genetic roots, which we all share. The gift of humanity is born out of those turbulences, while engaged gently. We begin to observe ourselves in many other human beings, which gives us a sense of altruism (Gift 27th Gene Key) and empathy (Siddhi 13rd Gene Key).

In the essence it is all about compassion (Siddhi 36th Gene Key), the underlying ability of all abilities. Compassion combines the love to see ourselves in everything else with the ability to be guided and guide others by nature.

So, surrender to what can’t be changed.

We incarnated as a human body to evolve and experience the joy and love of being a human being.

Don’t give in to fear, stay calm and observe all your struggles with a clear distance full of peace (Siddhi 6. Gene Key).

3. Grace – The Sacred Divine Gift

Whenever Grace spontaneously visits us, our whole being is emanated by pure divine love. By courageously embracing our own fears and accepting our whole being, grace inevitably visits us from time to time. Grace has its own timing. Grace can neither be forced and manifested by will, nor scientifically discovered and used.

For me grace is the sacred divine gift of love that always surpasses all expectations. The ultimate desire (Shadow 30th Gene Key) or fear might be to experience Grace itself.

Accept your longings and desires. Don’t challenge them, because you can’t win.

Surrender to your longings and desires in a gentle and lovely approach and they will surrender to you.

Should you be deeply aware and resonate strongly for this truth, I heartily recommend the article Conclusions for the Seven Sacred Seals by Gene Keys and Gene Keys material of “The Seven Sacred Seals”.

Sending you love and light!

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