Deep Dive into Genius: Radiance Activation Sequence Experience 3/4

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With pleasure I am happy to share my insights from my personal Gene Keys Radiance Sphere, which is the 20th Gene Key of Superficiality (Shadow), Self-Assurance (Gift) and Presence (Siddhi).

Should you be familiar with Gene Keys and you are a long-time voyager, my series of articles can empower you and lead you to even deeper insights for your own path to the higher purpose of life.

If you are not familiar with Gene Keys, no worries – it is not as complex as it may look like. You can start with the Part ¼ of the article series here and read my article Gene Keys: My Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools, where you are guided into this teaching.

My Personal Diary: Deep Dive into Genius

radiance deep tive into genius

The programming partner of the 20th Gene Key is the 34th Gene Key (Majesty – Strength – Force).

What are programming partners?

Interesting Know-How from the Gene Keys book:

Programming partners are holographically bonded together through opposites – in other words, they are exact opposites. – Richard Rudd

What is important to mention in this context is that it does not matter whether you have my Gene Keys in your hologenetic profile. All of the 64 Gene Keys are deeply embedded into our human nature. The hologenetic profile makes it easier to approach this teaching. At the same time, it is not a measurement for your final destiny. In the first place, the Gene Keys teaching helps to discover our weaknesses and strengths in our daily life, which makes it practical.

The Start into the Sphere of Radiance

The start into the Sphere of Radiance was the third Zoom Call held by Richard Rudd. This time, the live webinar for the Sphere of Radiance had about 700 + voyagers – still a strong commitment from the community. If you have missed reading part 1 and part 2, I highly recommend both of them.

Richard Rudd shared a new way looking at the Sphere of Radiance. From the Sphere of Radiance to the Sphere of Life’s Work is a hidden Pathway of Magic.

Each time a breakthrough happens in the Pathway of the Breakthrough, a hidden mythical bond is formed from the Sphere of Radiance to the Sphere of Life’s work. This Hidden Pathway of Magic directly affects the frequency of the Sphere of Life’s Work.

All your Spheres are interconnected. And also, every single Gene Key is interconnected. Richard Rudd speaks a lot about the theme to not lose yourself in your personal hologenetic profile.

Each Gene Key is in humanities gene pool; therefore, it is in your gene pool.

Still, the hologenetic profile helps massively to guide you in your individual process. For me personally, I see myself a lot in the Gene Keys in my profile, especially while reflecting my past experiences in childhood and puberty. At the same time, I always discover hints of myself in all of the other Gene Keys.

The First Community Call for the Sphere of Radiance

As already mentioned in Part 1, every month besides the Live Call with Richard Rudd is also a week full of Community Calls in which the voyagers share their monthly experience. Again, in the morning, at the day of the Community Call, I had an uncertain feeling. Should I join the community call or not? I wasn’t motivated to join the community call at this day, however I managed to attend the German Community Call on 2. April 2020.

Once again, I remembered about the importance of commitments in life. From overcoming this lack of motivation for this Community Call, I had a very productive day full of devotion.

You may ask yourself:

“Is there an uncertain aspect in life that calls for your guidance?”

My Exploration Through the Siddhi of Presence

My Exploration Through the Siddhi of Presence

As the Sphere of Radiance is about the quality of self-love, I found the connection between self-love and the three states of consciousness, superficiality, self-assurance and presence absolutely fascinating.

While being in a state of superficiality, I completely function from my human mind’s perspective. In this state, I see only what I want to. I stay in a very narrow-minded worldview and fear the uncertainties of life. This is the lower frequency state of my ego.

Every time, I am able to be self-assured in life, my whole being is surrounded by allowing, accepting and embracing everything. The change from the lower frequency (shadow) to the higher frequency (gift) is tremendous. While in the shadow state, everything seems complex and problematic. In the gift state of self-assurance everything is simple and playful. This self-assurance directly is reflected my 30th Gene Keys gifts of lightness (Sphere of Evolution).

In my 4 weeks process of the siddhi of presence, several bigger breakthroughs occurred. I understood that I am very settled in the gift frequency already. At the same time, beings around me were still able to drag me into the shadow frequency of superficiality regularly. And after reading the 20th Gene Key so many times, I had deep respect of the siddhi state of “The Presence”.

In a sense I feared “The Presence” and what it may do to my individuality. At the moment I had this epiphany of fearing the loss of my individuality, I transcended 2-3 very deep rooted ancient beliefs.

Today I am able to observe with clarity, in which state of frequency I am in.

While in the lower frequency of superficiality, this reflection takes some time. In the higher frequencies of self-assurance, the realization is instant. And in “The Presence”, the realization is never-ending.

The Pathway of Core Stability

Radiance The Pathway of Core Stability

In the second week of April, I transitioned in my journey from the Sphere of Radiance to the Pathway of Core Stability, which is the connection between the Sphere of Radiance and the Sphere of Purpose.

Richard Rudd created a meditation for each pathway (Challenge – 1st month, Breakthrough – 2nd month, and Core Stability 3rd month). I attended Richard Rudd’s third guided meditation on 7th April 2020 and I enjoyed the path back into the city and into the world of the mundane! The meditation guided me back into my center. I have to send special credit to Richard Rudd for this series of guided meditations. All of them are magical and so empowering.

After the meditation, I felt peaceful, balanced and ready to initiate my inner reflections into the outer world.

This second week of April was a time of essential importance for my ability to truly reflect the truth.

The Summary of my Sphere of Radiance

Gene Key 20

On the 16th April 2020, the Deep Dive into Genius changed from the Sphere of Radiance to the Sphere of Purpose. After 4 weeks, I was allowing my presence with more lightness and understanding.

I allowed myself to do regular physical movements and with lightness I am regularly working on my knee injury (daily 1-2 hours mobility exercises), which I still carry on from around 10 years ago.

This alone is a big breakthrough, because I always wanted to forget my physical health challenges and while not forgetting them, I forced them away.

Right now, is one of the biggest shifts in my life. The seeds of my inner work, which I implanted 4 years ago, start to truly blossom into the outer world. My higher self is more able to work through me, then ever before. I am super in harmony and in peace with all that is.

Ask yourself honestly the following question.

In which aspect of my life, am I still forcing myself to do something, because it seems required from society?

This forcing yourself truly generates the inner field of superficiality and the superficiality reinforces the field of force. While we are stuck inside those ego structures, we are never able to see the big picture. Therefore, we are never able to blossom our true and unique qualities into this world.

So honestly and with transparency, check which beliefs are holding you back to live you higher purpose.

Thanks for reading my article about Gene Keys.

Part 4/4 will be available within the next 4 weeks, until that time I invite you to write about your experience in the comments below.

What’s your experience with the Activation Sequence and the Radiance?
What’s your experience with the Deep Dive into Genius and Gene Keys?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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