Deep Dive into Genius: My Life’s Work Activation Sequence Experience 1/4

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In this article, with pleasure I am happy to share the insights from my Life’s Work, which is the 29th Gene Key of Devotion.

If you are not familiar with Gene Keys, no worries – it is not as complex as it may look like. You can start with this article or read my article Gene Keys: My Deep Inner Exploration, where you are guided into this teaching.

Should you be familiar with Gene Keys and you are a long-time voyager, my series of articles can empower you and lead you to even deeper insights for your own path to the higher purpose of life.

What is the Deep Dive into Genius?

What is the Deep Dive into Genius?
What is the Deep Dive into Genius?

Deep Dive into Genius is designed by Gene Keys and first time presented in January 2020. This program is a virtual retreat to walk through the Activation Sequence of the Gene Keys Golden Path.

It is a journey to contemplate your own shadow’s, gift’s and siddhi’s and being guided by your own revelations of suffering to transcend those lower frequency habits into higher states of consciousness.

It is designed to be a 4-month inner journey towards the sphere of your Life’s Work + Challenge (1st month), Evolution + Breakthrough (2nd month), Radiance + Core Stability (3rd month), and Purpose (4th month).

To start the retreat, more than 1100 voyagers attended the Deep Dive into Genius simultaneously by joining the first zoom call by Richard Rudd.

Then once every month, each voyager has the chance to attend a community call, where a group of 5-6 voyagers can share their personal experience of contemplating the monthly hologenetic profile sphere from one voyager.

Through the collective energy field, all voyagers contemplate their spheres at the same time. The synchronicity effect causes a major butterfly effect. The butterfly effect describes that a small change can make much bigger changes happen. In Deep Dive into Genius, over one thousand voyagers interact with each other, therefore creating an invisible force field where a butterfly (voyager) flaps its wings in one place and a breakthrough occurs in another place.

My Personal Diary: Deep Dive into Genius 

My Life’s Work

Gene Key 29
Siddhi: Devotion
Gift: Commitment
Shadow: Half-Heartedness
Programming Partner: Gene Key 30 (Rapture – Lightness – Desire)

The introduction Zoom Call was held by Richard Rudd, the creator of Gene Keys. It was a very special experience for me to be in a call with other 1100+ voyagers – a strong commitment from the community and a deep inspiration for me.

My heart celebrated (42. Siddhi) that we will soon not any more feel anxieties, depressions and deep-rooted fears.

In the long run we as humans will transcend our old genetic structures and previous states of lower frequency consciousness to ascend into our true form as human beings.

The First Community Call for My Life’s Work

On 4. February 2020, the first community calls started. First of all, I did not know what to expect.

Attending the first Community Call was a new experience for me, because we shared our insights from week 1-2 for our life’s work. Everyone was so gentle and lovely – giving everyone else the room to express themselves. Every voyager had the chance to share their experiences, and it felt empowering and heart opening.

One of the greatest aspects of the community call was the increased learning curve because everyone had such a unique genius and individual life’s work.  And I discovered, how we are able to create our future with the synthesis of everyone’s strength and abilities.

No one has to be left behind or alone, we are in a collective journey into humanity as a single organism, while at the same time we keep our individuality nature in heart and mind.

After the community call, I had a higher consciousness for several hours and it truly felt great, to share with others and to observe other individual beings contemplating their life’s too. The butterfly effect mentioned above, was clearly visible to me.

Because of that insight, I had goosebumps. And finally, I felt a gentle hope and inner motivation for planet earth and our children’s future, because more humans work on their inner state, than I had ever imagined. 

My 4 Weeks Exploration Through the Siddhi of Devotion

For me, to describe my individual Gene Key was always a challenge. Within my four weeks, I remembered that Richard Rudd explained that half-heartedness is “less than 100% commitment for a matter”. Commitment is 100% commitment for a matter and devotion is 100% commitment for all matters and to everything we emanate.

The siddhis are one of those mystical higher consciousness states that are so rarely achieved because our mind has the desire to name, to distract and to justify everything.

As devotion is commitment going mad from the heart, it is almost impossible to understand that siddhi state from the mind.

The 29th Gene Key is in the Codon Ring of Union together with the 4th Gene Key (Siddhi – Forgiveness), the 7ht Gene Key (Siddhi – Virtue) and the 59th Gene Key (Siddhi – Transparency). The Codon Rings are a chemical family within our body, each relating to specific amino acids or stop codon. They are the biological machinery behind what ancients called “Karma”.

I was able to observe the deeper relationships of unity and why it is so hard to understand my own experiences and expressions for myself and this world.

It was because Unity can’t be understood by my own precious mind.

Only after I surrender completely to those deep-rooted desires of lower frequencies; self-illumination might radiate through my whole being. And should this truly happen to me, I might not even notice it.

As an old saying goes:

“Give a bird that you watch a name and you will never see that bird again”.

As long as I name things, I might negate things. By naming what I have experienced as devotional in my life, I might never experience true devotion.

At least for over 5 years I felt to follow the path of my inner heart and purpose of life. I observed that my true commitment for my vocation and life’s work grew slowly but steady without noticing it.

At a certain point within the four weeks, I also remembered that from mid 2019, I said “No” to everything not related to my life’s work and my passion. 

The Pathway of Challenge  

In the first week of February, I transitioned in my journey from the Sphere of Life’s Work to the Pathway of Challenge, which is the connection between the sphere of Life’s work and the sphere of Evolution.

For each pathway (Challenge – 1st month, Breakthrough – 2nd month and Core Stability 3rd month) Richard Rudd created meditations. I attended Richard Rudd’s first guided meditation on 11st February 2020 and I really loved how the meditation was built up!

It guided me right into the direction to my deepest challenges, which is a great sign for my inner deeper process.

After the meditation, I felt crystal clear and once again I remembered to pause more often in my daily life.

Not pausing in the sense that I take a longer holiday, but rather that I hold, pause and let go of my thoughts between activities. Surely it may sometimes be difficult for me to let go of all thoughts.

But a short walk in my office can also be seen as a break, which means that I shouldn’t make any phone calls there, but only enjoy nature and the surroundings. This always opened my perception immensely.

The Summary for my Sphere of Life’s Work

 On the 17th February 2020, the Deep Dive into Genius changed from the Life’s work to the Sphere of Evolution.

After 4 weeks, the understanding for my personal life’s work 29th (Siddhi – Devotion / Gift – Commitment / Shadow – Half-Heartedness) really was clearer for me. A deeper grounding and direction settled in and I knew in my life what to focus on and what to let go.

Whenever I did something half-hearted in the past, it did not last long in my life until a half-hearted result was achieved. And we all know, that we want to avoid such results and at the same time, we still often draw them into our lives.

So, the first 4 weeks of the Deep Dive into Genius definitely guided me towards clear insights of my siddhi level. At the same time the shadow state – half-heartedness became a lot clearer too. Quite paradoxical, right?

For me, this insight changed everything, because I knew I had to look deeply into my own shadows before my siddhis are able to shine through my whole being.

As I reflected my past 4 years, I observed that I have already done great on my contemplation work, even before learning about Gene keys.

Today, I never start something that I am not 100% committed to! To achieve so, I pause briefly, go into myself and decide directly from my gut.

For example, in begin of 2020, I planned to create another brand related to my meditations until November 2020. However, now, I decided to devote all my energy into my blog in 2020.

Besides my life’s work and vocation within projects, my family and friends are the most important things to me, so I also created the environment in 2020 to be 100% committed here.

Each day I actively refine my personal skills of doing and being for several hours, because the more rarified my own personality is, the easier I am able to guide others towards their unique inner truth.

I remembered that I have to jump into the unknown dimensions first, instead of waiting for others to do so.

The more devotional and committed my own journey, the more sustainable and joyful my growth is, and the better I am able to communicate and teach others to grow with simplicity and ease.

To be able to do so, I also have to be forgiving (4th Gene Key), transparent (59th Gene Key), and full of virtue (7th Gene Key).

I am truly grateful for all of my discoveries within those 4 weeks.

Thanks for reading my article about Gene Keys.

I recommend reading my second part:  2/4 Part of the DEEP Dive into Genius (Evolution & Breakthrough)

What’s your experience with the Activation Sequence and the Life’s work?
What’s your experience with the Deep Dive into Genius and Gene Keys?

Feel free to share it in the comments below.

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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