3 Amazing Effects on Your Soul & Psyche After Only 1 Week of Raw Vegan Food

You’re thinking about doing a Raw Vegan Food Week? If the answer is yes and you are also interested in raw food and its effects on the soul and psyche, you have come to the right place. In the following article, I have documented my own experiences on this topic, and I would like to share my tips with you.

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1. My Motivation of Pure Raw Food for 1 Week
2. My Food Style Before the Raw Food Week
3. What Was and Was Not Allowed During This Raw Food Week
4. My Complete 1 Week Raw Vegan Food Diary
– My Daily Raw Food Diary for Nutrition and Body
– My Daily Raw Food Diary for Mind and Soul
5. 3 Mental Effects by Raw Food for Me
6. How Raw Food Affected My Health
7. How Raw Food Reduced My Plastic Consumption
8. Should You Do a Raw Food Week, Too?
9. My Revue 10 Days Later (Vegetarian Style)

My Motivation of Pure Raw Food for 1 Week

From the very beginning, my motivation for this 1 week of eating only raw food was from the beginning to live more consciously and to be more stable and transparent in my emotional and mental life.

Additionally, I love food and I can’t imagine a better distraction. This is exactly why I now devote more time to my body and the emotional issues that from time to time make me drift away.

Finding a solution in raw food for the above challenges in my life, could give me more time for the important things in life, like writing new articles, preparing new meditations and quality time with my family and friends. Especially the daily work around Beyonduality consumes a lot of inspirational energy from me.

Does raw food help me gain a higher consciousness and greater focus?

My Food Style Before the Raw Food Week

This is how my nutrition looked like before.

1. Muffins or sweet pieces were part of my everyday life and fruits rather rarely. Meanwhile, I also cooked healthy meals with fresh vegetables 3-4 times a week.
2. I have not drunk a drop of alcohol since beginning of 2020. In 2019 I enjoyed one or two bottles of wine and sometimes drank more than an “average person”. Through this way, I made experiments with myself about alcohol consumption. Feel free to write in the comments if you would like to hear from me about the effects of alcohol consumption on our consciousness, psyche and soul.
3. I have been on a vegetarian (also no fish) or vegan diet for over a year.

What Was and Was Not Allowed During This Raw Food Week

During the raw vegan food week, I ate fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and everything that grows in nature. Tea and black coffee were also allowed, as they contain almost 0 calorie. The most important thing with this raw food week is to consume unprocessed products, optimally in organic quality. Packaged products were therefore permitted only for nuts and dried natural fruit without added ingredients, like sugar in apricots, figs and dates. Moreover, food may only be heated up to 42 degrees during the raw vegan week.

This raw vegan week was not designed for long-term food nutrition. It was a short-term detoxification of the body, so some foods that are theoretically raw foods were not allowed in this process and others like black coffee that technically would be not allowed were allowed in this week.

My Complete 1 Week Raw Vegan Food Diary

I have asked and answered the following questions during the process of this week. Does raw food influence my level of consciousness? Does raw food increase my awareness? Does raw food Improve my mental health?

My Daily Raw Food Diary for Nutrition and Body

raw food

Before I start with the mental section, I will briefly go into my concrete nutrition and its effects on my body.

Every day I drank 1.5 – 2 liters of water from glass bottles, along with fresh tea and black coffee. Sweets were available daily in the form of fruits (mainly bananas and apples) and dried fruits (figs, apricots and dates). The main meal was nuts and fresh salad with spinach leaves, iceberg lettuce, carrots, avocados, peppers, cucumbers, leeks, onions, sprouts, blueberries, grapes, and virgin olive oil. In addition, I also treated myself with fresh turmeric juice, and pomelo. I ate very mindful and little, so that I never exceeded 1200 calories per day during the raw food week.

This my weight diary of the week

1. Day – 89.5 kg
2. Day – 88.9 kg
3. Day – 88.0 kg
4. Day – 87.7 kg
5. Day – 87.9 kg
6. Day – 87.5 kg
7. Day – 86.5 kg
8. Day – 86.9 kg
9. Day – 86.5 kg

If you wonder why there is 8th and 9th day, here is the reason. The raw vegan food week went from Tuesday to Tuesday (in total 8 days), and Wednesday is the 9th day to transit to normal vegan nutrition.

My Daily Raw Food Diary for Mind and Soul

raw vegan diary soul

On Tuesday, 28.01.2020, the time had finally arrived. My experiment on raw food and psyche started! After 2 weeks of mental preparation for my detoxification cure, I come to the raw food week after the Chinese New Year, when the Year of the Mouse started, and my loving wife cooked special delicious meals.

For China lovers: the traditional food in north China – day 1 dumplings, day 2 noodles and day 3 pancakes.

Day 1 – How Raw Food and Psyche Interacted With Each Other

On the first day I started in the morning with visualizations and meditations until 12:00. Besides the change and preparation of food, my blog got my focus on the first day. I had even forgotten to eat for the time in between.

My perception was very awake, light and clear in the evening. I felt mentally and emotionally stable. In contrast, the week before, my perception was vague and unconscious.

The diversity of my perceptive range was still very limited on the first day. I therefore felt less awake with a tendency to think inefficiently, which means that many unnecessary thoughts entered my system, which in no way inspired and motivated me.

Day 2 – How Raw Food Affected My Feelings

From day two on I write down less about what I did and more about how perception, emotions and thoughts interacted.

I slowly noticed how my focus and my well-being increased. My body felt lighter and my perceptiveness began to slowly increase. However, a few older feelings began to emerge and arise. These I accepted lovingly. Here I dealt with loving mindfulness and the acceptance and letting go of old burdens that were lying on me. In the evening some thoughts appeared, which attempted to drive me into confusion. I watched these thoughts lovingly and they went away by themselves.

Day 3 – The Turning Point of Raw Food and Psyche

On day 3 the mental condition gradually began to emerge, which I was also able to observe during my first vegan raw food week 2019. An unknown clarity rose up, which usually happened to me when I meditated long time or dealt with myself more deeply. From here on I was much more present with my perception.

The emotions were very balanced and calm throughout the day. In the evening I continued to study Gene Keys and read through the most intensive capital (Gene Key 22). This led to the result that I was able to decipher the message behind the transmission much more intensively.

The thoughts were less but very clear on day 3. A meditation also brought me directly into a very deep relaxation. Later in the book my focus was clear enough to connect deep knowledge in a more playful way. At the same time, some fears came up, which I lovingly pushed aside. Influencing thoughts through raw food (effortlessly) worked from day 3 on.

Day 4 – Raw Food and Psyche Created Inner Clarity

The state, I have already noticed during my first raw food week in 2019, was a great inner clarity. On day 3 this state started again very slowly and today on day 4 it started to become more intense for the first time. Through this clarity I saw much clearer and more detailed. For example, I noticed things that I had never noticed or heard before, such as the sounds outside my apartment.

In general, I felt very balanced, but I also noticed that there are subjects in me that still need to be worked on. With this gained clarity something amazing happened. Mysteriously, at times this day, it was hard for me to think as if thinking was slowing down. I almost felt like being truly present, while effortlessly accessing past and future memories, without losing energy.

Day 5 – How Raw Food and Psyche Surprised Me

Directly in the morning I was unusually fast very clear and awake. I have no memory of being so awake and full of power. Normally my 100% wakefulness always lasted 2-3 hours, but today my physical health increased immensely.

At noon I accompanied my beloved one in a private 1:1 CYP-Bio-Feedback exercise session, which was really something special to me. Here I reached the limit of my abilities and was still able to clearly hold my mental attention and patience towards the other person for over an hour.

Later in the afternoon I visited a shopping mall where I normally feel uncomfortable because of the crowd. Today I felt very much at home there and had very little to no stress. Raw food and inner peace seem to be very close to each other.

My body felt a lot lighter today, which may also be due to the fact that my body had to digest much less processed food during the last few days.

In addition, my thoughts became clearer, so that I had to think less and communicated more with fewer words than normal. Through the clarity and pure energy, it was possible for me to directly reflect on my actions and pull back in the 2-3 situations where this was necessary today. Thoughts about the past and future in every respect were also reduced considerably. Whereby I may say that I was already very effortless and relaxed in this respect before.

In the evening, however, there were brief emotional turbulences, which I then reflected very quickly, and which dissipated!

So, the state of great perception and pure energy lasted for the whole day.

Day 6 – How Raw Food and Psyche Balanced Out

In the morning my energy was neutral and definitely lower than the day before. In the early afternoon the energy slowly increased, and my perception became clearer. In the late afternoon my perception was in a higher state of consciousness compared to the previous day, which may also be due to the fact that I was working intensively within myself on an emotional level today.

Again, it is a up and down, because there is no one-way street in life, because life itself is constantly changing.

Throughout the day I often had the desire for control. But the focus was very quickly shifted back to my loving and mindful way of communication.

Often it was still difficult for me to understand that I was unconsciously acting from a lower frequency, although in these moments I thought I was acting from a higher frequency. Today I understood the first time in my life, that this is due to my unique personality. I won’t go more into details here. My discovery could be either confusing or revealing for you.

On this day I entered a state of deep thought relaxation and to the previous day even more loving thoughts emerged. Everything went quiet and calm by itself. Here I noticed again how raw food and inner peace for the mental level can be very close together, because there is more clarity in the physical body.

Day 7 – How Raw Food and Psyche Created Differences

Today, for the first-time thoughts like “Oh, one more day just salad. I have a limited appetite for salad.” occurred. Otherwise I felt very stable and very quickly came to my meditative state, which had very few thoughts. These thoughts were calm and structured. There was never a moment of “Fast! Do this! Do that!”, and I felt very pleasant.

My emotions were calm and upset at the same time, a feeling of interaction with the collective field. For those states of emotions and feelings, I have a unique inner process of releasing excessive energy. This is neither a technique nor a method. This inner process of releasing excessive energy is a mystery of life, only discovered after diving deep into your darkest inner dimensions. With this it is possible for me to be more centered again after strong emotions have infiltrated my system. If you want to hear more about this, write in comments and I will make a further elaboration.

Day 8 – Side Effects of Raw Food on the Psyche?

I am very happy that I reached day 8 so playfully and effortlessly! My perception was again unusually clear today. Over the night I had headaches, which was not frequent. This is most likely due to my bad sitting and standing behaviors during the day. If this happens to you, be careful that headaches could also be a sign of the unusually low sugar and calorie intake.

Throughout the day I was most of the time emotionally quiet, and highly energetic after some community calls and personal 1:1 calls in the Gene Keys program.

This was also the first day I let my gut feelings persuade me to take 2-3 breezes of salt, as my body felt minimally dehydrated. It is important to know this during the raw food process, as we hardly eat any salt during the whole week. Without salt, fresh lemon water helped me stay stable.

My thoughts were again very relaxed and calm. In addition to the previous days, my thoughts were 50% clearer and always full of love. I let my heart guide me even more intensively than the days before and could express myself very well in the community calls. In addition, I had to admit that a few small fears rose up internally concerning the raw food week. However, I knew that these fears had little to do with the food or my body, but rather with the distraction mechanism that deeply embedded inside me. Therefore, I could deal with my feelings and thoughts lovingly by observing them gently and let them fly away again.

Conclusion on Day 9 of My Raw Food Week

The night was perceptually special. In the middle of the night I woke up, highly motivated and wondered what was going on. In the end, I was able to implement some creative thinking, and was quite happy about it. On the ninth day I went shopping at noon and had no desire for milk, cheese or sweet products. For the first day after the raw week, I decided to enjoy some cooked vegan food, see picture.

Falafel Gnochi

Organic gnocchi, falafel, fresh tomatoes, onion and chili.

And chocolate love floated in the air.

Throughout the day I had feelings of gratitude and often no thoughts were present. How could it happen to have no thoughts at present? Very peaceful and deeply relaxed for psyche and soul. The wonderful effect of free of thoughts was, that original ideas emerged out of thin air. In those free of thoughts moments, the gaps are created to connect to your true origin.

I was also grateful that new people came into my life, that brilliantly matched my philosophy, which really touched me.

The enhancement of my emotional status also boosted my mental status and supported the inner world of my thoughts with creative ideas.

3 Mental Effects of Raw Food on Me

1. Loving Clarity and Focus

One of the mental effects of raw food was that the energy level grew very high. Especially during the last 1-2 days of the raw food week I felt that my physical body is not used to these high and clear frequencies. At the same time, I had more focus on my work and could therefore implement more, which was a great advantage and by far the best effect.

2. Inner Peacefulness and More Efficient Solution Finding

My emotional stability increased and there were no big hangers or challenges during the week. For me this week was very positive and through the loving mindfulness, I was very peaceful. Emotional outbursts and tears of joy and gratitude visited me daily.

3. Inspiration Through Higher Consciousness

The most amazing mental effect of raw food was the increased connection to my higher consciousness. Almost every day I came up with very inspiring ideas to expand my projects and also on everyday topics, solutions came up and I experienced a deeper relaxation. I was guided and loved by life more than ever before in my life.

How Raw Food Affected My Health

The raw food effect on my health was, besides the almost 3kg less on my ribs, that I felt much better. At the same time, raw food is not only an enrichment for our physical health, but also for our psyche. After all, not only mind and soul, but also body interact all together. In order for a higher consciousness to incarnate deeper into the mind, a healthy body is needed, and this is often neglected in the spiritual realm.

How Raw Food Reduced My Plastic Consumption

Even if it is not the main topic of this article, I am very proud to have paid attention to plastic consumption this week and to have been able to reduce it massively. I was able to find out that it is not so difficult once we start to do so and eat more consciously.

Should You Do a Raw Food Week, Too?

Raw food yes or no

Raw food is for the physical body and the soul, like oil for a sports car. A beautiful sports car needs oil change and an overall check every year. A coffee machine needs to be regularly decalcified. The physical body within our soul needs to be nurtured from time to time, so that we are internally balanced.

Everything in life follows certain rhythms and cycles, like inhaling and exhaling or day and night. Our physical body has no exceptions and we shall also pay more attention to it so that we live more consciously.

Unfortunately, we humans have forgotten something important to include when we were born. Do you know what it is?

A Personal Guide for Life!

We often think that we know much better about ourselves and prefer to wait 30-50 years for the big chaos that accumulates in our physical body.

We learned to brush our teeth every day, however we don’t take care of our abdominal area, which is also our inner emotional network. This alone shows our relationship of neglecting towards our true emotions. We should even, out of pure selfishness and common sense, do an inner cleansing for our digestive tract every 3-6 months or at shorter intervals. Through this way we could become healthier and our stomach – intestinal tract could generally be much healthier and better ventilated.

For this reason, I have decided to dedicate myself to raw food weeks more often to act as a role model. It is important for me to do this according to my gut feeling and inner motivation. That’s why I don’t write down a date here and simply let the next raw food week unfold.

It is also important to not over target at the beginning! In order to enjoy raw food, it is better to gradually integrate this style into your everyday life. My process was also a patient journey until I ventured into the raw vegan week.

My Revue 10 Days Later (Vegetarian Style)

What has really changed within the next 10 days? What has become more conscious to me and have I even fallen back on old habits?

Within these 10 days I have intensely noticed how unconsciously I become when I eat unhealthily (a lot of sugar intake) and occasionally eat too much.

Besides my perception, which decreased immensely again, my daily focus was also much less pronounced. Therefore, I am now going into another raw food week and who knows how long it will be. I will keep you informed.

Feel free to ask any questions I couldn’t answer in the comments below. What are your experiences with raw food?

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porschehttps://beyonduality.com/about-me/
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


  1. Wow, this was very insightful. I’m also on a journey to healing my body and I will be starting on raw foods tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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