Conclusions for the Seven Sacred Seals by Gene Keys

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The Gene Keys Synthesis by Richard Rudd consists of many layers of purpose-driven guidance and spiritual teachings; the Seven Sacred Seals is one. It is a mystical transmission beyond words. My experience consists of three years of studying the evocations and practicing the invocations.

In this article, I will answer the five most important questions. You will also find the best resources on how to experience the Seven Sacred Seals for free.

1. What are the Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd?
2. Why are you attracted to them?
3. Are they worth your time? Are they meant for you?
4.What are the results of practicing the Seven Sacred Seals?
5. How to start the Seven Sacred Seals for free?

1. What are the Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd?

Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd

Where the Golden Path, the Spectrum of Consciousness, and the Hologenetic Profile may be more straightforward in practicality, this transmission can be a powerful portal into hidden and beautiful dimensions of the heart. 

The Seven Sacred Seals are indeed an exploration of the higher arts, and they can be considered an adventurous mystery school for the opening of the spiritual heart.

The core of this transmission is the seven guided invocations by Richard Rudd. Each invocation helps heal one core wound of humanity and contains a specific Gene Key, the chakras, and one of the seven archangels of the Kabbalah. Besides that, you will discover powerful prayers, videos (evocations), and helpful formulas that guide you in exploring the transmission.

The Gene Keys team shares about the Seven Sacred Seals the following:

“A Mystery School teaching is something that can’t be easily defined by a logical left-brain approach. It is intuitive, experiential, mysterious and beyond the understanding of the mind. The Seven Sacred Seals operate in the domain of the heart, the spirit, and the soul. They are not knowledge; rather they are wisdom – a direct transmission of deep spiritual truth.” – Source of the Excerpt

2. Why are you attracted to them?

The invitation and journey of Grace may yet be another exciting transmission for you to explore. For me, this transmission is a powerful reminder of humanity.

Like me, you probably discovered them because there is inner wisdom hidden for you to remember. Besides that, you already did profound inner work and exploration.

A deep understanding of the physical, emotional and mental trinity supported you on your life’s journey.

The theme of the attraction is magical and spontaneous. It profoundly resonates for you, and when you align with nature, the perfumes of Grace enter your life.

In the next chapter, I include several questions to help you in the decision to enter this mystical school transmission or not.

3. Are they worth your time? Are they meant for you?

With precision, we can observe that this online course of intense archangelic invocations is not lightly to be entered. The question should be, “Are you ready for them, and are they of value for you to explore and experience in this time and space?”

I encourage you to answer the following eight questions.

  • Do you feel passionate about the Seven Sacred Seals? Is there an inner spark that desires expression?
  • Did you thoroughly enjoy the Gene Keys Golden Path?
  • Do you feel excited about the archangelic wisdom of the higher arts?
  • Do you love teachings about Grace?
  • Are you open to the transmutation of humanities suffering?
  • Can you fully let go and concentrate while meditating?
  • Did you try the 7th Seal? If yes, did you strongly resonate with the transmission by Richard Rudd?

If you answer all questions with an absolute yes, then the Seven Sacred Seals are meant for you to explore. If not, there is so much to study within the Gene Keys Synthesis that this teaching may not be in resonance with you.

But maybe it will be soon. Who knows?

Most importantly, be patient about this transmission.

I love studying the Spectrum of Consciousness and the Hologenetic Profile! There are lifetimes of wisdom hidden within the map and profile to explore and apply in daily life.

4. What are the results of practicing the Seven Sacred Seals?

One of the most profound results of the Seven Sacred Seals can be called life force harmony. What is life force harmony? We all experience life through the forces of life. We are energy in motion, and some of this energy may be blocked. The Seven Sacred Seals also relate to the seven chakras, so each invocation may help you release the chakra’s energy and life force.

You will notice that each invocation generates different “results” for you. Some archangels and themes deeply resonate with you, while others will not. So, it is a journey of exploration that needs patience and the will to surrender.

The guided invocation can also trigger events of higher states of consciousness. They will also help you deepen the understanding of archangels, grace, love, and the root of humans suffering. As a result, practicing the seven guided invocations and studying the theory of the seven archangels may support you in ending mental distortions, increasing energy clarity, and helping you in emotional release.

By far, the best results can be achieved through the guided invocations by Richard Rudd. But before doing them, I highly recommend you watch the videos (evocations) in the online course. They all have a powerful, gentle, and gracious touch and you will feel guided with self-assurance.

5. How to start the Seven Sacred Seals for free?

Seven Days of Grace: In March 2022, the Gene Keys team launched “Seven Days of Grace.” In this gift of grace experience, you will explore the magic of the Seven Sacred Seals.

Gathering with Grace: Each month, the Gene Keys offers the Gathering with Grace. This zoom meeting is free to access for anyone interested in the Seven Sacred Seals and long-time voyagers.

The 7th Seal is online for free. You can listen to it below.

If you loved the free accessible gifts of Grace and this article helped you in your decision to attend the Seven Sacred Seals, you can order the entire online course with our affiliate link below.

The mystical transmission of Grace: more information and direct link to order the Seven Sacred Seals

Dare to share your experiences with the Seven Sacred Seals in the comments below! I am looking forward to your sharing.

Thanks a lot for reading this article!

With Grace,

Your Gene Keys Guide Dominik

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.



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