Gene Keys – 3 Steps for Embodiment!

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Are you also someone who draws inspiration from the Gene Keys teachings of Richard Rudd?

Are you one of the human beings who often find it challenging to implement and embody aspects of the Gene Keys in everyday life?

Then this Gene Keys article series ” Coming into the realization” is optimal for you.

In Part 1, you’ll get an introduction to the topic and then three steps for implementation that are priceless for your life’s journey.

So, here we go!

We hear it over and over in spiritual circles. Everything is one, or everything is connected to everything! Yes, this realization may be true…

…but how many people embody this realization of Oneness in everyday life? Do you embody it?

How many people, if they choose an individual gene key, let’s take the 25th gene key with the Siddhi of universal love, can integrate the central teaching of “Return Non-Love with Love” into their everyday life? Do you embody this wisdom?

An example:

Let’s say you currently live in a city with many beggars. Everywhere in this city, they sit and wait for financial help from the outside. In the whole city, beggars are the number one topic. Most people talk about them. You may know the saying “All is one.” but when it comes to beggars, you lever out that connectedness with the beggars and unconsciously separate yourself from these poor people. You may think, “Oh man, do they have to bug me again! Or “He certainly won’t get a single euro from me!”

Your actions are aligned accordingly. For example, the Euros stay in your wallet because you identified yourself with the collective thoughts of the separation, which also reached you. Thus, those thoughts reached the universe, and a loving and selfless action was absent from your cellular level.

The above is simply an example that does not have to apply to you. However, it shows very nicely how we still struggle with ourselves and do not get life wisdom integrated into everyday life.

Before I give you the three steps, here’s another more extreme example on the topic of “Return non-love with love.”

Let’s assume you are with your life partner. You get along great and are a harmonious, loving couple. Now and then, however, it happens that your partner becomes very pessimistic, depressed, and aggressive. On such a day, your partner is unpredictable and always does the wrong thing to you at the wrong time. In the beginning, you are even loving and helpful. But at some point, you react to your partner’s behavior and are angry. Especially in relationships, we reach our limits with the life wisdom “Return non-love with love.” Maybe you know this too? Feel free to write your experiences in the comments below.

3 Steps of Embodiment for the Gene Keys

1. Integrate a Single Life Wisdom of Gene Keys

The information of the Gene Keys teachings can be overwhelming, especially if we try to integrate too many spiritual themes into our lives simultaneously. For example, if you dance at too many weddings, you do not embody a single gift or Siddhi in your daily life.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t read multiple gene keys in the book. I consumed almost all the Gene Keys for the first three years. However, I was never able to integrate much of it. As a result, I only made significant progress on a few topics on which my whole focus was during the three years.

Therefore, it is essential to tune into a single theme of a Gene Key and fully integrate the teachings from that archetype into everyday life.

For example, in the Delta Program of Gene Keys, you focus on one Gene Key each week. You focus all your experiences on this archetype and thus improve the connection to a single Gene Key.

You won’t often go from shadow to siddhi frequency in a week. It usually takes a lot more time than just one week to embody the wisdom of life altogether.

Therefore, the first step is to realize that you always work with only one primary Gene Key in your daily life. But you can also use a different Gene Key for your relationship, business, and health. It all depends on your experience with the Gene Keys teaching.

The most important thing is that in the NOW, no matter what you are doing now, you constantly contemplate one subject and not on 5 or 15 or all 64 Gene Keys because then you will not draw any lessons from this wisdom. Then everything will be watery and blurry. In this case, many people give up, believe in a linear destiny, and are trapped in victimhood.

If you know this confusion in your daily life, I urge you to consider gene key 1, gene key 64, and 55, whether you have them in your hologenetic profile or not.

Think of it like sports. Let’s say you are a professional martial artist and want to get into a divine siddhi state and absolute flow.

Your training will consist of many fractals that connect and function as one fractal. You have many different training components, such as endurance, agility, and the spiritual and mental components of training. To get better at the specific part of the workout, you must completely tune into that workout. It is the same with the 64 Gene Keys! While the 64 Gene Keys together are a single fractal, they all act like 64 fractals individually.

“One of your tasks with the Gene Keys will be to know which fractal to integrate and embody into your daily life and when.”

– Dominik Porsche

Your hologenetic profile will give you first hints on which fractal you should focus.

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2. Increase the Frequency of this Gene Key

Once you have selected a Gene Key with a core theme for you in an area of life, you place the entire focus on that theme in everyday contemplation.

Let’s say you select Gene Key 36 with the shadow of turbulence, the gift of humanity, and the Siddhi of compassion for this more intensive process.

Your task is to reflect with mindfulness when you are acting out of turbulence in life and what environments put you in a mode of turmoil. This could be where your emotions, thoughts, or body are stirred up. You can think of this as a churning sea. You will learn all these linguistic details and stories about the individual gene keys in the book – The Gene Keys.

In the Gene Keys teachings, this process or technique is called “The Art of Contemplation.”

The first and only necessary step is “pausing.” The following two steps of pivoting and merging then arise fully automatically whenever the time is ripe for it.

The shadow state of turbulence is to be allowed, accepted, and embraced.

To allow means to allow oneself a break in this human turmoil! At some point, we accept our turmoil until we embrace (transcend) it.

“The shadow is the seed, the gift is the flower, and the Siddhi is the fruit. Only when we allow the seed to flourish by pausing, the fruit emerges and blossoms!”

– A Gene Keys Wisdom

3. Select a New Main Gene Key

Once you embody a Gene Key into your everyday life at a higher frequency, you will find that many other aspects of your life also occur at a higher frequency level, as if automatically. For example, you choose a new primary Gene Key when you are in the gift and have experienced a tiny touch of grace from the Siddhi’s or when you realize that simply another Gene Key has relevance in your life.

The fact that you are working with one primary Gene Key in your daily life does NOT mean that you cannot mentally and spiritually deal with many other gene keys.

On the contrary!

Remember that all Gene Keys relate to each other. So, it is true that there is only one main fractal. But in detail, there are 64 human fractals of consciousness.

Because often, we react and discover that this comes from another archetype. Then my recommendation is to see which archetype is involved.

Maybe you feel stressed? Then the 52nd Gene Key might be something for your contemplation. Maybe you feel like a victim of your circumstances? Then the 55th Gene Key could be something for your contemplation.

The important thing is that you focus, however possible, on a single Gene Key in the present moment, and you intend to observe with mindfulness how that area of your DNA affects your life on all levels.

In contemplation, always look at the flowers (gifts) and fruits (Siddhi) as well, even if you feel you are still deeply entrenched in the seed (shadow)! The most important thing is to recognize how we can harvest ripe fruit from the shadow. This evolution is the process we must go through as humans, from seed to fruit. The shadow is like the catalyst of our gifts and Siddhi because, without the shadows, we would not be motivated to grow and prosper.

“Only when we implement the wisdom of Gene Keys in daily lives, will they be alive, until then, they remain concepts and fantasies of the mind!” 

– Dominik Porsche

Thanks for reading this new Gene Key article on Beyonduality. I hope it was helpful for you.

With love, Dominik

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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