Gene Keys Delta Program – The Consciousness Game: My Diary

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The Gene Keys Delta Program is one of the collective treasures, which can be found in Gene Keys. I was able to attend in one of the last beta rounds at beginning of 2020. The official Gene Key Delta Program launch is in June 2020. Update 25.08.2020 – Registration for the next Delta Program Round will be open in September. More information about the exact details for the next Delta Round are to be found here.

This is an extraordinary experience, contemplating 7 Gene Keys within 7 weeks together in a group of 7 individuals. Each week, a group of six individuals are partnered, meet and share the weekly experiences. The seventh individual has a sacred theme of holding space from all the other six.

NEW: I recommend for the Delta program to have at least contemplated the activation and venus sequence of Gene Keys, so that the engagement in the group is most efficient and fun. And for your own safety.

A Short Pre-Story – A Joyful Journey!

I always consider myself as a playful character. Since my early childhood, I loved to play computer games and board games. I still remember playing Pokémon whole day long on my first Nintendo back in the late nighties. Since I started to dig deeper into the personal and consciousness development around 2014, I always thought there was something missing. Maybe the Delta Program is finally a joyful approach for my personal development journey?

In 2016, I have already discovered a very playful and joyful path and approach to change my inner belief systems. And in 2020 I discovered The Delta A Luminous Game of Higher Consciousness from the Gene Keys Society.

Inside myself I cheered: “Ah, finally there is a game and what a coincidence, this game of the Gene Keys Society (now Gene Keys Official) is connected to my passion and work!”

Gene Keys Delta – Dominik’s Personal Diary

Delta Fellowship Gene Keys

I had a great start into my Delta Program. The energy was lovely, the group was open minded, and my experience was intense. I have experienced a similar effect while being 2-3 weeks on an intense CYP-Bio-Feedback retreat. In both experiences, a group of participants gathered for a collective purpose. The only essential difference was that CYP-Bio-Feedback is an offline event and the Gene Keys Delta Program is a virtual online experience. I was happy to experience this intense feeling of commitment and intension to guide each other collectively into a greater state of consciousness.

Week 1: Siddhi of Peace (6. Gene Key)  

My weekly theme was the 3. position, the Siddhi of Peace, the Gift of Diplomacy and Shadow of Conflict (6. Gene Key).

Immediately after the first meeting, we began to connect to our weekly partners. Then I wrote an email, very funny to the wrong partner and I noticed how I mentally blamed myself afterwards for forgetting who my weekly partner was.

I quickly accepted this within myself after I realized this. This was a very quick synchronicity moment when I was able to catch on my negative beliefs.

This experience was extraordinary for me, because this was a confirmation of my weekly theme (6. Gene Key Peace – Diplomacy – Conflict). I became aware of the subtle frequency state of conflict for the first time. Previously this state has ended in various conflicts in my close relationships.

From another perspective, I felt like forcing myself to blame myself and others. Since this was an unconscious topic while acting, I never fully realized this state of being before.

My first day has been very empowering and positive. I was able to stay in a higher energy environment and was clear and gentle in my communications. I also implemented concepts which helped the whole group to be emotionally stable and discovered their own breakthroughs. In this aspect, my commitment and devotion for the group was strong.

My wife even said in the evening of the first day: “So nice, I am not used to this!”. Since this is not only an individual achievement, I also deeply thank everyone in the Gene Keys Delta group from my heart to their heart.

One of my biggest learnings in week one was to have a pause, before starting to judge or blame my friends and family. By holding back reactions onto my outer environment, energies of conflict quickly dissolved into a state of peace. The magic happened whenever I left attempts of conflict from my environment uncommented. I put no more energy into the attempts of conflict, therefore not a single conflict was able to grow, and all of them dissolved within seconds and minutes.

My summary of week one is that something really has changed from the inside out. I feel calmer and more peaceful, appreciated and understood. The weekly meeting gave me an epiphany, that for real, we humans are really one single organism – yet often so misunderstood.

Even within chaos, there is always peace. 

Week 2: Siddhi of Selflessness (27. Gene Key)

My weekly theme was the 5. position, the Siddhi of Selflessness, the Gift of Altruism and Shadow of Selfishness (27. Gene Key).

This was considered to be a sacral healing week. A special trial for me, because I felt I did a lot of selfless work in my vocation in the last couple of years. This was a time for me, to refine and reconsider some aspects of selflessness and unconditional love for myself and others.

The first weekly theme, what I discovered was my conditioned behavior to control my blog. My habit was to control the overall project by interfering certain workflows. At the same time, I understood that checking my new planted “seed” every day is very contrary to allow a sustainable and natural growth. Probably no flowers, trees or vegetables would ever grow after you analyze the seed every ten minutes, by placing the seed under a microscope. 

“You ask the seed: “When will you grow, my friend?” The seed replies: “Let me alone. Nature knows how it’s done!”

And then you plant the seed back into earth, wondering what happens after another ten minutes.

Another big theme was my physical body at a deeper transformational level. I noticed that healthy food consumption created a better energetic expression in my outer life. In this second week, I was catching myself eating regularly cakes and “Falafel Kebap”. Then, I finally decided to selflessly listen to my physical body and my body told me to go for a raw food week.

Because only when I am selfless towards my own different aspects of physical, emotional and mental aspects, may I begin to truly discover selflessness in my outer world.

Towards the end of the week, I felt myself emotionally attached to strong beliefs of my thoughts. Many times, I’ve still tried to understand something with my mind that actually can’t be understood by mind. The only action that resonated within me was to let go of all deep-seated beliefs and conditioned patterns that hold my full potential back. Fortunately, I know that a lot of people emanate altruism and a higher purpose to guide humanity into love and light.

I really wish to help my Gene Keys Delta group to stay in a higher state of consciousness, but today I felt the first time of a failure. I expanded my clarity and was able to observe the selfish world I truly live in.

Judgements are the opposite of selflessness. For a long time, just to feel a little better, I loved to suppress my selfishness deep into the subconscious mind. 

Selflessness is the embodiment for the higher good, selfishness IS THE EMBODIMENT OF THE EGO.

Week 3:  Siddhi of Transparency (59. Gene Key)

My weekly theme was the 4. position, the Siddhi of Transparency, the Gift of Intimacy and Shadow of Dishonesty (59. Gene Key). This was the open heart and unlived dreams phase.

The dive into my mental heart opening week began with a great learning. As a Gene Keys Delta Program group, we decided for a to-do, and I forced the group to do this ‘homework’ by mentally pushing them to make comments. Finally, I was unhappy, because it didn’t work out as discussed in the group. Then I was very upset. Two hours later, I read the documents for my weekly theme and my mind was blown away. I found out that sometimes my mind goes crazy over my heart because of reasons that are not logical at all.

This discovery in my third week guided me towards a really peaceful inner feeling. I realized that I didn’t have to control anything, because there is nothing needs to be controlled.

This week was overall playful. I still remembered paying an online bill and I was joking around when I transferred the dollars to another bank account. I had this smile on my face and said: “Oh, look Dominik – the imaginary dollars vanished. WOW – So funny”.

Transparency includes everything and dishonesty excludes everything.

Week 4: Siddhi of Clarity (57. Gene Key)

My weekly theme was the 7. position, the Siddhi of Clarity, the Gift of Intuition and Shadow of Unease (59. Gene Key). This was the phase of relationships to the higher realms and my weekly theme was trust.

This week was a great experience of partner reinforcement. My partner’s position was the second one. The theme was the emotional relationships in the physical and astral realm and in my seventh position, my theme was the higher mind relationships. While my partner in position two contemplated relationships in the lower realm, I contemplated the relationships to the higher realm.

Both positions reinforced each other and we both discovered a lot of synchronicities.

Right at the beginning of this week, a collective fear arose within me. By guiding myself inside me, I was able to transform those collective fears into a light feeling that full of peace. I was incredibly happy that I had the courage to look into that deep-seated fear without hesitation.

I won’t go into details of the exact fear inside me. It was one of the deepest fears, which kept me away from connecting to other beings on a very deep level.

This week was really special. Since relationships for the higher realms was my main topic in this week, I also had a longer conversation with one of my best friends and we clarified a lot of our energetic themes. I also understood myself better and got to know how to engage in relationships from a higher perspective that full of compassion.

True clarity is embodied truth in action.

Week 5: Siddhi of Purity (12. Gene Key)

My weekly theme was the 1. position, the Siddhi of Purity, the Gift of Discrimination and Shadow of Vanity (59. Gene Key). In week five, the theme was the purification of the mundane.

This week was considered as the sacred week, where all Gene Keys Delta group members focused their breakthrough on the 1. position. I focused on the purification of the mundane in my physical world. Right at the second day, I happened to clarify a lot in my mundane life, which was truly magical.

This week enabled everyone in 1. position to manifest his/her highest wish in the material realm.

This time, something magical happened. One of my best friends told me about a new approach to talk about the future. I can’t go into details here, however what I can say is that this matched 100% with my weekly theme to manifest the highest wish within me in the material realm. I explored this new approach of my friend right before sleeping and in the morning. After waking up in the morning, I had a great feeling.

Purity is a secret divine gift of ‘all that is’. 

For Week 6 and Week 7, I decided to not go into details. Let your imagination discover this great playful and fantastic teaching.

Summary of my first Gene Keys Delta Program

In this 7 weeks’ Gene Keys Delta Program journey, I had quantum leaps in relationships and in communication. I also received so many insights about the collective field and humanity as a collective being.

Do I need a strong commitment for my Gene Keys Delta Round?

This is one of the most important statements you have to discover within your heart. The Delta Program is like a raw diamond and can only fully blossom when all seven players in the round are fully present and committed. As an attendant you have the responsibility not only for yourself, but also for everyone else. Should one attendant be not able to continue at some point in the Delta Round, the whole Delta Round for everyone will be reset and they are able to restart another full Delta Round.

You have to be willing to sacrifice (19 – Gene Key) this seven weeks for a higher purpose. Sacrifice is not something negative in this regards. True sacrifice is based on selfless action and that you exactly know, what you need in life. In reality, every day we make new decisions and sacrifice us for a higher good. So make a clear statement and decision from heart about the Delta Program.

The Delta Program is a great entry into the Gene Keys system. The price for this program is 100 US dollars (20% off right now) , which is unbeatable for the amount of knowledge and wisdom you are going to have access to. And when you already attended in one Gene Keys Delta Round, the price for this program is 50 US dollars.

In general, I love the pricing of all Gene Keys programs, which all are affordable compared with some other programs on the market. For example, the kindle version of the Gene Keys book, which can be ordered for 6 US dollars, has probably the highest intrinsic value in the whole self-growth and spiritual society.

The first public round of the Gene Keys Delta Program started in June 2020 and the next in September 2020.

NEW: I recommend for the Delta program to have at least contemplated the activation and venus sequence of Gene Keys, so that the engagement in the group is most efficient and fun. And for your own safety.

Registration are soon open again: Info’s for Your Gene Keys Delta Round here.

The Gene Keys Delta Program is truly a glimpse of Synarchy (Siddhi – 44. Gene Key). To succeed, this program requires teamwork (Gift – 44. Gene Key) and trust.

“Gene Keys is like a box of treasures!” – Richard Rudd

With Love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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