Overcoming Limiting Belief Systems: Quick Help and 5 Sustainable Steps

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This article deciphers the secrets of limiting belief systems!

What could such a limiting belief system look like? How can you let go of your limiting beliefs and transform them into success patterns that enrich your life positively and sustainably?

All of this you can find out here in my new article.

1.What Are Belief Systems?
2.Examples of Limiting Belief Systems
3.That’s Why Belief Systems Are Important!
4.5 Sustainable Steps to Overcome Limiting Belief Systems
5.Quick Help for Limiting Belief Systems
6.Frequently Asked Questions When Overcoming Limiting Belief Systems

What Are Belief Systems?

Everyone knows them. Problems that do not stop being problems. A recurring challenge without end in sight. And we keep running into an invisible wall.

Today more people than ever know who is responsible for this.

Belief systems, behavior patterns, or scientifically neural networks.

How they can be sustainably changed and how challenges can be overcome with ease, however, is still known by very few people.

Who is guilty?

Our limiting belief systems.

These limitations make us believe that belief systems are always logical and therefore logically reversible.

But just our limiting belief systems, if recognized, are illogical!

Why should we limit ourselves to be happy, but poor at the same time? Why should we limit ourselves to be good at sports, but being afraid of injuries at any time?

All this is anything but logical. And yet we give these belief systems our full attention in the form of an emotional high-energy structure just waiting to be unloaded.

Examples of Limiting Belief Systems

Here are 10 simply structured limiting beliefs / negative beliefs:

  • I am poor.
  • I am sick.
  • I lack creativity.
  • I am thick.
  • I am unworthy.
  • I’m holding on.
  • I know that I am better than others.
  • I hate conflict.
  • I make myself small.
  • I am always unlucky.
  • I am unpopular.

Here are the possible 10 positive beliefs:

  • I am wealthy.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am full of creativity.
  • I feel comfortable in my body.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am letting go.
  • I am down to earth.
  • I love peace.
  • I am strong.
  • I am always lucky.
  • I am popular.

Here are 5 more complex limiting beliefs:

  • I can only be rich when I’m sick.
  • I am healthy but only when I am poor.
  • I am unworthy so I never let go.
  • I am left to be loved.
  • I am only appreciated when I win.

Why not…

  • I am wealthy and healthy at the same time.
  • I am healthy and wealthy.
  • I am worthy and let go.
  • I love myself and stay in touch with others.
  • I am always appreciated, even when I lose.

That’s Why Belief Systems Are Important!

They sustain our reality. If we had no belief systems, we would be like in a dream, directly manifesting and fluid. The physical reality, therefore, needs strong collective belief systems such as that it is dangerous to try to fly as humans. We have limiting belief systems that we collectively agreed to, like gravity, space, and time. So, not all limiting belief systems are bad. A computer program and computer games also have limitations and further specifications. This computer virtual reality would not work without these specifications. It is similar to our physical reality. Besides the collective unconscious, we have activated individual unconscious limiting belief systems, which are completely different from person to person. If we did not have these differences, we would all be a bunch in the ocean without the possibility of expression in art, music, sports, and all other creative activities. This is what defines us as human beings. When we perceive belief systems from this perspective, we have the opportunity to make adjustments to them more easily. As individuals, we are less taken by our beliefs.

To adapt them sustainably for our quality of life, I learned to apply the following 5 steps practically.

5 Sustainable Steps to Overcome Limiting Belief Systems

Before we start with the 5 steps, I would like to add as step 0 that all 5 steps should always be connected with play, fun, and joy. Because the steps are connected with seriousness and not with enthusiasm, we give up. So always make sure that even the experiences of your deep-seated fears are connected with a spark of joy and that you have the overriding clarity of why you are aware of your fears (to let them go in love). Always keep a certain distance from your fears, like projected on a mirror or a screen, if it becomes too intense.

Step 1: Willingness to confront yourself.

First of all, you may have the willingness to confront yourself in depth.

This first step is often overlooked!

We look for quick and easy solutions that work without having to confront our fears. The best examples are affirmations and the conversion of negative beliefs into positive ones. Here we do not need to deal with our deep-seated fears. Here we do not recognize on the heart and cell level why we have allowed this limiting belief system to exist.

We very quickly and often exchange a mental construct for a new one and hope for the desired change. In very rare cases this works, but your belief systems must match and allow it. Otherwise, the energy of limitations is too strong to allow and experience the new and to let go of the old forever.

Step 2: Tracking down the origin of the limiting belief system 

In the second step, we may recognize the origin of the limiting belief system. This is often much earlier in our development than we would like to admit.

Working on the inner child and the experiences of our childhood are the beginning of the transformation of belief systems, but not the end.

Belief systems behave like trees with large and small roots. The seed and the roots bring the tree into physical appearance. Just as the roots of a tree have many entanglements, our belief systems are massively entangled and interact with each other. For example, if we have found and defused a belief system that we discovered in our childhood about ‘low self-confidence’, many other belief systems can continue to fuel and maintain our ‘low self-confidence‘. Just as one root leads to another root. The seed of a tree and the first roots are the origins.

Entanglement Belief Systems

In the picture: The white limiting belief system is connected with the origin. The red limiting belief is connected to another origin. Only when we find the origin does the whole entanglement loosen. Often we find only a small part of the energetic structure, as marked in white and red on the picture. This changes very little. The goal is to discover and defuse the true origin. Then it is time to plant the new seed. (Step 3 – 5)

If we look at a neural network as in the following picture, we can see the similarity to the root structure of a tree. Neural networks are the scientific term for belief systems.

neural network

Those who work only with affirmations do not recognize the own roots of their behavior patterns, but the general programs of the collective, which do not necessarily have to be strongly activated in us. For example, we could try to change “My bones are my weak point” by saying “My bones are strong and healthy.

But you haven’t figured out why your bones are your weak point. This can have an infinite number of reasons. Similar to a Trojan horse, the problem will not vanish into thin air just because you think it away.

The subject needs practical experience to understand and anchor this in-depth at the cellular level. I hope that with the metaphor of the tree the concept behind this problem will be understood.

We may also learn to understand that our limiting beliefs always want to keep us from changing them. It wouldn’t be helpful if we could just snap our fingers and change all the programs we don’t like.

Therefore, many people convince us of our limiting belief systems so that we only scratch the surface. They constantly distract us from our inner world. Especially to initiate our next 3 steps in this process, our limiting belief systems distract us again and again!

Step 3: Remove the emotional energy from limiting belief systems 

Now the magic begins.

Dissolving your limiting beliefs can be a breeze.

When we are close to the origin and have recognized it and emotions are rising, we may let go of this emotional energy in love. It is also important to gain practical experience and to understand how to let go of energies that are no longer useful to us. We hold on to most things, as we hold on to life, even if we do not want to admit it. In the picture below you can see what happens when you let go of the origin and the emotional attachment.

changing belief system

Finding the origin triggers a chain reaction. As visible in white, free energy is at your disposal. You put the free energy into a new emotional desirable structure as explained in step 4. The red belief system remains, as do the rest of the belief systems that were not directly docked to the original pattern.

Step 4: Using the released emotional energy in a new pattern of success 

It’s nice that you now feel liberated or released, more relaxed, calmer, and more peaceful.

Now the most important part begins!

To use the newly gained emotional energy from the old into a new pattern of success. This works with your imagination. You recreate the situation with all your 5 senses in your mind.

Through this, you will find that you will feel even more liberated, happy, and peaceful. These sensations of your physical body, the emotions and thoughts that arise, you can use at any time as a valuable measuring instrument. However, this requires great clarity of your inner and outer world. Nowhere in this 4th phase must resistance or doubts arise again. This is a sign that you have only dissolved parts of the limiting belief systems and that there are still other aspects that you may let go.

limiting beliefs vs subconscious mind

The picture on the left showcases emotional states. Let’s say in our example in the picture (steps 2 + 3) your belief system has made you aggressive, irritable, and tired. A clear indication that it was time to say goodbye to this limiting original pattern. The picture on the right shows you how you should feel and experience immediately after you have changed the free energy of the limiting belief system into a new pattern of success. Let’s say in our example you feel liberated, peaceful, and heart-opening after the new creation.

Step 5: Strengthen the new success pattern and act upon it 

This is where the full potential of the new success pattern unfolds.

You go into even more detail of the new success pattern and write down which challenges to master, which skills you are allowed to learn, and which next small steps you will physically take.

It is also important that you look at how other people feel with your new success pattern and how it supports them in their lives. The time component is also important.

Until when is your success pattern physically 100% activated?

When will you initiate the next small steps?

Nowhere in this 5th phase must resistance or doubts arise again. This is a sign that you have only dissolved parts of the limiting belief system and that there are other aspects you are allowed to let go.

All this will seem complex to you, but in essence, it is like driving a car. We simply learn many small different components that work together and only work as a whole.

Just imagine you don’t know on which lane you have to drive or who has priority. It’s the same with our limiting belief systems today. We do not pay attention to the essential components so that we can be masters of our destiny.

Bonus Step: The 6 steps of transformation for success patterns

challenging limiting beliefs

After you have activated a new success pattern, a new journey begins. You will share it with yourself or with others (level 4), you will crystallize it (level 5) and you will be grateful for it (level 6). If tensions or disagreements arise again in the field (Step 1) you will receive feedback from your environment (Step 2) and can then adjust your belief systems again (Step 3). I will soon write an extra article about this, which will describe this in more detail.

Quick Help for Limiting Belief Systems 

As mentioned before, I am not a fan of affirmations. However, they can have a supportive effect at very short notice. 

Quick tip 1: Positive affirmations:

You feel poor and think you are poor, then from now on feel rich, think rich and above all act rich! Tell yourself that I am rich and prosperous or all the money in the world will always flow to me instead of saying I am poor or I don’t know if I will make it to the end of the month.

I am honestly not a fan of this approach and it rarely keeps the 5 sustainable steps from above. This is the case because the emotional structure is still more strongly anchored in the old belief system than in the new positive belief system. For this purpose, I am making a special article that shows exactly why we think we have let go of a limiting belief, but in reality, it never happened. The limiting belief laughs inwardly and says: “Haha, again you didn’t catch me! Good luck next time, you won’t get me dissolved so quickly!

However, the procedure can lead to a step by step understanding of your conditioning and limiting belief systems and you realize that it is one step too short to realize – why you have activated this belief system in you.

Another popular method is to write the limiting belief system on a piece of paper and then burn it. For example, you write “I hate money”, “I am insufficient” and all other limiting belief systems that resonate with you on the piece of paper and then burn it. Here you also do not follow the 5 steps, because you do not use the released energy in new success patterns. You could then make a list of positive affirmations that correspond to your dream life, but let’s be honest about how often this happens in our lives.

Quick and sustainable tip 2 – Gene Keys:

I recommend a combination. Order the book “Gene Keys” and read the chapters. Here you will very quickly recognize which combination possibilities exist in our DNA and which limiting belief systems are active in you. If you catch limiting beliefs by thinking, feeling, or acting in a limited moment, then you are much closer to the origin of the behavior pattern. Follow the above 5 sustainable steps to change your behavior patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions when Dissolving Limiting Belief Systems

  1. How can I make sure that the limiting belief systems are dissolved?

You are self-confident, light, and peaceful. Uncertainties, doubts, and conflicts are suddenly gone. You will not experience the same problem on a physical level again in your essence. Your thoughts purify themselves and you think less and less about the problem until it stops completely. You have no confused ideas that the same thing could happen again.

If this is not the case, then you have certainly ignored one of the sustainable 5 steps. Then the search begins all over again until your new positive belief system gains significant conviction within you.

  1. What to do when my limiting belief system comes back?

 Then you did not change the origin, but only the effects of the origin. But you have moved forward anyway because you are now more aware of this process. The next step is to check which of the 5 sustainable steps to change your belief system you failed to follow. You may look deep into your fears again, always connected with distance and joy until the positive belief systems are working actively and without tension.

  1. What are the dangers of dissolving limiting belief systems?

Always only the dangers that come from your limiting belief systems. Here are 3 of the biggest dangers.

  1. Power & Clarity: The belief to know how the dissolving of belief systems works and to have arrived at the end of evolution. Knowing everything means not being open to new and different views of a worldview.
  2. Self-doubt: You doubt whether the new success pattern / positive belief system is activated. If you doubt yourself, either you have not found the origin or there are limiting belief systems associated with self-doubt.
  3. Fear: We are afraid of the new and instead of rising above our limiting beliefs, we let them control us again. So have the courage to stand up for your new life that may cause some short-term obstacles, but after that, the quality of life will be much better.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about your belief systems in the comment box below. Write down your experiences so far, how you have overcome your limiting belief systems, and changed them into positive belief systems in the comment box. I am curious!

Unconditional love,

your Dominik

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