4 Self-Confidence Tips – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence

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To build up more self-confidence is a massive to-do in our super-hectic society, isn’t it? It looks almost like everyone wants to be someone and no one wants to act deeply enough from their heart to be that someone.

We are on a “fast and more” train instead of a “slow and less” train. Discover later what I mean by that. We have to improve our self-confidence, right? Otherwise we feel lost in low self-esteem.

In this stunning read, I unwrap everything available to guide you towards building up your inner self-confidence, your true individual and collective part of confidence. Together, we unlock the secrets, heart over will. Discover new exercises and possibilities for your inner heart.


  1. A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence
  2. The Analysis – The Definition of Self-Confidence.
  3. The Journey – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence.
  4. 2 Examples and Exercises – The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence.
  5. Spontaneous Training – A Short Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.
  6. 4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.
  7. A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.
  8. 11 Inspiring Quotes for More Self-Confidence. 

A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence

A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence
A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence – Hamburg Story

My destination was set! This was my first experience speaking in front of hundreds of people. I felt excited! At that time, I was sure to be relaxed and very self-confident about life. I built up my presentation charts two days before travelling to Hamburg. I prepared my “FreiheitsBusiness” presentation intuitively, using two small papers to remember the keynotes of the conference speech in case of an emergency.

In any circumstances, what happened to me the following morning, I wouldn’t believe!

As my phone rang two times in the morning, I was already up a bit late. Time to get up! Slowly and smoothly, I packed everything. My lovely girlfriend drove me to the railway station—easy for us to arrive in time, we thought.

Still, a bit in a hurry, we drove to the railway station. Since Hamburg is a seven-hour trip, to be in time for the train was my only chance to participate at the conference speech the following day.

Suddenly, quite a number of cars also drove before us to the railway station. Nervousness appeared out of nowhere. My inner self poured out a lack of confidence: “Is there a chance to miss my train? Will I really miss my only opportunity to go to Hamburg?” I calmed my mind down, because that’s what I had to do

On the streets near the railway station, several streetlights emerged. The first streetlight jumped to red and the second streetlight also jumped to red. I felt annoyed!

Slowly, time ran away. Again, nervousness emerged in me. I almost wanted to blame myself, taking my time and packing everything so slowly back at home. However, I tried to keep my cool and stayed self-confident.

I told myself, “If the universe does not want me to travel, I don’t. It is no problem to miss the train.” I did some breathing and visual techniques to let my mind calm down again.

A sense of relief crossed my whole body. I surrendered and felt kind of intoxicated.

A sudden thought emerged: “To reach the train, get out of the car immediately and run to the railway station.” I didn’t hesitate for a second. The red streetlights stopped us immensely.

I jumped out of the car and decided to run to the station. Before leaving the car, with gratitude, I thanked my girlfriend for driving and supporting me.

I started to run as fast as I could to the railway station, 500 meters in distance. My suitcase felt heavy. I took a comfortable suitcase; people normally only take something like that inside an airplane.

As I ran, I started to breathe more heavily. I continued to run and started to sweat. My pulse increased.

I thought, “Man, where is my body endurance? Should have done more sports, eh?”

Another lack in confidence entered my mind. “Give up; your effort is for nothing. At the end, you will sweat for nothing.”

However, I did not listen to my head, I listened to my heart and continued to run.

Finally, I arrived at the central station. Inside the central station, I looked towards the stairs inside the building, seeing workers in front of the stairs. I see a sign. “Under alteration.” I spoke within, “Self-confidence, what is that?”

Sweating even more, I searched the new entry to the platform of the railway station to Hamburg.

I ran towards the platform of the railway station; no train was in sight! An upset emotion emerged from deep inside. I spoke within again, “Self-confidence, what is that?”

Suddenly, I looked over to the parallel railway platform. I noticed that I ran to the wrong platform. The train to Hamburg was clearly visible at the parallel platform; believe me or not, within seconds of reach, I jumped onto the train to Hamburg!

A sense of deep relaxation went down my bones. I followed my heart. The reward was my first conference speech in Hamburg.

My story shows that life is not a walkover and it is not supposed to be a walkover! We all experience days that deeply hurt and challenge us. Even though the story of me looks so playful and I did not experience any “defeat” as we identify bitter defeats from the mind, it shows one thing. If we stay in our own center and are full of self-confidence, we have a much better chance to shape our lives freely.

True self-confidence can emerge in those situations. Do you give up or continue? Can you lightly take a punch in your face and still laugh?

A lot in our life feels predetermined! We might not be aware of what happens next, but we surely are responsible for how we approach our current destiny. The open heart helps us to overcome all difficulties in life.

What is the paradox and beauty of life and destiny?

The more we surrender to our destiny with an open heart, the more we design our destiny!

The story continues later…

The Analysis – The Definition of Self-Confidence.

The Definition of Self-Confidence
The Definition of Self-Confidence

What is our lovely Google saying about self-confidence? What does it mean to be self-confident?

Extract from Vocabulary;

“To be self-confident is to be secure in yourself and your abilities. When you are giving a presentation or a speech, it helps to be self-confident. Confidence is a feeling of trust in someone or something.”

And an extract from Wikipedia;

“The concept of self-confidence is commonly used as self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc. One’s self confidence increases from experiences of having satisfactorily completed particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do.”

What happened in my personal story of magical coincidence over confidence?

The moment I started to feel nervous and shaky and my thoughts became doubtful, I surrendered to my heart. I let thoughts be thoughts. I let fear be fear. I let love be love.

Scaring myself about the future in that moment was no option. Victimization through my memories was no option.

And with success, I surrendered to the universal intelligence.

Self-assurance, as written in the Wikipedia article, was my key. I was in a state of self-assurance. I stayed at the center and finally, I celebrated inside the train. I gave everything, and I believed in the intelligence.

“Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand and practice this, live in freedom.”

– Krishna

The Journey – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence.

The Definition of Self-Confidence
The Definition of Self-Confidence

True self-confidence is a very simple and complex myth. A mix of loving yourself and others to the fullest, accepting life as it is, and being courageous enough to take the next steps without a trace of fear.

1. Decisions Full of Clarity

When we begin to level up our self-confidence to a certain degree, decisions become easier. The decision might still be the same, but we are not. Our experience increases tremendously and whatever decisions are to be made have the fragrance of clarity. All decisions are therefore made very quickly or instantly. Should we feel that a decision was based on a faulty perception, we easily accept our bad perception and rearrange our decisions. We begin the path of gratitude and self-love.

2. Increased Levels of Energy

As soon as we have that distinctive and pleasant smell, filled up with self-confidence, our energy levels increase. The fragrance of clarity empowers our whole being to act, not react. Out of those actions rises the maturity of responsibilities in our life. We no longer blame others. Whenever we fall back to a state of lower frequencies, at the speed of light, we discover this state and open our inner heart again. Remember the state of your early childhood or observe other children. All of them emanate increased levels of energy. They never destructively suppress their emotions. Children often mirror the suppressed feelings and emotions of parents. Our children sense that deep level of dishonesty towards our own feelings.

3. A Wide-Open Heart

Sooner or later, acting from intelligence and not reacting from memory moves us to a deeper level of our heart. We no longer victimize ourselves out of reaction and our primary fear. An inner sparkle appears, accepting all that is. We are beyond the level of our reason. Slowly but steadily, our mind merges into this wide-open heart, leaving no trace of dishonesty. Science has a hard time rationalizing these states of consciousness. In psychology terms, it is the journey back to our inner child that has succeeded. We no longer suppress our feelings. We’ve had enough.

A mystic Indian teacher known by the public as Sadhguru writes the following about our perception: 

“Whenever we mistake memory for intelligence, we are a karma case because we live out of our memory and not our intelligence!”

– Sadhguru

4. Connection to Our Truth

Truth is universal. Our heart connects us to that universal stream of love. As soon as our heart reaches a certain level of tenderness and presence, we are able to see through our illusionary perception into the pure awareness of reality. An imaginary and beautiful world opens up that we have probably last seen as infants. We are far beyond the levels of reason. Science, however, discovers more and more about our energetic universe. Connecting to our truth means connecting to our inner universe. The third eye is wide open and sees beyond the illusions. Our physical body starts to relax to deeper levels and our automated thoughts vanish altogether whenever we focus on being in that state of wholeness.

5. Coincidences Vanish

Pure awareness releases a fragrance of unconditional love into our whole being. Coincidences cannot co-exist in this state of being. Paradoxes start to appear. As long as we cannot explain a miracle, people call them coincidences. In this state of consciousness, paradoxes win. Our body emanates a brighter light full of love. Did you ever ask yourself, “Why do infants look so cute and innocent?” We enter the realm of universal guidance.

6. Deep Body Relaxation

Whenever coincidences are not able to co-exist in our reality, deep body relaxation emerges. We surrender to the true reality. Our body feels ease and emanates this lightness into our environment. We are able to let ourselves be guided towards our higher purpose and serve others to do the same. Individually, we express ourselves so different that this is hard to describe. From one person to another, experience and expression can be totally different. Deep body relaxation is beyond most people’s reach, as long as death is relevant in their lives.

7. Everything’s an Adventure

Good and evil cannot co-exist anymore. Everything is seen with a pure consciousness, a wholeness. All the challenges of others are not separated from us anymore. We may still connect to lower levels of frequencies because of our empathy and love towards other beings. At the same time, we cannot return to the deep darkness of our previous state of soul. Our unconditional love emanates so vastly that everything’s seen as an adventure! A fragrance of true self-confidence emerges.

2 Examples and Exercises – The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence

The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence Meditation
The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence

 I found a great extract from the book “The Jeshua Channelings”.

“This is not the arrogance that you find in an inflated ego, it is simply to trust yourself: I feel that I can do this! It means being aware of your deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities, and acting accordingly. Allow your energies to flow out of you, trust in your natural talents and gifts, trust who you really are and show yourself to the world.”

1. A Dead End of Decisions

Did you ever experience the following?

Thinking about what to do is considered normal in our society. Today, a lot of our decisions are made by our reasoning. We calculate everything! Rationality is the norm. Irrationality is divergence from the norm. We were programmed from our very early childhood that the norm in school and study is rationality. We rarely remembered and experienced divergence from the norm.

Whenever we experienced the irrational, we suppressed ourselves. In another sense, we are stuck in our old patterns. We do not allow new, exciting patterns to rise up because we fear the unknown.

So, how do we fill up with self-confidence again?

As infants, we didn’t fear a thing, but because of our attachments to the inner programming, we have become the fear. Look into our infants’ eyes; there is never a trace of fear.

Out of fear, decisions from the heart or irrationality are impossible. However, those exact experiences we irrationally decide on lighten us up.

My relocation to Cyprus, for example, was purely irrational from the heart. How can marrying one month before relocating to another country and leaving my wife in Germany be rational? It is not possible, however, exactly that created my most extraordinary experiences and level of growth.

Experiences we rationally decide on rarely lighten us up. We experienced them out of reason millions and billions of times already. They bore our inner truth.

That is why I call it the dead end of decisions.

For clarification: Above, I never wrote about irrational madness, always about our irrational heart. Irrational madness is rationality going wild.

An exercise for decisions out of the heart: After you have internalized the text, gladly close your eyes and go through the process completely. Connect to your inner heart by being fully aware of the solar plexus above your bellybutton. Focus all your attention on your solar plexus. Visualize this! Open your heart. Now draw attention to the vertex in the middle of your head. See how light pours down from your head to the heart in the center of your chest. See how the light pours further from the heart to the solar plexus above your bellybutton. Decide out of your gut feeling and do not look back.

Whenever you make a decision and your reason starts to doubt the decision, you know it is an irrational decision out of your heart.

2. A Formula for Happiness

Negative stress keeps us away from a state of inner happiness. Our physical body stresses out and we are not able to feel joy, love, or happiness to live our full potential.

Probably you have experienced a state of deep shattering across your whole being because something horrible happened in your life. We learned to suppress our feelings and emotions since childhood and that is the reason we keep continuing in the field of negative stress. We hold onto our past instead of living in the present. We wish for a better future instead of living in the present.

An exercise for more confidence and joy: When you wake up in the morning and your logic starts to function, questions may appear in your mind. Ask yourself the following question: Today, shall I be joyful or miserable?

Shortly before the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse died, people gathered around him and asked, “Why are you so happy and joyful every day?” He answered, “Till now, I just happened to choose joy, that’s all!”

When you are joyful, you won’t act with stupidity against yourself. Everyone’s happy, we only can’t maintain it for the whole day.

Also, vastly recognize your state of helplessness as a first step out of the deep, shattered state of your whole being. Realizing and practicing this for more confidence can be a real breakthrough! We have to access our heart or intelligence over memories.

How do we manage memories and intelligence for self-confidence?

Spontaneous Training – Sequel Story to Build Up Self-Confidence

Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.
Spontaneous Training – A Short Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.

Sitting comfortably inside the train to Hamburg, I started to edit my presentation for the conference speech again. I wondered, “Did I miss an important aspect?” So I double-checked it. I also thought about how to start the conference speech, how to touch and connect to the crowd. Not only the crowd, but the people’s heart and the people’s energy and emotions. This was essential for an outstanding speech.

Comfortably sitting in the train, I increased my self-confidence with a meditation, imagining myself asking the crowd the following: “Who has already invested in digital assets? Hands up.” Next, “Did you at least double your investment? Hands up.” Moving them towards action. Then, “What do you think caused it not to work for the majority?”

After several hours of travelling, I arrived at Hamburg, visiting my soulmates’ home in the evening before the conference started the following day.

The next morning after waking up, a nervous feeling overcame me. My mind lacked confidence and was not able to stop spreading a hectic mood. A short meditation helped, followed by a healthy snack made by my friends, before jumping into the tram that led me into the heart of Hamburg. Arriving at the conference at 10 a.m., everything stabilized and I felt very relaxed.

My speech, scheduled around late afternoon, was quite a time away.

After several speeches and harmonizing with the environment, I felt quite comfortable. I spoke within, “Well, nothing can go wrong. The crowd is so cheerful and happy!”

In the afternoon, there was one more speech before mine. There was a little difficulty with my speech because the planned break, including food, was quite delayed. The crowd was starving already, hoping for food and drinks after a lot of presentations.

I was wondering if this would affect my conference speech because I, too, was hungry! Luckily, I prepared a healthy smoothie mix in the morning.

Finishing the current presentation, the unexpected occurred. Markus, the founder of the “FreiheitsBusiness” conference, went on the stage and announced, “Finally, we are ready for our break. Food and drinks are ready. See you in thirty minutes!”

“Seriously? Did that just happen?” My mental state was doubtful and hectic; I did not know what to do. “Food and drinks before my speech?” Probably a very bad idea. So, I decided to delay it and went outside for a meditation.

This break took ages, I thought! Real nervousness and impatience, two of humanity’s biggest troublemakers, overcame me.

“Come on—please let me do my presentation. Quicker!” But nothing happened quickly in those 30 minutes.

Then, I heard Markus’s voice back on stage: “OK, we continue! Everyone back to their places!” From that moment, everything happened quickly.

I remember my body shook at my microphone setup while the crowd was waiting for my speech. The “FreiheitsBusiness” crowd was still sitting down, a real perfect situation for a stage “newcomer.”

Suddenly, standing in front of 150 people at a conference; “How was my presentation supposed to start again?” My inner voice shook.

On the train to Hamburg, I prepared two simple questions or interactions for the crowd, but I communicated those questions completely wrong, leading to misunderstandings at the start of my speech. Since then, I call it “the clarity blackout!” Quite an embarrassing start, I thought!

Out of nowhere, my lips and mouth felt dry as hell. I took myself way to seriously and a lack of confidence emerged.

Another thirty seconds of speaking went horribly. Suddenly, I had eye contact. Another speaker in the first row said, “Relax and drink a water!”

So, I had a short pause.

20 Seconds in Silence for More Self-Confidence

20 Seconds in Silence for More Self-Confidence!!

Does a miracle exist? Is there an exercise to fill up with self-confidence in an extrem situation available? If so, how do you explain a 20-second miracle for self-confidence?

It seems impossible to explain, as it can only be experienced! From a complete blackout and extreme nervousness, I went into a state of massive self-confidence and calmness! In the 20-second pause, thoughts began to disappear. Emotions and feelings disappeared. I felt light and surprisingly confident. My inner voice spoke within, “It is just a game—nobody cares about it. Let go and open your heart slightly.”

My whole being changed at that moment. It was an unforgettable moment. A moment of miracles.

Trusting my own abilities, I went into a great flow and at the end of the talk, several people of the “FreiheitsBusiness” crowd asked questions in the questions and answers part of my presentation. As soon as that part was finished, some very kind people gathered around me to ask for guidance.

I was a bit stunned about that. I had the courage to belief in myself. The awesome crowd and people also supported me.

Why was this an essential experience for my self-confidence? What should you take away from it?

We all struggle at some point in life. I do, as do you. The secret is in how we evaluate struggles in stressed situations and how we act, not react, while they occur.

Do we blame ourselves for the so-called “failure” of a moment or do we rise above the uncomfortable situation?

Do we let ourselves and others take advantage of a misery or do we grow stronger from the uncomfortable situations in life?

I always had the guts to stand up again and again. Besides taking the initiative, I developed strategies to balance everything out. This led me to a stage of my present state, where I instantly feel true self-confidence in most environments.

For sure, I have my weaknesses where I would lack in self-confidence, however, I am certain that nothing could “defeat” me in life.

I live day by day to the fullest more and more, not fearing what could happen or what happened. It is a safe feeling of the present. A state of heart opening and deep surrender.

4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.

4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence. 
4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.

1. Understanding Yourself

Our memory is not the enemy. We are only more into our memories and less into the intelligence. That is all there is to say. The honest truth is that only you can build self-confidence through the experiences of life and honest reflection and letting go of those experiences.

A lack of confidence is always a sign of fear which flows into a state of indifference. We cannot fully understand ourselves and we don’t act in life. Understanding comes through acting. Act with intelligence, not with memory. Should you continue to react with memory, nothing changes, and you keep your lack of confidence.

This may be new for you, but you are not able to create something new and wonderful purely with your memory, because this memory has triggered the present state.

Albert Einstein quoted this wonderfully;

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them

– Albert Einstein

Einstein also said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

A small exercise:You’re allowed to go for it. It’s highly effective. First read it completely and then make yourself comfortable, as if you were meditating. Once you have read the process, close your eyes and visualize the following.

Imagine that you forget what you seem to know about life, and let everything creative, and wonderful flow into your life that you don’t know. Know nothing, and everything at the same time. Surrender to your heart and feel this 2-3 finger breadths above your belly button. Also feel how your inner sun spreads into all regions of your body, feel how all cells bathe in the pleasant sun. Feel how you open yourself to new things that serve you, and others, and are beneficial to the well-being of yourself and others.

2. Self-Confidence Programming

The best programming for self-confidence is experience! Rather than waiting for success, achieve and build success. Whenever it feels hard act in your life, your programming from childhood is blocking your potential. I would recommend you learn to use a method to discover and let go of your blockages. I use a bio-feedback method only available in Germany right now to do so. I heard about several methods overseas, however, I never experienced them. Most important is that methods let you be autonomous. Whenever there is a trace of dependence included in a method for transformation, after the teaching process, it is based on memory, not intelligence and love.

A small exercise: Ask yourself, “Which fears won’t let me take action?” Wait patiently for the response. Be patient, surrender, and open yourself to those fears. Accept and embrace them with full love and go forward. Act and experience.

3. The Realm of Genetics (DNA)

Unlocking the higher purpose hidden in our DNA can be a real challenge.

The third tip is a short intro into our vast human potential and how this helps to develop confidence. Extract from the book “Gene Keys” **


You are a living genius. Every human being is born a genius. I am not just saying you have the capacity to be a genius, but that you are one, right now. Your higher purpose in life is to share your particular genius with the world. But what is genius? The original root of the word refers to a kind of overseeing spirit or guardian who looks after a person. It also has a clear connection with the word gene, which is one of the reasons it has come to be associated with certain special people with a genetic hereditary gift of intelligence or intellect.

Today when we think of genius, we generally think of it as intellectual prowess, as for example in the case of Einstein. I would like you to understand genius in a new way. To begin with, you don’t have to be intellectual to be a genius. Genius describes you living at your zenith. It is you living your life without holding anything back, owning and therefore transcending your fears. To be a genius is to have the courage to live life with an open heart, as a deep romance.

  • Rudd, Richard. The Gene Keys

So do not hesitate to be on the “slow and less” track of your zenith and confidence will develop. Check out more about the “slow and less” track in the book “Odyssey to the Heart“!**

4. Vitalizing Our Lost Confidence

There are times in our life when we lose our confidence and nothing works! We do, we act, and no positive outcome is emerging. My tip in that case is to lie back and let go of all of the willpower that wants to reach a certain goal. The chance that reaching that goal is infected by the ego is immensely high. Meditating several hours per day and reflecting on your goals and/or rechecking your goals via heart methods is a great to-do list. Running against a wall is never easy, and especially noticing what we have done to ourselves and our environment can be painful. Honestly approaching and realizing the errors of our ways is a hidden pathway to our inner heart. This is an effective tip to gain confidence.

My secret exercise: Whenever I feel a complete loss of confidence, I read intuitively the book “Gene Keys“** to discover my hidden genetic programming that forces me into a state of lower frequency. This is my exercise to strengthen my confidence. The book is a synthesis of 64 gene keys. 

“True synthesis can only come about when the left and right hemispheres of the human brain are in balance. “

– Richard Rudd

A Special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence

A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.
A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.

The following tribute is an extract from the book “The Jeshua Channelings” ** for self-confidence. Read this message from your heart.

“This is not the arrogance one finds in a pompous ego, but it is simply about trusting oneself: I feel that I can! It means being aware of your deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities, and acting accordingly. Let your energies flow out of you, trust in your natural talents and gifts, trust in who you really are and show yourself to the world!

Especially for you, lightworkers who have so much inner knowledge and wisdom, it is time to show you and no longer hide. It is time. Here you will find your greatest fulfillment.

Reconcile with the masculine energy within you. Do not hesitate to stand up for yourself, accept abundance and take good care of yourself. Be egoistic in the purest and neutral sense of the word. You are an ego; you are an individual. You cannot and should not be forgiving and understanding all the time. It is not spiritual to tolerate anything and everything. Of course, there are moments where you have to say “no” or maybe even “and bye” and cannot compromise. Do this without fear or guilt and feel how the male energies of self-confidence and self-esteem make it possible for you to let the tender plant of your female energy blossom and flourish. It is only about the cooperation between the energies. Male and female energies have gone down together in a long and painful struggle.

There is an important “loneliness” in life that has nothing to do with loneliness, but everything to do with you being an “I”, a unique individual. Accepting this loneliness in no way stands in the way of an experience of deep connection to others. If you truly acknowledge your individuality, you can be truly creative. The masculine energy of the solar plexus helps you become truly creative. This is what the feminine energies within you are waiting for. Your deep inspirations want to materialize, they want to come out in a very earthly way and bring waves of love and harmony to the earth.”

When you feel this extract of the book is resonating with your inner self, then I am recommending the book “The Jeshua Channelings“. **

11 Inspiring Quotes for More Self-Confidence

  1. “The more we surrender to our destiny with an open heart, the more we design our destiny!”
  2. “Whenever we mistake memory for intelligence, we are a karma case because we live out of our memory and not our intelligence!” – Sadhguru
  3. “It doesn’t matter if it is true self-confidence, love, freedom, god or energy. Everything has a deep fragrance of the divine that has to be experienced.”
  4. “For one who have conquered is mind, mind is best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, mind is the greatest enemy.” – Krishna
  5. “To experience true self-confidence, you have to surrender to your heart in the never-ending presence.”
  6. “Whatever happened, was good. What’s happening is going well. Whatever will happen, will also be good. Do not worry about the future live in present.”
  7. “We are born confidence, so we are able to revive confidence any moment in our life.”
  8. “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.” – Martin Luther
  9. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu
  10. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breads confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie
  11. “Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand and practice this live in freedom.” – Krishna 

Thanks for reading. I believe in your confidence. I believe in your actions.
Because I believe in my confidence and actions!

With unconditional love,


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