3 Steps to Heal our Soul on Earth. Part 2

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It’s breathtaking that you’re here. If you have not yet read the first part of the series, “Healing Soul and Healing Earth,” you can go directly to the first part here.

In the first part, I talked about how we are more connected to the earth than we can imagine in our dreams and how we heal ourselves as a soul and thus heal the earth.

Here in the second part, we progress at the speed of light. But be sure to read part one first. In addition to my approach between consciousness, habits, and behaviors, in this article, we go into an inner and outer spark to collectively create the leap to a higher level of consciousness.

Taking action is the decisive factor for this extraordinary success with awareness, which begins individually and ends collectively.

In other words, in part two, I will give you deep insights into our psyche. With the following three steps, it is possible for you to demonstrably and positively influence the wellbeing of the earth and thus your wellbeing. This inner blueprint is divided into different types of actions that we are allowed to integrate into our daily lives.

Here we go! Let us take three steps that we humans can do to heal our soul on the one hand and to heal a part of the earth on the other.

Step 1: Why it is Worth Becoming Active on a Small Scale

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Your own four walls (home), family, and friends are a great field for positive life changes. To start with small things is one of the secrets for the following consciousness—and for quantum leaps.

In small groups, many of us humans have already begun to pay more attention to nutrition.

It has already seeped deep into our psyche that massive meat consumption is harmful to the earth and its inhabitants and that we are doing something positive for the environment with a more conscious lifestyle.

The food industry is adapting, as the early success of the “Beyond Meat” brand shows. Vegan food is not just a trend but, for many people, a healthier lifestyle.

One of the traps of faith  we could fall into as meat consumers is that we only ride our bikes, continuing to consume meat in return. However, CO2 emissions from cars and vehicles have a much smaller effect on the environment than our meat consumption.

A conscious plant-based diet is therefore more soul healing and earth healing than all vehicles worldwide combined.

There are many studies and articles on this subject, such as Economist’s “How much would giving up meat help the environment?” or the Guardian’s “Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth.”

Just riding a bike gives us a feeling of satisfaction because we are doing something for the environment, but the effects of meat consumption are much more serious.

We must find a healthy remedy here because we need time to change our habits.

For a company emphasizing the environmental disadvantages of diesel and gasoline cars while, at the same time, bringing serious benefits to the electric car industry, see Tesla. Likewise, it advantages the vegan/vegetarian food industry if we only talk about meat. Here, we come directly to our biggest problem child.

What is the problem child of our timeline?

With the mind and reason, we can put everything in order the way we want. Just as we can create reasons for something, we create reasons against it. We often describe the world as quite beautiful to each other, ignoring our behavior patterns, of course.

So, we should all be aware that the mass keeping of animals has long since reached a limit that is neither bearable nor beautiful to look at. Through further exploitation of the animal world and the plant world, no soul will heal and also the earth will heal only slowly again.

Step 1 is therefore a topic about what can be implemented on a small scale, such as a more conscious diet or the reduction of plastic consumption.

What can we also implement directly on a small scale?

Our day-to-day relationships with ourselves and others in our home environment. There, the holy grail is buried, which shows us who we are and who we pretend to be. Likewise, we receive daily advice on how we can change.

However, it only looks simple on the surface, because if we dig deeper, we can see why the world is primarily as it is at present.

What is certain, however, is that the earth rewards us through our own initial spark, for as we give, we are given.

Sooner or later, the earth pushes us into a spontaneous, unpleasant situation in which we have to change or, in some cases, we might even die. So why do we not consciously work for a positive life change?

Step 2: Our New Operating System. This is How We Decipher the Big Picture and Heal Our Soul

Heal our soul on earth
3 steps to heal our soul on earth

Another quantum leap to heal the soul and heal the earth is to engage more in deep meditations. Step 1 is mindfulness. Step 2 is becoming aware for deep, inner transformation. However, major challenges quickly arise here.

As the saying goes:

Who does not meditate today still has tomorrow 😀

Maybe you tell yourself, “How do I meditate? I’ll start meditating when I’m well provided for.” Or, “Currently, I have my work. So much effort. There is no time for meditation. I must focus so that I can achieve my goals!” Or, “I already go to the gym and prefer to do sports rather than meditate.” Or, “Meditation is for spiritual and esoteric people, not for me!”

Basically, all excuses for not getting deeper into yourself and your psyche. There could be fears that are unpleasant or maybe something doesn’t fit in our life anymore that worked wonderfully until now.

Except, you know what? Have you ever seen a super boring movie, in which you know how it ends from the very beginning? What do you do in this case? You’re switching off the movie right away!

Remember one of your favorite movies for a moment. What happened the first time you watched it?

I strongly assume that everything was full of wonder and you were magically captivated, because you were surprised by the movie again and again.

How is your personal life today?

We all tend to “secure” our lives. But for what?

We tend to live half-heartedly and now we want to know what the next 5 years will bring us and what the next 40 years will look like. We control our lives daily. Yes, we control our lives, or at least we try to. This is the paradox in life as a human being. But we should not confuse control with planning. We should all have a healthy plan.

This means that we switch off some movies at the push of a button because they are boring, but we build our own life’s work in this boring way. Isn’t that ironic?

I decided years ago not to be involved in a boring movie anymore; I took the remote control in my hand, switched to another channel in time, and never regretted it for a second!

Why do we live in our own “boring movie?”

Heal Soul and Heal Earth = Letting go of Dogmas?

Heal soul and heal earth = letting go of dogmas?!
Heal soul and heal earth = letting go of dogmas?!

On a fundamental level, we live in our own boring movie because of our blockages and the distractions of our behavior patterns or beliefs that are deeply rooted in us. These are played daily, as if at a slot machine. We seek great attention every day and, in most cases, receive the needed attention, because we identify with our patterns.

I do not talk about the mind of our true selves. This “mind” can also speak through us.

When we start to meditate, our mind knows exactly what is coming. The silence. The end. The unknown. That is why our mind, our reason, is constantly trying to distract us and push things around to be suitable and comfortable.

We simply accept this because we have not learned otherwise—we have not experienced otherwise.

We should learn to use our minds in the best possible way. In any case, demonizing our minds won’t get us anywhere. The mind has the potential to address our deepest fear issues that lie dormant within us. We have to place the heart above the mind. We have to begin to see with the heart again.


…we may learn how to use our own operating system in a stable, joyful, and self-determined way. I’ll tell you more about that in step three.

Our “I”—the “self” that identifies itself purely through the body and that reproduces automated answers from our subconscious—is easy to recognize.

At this moment, we still want one thing, and the next moment, we want another. This inner voice is hectic and manipulates us into doubts and fears, which we listen to more often than we think. This irony which we listen to more often than we think! Feel the depth! The irony! This illusion!

The same record runs over and over again in the subconscious.

Fine, but is there a function that helps us to improve our quality of life?

Yes, for very many things in our everyday life, programming is wonderful, like driving a car, cooking, or sleeping—if it is programmed to be restful—so that these things fall off our hands more easily.

However, there are also issues within that we are afraid of.

This is How Dogmas and Programming Trick Us!

This is how dogmas and programming trick us!
This is how dogmas and programming trick us!

We all know the events of our early childhood. Our parents and grandparents warned us!

  • “Don’t touch the stove; you will get burned.”
  • “Watch the road, don’t get run over!”
  • “Wash your hands, otherwise you get sick!”

That is how we have been steadily programmed. With this kind of programming, you probably think, “Yeah, well, it is a good thing we were programmed that way! At least now I am making sure that does not happen to me.”


Tell that to a person who does not even dare to go into the kitchen because he gets scared of a bacterial infection, because there is no soap around or NOT THE RIGHT SOAP!

Tell that to a person who is constantly afraid of being run over by a car, even though there is absolutely no reason for it, because there is NOT ONE CAR IN SIGHT!

Tell that to someone who is constantly afraid of getting burned or seriously injured, even though there is no hotplate present. Then perhaps it is the sunlight that makes him boil and he doesn’t even know that it is a fundamental fear that he has transferred from the stove to the sun’s rays.

Our behavior patterns are treacherous—the hotplate = burning/hot. (PLAY). The sun = burning/hot. (PLAY).

 Our subconscious is just pushing the (PLAY) buttons.

Where is your (PLAY) that constantly manipulates you and robs you of your quality of life? Which buttons do you press, subconsciously?

Dissolving Behavior Patterns—A Lonely Project of Healing

Dissolving behavior patterns—a lonely project of healing.

Our behavior patterns are geniuses at manipulating and entangling. Therefore, there are few authentic methods available today that allow deep work for oneself and have a lasting effect.

To show the greatness of our individuality, another person who has heard exactly the same three warnings from his parents or grandparents could be completely resistant to these fears or have them in other constellations. Maybe this other person loves to be

in the kitchen and feels most comfortable in midsummer when the sun is at its strongest, even though he has received the same warnings.

What we decided as a child in agreement with our emotions and thoughts is now shown in our lives as a blockage.

Basically, this could be everything from A–Z and in every situation! In any situation SO SMALL, so MEANINGLESS.

For this very reason, working on our behavior pattern is a very lonely project. Healing our individual soul is therefore a project that only we ourselves can initiate.

When we work with other people, mindfulness and intelligence from the heart are very appropriate! This is where coaches and consultants in particular project their own topics onto other people. I strongly suspect that you’re not up to taking on the fears and blockages of your coaches, are you? That would be pure irony.

You may pay thousands of euros for a coach, and then your coach transfers his behavior patterns to you. This is very efficient. The effect is that the coach makes the participant dependent, often not maliciously or with deliberate intention. Often simply through ignorance and overestimation of one’s own abilities.

So, pay deep attention to who you are being coached by and what the specific issues for clarification are.

Stay open. Be authentic. Follow your heart!

Whenever you only deal with these fear themes and the countless other themes of your subconscious, you have no freedom to develop your consciousness and your great personality.

Those who only deal with these fear issues find it difficult to heal the soul or help the earth heal. They seem to be always entangled in life’s challenges!

That is why such patterns of behavior often keep us from meditating, eating healthier food, behaving more lovingly, and EXPERIENCING TRUE LOVE.

For a few months, I have been creating practical meditations on YouTube (for now, in German), where everyone can find a universal tool, a method to change themselves in a self-determined way. Mandy was helping to record one of the meditations in English.

Access to the guided meditation of Mandy below.

Step 3: Blessed Opportunities for Our Inner World & Outer World

Step 3: Blessed opportunities for our inner world & outer world.
Step 3: Blessed opportunities for our inner world & outer world.

Just picking up a book in your hand can do wonders to heal the soul and ultimately heal the earth. Watching a video can inspire us deeply and move us to take necessary action. Listening to a podcast can give us exactly the information we were looking for and help us further.

This was also my start into the development of my personality. However, 99.9% of all books always remain in the realm of personality development and, in my experience, have very little to

do with expanding consciousness and improving our quality of life. More does not necessarily help more.

Often, more is much less and we complicate things. We make everything overcomplicated and thus everything becomes highly inefficient. We run into the so-called “burnout” and just feel bad.

We unnecessarily build up further tension because we cannot implement the things we learn about in books, videos, or podcasts. We lack our own experience, and through too much input, we never fully exploit the experience, so we’re going in circles.

In addition, most books move us in the direction of dependence and uniformity, because that is good—even very good—for some in our society to continue to benefit massively. I have been able to meet people who are active and successful in this game of wealth and many of them are not happy or full of joy in life, because they too are caught in the middle of the game of illusions, of DOING and MORE. In addition, they often suck the rest of the world dry, hoping for a greater legacy.


…I have learned the following profound tools to make my inner and outer world a more joyful place with play and fun.

I recommend seven sensational books that have transformed my life on a deeper inner journey and also one practical, authentic method that has led me to myself in a completely self-determined way without any outside influence.

First read the books that appeal to you. Follow your heart and your intuition. The seven books together with the authentic methods form a symbiosis with which I can experience myself in the maximum way that is possible for me as a human being. In short, I call the combination “holistic spirituality”, because it combines modern science and spirituality in all its pure forms of consciousness, so that we ourselves are brought back to our eternal truth.

My top 7 books for holistic spirituality

An authentic method: Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the Higher Purpose of Life

Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools

I look forward to your comments under this article and your experiences. Write to me how you liked the books so far, if you already read one of them.

With unconditional love,


Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porschehttps://beyonduality.com/about-me/
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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