The Secrets of Depressions and the Benefits for Your Soul Purpose!

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There is a vast secret to depressions that no one wants you to know in society, and people that know this truth are scared to talk about it in public. Everyone understands that depressions are good for business to keep the abuser and victim game running.

I will reveal this secret later in this read. So, it is a rare event that I am writing about it today.

I am regularly dealing with different states of depressions in my life. I had always felt depressed, but those depressive states’ quality vastly changed in quality and quantity over the last years.

Even today, there are times and phases of my life when they come and go like day and night.

Some days I can’t sleep or work, and some days I am just frustrated and bored.

Who knows this too?

After doing my inner work for years, clearly understanding my past, actively contemplating the worldview of epigenetics, quantum physics, and dimensions of Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, and Tom Campbell – I had a revelation for depressions.

So, this article will help you to understand…

  1. What are Depressions from an Energetic Point of View?
  2. Why are Depressions Essential to Understand Your Soul Purpose?
  3. 3 Steps How You Deal with Depressions

1. What are Depressions from an Energetic Point of View?

Depressions are compression. They are pressure points that intensify energy in a single point. Compressions are always mental, emotional, and physical. It is all about how we interact with the universal patterns of information in the field. And because everyone is connected to the field, sometimes it just happens that more information is accessible. When we access too much information, we may feel exhausted. Most likely, we are not able to efficiently understand the depth of this information.

In most cases, we cannot discover the turn off button. We feel like a victim and run from one psychologist and doctor to another without finding the solution.  Only when a professional will not clarify depressions as mental anxiety we can find the solution. We do not have to be healed from depressions; we only must understand how information is processed in our system and how to streamline the energy efficiently.

You can consider depression as an overload of information entering the personality that needs to be listened to and needs a creative expression.

“When we do not listen to our inner life, we suppress it, so we further stabilize a state of depression.”

We are not willing to let go of our past, thus establishing more intense emotional patterns. Those emotional patterns are established in our physical bodies. And those emotional patterns also establish in our mental condition. In extreme cases, states of suppression cause all kinds of anxiety states because we cannot handle the energy. We behave like remotely controlled by our environment; we feel like victims of our environment.

So we have to understand this: Modern Science is on the brick to understand that we have the capability to access all the information of the universe because we live in a holographic universe, in which everything is recorded and can be recreated from every spacetime of the universe. We have the power to access the universes energy field, which includes our energy field and different subtle bodies.

When we cannot handle our energetic field, and we suppress it because this seems the only valid option, we feel depressed. We hide away from our emotions, thoughts, and the rhythm of our physical body and our heart. Because we never learned how to deal with the energy and the information from the field.

How to deal with compressions and our personality history is neither a home nor a school subject and teaching.

That is also why in solar storms from the sun and different universal activities, we can feel more sad or depressed because more compact information is transmitted. But because we cannot handle this compact information, we human beings can feel it even stronger – having our extreme ups and downs.

The core of the challenge is that collectively we still believe to be victims. We do not believe that we are co-creators in this universe with pure abundance and freedom. Our limiting beliefs convince us that we cannot access all information of all universes from within. So, we seek information from the outside of our world.

We cannot gather all the information instantly because we would be perfect, right? We would be the oneness that can not experience itself anymore. Because of that, we must accept our journey on earth. We must allow and embrace our suffering.

2. Why Are Depressions Essential to Understand Your Soul Purpose?

Depressions are information packs that influence human beings more than anything else in the 21. Century. Only when we can decipher and extract information out of the field can we familiarize ourselves with our Soul Purpose. The compressions/depression blocks the information that is not meant to be visible for the time being. So, depression is positive in our evolutionary context. We are not meant to understand and remember everything. Seeing depressions and your Soul Purpose in this perspective will make your life a lot easier! 

3. 3 Steps How You Deal with Depressions

How are depressions a positive signal for you? They are a sign that you have reached a point of no return in a cycle of your life. When you decide for something in life, you are not meant to sustain your old self, events, and life, but we hold onto the past lives.

When we go for Option A, we do not tolerate to burn Option B. Option A can be one partner and option B the single, separated life. Option A can be one business, and option B is the closure of this business and starting a new business. If one path is stagnating and decaying, this is known as “death.” It is not different than physically dying.

Therefore, humans feel so depressed all the time. We feel to lose the old, which seems never to be revisiting us every again. What is dying is the hope to return to the old life. When we hold onto the old, we intensify and block information that needs to be freed.

Step 1: So, the first solution is to honestly let go of the old and understanding that life is not meant to be lived in memories. When we start to understand that everything always decays and grows in our universe, from plants to trees to human beings – we begin to feel lighter, and we are grateful for each moment. Every day millions and billions of cells die and are renewed. And because we are made from this 50 billion and more cells, we die every day without observing and understanding it. We do not think about the past or future anymore because we know that this moment will decay, and it will never return as it was before.

“By living in the past and future, we never actually lived in the first place. “

We misinterpret the present moment, and thus we misinterpret our past experiences and our future probabilities. Understanding this will improve your life’s quality immensely, and depressions will maximum be compressions from now on. There will be smaller or larger decays or deaths in everyone’s life. And because we misinterpret all our life’s experiences, we misinterpret everything about other life experiences too.

Step 2: Do not make the mistake I have done so many times in my life. Holding back and doing something halfhearted, gives only half-hearted and messy results. Every time I entirely devoted myself to a project and mission, I had tremendous success, and every time I kept even a single percentage in the fridge – it has early or later frozen the process and created painful experiences. So, commit yourself to feel the suffering, the depressions, and work out solutions to access your energy field of information’s more efficiently, instead of pulling out and holding back.

“Half-Heartedness spreads all energy as far as possible into all directions, and Devotion binds all energy strongly together into a single mission.”

Step 3: Believing that physical death will fix your depressions is probably the most significant error in humanity. It is just not the case that after physical death, our problems go away. They are sustainable until we solve them. Physical death is not the higher mind and the soul’s death – because of that, we better deal with our struggles now, not pushing them away further into the future, hoping that they will disappear at one point in our life. Be yourself! There are enough experiences from out of the body, near-death experiences (I have several friends who had one and shared their experience), and many more. We would be ignorant and arrogant to the belief that we are petty as it would be ignorant and arrogant to the belief that we have more significance than we have. We can master our lives! But this is a task to be reckoned with – we should not try to master others’ lives or the universe.

“Master your life before teaching others how to master their lives!” 

Only you know how to become the master of your life. I have written more than 30 articles on Beyonduality, which will support you as a kind of guide. But you must walk the path yourself! 

Thanks a lot for reading my articles. I am always keen to share my experiences in life.

With unconditional Love,

Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
Hi, nice to see you here. I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, consciousness explorer, open-hearted and spiritual inspiration for the people around me. On Beyonduality I accompany you on a joyful and courageous journey to discover your Soul Purpose, your authentic energy expression. The project Beyonduality guides you in integrating and transcending your spirit awakening experiences through the Gene Keys Teachings. My vision as a dad is to accelerate the process of remembering – that we are spiritual beings – not only humans in flesh. So, we remember our inner truth of abundance and can all live in peace and harmony.


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