Gene Key 42 – From Expectation to Celebration (42nd Gene Key)

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In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 42.

The 42nd Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Celebration, the Gift of Detachment, and the Shadow of Expectation.

Gene Key 42 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 42 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 42 – Shadow of Expectation

“False expectations”

In the shadow of the 42nd Gene Key, our expectations will not meet reality. The challenge of human beings is to live in the false fabrications of the physical mind or intellect. And in this shadow, we live in the false fabrication of death and loss. The programming partner is the Gene Key 32. At the shadow level, expectations meet failure, the shadow of the Gene Key 32. We can observe that only when we expect can we fail. It is like a feedback loop of expectations and failures.

Trust is lost in this shadow frequency of the Gene Key 42 and Gene Key 32. Sadly, we are unaware of the sacred celebration of life, and everything feels like a struggle.

In the shadow frequencies, a narrow-minded worldview cuts us off our roots. The intellect makes us believe that we are the crown of creation. As a result, people worldwide identify heavily with their physical bodies, false expectations and devalue other forms of life.

The theme of death is the principal contemplation of this Gene Key 42. And to understand death, we need to understand life. And to understand life, we need to understand death. Not because life and death are opposites, because birth is the opposite of death, not life.

Life has been and will always be there. Of course, there can be a little life and energy expression, but life itself will never perish.

Gene Key 42 – Gift of Detachment

“Little by little”

The 42nd Gene Key has the Gift of Detachment. This Gift allows a certain detachment from our physical body and intellect.

Like we see in the programming partner of the Gene Key 32, we preserve life and do not expect something from life.

We ask the great inner question: What is essential in life?

Little by little do we let go of the false fabrications of our physical mind and intellect. They begin to serve us and not vice versa. Our intellect is of excellent service if used correctly.

For example, a knife can be used to prepare food, and it can also be used to kill. And so, the intellect can also be used for our benefit, or it can be used to distract, expect, and divide everything.

In this Gift of Detachment, we use the intellect for our benefit. It works like a switch, and when we do not need our intellect, we act from our inner heart.

The Gift frequencies are that of excitement and passion. What is your passion and excitement in life?

If you follow your highest passion and excitement, activity in the present moment is all that is. Past and future vanish in those present sacred moments of activity.

And at some point in evolution, all that may be left is to celebrate the beauty of life, beyond all expecations.

Gene Key 42 – Siddhi of Celebration

“life is a party”

The Siddhi of the 42nd Gene Key is Celebration. The programming partner is the 32nd Gene Key, Veneration, the perfume of consciousness.

In this siddhi state, we realize that all there is to do in life is to celebrate the beautiful perfume of consciousness.

Celebration is a scarce siddhic gift in society because humanity struggles so much. Those people with this innermost Gift lighten up their environment.

Even death is a vast celebration from the highest spectrum of consciousness. What else could it be if only life exists and life can never perish?

Yet, death is one of the greatest illusions in our history, and today, it is an excellent tabu of society.

Behind the fear of death is hidden the fear of loss. Ultimately, we are not happy to lose friends, family, and loved ones – however that is a part of life. Nothing stagnates forever; everything is constantly changing. And so, we also need to change to experience life from different perspectives.

How boring would life be if human beings lived all the time forever with the same conditioned patterns and with the same evolutionary state?

But that invincibility is what the physical mind strives to achieve. It wants to achieve invincibility because the intellect knows an inherent truth.

What will be lost at the deathbed?

We lose identification with the limited intellect and illusions of the mind. This part that so often tries to control us today will dissolve and die.

The mystic of this siddhi is that we experience this loss before our final deathbed. So there is nothing left to lose. We understand that all that is left is to celebrate life.

Now that we entered the century of awakening, more of us will celebrate life and transcend the limited perception of the physical mind.

So, are you celebrating life? Can you even celebrate your and other’s death?

Those two simple questions are all that is left.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Are you addicted to expect from yourself and others?
  2. When do you find yourself in the space of detachment and preservation?
  3. Are you celebrating life? Can you even celebrate your and other’s death?

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Dominik Porsche

Dominik Porsche
Dominik Porsche
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