Gene Keys – Inner World, Outer Reflection!


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If you haven’t read Part 1 of the Embodiment of Gene Keys series, feel free to read that article here.

Do you often get inspiration from modern science? For example, have you heard that your outer world mirrors your inner world?

And you wonder what this wisdom has to do with the Gene Keys and how you can integrate it into your everyday life so that you bring more joy and quality of life into your life?

Then this second part of the Gene Keys article series is made for you.

In Part 2, you will get an introduction to the topic of the inner world, beliefs, and Gene Keys with the help of my personal experience.

Before I share, please bear with me 😊 I’ll share later in the article what my personal experience and the inner world have to do with Gene Keys!

Here we go!

Inner World and Outer World

I do not want to get too much into modern science, psychology, physics, and biology, because theoretical science is not my field of experience. But what has evolved into my area of experience in the last seven years are the experiments and effects of the methods, systems, and living transmissions that I have been privileged to integrate into the inner and outer worlds.

My purpose from the beginning was to let go of my psychosis and have fewer obsessive, negative, and limiting thoughts. Because I had a lot of them…

To list a few, the fear of death, panic, fear of various illnesses, and fear of failure.

My life was purely a random product of my inner world. Until my mid-twenties, I didn’t even know such a thing as an inner world existed. That’s how I felt then – abandoned, worn out, and exploited.

What has changed for me?

In 2014, I heard about the inner world for the first time in books and at seminars. It was like a kind of insight, which was of no use to me at that time because I had no experience of the inner world and how it reflected the outer world. Until then, everything was coincidental for me; in my case, it all felt like fate, over which I had absolutely no influence.

My First Experiences of the Inner World

It wasn’t until 2016 that I gathered experiential values at intensive offline events about how the inner world influences our outer world. In eight days, in a small group of eight people, I experienced the meaning of inner work for the first time.

In various lectures, I realized how physics (quantum physics), biology (epigenetics), and neurology (behavior patterns) influence my life and how I can be a master of my destiny.

At the same time, in intensive 1:1 coaching sessions, I worked on recognizing my limiting behavioral patterns, letting go of them, and reshaping them in a new positive way for me. During these eight days, there was hardly any cell phone contact for me, no contact with the outside world.

I learned to meditate for the first time and focus on my inner world.

And yes, it was tough because I was running away from my body, thoughts, and emotions my whole life. But enough was enough! And now it was enough!

I can still remember driving home after eight days, and EVERYTHING had changed! As I drove from Austria through the mountains to Germany, I saw the world with different eyes. The mountains were beautiful in detail, the sun shone, and it felt like my vision had become more precise.

My first conversation with my mother was very relaxed, like a meditation. Before that, however, there was always constant clashing between us. There wasn’t a single conversation that didn’t end with reactions and hostility. Suddenly it was completely free of these energies of pressure and conflict.

You have to know that one of my main themes during those eight days was my relationship with my mother. The topic was so deeply anchored in my subconscious that I would never have gotten there alone. But now, everything has changed.

I learned about the CYP bio-feedback method, which I could use in self-study to change my behavior patterns, without outside influence playfully!

My perception and perspective towards my mother were utterly different from now on. The inner child work was a complete success!

However, explaining why I made this quantum leap in a few days is not easy. Out of logic and ratio, it was, of course, beliefs that I transformed. But from the heart, I also had a memorable spiritual experience at this event.

Inner World and the Gene Keys

What does this have to do with the Gene Keys?

Well, so far, not so much, but if we go into detail, then quite a lot! Considering Gene Key 4, Gene Key 40, and Gene Key 25, you can see how my transformation story developed.

A personal note from Dominik: This revelation is also NEW to me as I write this article! This spontaneity is the art of contemplation in action; it just happens or does not.

Gene Key 4 – From Ignorance to Forgiveness.

From ignorance to understanding.

Gene Key 40 – From Exhaustion to Divine Will

From exhaustion to determination.

Gene Key 25 – From Constriction to Universal Love

From constriction to acceptance.

Before I had my first experiences with my inner world, I was ignorant, exhausted, and felt constantly constricted. So I lived out all the shadows of the respective gene keys!

Sometimes it didn’t go anymore, like something that wants to implode and explode simultaneously! The seed (shadow) longed for something new!

For what?

The adventure of the Gifts and Siddhi’s, the adventure of life and evolution.

Through the 8-day seminar, I made the first determination to change something. I had accepted that things could not go on like this, and I opened myself to new experiences. I took my life into my hands by trusting myself, strangers, and masters of life.

Eventually, I had profound experiences and a holistic understanding of my relationship with my mother.

Through this cellular holistic understanding, I could forgive myself and my mother.

From this, you can see how the Gift eventually leads to the Siddhi state because only those who understand can also forgive cellularly and on all levels!

From today’s point of view, this was the moment when I made the first contact with a very high-frequency domain, the Siddhi of Forgiveness.

It was such an intense experience that anything I say about it would diminish the value of the experience.

However, this does not mean I was in the Siddhi forever.

Frankly speaking, very often, the opposite occurred!

Because after that deep inner experience, I was confronted much more with my demons and shadows.

I was very grateful to get a lively but very structured method in this 8-day seminar for my daily life.

This all occurred before I was introduced to the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.

By 2019, I participated in an additional ten offline events in this seminar series. So in total, it was ninety days of transformation for me.

The Gene Keys helped me further decode, understand, and embody my multifaceted experiences.

In addition, it happened so playfully today that I am more than enthusiastic about the Gene Keys.

Maybe you would like to know more about CYP?

For many people, and for me, this method is groundbreaking. But, at the same time, it involves more effort because A, not everyone can or wants to afford an event costing a few thousand euros, and B, not everyone has the high determination, the will, or the time flexibility. And C, not everyone mastered the German language; yeah, it is German only.

And yes, maybe that’s why I decided to focus more on the Gene Keys.

For most people, the Gene Keys are also great living lore that we can quickly integrate into everyday life without much pressure or extremity. I love that!

Gene Keys – 3 Steps for Embodiment!


This article is also available in: German

Are you also someone who draws inspiration from the Gene Keys teachings of Richard Rudd?

Are you one of the human beings who often find it challenging to implement and embody aspects of the Gene Keys in everyday life?

Then this Gene Keys article series ” Coming into the realization” is optimal for you.

In Part 1, you’ll get an introduction to the topic and then three steps for implementation that are priceless for your life’s journey.

So, here we go!

We hear it over and over in spiritual circles. Everything is one, or everything is connected to everything! Yes, this realization may be true…

…but how many people embody this realization of Oneness in everyday life? Do you embody it?

How many people, if they choose an individual gene key, let’s take the 25th gene key with the Siddhi of universal love, can integrate the central teaching of “Return Non-Love with Love” into their everyday life? Do you embody this wisdom?

An example:

Let’s say you currently live in a city with many beggars. Everywhere in this city, they sit and wait for financial help from the outside. In the whole city, beggars are the number one topic. Most people talk about them. You may know the saying “All is one.” but when it comes to beggars, you lever out that connectedness with the beggars and unconsciously separate yourself from these poor people. You may think, “Oh man, do they have to bug me again! Or “He certainly won’t get a single euro from me!”

Your actions are aligned accordingly. For example, the Euros stay in your wallet because you identified yourself with the collective thoughts of the separation, which also reached you. Thus, those thoughts reached the universe, and a loving and selfless action was absent from your cellular level.

The above is simply an example that does not have to apply to you. However, it shows very nicely how we still struggle with ourselves and do not get life wisdom integrated into everyday life.

Before I give you the three steps, here’s another more extreme example on the topic of “Return non-love with love.”

Let’s assume you are with your life partner. You get along great and are a harmonious, loving couple. Now and then, however, it happens that your partner becomes very pessimistic, depressed, and aggressive. On such a day, your partner is unpredictable and always does the wrong thing to you at the wrong time. In the beginning, you are even loving and helpful. But at some point, you react to your partner’s behavior and are angry. Especially in relationships, we reach our limits with the life wisdom “Return non-love with love.” Maybe you know this too? Feel free to write your experiences in the comments below.

3 Steps of Embodiment for the Gene Keys

1. Integrate a Single Life Wisdom of Gene Keys

The information of the Gene Keys teachings can be overwhelming, especially if we try to integrate too many spiritual themes into our lives simultaneously. For example, if you dance at too many weddings, you do not embody a single gift or Siddhi in your daily life.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t read multiple gene keys in the book. I consumed almost all the Gene Keys for the first three years. However, I was never able to integrate much of it. As a result, I only made significant progress on a few topics on which my whole focus was during the three years.

Therefore, it is essential to tune into a single theme of a Gene Key and fully integrate the teachings from that archetype into everyday life.

For example, in the Delta Program of Gene Keys, you focus on one Gene Key each week. You focus all your experiences on this archetype and thus improve the connection to a single Gene Key.

You won’t often go from shadow to siddhi frequency in a week. It usually takes a lot more time than just one week to embody the wisdom of life altogether.

Therefore, the first step is to realize that you always work with only one primary Gene Key in your daily life. But you can also use a different Gene Key for your relationship, business, and health. It all depends on your experience with the Gene Keys teaching.

The most important thing is that in the NOW, no matter what you are doing now, you constantly contemplate one subject and not on 5 or 15 or all 64 Gene Keys because then you will not draw any lessons from this wisdom. Then everything will be watery and blurry. In this case, many people give up, believe in a linear destiny, and are trapped in victimhood.

If you know this confusion in your daily life, I urge you to consider gene key 1, gene key 64, and 55, whether you have them in your hologenetic profile or not.

Think of it like sports. Let’s say you are a professional martial artist and want to get into a divine siddhi state and absolute flow.

Your training will consist of many fractals that connect and function as one fractal. You have many different training components, such as endurance, agility, and the spiritual and mental components of training. To get better at the specific part of the workout, you must completely tune into that workout. It is the same with the 64 Gene Keys! While the 64 Gene Keys together are a single fractal, they all act like 64 fractals individually.

“One of your tasks with the Gene Keys will be to know which fractal to integrate and embody into your daily life and when.”

– Dominik Porsche

Your hologenetic profile will give you first hints on which fractal you should focus.

Gene Keys Reading with Dominik

Would you like to deepen your Gene Keys in the Hologenetic Profile and get to know the three sequences? Then I now offer you a unique opportunity to work with me in live 1:1 Zoom Sessions on the topic of Gene Keys.


2. Increase the Frequency of this Gene Key

Once you have selected a Gene Key with a core theme for you in an area of life, you place the entire focus on that theme in everyday contemplation.

Let’s say you select Gene Key 36 with the shadow of turbulence, the gift of humanity, and the Siddhi of compassion for this more intensive process.

Your task is to reflect with mindfulness when you are acting out of turbulence in life and what environments put you in a mode of turmoil. This could be where your emotions, thoughts, or body are stirred up. You can think of this as a churning sea. You will learn all these linguistic details and stories about the individual gene keys in the book – The Gene Keys.

In the Gene Keys teachings, this process or technique is called “The Art of Contemplation.”

The first and only necessary step is “pausing.” The following two steps of pivoting and merging then arise fully automatically whenever the time is ripe for it.

The shadow state of turbulence is to be allowed, accepted, and embraced.

To allow means to allow oneself a break in this human turmoil! At some point, we accept our turmoil until we embrace (transcend) it.

“The shadow is the seed, the gift is the flower, and the Siddhi is the fruit. Only when we allow the seed to flourish by pausing, the fruit emerges and blossoms!”

– A Gene Keys Wisdom

3. Select a New Main Gene Key

Once you embody a Gene Key into your everyday life at a higher frequency, you will find that many other aspects of your life also occur at a higher frequency level, as if automatically. For example, you choose a new primary Gene Key when you are in the gift and have experienced a tiny touch of grace from the Siddhi’s or when you realize that simply another Gene Key has relevance in your life.

The fact that you are working with one primary Gene Key in your daily life does NOT mean that you cannot mentally and spiritually deal with many other gene keys.

On the contrary!

Remember that all Gene Keys relate to each other. So, it is true that there is only one main fractal. But in detail, there are 64 human fractals of consciousness.

Because often, we react and discover that this comes from another archetype. Then my recommendation is to see which archetype is involved.

Maybe you feel stressed? Then the 52nd Gene Key might be something for your contemplation. Maybe you feel like a victim of your circumstances? Then the 55th Gene Key could be something for your contemplation.

The important thing is that you focus, however possible, on a single Gene Key in the present moment, and you intend to observe with mindfulness how that area of your DNA affects your life on all levels.

In contemplation, always look at the flowers (gifts) and fruits (Siddhi) as well, even if you feel you are still deeply entrenched in the seed (shadow)! The most important thing is to recognize how we can harvest ripe fruit from the shadow. This evolution is the process we must go through as humans, from seed to fruit. The shadow is like the catalyst of our gifts and Siddhi because, without the shadows, we would not be motivated to grow and prosper.

“Only when we implement the wisdom of Gene Keys in daily lives, will they be alive, until then, they remain concepts and fantasies of the mind!” 

– Dominik Porsche

Thanks for reading this new Gene Key article on Beyonduality. I hope it was helpful for you.

With love, Dominik

Conclusions for the Seven Sacred Seals by Gene Keys


This article is also available in: German

The Gene Keys Synthesis by Richard Rudd consists of many layers of purpose-driven guidance and spiritual teachings; the Seven Sacred Seals is one. It is a mystical transmission beyond words. My experience consists of three years of studying the evocations and practicing the invocations.

In this article, I will answer the five most important questions. You will also find the best resources on how to experience the Seven Sacred Seals for free.

1. What are the Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd?
2. Why are you attracted to them?
3. Are they worth your time? Are they meant for you?
4.What are the results of practicing the Seven Sacred Seals?
5. How to start the Seven Sacred Seals for free?

1. What are the Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd?

Seven Sacred Seals by Richard Rudd

Where the Golden Path, the Spectrum of Consciousness, and the Hologenetic Profile may be more straightforward in practicality, this transmission can be a powerful portal into hidden and beautiful dimensions of the heart. 

The Seven Sacred Seals are indeed an exploration of the higher arts, and they can be considered an adventurous mystery school for the opening of the spiritual heart.

The core of this transmission is the seven guided invocations by Richard Rudd. Each invocation helps heal one core wound of humanity and contains a specific Gene Key, the chakras, and one of the seven archangels of the Kabbalah. Besides that, you will discover powerful prayers, videos (evocations), and helpful formulas that guide you in exploring the transmission.

The Gene Keys team shares about the Seven Sacred Seals the following:

“A Mystery School teaching is something that can’t be easily defined by a logical left-brain approach. It is intuitive, experiential, mysterious and beyond the understanding of the mind. The Seven Sacred Seals operate in the domain of the heart, the spirit, and the soul. They are not knowledge; rather they are wisdom – a direct transmission of deep spiritual truth.” – Source of the Excerpt

2. Why are you attracted to them?

The invitation and journey of Grace may yet be another exciting transmission for you to explore. For me, this transmission is a powerful reminder of humanity.

Like me, you probably discovered them because there is inner wisdom hidden for you to remember. Besides that, you already did profound inner work and exploration.

A deep understanding of the physical, emotional and mental trinity supported you on your life’s journey.

The theme of the attraction is magical and spontaneous. It profoundly resonates for you, and when you align with nature, the perfumes of Grace enter your life.

In the next chapter, I include several questions to help you in the decision to enter this mystical school transmission or not.

3. Are they worth your time? Are they meant for you?

With precision, we can observe that this online course of intense archangelic invocations is not lightly to be entered. The question should be, “Are you ready for them, and are they of value for you to explore and experience in this time and space?”

I encourage you to answer the following eight questions.

  • Do you feel passionate about the Seven Sacred Seals? Is there an inner spark that desires expression?
  • Did you thoroughly enjoy the Gene Keys Golden Path?
  • Do you feel excited about the archangelic wisdom of the higher arts?
  • Do you love teachings about Grace?
  • Are you open to the transmutation of humanities suffering?
  • Can you fully let go and concentrate while meditating?
  • Did you try the 7th Seal? If yes, did you strongly resonate with the transmission by Richard Rudd?

If you answer all questions with an absolute yes, then the Seven Sacred Seals are meant for you to explore. If not, there is so much to study within the Gene Keys Synthesis that this teaching may not be in resonance with you.

But maybe it will be soon. Who knows?

Most importantly, be patient about this transmission.

I love studying the Spectrum of Consciousness and the Hologenetic Profile! There are lifetimes of wisdom hidden within the map and profile to explore and apply in daily life.

4. What are the results of practicing the Seven Sacred Seals?

One of the most profound results of the Seven Sacred Seals can be called life force harmony. What is life force harmony? We all experience life through the forces of life. We are energy in motion, and some of this energy may be blocked. The Seven Sacred Seals also relate to the seven chakras, so each invocation may help you release the chakra’s energy and life force.

You will notice that each invocation generates different “results” for you. Some archangels and themes deeply resonate with you, while others will not. So, it is a journey of exploration that needs patience and the will to surrender.

The guided invocation can also trigger events of higher states of consciousness. They will also help you deepen the understanding of archangels, grace, love, and the root of humans suffering. As a result, practicing the seven guided invocations and studying the theory of the seven archangels may support you in ending mental distortions, increasing energy clarity, and helping you in emotional release.

By far, the best results can be achieved through the guided invocations by Richard Rudd. But before doing them, I highly recommend you watch the videos (evocations) in the online course. They all have a powerful, gentle, and gracious touch and you will feel guided with self-assurance.

5. How to start the Seven Sacred Seals for free?

Seven Days of Grace: In March 2022, the Gene Keys team launched “Seven Days of Grace.” In this gift of grace experience, you will explore the magic of the Seven Sacred Seals.

Gathering with Grace: Each month, the Gene Keys offers the Gathering with Grace. This zoom meeting is free to access for anyone interested in the Seven Sacred Seals and long-time voyagers.

The 7th Seal is online for free. You can listen to it below.

If you loved the free accessible gifts of Grace and this article helped you in your decision to attend the Seven Sacred Seals, you can order the entire online course with our affiliate link below.

The mystical transmission of Grace: more information and direct link to order the Seven Sacred Seals

Dare to share your experiences with the Seven Sacred Seals in the comments below! I am looking forward to your sharing.

Thanks a lot for reading this article!

With Grace,

Your Gene Keys Guide Dominik

Dimensional Shift from 3D to 5D – The Secret of the Fifth Dimension!

This article is also available in: German

The matter of Dimensional Shift from 3D to 5D has been on my mind for a while. Now I am willing to reveal a mystery about the fifth dimension, which touches me.

What is the challenge?

Your mind clearly sees how reality could be in the fifth dimension, but your everyday reality is still firmly anchored in the third and fourth dimensions.

Have you ever experienced this when it comes to the dimensional shift from 3D to 5D?

What could happen in us as follows?

We are stressed because we want to go to the fifth dimension immediately! We are accompanied by the feeling of having suffered long enough. Enough is enough! But at the same time, we build up a field of tension between the third dimension to the fifth dimension, because we have the feeling to escape from the third dimension.

How can we bring this field of tension into harmony?

First, we may come to understand what the fifth dimension is.

Matthias De Stefano, one of the up-and-coming consciousness researchers of our time, who became known worldwide through his Gaia TV show “Initiation,” shares the following about the third dimension and fifth dimension.

  • 1D creates Time and 2D creates Space from the movement of time; they are the only constants across all universes (everything exists in time and space; they are always present in all dimensions of reality; things/objects vary according to lower/higher vibrations, creating past/future time and down/up space)
  • 3D things/objects are points of energy where time and space compress through (+) and (-) polarities
  • 4D is the strength of the (+)(-) polarity, which results in more or less bending/compressing of time and space (like Einstein’s model of gravity)
  • 5D is the witness/observer that is holding the entire process of 1D to 4D


According to Matthias De Stefano, the fifth dimension is about the complete integration of 3D and 4D. The purpose is that we understand all experiences from 3D and 4D as unity.

My contemplation in relation to Matthias De Stefano: “With 3D to 5D we don’t go anywhere, we don’t ascend anywhere, we just perceive our reality, in which we are on earth right now, differently.”

The fifth dimension from Matthias De Stefano’s perspective is the dimension of consciousness.

How else could we contemplate 3D and 5D?

3D means that we perceive reality from two dimensions or perspectives. Past, and future or mother, and father are two examples from our 3D glasses. We believe that from birth to death we come from somewhere, and that we are going somewhere. We do not perceive reality from past, present, and future or mother, father and son yet! As soon as we can do this playfully, we have arrived in 4D.

5D means that we perceive reality from four dimensions or perspectives. Here you learn that you were, are, and will be not only a human, but also the stone, the dragonfly, or the lotus flower. You see yourself as your divine self in everything because you have arrived in the field of consciousness and love.

Experiencing the fifth dimension is dangerous in the sense that it does not mean passing from pain and suffering into infinite love and joy just like that.

When we enter the dimensional shift from 3D to 5D, we experience infinite love and joy because we have already transformed all suffering.

Yes, we had to experience and transform all kinds of suffering for the dimensional shift.

But those who only suppress their suffering and convince themselves that they have arrived in 5D, continue to live in the 3D and possibly 4D view.

This can be a very uncomfortable viewpoint for many spiritual seekers of truth.

What actually happens once we have arrived in the fifth dimension?

There is no longer a core wound within us, for now only the pearl is active, radiating out all universes. Similar to how the sun distributes its rays equally to good and evil, from the fifth dimension we distribute everything without any judgment or evaluation.

This dimensional shift from 3D to 5D is rather brutal for today’s human morality, as we cannot even understand it in paradox. Our present moral values are colored full of fear and limitations.

Those who experience the future vision of 5D, but cannot yet live in this reality, live on Earth in a perceived threatening world. For we build up a certain field of tension, both of which the mind understands but the body cannot yet follow.

We seem to understand how the fifth dimension feels, but we can’t yet fully live out the dimensional shift into the fifth dimension because we can’t get it physically integrated.

Think of it this way. You’ve been an employee for 30 years and suddenly you realize that life as an entrepreneur could be much more enjoyable because of the flexibility. You see yourself surrounded by many people who are helping to create a new society on earth.

Perhaps you can compare it to the society of Osho in America. But then reality catches up with you and you realize that you lack the experience as an entrepreneur.

Now imagine living in the 3D world, not knowing that there is a 5D world. One day you suddenly get an intuition that there is something beyond pain and suffering. You immediately want to ascend into 5D, but again you don’t have the experience of how to do it.

Many spiritual seekers have built up exactly this field of tension, which is getting bigger and bigger, because they cannot yet live out the future in the present moment.

The dimension shift from 3D to 5D is from my point of view a much more extreme step than from employee to entrepreneur, because it is a lonely journey into the inner world, which is also much more feminine (yin) than the entrepreneurial world (yang).

From 3D to 5D also includes the step from employee to entrepreneur, as we have to learn to take full responsibility. Everything that surrounds us is there because we planted it as a seed at some point.

As entrepreneurs, we have to take full responsibility, and so we have to take personal responsibility for our inner world.

From the third dimension to the fifth dimension is a spiritual awakening, many also call the entities in 5D enlightened beings and spiritually ascended masters. It is indeed like an enlightenment experience in the dimensional shift from 3D to 5D.

An experience that surpasses anything we can possibly imagine. An experience beyond the shadow, fearless and transcending.

In any case, there is no ascension in the sense of “up” or in the religious sense towards heaven without having transcended the counterpart of hell within us.

The fifth dimension is then on a neutral plane between heaven and hell, on earth.

We are all on this path, knowing or unknowing, of gaining stable access to the fifth dimension, even though we are currently in a very experimental phase in the 21st century.

This is because this dimensional shift into 5D is a heightened frequency range for which our physical bodies are not yet fully equipped. That is why the field of tension arises, because we cannot yet live it out as we would like to. However, you should be excited to be alive, because at this moment we start to remember how to equip ourselves for those heightened frequencies!

What can we do for a smooth dimensional transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension?

  • We need patience and the understanding that our current physical vehicle is still in its infancy.
  • We need humility and to be able to forgive ourselves and others, even though it is often so difficult for us.
  • We are co-creators of this beautiful world. Therefore, we must be aware of the impact of all our thoughts, words, and deeds!

Also, we must no longer judge anyone, no matter how much people are trapped in the third dimension and pain, illusion and suffering from our perspective. Because the moment we are comparing and judging, we are in the third dimension.

In conclusion, we simply need the necessary time for our individual dimensional shift. Each of us as a fractal is at a different stage of evolution. We may recognize and learn to love our state of evolution. We must not continue to want only the highest, best, and most. Once we have integrated and transcended everything from 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D, we are ready for the fifth dimension.

If you want to know and remember more about the dimensions, I can recommend you this wonderful article about the nine dimensions.

Gene Key 44 – From Interference to Synarchy (44th Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 44.

The 44th Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Synarchy, the Gift of Teamwork, and the Shadow of Interference.

Gene Key 44 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 44 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!



Gene Key 44 – Shadow of Interference

“going astray”

In the shadow of the 44th Gene Key, we interfere with the natural rhythms of the universe.

We try to be someone who we are not. We want to express what we are not. So we serve the intellectual, cultural conditions.

The programming partner is the Gene Key 24 and its Shadow of Addiction. We can see how both Shadows entangle one another.

We want to be healthy, but our addiction keeps us unhealthy. Sugar, cigarettes, alcohol are all kinds of distraction drugs that can keep us away from who we truly are.

We want to be wealthy, but our addiction keeps us poor. Inactivity not doing the right action is the core challenge of this addiction. Here our mind keeps us astray in the illusions of the intellect.

We want to be loved, but our addiction keeps us unloved. Frustrations, coldness, and wrong expectations are the core challenge of this addiction. Here emotions are cut off, and we never seem to attract true love.

That is the level of interference. We want something, but our programming and DNA code inherently do not allow us to get it. That is why we feel there is a destiny, and people always argue about free will.

All of humanity experiences the shadow of interference in different intensities. Some of us are healthy and wealthy but unloved. Some of us are wealthy but unhealthy. Very few human beings are healthy, wealthy, and loved.

Then we truly prosper.

Gene Key 44 – Gift of Teamwork

“Play and Fun”

The 44th Gene Key of Teamwork is an inventive (Gene Key 24) Gift. It is about play and fun and less about seriousness and struggle.

Inventions need play and fun. Right action in terms of teamwork also needs play and fun. Without play and fun, we lose meaning in life.

Another way of seeing teamwork is the following:

Teamwork is Fresh Intuition. Freshness is the Gift of Gene Key 1, and Intuition is the Gift of Gene Key 57.

Play and fun always are fresh and intuitive.

Let me write about one of my examples related to my project. Whenever I am serious about a schedule of content, and I am writing an article from seriousness and struggle, the article was not well received by its audience. But, on the other hand, whenever I let my soul and heart speak and write an article from the perspective of play, fun, and experience, the audience loves my transmission.

So, a lot of times, less content is more valuable if more content means less play and fun in the process.

The best is a lot of content while always having play and fun. But only very few human beings are capable of devoted joyful content creation. And the reason is that of false expectation. If we do what we love, we are always full of joy and play.

We act without hesitation. We thrive and prosper.

Gene Key 44 – Siddhi of Synarchy

“QUeendom of the bees”

The Siddhi of teh 44th Gene Key is Synarchy. Synarchy is one of the three visionary trinities of the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. What does it mean?

 “Synarchy means we all lead together! It doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. Not at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

So, we combine our strengths and weaknesses in the siddhi of synarchy. We do what we love without insistence on the outcome.

The siddhis are very extraordinary in humanity’s DNA and molecule structure. They give us a glimpse of our potential future, full of magic, joy, play, and fun.

Synarchy guides you within your fractal line to the spacetime you evolve. You know your place, and you remember the place of others. Some people may be leaders, artists, or organizers. Everyone embodies their higher purpose. There are no judgments in society anymore. No up and down or right and left. No black and white. No rich and poor. No better or worse.

Humanity is aware! Humanity is aware of their collective consciousness! humanity is aware of their uniqueness! And because humanity is aware, all human beings are aware of their collective position and play.

Like the bees are aware of their queen, human beings will become aware of their collective position. From that position of knowing and wisdom…

…we nullify all pretending.

…we liberate all illusions. 

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. When can you sense interference in your life?
  2. Is teamwork easy for you? If yes, with how many people – is there a limit? Do you work best in small or big teams, in 1:1 or group conversations?
  3. Why can I allow myself to be aware of my uniqueness in the collective energy field of humanity? Feel and imagine your style, your uniqueness.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 44 here.

With love,

Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 33 – From Forgetting to Revelation (33rd Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 33.

The 33rd Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Revelation, the Gift of Mindfulness, and the Shadow of Forgetting.

Gene Key 33 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 33 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 33 – Shadow of Forgetting

“memory division”

In the Shadow of the 33rd Gene Key, we forget about the essentials in life. The Shadow of forgetting is vast in its implications.

We forget who we truly are. We forget what matters in life. We forget why we are here.

The challenge is memory dysfunctionality. In this Shadow, we are not in harmony with ourselves and others. We divide everything, also memories.

The programming partner of Gene Key 33 is Gene Key 19. And here, the Shadow of Forgetting meets the Shadow of Co-Dependence. This combination is related to the great change.

When we forget who we truly are, we are dependent and follow others, not ourselves. It is easy to manipulate human beings in this state because they went astray.

Ultimately, going astray has a higher purpose that we forget so much. And this higher purpose reveals itself in states of mindfulness and sensitivity (Gene Key 19).

This Shadow is one of my core challenges in life; however, it is also one of my core gifts. In my hologenetic profile, the Sphere of IQ is 33rd 4th line. And discovering this constellation in my profile was a huge revelation and relaxation for my whole being.

An example from my life. If someone shares six and more numbers with me, I most likely forget the first two numbers already. Also, when I get those 6-digit security codes per SMS or so for online banking and other secure activities, sometimes I am unaware that I forgot them 5 seconds later.

This memory division has been a massive challenge in my daily life, especially early in school. Because I was never designed to learn and study mathematics or biological processes in its diversity, I was always designed for creativity and inspiration. And so many children today have a similar challenge…

Yes, we are ordinary. All of us! However, we are also unique in the way we function. For me, the standard education system was never an option that fitted for me.

And today, I function so differently that I can’t work in most jobs. But that is fine if I live my higher purpose and in the synchronicity of who I am.

My memory challenge could be a very negative quality and low-IQ in today’s society. However, I learned to embrace it and live with it rather than trying to victimize myself.

And then the magic happens. I remember all that I am here to do. I remember my strength and am passionate and excited about my life’s path.

Gene Key 33 – Gift of Mindfulness

“aware moments”

The 33rd Gene Key and its Gift of Mindfulness is very grounded. This Gene Key also has a close connection to the earth through the Codon Rings. Together with Gene Key 56 and Gene Key 12, the Gene Key 33 forms the Ring of Trials for humanity.

In this higher state of consciousness, we are mindful, feel enriched (Gift – Gene Key 56), and discriminate (Gift – Gene Key 12) of what is wrong and right as a moral codex beyond the human moral codex that still functions from the shadow frequency.

Here we start orientating (Gene Key 2) ourselves back to the roots or cores of our being. We live our moral codex that is above everything else.

This new human codex is also the true challenge of many awakened people today. Unfortunately, we still live in a shadow frequency society – with punishment and division. So, many of us fear to live out their moral codex’s in terms of health, freedom, and justice because we feel society and culture can punish us.

And when we fear punishment, the shadows are present within us.

So, we need to go beyond the restrictions and limitations of cultural beliefs and norms to receive the blessings of revelation and grace.

Gene Key 33 – Siddhi of Revelation

“Divine remembrance”

The Siddhi of the 33rd Gene Key is Revelation. As you are aware of the higher dimensional realities, you sacrifice (Siddhi – Gene Key 19) your lower bodies into your higher bodies.

This sacrificing is the bridge between humanity and divinity or between the physical and non-physical. So, we sacrifice ourselves for a higher purpose. We can see that this is one of the higher purposes of war games because people sacrifice themselves for their countries. But, sacrificing yourself for your country is still purely in the realms of physicality.

In this siddhi, we truly sacrifice our physicality into non-physicality. We merge with the nothingness and experience sudden revelations of light.

We purify our physicality through intoxication and revelation.

These ecstatic states of consciousness are still far beyond imagination for most human beings. And many people expressing and experiencing those higher states are misunderstood in society.

So, what is left to do in such a state?


Nothing at all besides functioning purely from the heart.

Even thus, life’s experience on earth in the current evolution of humanity may be very challenging and complex, but it is also beautiful.

Life is a mystery and it is supposed to be a mystery.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Who are you truly, beyond physicality? What are you here to achieve? Why did you incarnate on earth in those challenging times?
  2. How can you cultivate mindfulness and discrimination in your life?
  3. Which revelations support your evolutionary and spiritual growth?

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 33 here.

With love,

Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 42 – From Expectation to Celebration (42nd Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 42.

The 42nd Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Celebration, the Gift of Detachment, and the Shadow of Expectation.

Gene Key 42 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 42 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 42 – Shadow of Expectation

“False expectations”

In the shadow of the 42nd Gene Key, our expectations will not meet reality. The challenge of human beings is to live in the false fabrications of the physical mind or intellect. And in this shadow, we live in the false fabrication of death and loss. The programming partner is the Gene Key 32. At the shadow level, expectations meet failure, the shadow of the Gene Key 32. We can observe that only when we expect can we fail. It is like a feedback loop of expectations and failures.

Trust is lost in this shadow frequency of the Gene Key 42 and Gene Key 32. Sadly, we are unaware of the sacred celebration of life, and everything feels like a struggle.

In the shadow frequencies, a narrow-minded worldview cuts us off our roots. The intellect makes us believe that we are the crown of creation. As a result, people worldwide identify heavily with their physical bodies, false expectations and devalue other forms of life.

The theme of death is the principal contemplation of this Gene Key 42. And to understand death, we need to understand life. And to understand life, we need to understand death. Not because life and death are opposites, because birth is the opposite of death, not life.

Life has been and will always be there. Of course, there can be a little life and energy expression, but life itself will never perish.

Gene Key 42 – Gift of Detachment

“Little by little”

The 42nd Gene Key has the Gift of Detachment. This Gift allows a certain detachment from our physical body and intellect.

Like we see in the programming partner of the Gene Key 32, we preserve life and do not expect something from life.

We ask the great inner question: What is essential in life?

Little by little do we let go of the false fabrications of our physical mind and intellect. They begin to serve us and not vice versa. Our intellect is of excellent service if used correctly.

For example, a knife can be used to prepare food, and it can also be used to kill. And so, the intellect can also be used for our benefit, or it can be used to distract, expect, and divide everything.

In this Gift of Detachment, we use the intellect for our benefit. It works like a switch, and when we do not need our intellect, we act from our inner heart.

The Gift frequencies are that of excitement and passion. What is your passion and excitement in life?

If you follow your highest passion and excitement, activity in the present moment is all that is. Past and future vanish in those present sacred moments of activity.

And at some point in evolution, all that may be left is to celebrate the beauty of life, beyond all expecations.

Gene Key 42 – Siddhi of Celebration

“life is a party”

The Siddhi of the 42nd Gene Key is Celebration. The programming partner is the 32nd Gene Key, Veneration, the perfume of consciousness.

In this siddhi state, we realize that all there is to do in life is to celebrate the beautiful perfume of consciousness.

Celebration is a scarce siddhic gift in society because humanity struggles so much. Those people with this innermost Gift lighten up their environment.

Even death is a vast celebration from the highest spectrum of consciousness. What else could it be if only life exists and life can never perish?

Yet, death is one of the greatest illusions in our history, and today, it is an excellent tabu of society.

Behind the fear of death is hidden the fear of loss. Ultimately, we are not happy to lose friends, family, and loved ones – however that is a part of life. Nothing stagnates forever; everything is constantly changing. And so, we also need to change to experience life from different perspectives.

How boring would life be if human beings lived all the time forever with the same conditioned patterns and with the same evolutionary state?

But that invincibility is what the physical mind strives to achieve. It wants to achieve invincibility because the intellect knows an inherent truth.

What will be lost at the deathbed?

We lose identification with the limited intellect and illusions of the mind. This part that so often tries to control us today will dissolve and die.

The mystic of this siddhi is that we experience this loss before our final deathbed. So there is nothing left to lose. We understand that all that is left is to celebrate life.

Now that we entered the century of awakening, more of us will celebrate life and transcend the limited perception of the physical mind.

So, are you celebrating life? Can you even celebrate your and other’s death?

Those two simple questions are all that is left.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Are you addicted to expect from yourself and others?
  2. When do you find yourself in the space of detachment and preservation?
  3. Are you celebrating life? Can you even celebrate your and other’s death?

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 42 here.

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Dominik Porsche

Enlightenment – All about achieving Enlightenment!


This article is also available in: German

Enjoy this all-encompassing article on enlightenment. The words in the article are based on an experiential journey into dimensions beyond physical reality. Together, we ask whether it is desirable to achieve enlightenment in today’s society.

A completely different question we could ask ourselves: Aren’t we all already enlightened? Is enlightenment a delusion? I would like to briefly address this as well.

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is still a very undiscovered area of experience for Western cultures. We are mainly familiar with enlightenment from the mystical and esoteric teachings from the East.

With this article, we enter a field beyond logic because we cannot understand enlightenment with logic.

The word “enlightenment” provides a deep insight into these mystical teachings. On the one hand, enlightenment means that we illuminate, experience, and transcend our limited, conditioned identity. But, on the other hand, enlightenment means that in most cases, we no longer maintain a fixed new identity.

After we attain enlightenment, all the karmic connections we have given ourselves for this life dissolve into thin air as we let go of our identity.

At the same time, it also means that we renew old and new karma faster and more diversely based on our actions. So, karma may or may not work in our favor.

The reality is this: Most people with spontaneous enlightenment experiences have difficulty integrating this into their daily lives because there is absolutely nothing left to do through their “new” eyes or is there something left to do?

Osho, one of the great Indian spiritual teachers said the following about enlightenment.

Everyone is enlightened because enlightenment is the essence of our being. How can we be considered not enlightened when it is our essence? From that perspective, we are always enlightened.

Then what do we want to achieve and find when we talk about attaining enlightenment?

We want to access our true self, to feel our divine essence. Perhaps it is similar to the fish in the water or the bird in the wind. For both fish and birds, water and air are like breathing and thinking for us humans. It is normal, so normal that fish and birds don’t even realize they are in the water or air!

Maybe being enlightened is also as normal as air is for the bird and water is for the fish. So normal that we humans have even forgotten how much the enlightenment state is our essence that we live out in everyday life.

“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.”

– Eckhart Tolle

Enlightenment Psychology

Is there a psychological explanation for enlightenment? The field of enlightenment is full of myths and legends. Psychology deals with the psyche of human beings. Enlightenment is an experience of non-physical reality that can severely affect our physical reality.

Since I am not a scientist nor a psychologist, I and can only speak from my experience of exploring consciousness, I do not wish to draw any definitive conclusions. Likewise, the subject of enlightenment is also not meant to draw “final conclusions.” Think of it like a cloud that comes and goes. Every cloud is unique, and so is every enlightenment experience unique in its existence.

What is clear is that such an experience shapes us throughout our lives, including psychologically. Neural structures change permanently and connect in a new way. As a result, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are perceived entirely differently.

Ecstasy may or may not be perceived much more intensely, just like grief or sorrow. This is the paradox of being enlightened.

From a scientific perspective, during an enlightenment experience, all our cells renew at a rate unknown to us. However, there are no measurements for this, as enlightenment is more of an anomaly in this day and age.

The physical, emotional, and mental body is unconsciously prepared for this enlightenment event since and even before birth. So, either people are prepared or unprepared. There is no in-between here.

If we are prepared, we can integrate this experience into our daily lives. We quickly reach our physical, emotional, and mental limits if we are unprepared.

The preparation determines whether we develop resilience after attaining enlightenment from the perspective of psychology or not.

Enlightenment Religion

Achieving enlightenment from the religious perspective deals with belief rather than science. Therefore, depending on religious background and beliefs, people perceive an enlightenment experience differently.

It also depends on whether we partially reintegrate karma and identity after such an experience or not.

When people achieve enlightenment, it can also lead them to no longer belong to any religion or suddenly join a religion. All this develops based on the personality of the person.

“Enlightenment means dissolving your limited personality. No persona means a limitless Presence.”


What is Enlightenment in Buddhism?

We can best illuminate enlightenment in Buddhism through Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha we are familiar with. Osho once told the enlightenment story of Buddha. According to his stories, Buddha was the prince of a royal family who was not enlightened from birth but attained enlightenment later in life.

Then, after he became enlightened, Buddha changed the royal clothes for down-to-earth and poor clothes. When Buddha shared this indescribable enlightenment experience with his royal father, the king became angry and upset. “I don’t recognize my son!” So Gautama was to immediately reappear in royal splendor as his father had raised him.

Gautama then said. “Father, you have never known me and have never been interested in knowing me.”

Buddha gracefully refused this request to appear again in the royal splendor.

Even Buddha experienced familial rejection from his father after his enlightenment experience.

Does Enlightenment Really Exist?

Either you experience enlightenment, or you don’t. There is no logic to enlightenment. However, many charlatans are convinced that they are enlightened. Please do not believe that I am enlightened either. It has no demonstrable relevance. The only thing that has relevance for me is that I have not been the same since my personal experience a single day, even though many around me still perceive me as my former self.

Visualize the fish and bird example again. Both animals do not know that they swim in water and fly in air. If as Osho told at one point, enlightenment is our essence – we cannot “experience” it because we have always been, always are, and always will be enlightenment.

In this perspective there is no enlightenment to attain, we can only experience it from within. Like a shell that has hidden its pearl inside, we would hide our inner sun within.

Scientifically proven, there is no such thing as enlightenment. From a religious belief, there is also no enlightenment. Anything subject to a belief or logic can never be compared to enlightenment.

Some things in life we have to experience, and even then, most of the time, we have to submit to the limited logical human communication that wants to understand such an experience.

If the subject of enlightenment interests you, it may or may not have relevance to you. Welcome to the world of enlightenment.

Stages of Enlightenment

For me, there is no stage of enlightenment. Either people are enlightened or not, either people are awake or not.

Some people can feel something serious changing in their lives weeks or months before this event.

Enlightenment Symptoms – How do you feel after enlightenment?

Possible symptoms are so varied that there is no point philosophizing about them. Just as we can experience many physical symptoms such as fever, itching, or relaxation, there are also symptoms after and before enlightenment.

This depends on, among other things, what you identify with, what kind of environment you live in, what your physical, emotional, and mental state is like, whether you have an enlightened master around you, and much more.

At least there is no enlightenment doctor you can go to quickly. And there will be no one to give you a certificate of enlightenment – LAUGHING.

Enlightenment Experiences

If you look at books and videos of enlightened experiences, you will realize how different all these enlightened people are. Most of them, like Sadhguru, have a personal story that everyone knows. In Sadhguru’s case, according to his stories, it was a meditation experience that felt like it lasted only an hour, and when he stopped meditating, 14 days had passed without him being aware of it.

Also, Osho told again and again about his memorable experience of presence, compared with the experience of Eckhart Tolle, one of the few recognized enlightened people from the West, after the publication of the book “NOW.”

The Life of an Enlightened Man

Most enlightened people live inconspicuously in everyday life without other people ever noticing. Often these enlightened people have never heard of “enlightenment” and do not care.

Many people live after enlightenment as they did before enlightenment with the difference that they perceive all activities from a different perspective.

Depending on the quality of consciousness of the enlightened person, some also decide to be successful or accompany people in everyday life. But, of course, all this is highly individual, as in every area of life.

Enlightened People – Who Became Enlightened?

We are entering a highly speculative subject. We are all always full of curiosity! Is this person enlightened? Yes or no! How do we recognize an enlightened person?

For one thing, our limited conditioning usually plays tricks on us. For another, only an enlightened person will recognize an enlightened person.

I can’t give a personal list of myself here, but only tell you about people convinced that they are enlightened. And since it is almost taboo to talk about it in the West, we have to look to the Eastern spiritual countries like India.

Here are a few enlightened candidates: Sadhguru, Moojiji, Osho, Dalai Lama, Thích Nhất Hạnh

How Do You Achieve Enlightenment?

Not at all. Those who have enlightenment as a goal will never achieve it. The likelihood of it being just another selfish goal is too great. Enlightenment is selfless, uncomfortable, and free of any morality.

Of all the experiences I am aware of, it was never a conscious goal to achieve but always a spontaneous event.

Today, however, we live in a time when many people want to achieve enlightenment. Most people are not aware of what it would mean to be enlightened. Many believe that after enlightenment, they would only live a peaceful, harmonious, and loving life. They forget that it depends on what karma they have brought with them, what their environment is like, and what they have given themselves as a life mission for this stage of their life.

Even if the whole identity dissolves after enlightenment, the immediate environment does not necessarily change or certain conditioned tendencies that we live out.

We need to ask ourselves whether being enlightened increases our quality of life. To do that, we should know what quality of life is for us and what we hope to gain from that enlightenment.

You probably agree that spiritual experiences are often different from what we first imagined. This is because we have to experience enlightenment, peace, and unconditional love. We have never tasted these fruits, and our intellect wants to compare experiences with what is known to us. Our intellect wants to rationalize these experiences and compare them with other people and their experiences. Therefore, we should strive to increase our quality of life, not be enlightened.

“Enlightenment is the ultimate self-realization.”

Gene Key 24 – From Addiction to Silence (24th Gene Key)

This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 24.

The 24th Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Silence, the Gift of Invention, and the Shadow of Addiction.

Gene Key 24 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 24 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 24 – Shadow of Addiction

“Addicted to speech.”

In the shadow of the 24th Gene Key, we meet the spectrum of addiction. When human beings contemplate addiction, they may think about the addiction to food, sex, or drugs. But unfortunately, all those addictions are the tip of the iceberg. However, there are deeper layers of addictions.

One of those is the urge to communicate with another human being through speech. Most of us never have a single day without speaking in our life. Yet, we do not see speech as an addiction.

Speech is also not an addiction by itself, but the ongoing gossip, meaningless conversations, and missing depth of interaction are the problems.

Most of us never studied and integrated the art of emotional speech and language in our daily life. So, it naturally happens that speech is one of the themes of superficial addiction.

As I am currently in an experiment of non-speech or Silence, while I am in the real world with my family and even visiting my parents today, I begin to understand the depth of this psychosis.

We genuinely believe that we need to share the unnecessary. Unfortunately, while most are used to the ongoing superficiality (Gene Key 20) and addiction of the intellect, this low-frequency loop will never bring Silence to human beings.

The problem is not the speech itself but the quality of speech. We never actually meet on a soul level when we run our automated intellect. It seems like we meet the other person, but we never feel them or touch their soul.

And, that quantity of speech keeps us entangled with the drama of others and their stories. Instead of seeing each other’s beautiful soul, energy, and truth, we decide to act from the conditioned mind and limited intellectual structure.

We can also observe this entanglement in the Gene Key 24 programming partner of the Gene Key 44. Here addiction meets interference. So we always interfere with the flow of life and keep ourselves addicted in similar conditioned patterns.

Many experiments have been done about interactions in speech and communication. For example, if I ask you to imagine a tree, you will come up with a tree; however, the chance you are in my wavelength and vibration to imagine my version of the tree is tiny. From this perspective of misunderstandings, it is a wonder that society and culture function today.

Why does it work? Society works because some human beings are always outside of the scope of this low frequency, experiencing the Gifts and Siddhis. So, spiritual masters, enlightened beings, and spiritually evolved souls keep the balance of humanity.

This shadow of the Gene Key 24 is also one of the reasons love relationships become so dull. And it is one of the reasons we watch emotional movies. Those movies are created to addict us, to wake us up, because we cannot wake up ourselves anymore

So how can we break out of this addicted superficiality?

First, we need to wake up to observe speech as an addiction.

In the east, silent retreats are very common, and you can attend them more often in the west in the last 10-15 years. Silent retreats are like fasting for the mind.

I heard several stories of partners going to one of those silent retreats and reigniting the passion and love for their relationships because, after a long time, they meet on the soul level.

So, in the shadow of the Gene Key 24, we need to re-invent our human communication, and we need to wake up from our deep sleep and start feeling again.

Then we do not have the urge to share superficially anymore because we would never exchange powerful feelings for dull intellectual conversations.

Those people only trusting their intellect cannot be called human beings anymore because they lost the art of “being”; they only “do.” So it is time to re-invent the wheel and start to feel again, even if it hurts at the beginning.

Gene Key 24 – Gift of Invention


The Gift of the 24th Gene Key is Invention. In the Human Design System, we can observe the connection of invention and inspiration (Gene Key 61) in the channel of mindfulness (24-61).

So, we can cultivate the art of mindfulness in this gift. Dark matter meets inspiration because when we reach the levels of invention, we also become inspired. And this new information is not outside of us; it emerges within.

The combination of gifts can manifest in many ways. For example, we may invent something new and extraordinary in the business world. However, we cannot limit the gift of invention to the business world because inspiration is limitless.

We learn how to use speech spontaneously and inspirational. The Gene Key 24 gift is an alchemical process. We use the raw materials of the shadow and transform them into the higher art of invention.

Ultimately, we begin to heal our mental and emotional history. The lower vibrations become less until they are transformed. In the Gene Key 24 Siddhi, we may lose all addictions together. However, in the gift, we become addicted to our higher nature. We let go of the desires of our lower nature.

The programming partner Gene Key 44 and its Gift of Teamwork display another dimension. When we align ourselves with our higher nature, it is like teamwork. We accept that we know nothing in the vast space of creation. We allow the higher nature to blossom within our lower nature. We embrace our exquisite flow of life.

The shadows are like seeds of a tree. Too often do we judge our shadows as evil and harmful, but from the higher nature perspective, they are our transformational potential into peace, love, and freedom.

Gene Key 24 – Siddhi of Silence


The Siddhi of the 24th Gene Key is Silence. Probably there are no words left for this Siddhi state. How to describe Silence? Is this possible?

Even if we describe Silence, if we never had the personal experience, all sharing will not suddenly make you experience the state of Silence.

You can imagine Silence like this: all thoughts, beliefs, conditions, and personal identity vanishes. Silence is not within the physical realm; however, paradoxically, human beings may experience it within the physical realm.

For most people, imagining such an experience is horrific and frightening because we lose what we know, our identity.

Silence is also the space in between words, thoughts, and breath. It is beyond birth and death. Silence is beyond understanding.

My sudden spiritual awakening experience in 2016 and specific other experiences in the last years match the above description. Maybe I have a closer connection to Silence because the Human Design channel of mindfulness 24-61 is one of my few activated channels.

So, this sharing of the Siddhi is my slice of perspective regarding Silence. May you discover your slice of truth regarding Silence.

The programming partner Gene Key 44 Siddhi is Synarchy. On the Gene Keys Website, it is written:

“Synarchy means we all lead together! It doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. Not at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

We may discover our place in this orchestra in the Siddhi of Silence.

Video & Podcast Contemplation (both unique)

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. Why am I not willing to feel myself and others?
  2. When can I slow down speech to support my purpose in life?
  3. Did I ever allow complete Silence in my life? If not, how can I cultivate Silence in my daily life?

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Thanks so much for reading the 24th Gene Key article!

I am here to inspire you, to look deep within.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 24 here.

With love,

Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 25 – From Constriction to Unconditional Love (25th Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 25.

The 25th Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Universal Love, the Gift of Acceptance, and the Shadow of Constriction.

Gene Key 25 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 25 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 25 – Shadow of Constriction

“Matter over mind

In the shadow of the 25th Gene Key, we believe in matter over mind. Physically we are deeply constricted in the capabilities of our intellect. Only the outside, the physical world, exists.

The programming partner of Gene Key 25 is Gene Key 46 (Ecstasy – Delight – Seriousness). In this unconscious shadow state, we are very serious about everything in our lives.

We are in the mood – me against the other.

It is all about creating divisions through the physical mind. This conditioning freezes us. The inner river stopped flowing. We cut the connection to our higher mind.

It is not that we are disconnected from our higher mind; it only seems so because we have forgotten how to listen to our higher mind.

The body and soul always flow however the mind stops flowing.

We experience life like a rock, disconnected from the flow of life.

And we become so serious about life that we have forgotten to live it.

Death is taboo. Sexuality is taboo. Health is taboo. Money is taboo. Many themes are dislocated and constricted here.

And all of this occurs because we believe in the conditioned mind from our environment, parents, teachers, and society.

This subconscious programming was so deep that we didn’t even recognize it. And if we recognize it, we constrict ourselves, or we are serious about changing our limiting beliefs.

The first time I encountered to let go of my limited conditioning was in an 8-day live seminar – believe me, I was scared to death! I never knew that such deep inner work was possible. Finally, however, I went into this life-changing experience and surrendered my constrictions. After this first deep dive into the subconscious mind, I felt alive, the first time since childhood.

Gene Key 25 – Gift of Acceptance

“STarting the conscious life “

The 25th Gene Key has a beautiful Gift – Acceptance. This Gift allows us to experience the start of a conscious life!

Like we see in the programming partner of the Gene Key 46, we are delighted about everything in life. We open up the inner life force. The river slowly starts to flow again. The rock surrounds itself with beautiful flowers and transcends its existence.

This is a profoundly physical Gene Key because the acceptance rises from within our cellular and molecular structure.

Allowing life to flow creates fresh air, ignites the inner fire, and allows water to enter the river and ocean freely.

It may start with an inner acceptance of our gender. It may start with an inner acceptance of sexuality. It may start with an inner acceptance of darkness and light.

Many experiences need to be accepted – many entanglements need a disentanglement.

The talent of this Gene Key 25 Gift is about listening to yourself and others. 

Gene Key 25 – Contemplation Video

Gene Key 25 – Siddhi of Unconditional Love

“EMbrace all that is”

The Siddhi of the 25th Gene Key is Unconditional Love. What does unconditional mean? Does it mean to have sexual affairs with everyone? For sure not!

In this Siddhi, there is no programming (condition) left. We love life to the fullest – all aspects. For me, the physical incarnation of Osho is an expression of this Unconditional Love.

And Osho had as many haters as fans because Unconditional Love doesn’t care about fake morals or social boundaries. It only cares about true love.

There is hesitation to condition, so we never re-condition to other beliefs. This is because we are not sure about something in life, which gives us the power to discover life.

In the Seven Sacred Seals from Richard Rudd, this Gene Key 25 is related to the solar plexus chakra – the mental body – archangel Raphael and the octahedron platonic geometry shape.

This Siddhi is full of healing power, and it doesn’t care if it hurts others because others are asleep in their constriction and drama – and it uses all means to wake them up.

It triggers the hell out of you!

Certain enlightened beings had this quality, Jesus or Krishna – they always triggered the hell out of some people, and because of this unconditional love – many people got scared and attacked those enlightened beings.

So the Gene Key 25 at its highest frequency has to be carefully applied in daily life. However, it probably is not of anyone’s concern because there are not so many Siddhis of the Gene Key 25 alive, and probably we don’t even know them.

The programming partner Gene Key 46 Siddhi is ecstatic. So this is also an incredible ecstatic combination because if one Siddhi awakens, the programming partner awakens together at the exact moment.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. In which chakra (from root – crown chakra) do I feel the most constriction now?
  2. Where does it feel the tightest? Find a way to bring this chakra into the natural flow.
  3. Which unconscious aspects may I still accept in myself? What would it mean for me to spread unconditional love into the world?

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