Gene Key 61 – From Psychosis to Sanctity (61st Gene Key)


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In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 61. At the end of the article I provide you with 3 questions to contemplate and reflect on this Gene Key.

The 61st Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Sanctity, the Gift of Inspiration, and the Shadow of Psychosis.

Gene Key 61 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 61 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 61 – Shadow of Psychosis


In the shadow of the 61st Gene Key, we are in a deep psychosis. You can observe how deep humanity was and still is in this state of psychosis. We have forgotten who we are. Instead, we align ourselves with the limited capabilities of our intellect, which leads to serving our intellect.

We listen to our limitations. We stagnate and stop listening to our hearts. But all of this – we do not want to realize within the realms of psychosis. In our intellect, we believe strongly as the most intelligent invention of all time.

Yes, the intellect is excellent for – learning human language, mathematics, calculations, and analyses; however, it lacks depth. It cannot perceive the unknown realm because it isn’t equipped for those. So, because the intellect cannot sense or feel those realms, it doesn’t believe in such unknown realms.

Ultimately, this 61st Gene Key is also related to our fear of death. We built a collective cultural belief that death is something “bad” in the unknown realm. However, the scientific discoveries and exploration into near-death experiences, epigenetics, quantum physics, and neurology create faith to transcend this fear of death into understanding slices of the unknown realms.

Ideally, the intellect is not here for decision-making. But in our daily lives, we struggle to decide because we use the intellect for decisions. This ongoing intellectual shift between a “No” and “Yes” causes exhaustion, which keeps us in the unconscious loop of sleep and dreams.

We can see this shadow running through religion and science in many ways. For example, one of the common fears today is about the concept of heaven and hell. However, if we look deep within, we remember that such ideas are fear concepts of homo sapiens that never existed from a higher dimensional perspective.

This shadow lets us believe that we lost all contact with the divine. It is a profoundly unconscious shadow Gene Key 61 with great manipulative power that we keep listening to until we don’t listen anymore.

Ultimately, we suddenly open our hearts, and the intellect is in our service. Then we move from the lower frequency state of psychosis into the realms of Inspiration.

Gene Key 61 – Gift of Inspiration


A part of Inspiration is to discover the world differently, experiencing life, and reflecting the experiences intelligently. This spirit integration empowers the whole being. Inspiration is always original – it is never a copy. So, it is not about copying others’ ideas and concepts. This Gift is about discovering our fresh style through the infinite realms of the mind.

The Gift of Inspiration in the 61st Gene Key emerges when it emerges. Suddenly! There is no technique to trigger it and no task to do. Inspiration happens to us. We cannot initiate Inspiration. The only worthwhile task is to build the proper foundation for Inspiration to occur.

This Gift of the Gene Key 61 needs a ground with fresh seeds that can blossom into the world. The new seeding process needs transforming and authentic shadow work, so we understand that the shadows aren’t what our intellect, sensations, and feelings projected on us. In truth – our shadows are the seeds, and we discover that we can unroot limiting and negative roots and seeds and plant new seeds of empowerment, peace, and love.

That is also the danger of the darkness within this 61st Gene Key, either you are in psychosis or not. When you enter the conscious realms of Inspiration, those sudden insights and revelations appear more often. From the unconscious realms of psychosis, this seems impossible.

Gene Key 61 – Siddhi of Sanctity


The 61st Gene Key is unique in the realms of Siddhis. It can potentially transcend your mentality from one experience to another altogether. When you discover the holiness within “All that is” – experiencing it, embodying it, you receive a glimpse of this sacred life.

But our psychosis is very manipulative. You may even know all those concepts and ideas about yourself as a spiritual being. And still, your intellect finds perspectives to make you believe you already know the truth – even if you don’t. In fact, we are all cells of earth. Do we TRULY CARE about each of our physical body cells? Millions of cells die every day within our physical body structure – are we MINDFUL about them? Did we ever realize that each cell has immense power like a battery? Altogether Dr. Bruce Lipton estimates the cell’s power to be 70 – 3.5 trillion Volts in the synergy altogether.

Our mother earth cares about all life on earth – it is the mother instinct. So, in a Siddhi of sanctity, we would also embrace all our organs, cells, DNA, molecules, and life forms.

When this leap to the Siddhi happens, you disappear. All Siddhis are more related to death, like a mother’s womb.

It is like a transcendence process into a completely new lifeform. And that lifeform doesn’t even care about the outer world – because it inherently knows what truly matters – the inner world.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. How can I create an environment in which true inspiration can rise?
  2. In which life situations have I been and am I inspired?
  3. Am I aware of my inner sanctity – if not, in which areas can I still grow in?

Added 01.09.2023: Further contemplationon psychosis, inspiration and sanctity and what these truly mean to me, created from a question in our german Telegram community.

Psychosis: You make your ego and lower nature the boss “king, leader”. I look at this gene key 61 with the focus in the mental realm.

Inspiration: you let your being, higher nature and intelligence inspire you and use this for growth so that the ego is more and more your wonderful servant.

Sanctity: A part of God “Divine” speaks through you – which means that your higher self has taken over the vehicle of the three lower bodies – physical, emotional and mental bodies and thus your true self is the boss within yourself.

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I am here to inspire you, to look deep within.

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 61 here.

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Innovative States of Consciousness Self-Test – 3 Layers


This article is also available in: German

The article’s goal about the three states of consciousness is to make you more aware of your current well-being and prosperity. But the article should also inspire you to look! Where?

Recognize which worries, fears, or doubts are still robbing you of vitality in today’s worldwide extreme transformative situation.

Maybe you are tired of scratching the surface. Then you’ve come to the right spot with this article and Beyonduality.

So here we go! Step out of the shadows, into the gifts.

How do you find out which of the three states of Consciousness you are in?

There are many consciousness state self-tests, but none like this one. It combines the wisdom of the Gene Keys with other models of Consciousness. In the Gene Keys, there are the three states of Consciousness – Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi.

In the Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, there are 17 different states of Consciousness. I want to discuss some of these states combined with the spectrum of Consciousness from the Gene Keys.

So, in this list, I classify some of these 17 states into Shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis. With this method, you can see which energy field you are most often in. This self-analysis also requires a great deal of courage and honesty.

Even if you have been on your spiritual journey for a long time, you will often find yourself in the shadows along with the gifts and siddhis unless you are the reincarnation of a Buddha in the final stage? 😊 Who knows.

Important note for the consciousness states test:

In the Gene Keys, there are the living areas of purpose, relationships, and prosperity. In the Wheel of Life, there are often seven different areas such as happiness, love, personality development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

Consider the three states of Consciousness together with all seven areas of the Wheel of Life because you will act differently in each one. In each area of life, you think, feel and act differently. So it can be that you live out your vocation, but in the relationship and love, you are a loser and occupy yourself only with negative thoughts or even completely suppress the topic. I developed this model because one of the higher purposes of man is to come into harmony, balance, and prosperity in the wheel of life.

In the following, you will recognize if you act from the shadow, the gift, or the siddhis in your daily life.

Here starts the self-test for the three states of Consciousness – so where do you stand? 😊 Where are you? Have fun!

State of Consciousness: Shadow

Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Shadow Essences

Lowest Frequency

Low Lifeforce


Unconscious Victim Attitude

Narrow-minded Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of shadow consciousness.


This state of Consciousness is like a collective virus that prevents us from going our way and living our dreams. We feel there is no way out for our situation in this low-energy field. Everything is surrounded by seriousness. Every time we feel ashamed of something, we suppress more life force. Every time we maintain the role of shame, we don’t have to feel our deep inner pain and collective suffering. You can only transform your shame into a higher loving frequency if you express your inner pain. To do this, you must first accept and embrace this suffering. Then, you must act courageously and breakthrough your limitations until you realize that such a wonderful light and playful energy comes forth behind the shame.

Is there something you are currently ashamed of? Discover a playful way to transform this state of Consciousness of shame.


This state of Consciousness stays permanently in the future. It takes away our breath. We react. We breathe shallowly instead of taking deep breaths into the abdomen and solar plexus. We hoard air because we are afraid. We are all fearful at certain stages of life, yet it is often not so obvious. Fear is the field that allows diseases to flourish. Fear is also the field where we have neither the will nor the willingness to change. Fear is an illusion until it manifests itself in people’s lives as just such “fear.” Here we may transform the fear of death, which is possible for us only when we experience that death does not exist.

Is there something you are afraid of? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of fear.


This state of Consciousness focuses most of the life energy in the chest to the head area after a certain point. Frustration either leads to outbursts of anger at a certain point if we do not find a suitable outlet to vent it. The suppression of this energy exhausts us until we are lackluster and depressed. Frustration is like accumulating too much baggage and too many unfinished sequences of action. We may allow frustration the space to distribute itself throughout the entire body with equal loving mindfulness. Meditate. Pause and find your unfinished sequences of action that you have long pushed away. Resolve them by taking proactive steps. Use this proactiveness as an outlet! Focus is the key.

Is there something that frustrates you? Then, discover a playful way to transform this level of frustration.


This state of Consciousness stays permanently in the past. We grieve for things we did not do, for people we have lost and are caught in a web of illusions. We have forgotten to remember. We hold on. We find it hard to let go of things. Partners, as well as a business or a deceased loved one. Here you may realize that the whole life is coming and going. Just as birth is part of life, death is also part of life. Here we may learn to decide. To lovingly let go of old things from our past. Then the mysticism happens. We realize – no one ever goes or leaves us.

Is there still grief in you? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of grief.


This state of Consciousness is very subtle. Desire means that you give your shadows room to rule over you. You are in the service of your shadows. They tell you that you should eat that juicy piece of beef or that piece of cake. They tell you that you need to satisfy your sexual desire! This neverending dissatisfaction can lead to all kinds of distractions in your life. Often, desire doesn’t let you look deeper into the shadow world. It stirs up intense inner conditioning in you that distracts you from looking closer, more thoroughly, where real true change might occur. Often we give in to our cravings after we have been successful. We give ourselves an unhealthy time-out without being aware of its effects. We may be very gentle with this craving here to transform it. 

What strong desire still exists in you? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of desire.


This state of Consciousness makes us seemingly strong. We are successful – but at the same time, we need the respect and recognition of other people. Growth here still means to eat or be eaten, even if this level of Consciousness is often already accompanied by the willingness and the will to change oneself and others. Spiritual teachers, coaches, or psychologists often fall for this trap of recognition without being aware of it. Pride could also lead us to be convinced – to be further, better, higher than others. However, we very seldom realize it in this form of pride. Here in this state of Consciousness, we want to protect our shadows. We like to work with the shadows and problems of others, but we gratefully decline when it comes to ourselves. We have built up a kind of resilience to look deep into our inner suffering. We usually only dissolve this pride by making severe changes in our lives. So you may look very closely at what your true motive is. Who do you serve? The higher well-being of the people or mostly only yourself? So let go of all expectations of yourself and others.

What are you proud of in your life? Discover a playful way to transform this level of Consciousness of pride.

State of Consciousness: Gift


Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Gift Essences

Higher Frequency

More Lifeforce


Active Creator Mode

Advanced Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of Gift consciousness.


This state of Consciousness is a creative tool to transform shadows. We give our shadows a higher reason for existence in the form of music or art. Art could mean many things. All professions have one thing in common – interpersonal relationships. We use these relationships to get to know our shadows mindfully. We then transform these shadows in creative or silent work, such as meditations, painting, singing, to name a few examples. In this state of Consciousness, we expand our worldview, experience more life force, and mindfulness. In the creative activities, we are hopeful and inflow. Self-hatred quickly transforms into love in these activities, and frustration becomes playful ease.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of creativity as a gift to transform shadows.


This state of Consciousness is, as you can already imagine, encouraging. You begin to explore new paths that you could never have imagined before. In courage, you also awaken your imagination that everything in your life is well. You trust yourself and life, even if it is often tricky and bumpy. Courage also means to dare – to be yourself, including all the shadow parts in you. You courageously go into the basement, where your shadows are just waiting for you. The lust, the frustration, the distraction, the fear …. but courage as a gift faces all these shadows, even if they are unpleasant. Courage is thus a transformational gift for you and the world.

Discover a playful way to use this courage for yourself and others.


This state of Consciousness is like a neutral level where you communicate with others. Neutrality exudes logic and rationality, but here we use our minds to loosen old beliefs and conditioning. We see other people in a new light. The consciousness level of neutrality has a calming effect on you and others, even though it can come across as detached or indifferent. Between neutrality and indifference, the difference is often difficult to discern. Neutrality is in creator mode, and indifference takes on an unconscious victim posture. At the lower frequency, we protect ourselves from supposed external dangers and not get into creative action. At the higher frequency of the gift, we simply look at a situation to expand our worldview and move into action.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of neutrality as a gift.


This state of Consciousness takes calculable risks. Here we also are willing to try out new things and jump into ice-cold water without knowing – what will happen to us in the water. It is the willingness to act creatively without focusing on possible doubts. Perhaps doubts will arise on the journey. However, we also have the willingness to transform our doubts here. This state of Consciousness is essential when you are in the process of change at work. A new job? Maybe from employee to entrepreneur? A new country? Everywhere you need the willingness and also the courage. This readiness needs optimism. Readiness also means knowing the art of decisions. Every time you decide to do one thing, you let go of another. Do you want to travel to another faraway country and even live there? Then you enter into the willingness to meet new people, new professions and break social and language barriers. At the same time, you are leaving many things behind. Here it is advisable to have the confidence always to be taken care of. Money flows in and out. Friends come and go. This play is the art of choices.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of readiness as a gift.


This state of Consciousness accepts people as they are. It neither tries to change them nor to evaluate them negatively. Acceptance has the gift of objectively judging a person without condemning them. But we accept other people, especially ourselves and our shadows. We work hand in hand with our shadows until they are in service to us, rather than continuing to waste life energy trying to maintain the illusion of our masks and roles. We need a great understanding of unconscious worries, fears, and frustrations so that after a particular time, we transform them as if automatically. Acceptance is self-reflective and self-loving. Acceptance allows. Where in the shadow we still act selfishly, in the consciousness level of the gift, we care equally about the welfare of other people. Mostly, however, we only care about family, friends, or business partners. For “strangers,” the gift level is still sufficient, where altruism is also found, but here we are usually not willing to give everything. This unconditional willingness is reserved for the consciousness levels of the Siddhis.

Discover a playful way to use this level of Consciousness of acceptance for yourself.

State of Consciousness: Siddhi


Contemplate it about happiness, love, personal development, career/vocation, money, relationship, and family.

The 5 Siddhi Essences

Highest Frequency

Maximal Lifeforce


Unlimited Creator Mode

Inconceivable Worldview

In the following part, I describe a few examples of different states of Siddhi consciousness.


This state of Consciousness goes beyond human love. It is the level of unconditional love to which we give ourselves selflessly. We send loving energy to strangers because we are full of life force. We take on a worldview that is still incomprehensible to us. The reason is simple – this kind of love is beyond our reason and ratio. It is irrational, beautiful, and indescribable. If a person attacks us physically or psychologically, we remain in our center, far from any reaction. We meet non-love with love. Thus all masks and roles dissolve as if by themselves. We have arrived beyond duality – beyond good or evil, right and wrong, perpetrator and victim as the sun sends its warmth to “good” and “evil,” so we send our warm love to all.


This state of Consciousness is like a sustained high while intoxicated but goes far beyond. All thoughts dissolve into thin air, and all that remains is simply the creative freedom of joy. Ecstatic states are a normality in this high state of Consciousness. It is like a tingling sensation throughout the body with no locality like “goosebumps.” With goosebumps, we usually feel it on our backs. With ecstasy, it goes beyond our physical body. We merge with the sea of all possibilities and draw from it. Joy is only possible in surrender. As soon as the first thought arises with the question, “What is this feeling?” the joy is already gone.


At this state of Consciousness, we have arrived at peace. Eckhart Tolle describes this state very well in his bestseller “NOW.” You are in your center and harmony no matter what anyone tells you. Peace is like a future energy field waiting to be physically born, to appear. Whoever radiates true peace embodies a deep inner serenity. Thoughts dissolve as if into thin air – they are gone. You are gone. We are gone. The game is over, and at the same time, it is just beginning. Beginning and end dissolve. Everything is as it should be. Where the shadow is still in conflict with itself, the gift in diplomacy, the peace in the Siddhi whispers NOW.


Are you acting like a Buddha and Jesus, or are you just pretending? A legitimate question that we may ask ourselves again every day. How would Buddha act in this situation? Here there is absolute clarity, and the field acts paradoxically, selflessly, and irrationally. We recognize the beauty in everything, even in darkness. Just a thought is enough to beam us from the deepest shadows directly into higher states of ecstasy. Here you also have the feeling that your body is invisible, although it is still there. You recognize and embody connections that can transport people directly into higher levels of Consciousness. At the consciousness level of enlightenment, you also possess almost like supernatural abilities. These abilities could be physical or non-physical. For example, the Iceman Wim Hof controls his physical body so well that he can keep his body temperature in the normal range for a long time in freezing temperatures. Here are countless stories of spiritual masters who have made the impossible possible.

The end of the self-test! Where are you most of the time? What are you still allowed to transform?

Did you know that David R. Hawkins found out in consciousness studies that only 10-15% of people live beyond the “shadow” level of Consciousness? 85-90% of humanity lives permanently in the shadows without being aware of it. 10-15% dare to step into the gift, and only 0.0001-1% of people reach the consciousness level of Siddhi.

Where are you most of the time? 

Feel free to share your current Wheel of Life result in the comments. Also, feel free to pick an area to share here and SHARE the article with friends who should also take the self-test.

With love,


Gene Key 2 – From Dislocation to Unity (2nd Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 2. At the end of the article, you will discover three questions for contemplation for you.

The 2nd Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Unity, the Gift of Orientation, and the Shadow of Dislocation.

Gene Key 2 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 2 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 2 – Shadow of Dislocation


In the shadow of the 2nd Gene Key, we are dislocated. There is a fun story to share about this. As I was contemplating this Gene Key, opened my document to start writing about the 2nd Gene Key, I had forgotten the Gift of the 2nd Gene Keys. I remembered the Siddhi of Unity and the Shadow of Dislocation. First, I was shocked and frustrated that I had forgotten the Gift.

However, I wanted to remember the Gift myself. No google searches, no book and Gene Keys website or physical book. So, I decided to go into a deep inner journey that lasted several minutes, to finally have the mental construct of “Orientation” in my thoughts.

This is what occurs in the state of dislocation. As the word already describes we lose track of our location in time and space. This can mean many things. In my example, I lost the location of the Gift – got tricked by the Shadow myself.

That is where the beauty of orientation plays its important role. When we trust ourselves and life, we re-orientate what once was dislocated. Also, our previous incarnations are hidden within this mist of the dislocated mind. So, when the time is right, you may discover even more hidden truths of your existence.

Gene Key 2 – Gift of Orientation


As soon as we have trust in a higher frequency, we guide ourselves in the mist and shadows into a mindful revealing state of our potential. Our inner compass is re-activated. We no longer live in a dislocated state, the dislocated memories and experiences serve us. We do not longer serve dislocation. Thus, we remember more of who we truly are – our true self or true nature.

To receive this higher state of mind, we need to remember that we are not limited by our brain and our physical body. The source of our unity is beyond the physical reality and inhabits within the non-physical reality.

This is a massive change in our worldview and cellular chemistry. We begin to surrender to the unity within life. Our DNA activates the access to higher spheres of realities. This occurs only when we are more purified and relates to a lot of responsibility.

Gene Key 2 – Siddhi of Unity


The siddhi state of the 2nd Gene Key is the interconnection between all that exists. Unity is like the ocean which inhabits all waves, rivers, seas, and lifeforms.

We may never understand the siddhi realms at the current state of humanity. However, at some point, we will evolve and understand everything with clarity. All the siddhis are states of future embodiments of humanity.

In this highest frequency state of Unity in the 2nd Gene Key, we remember that we are the drops and waves of the ocean, and paradoxically we remember and understand that we are always connected to the rivers, seas, all lifeforms and the ocean.

When we surrender deep enough into those unconscious realms, we may easily navigate and orientate ourselves within the whole. For this access we need absolute clarity, trust, and a goodwill heart full of unconditional love.

My Exclusive 2nd Gene Key Video & Podcast (both unique content)

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. What brings you back into balance in difficult situations?
  2. How do you succeed in letting go of the past and the future to be in the present?
  3. Why is it so easy for you to remember your Soul Purpose in the ocean of all possibilities?

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 2 here.

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Dominik Porsche

What is Shadow Work? 5 Essences of True Shadow Work


This article is also available in: German

Many more people have been opening up to spirituality, consciousness expansion, and shadow work in recent years. In essence, people open up to the immaterial. This detailed and profound article is about the five essences of true transformation in shadow work. However, since I am not a philosopher or psychologist, please do not expect an article of this nature here. This article is primarily here to spark your desire to do shadow work. It is full of personal experiences and inspirational musings.

What is shadow work?

Over the last 50 years, shadow work has gained tremendous popularity. In addition to worldwide application in analytical psychology practices, shadow work also gained significant importance in spiritual settings and personal development.

Initially, the term shadow work gained popularity and importance in the West through the psychiatrist and psychologist C. G. Jung. He described it as inner work with the unconscious parts of ourselves.

Likewise, shadow work in the Human Design System became essential in illustrating self and non-self.

The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is the system I actively work on. Also, in the Gene Keys and the Spectrum of Consciousness, with its 64 archetypal stories of human DNA, we find 64 shadows, some of which we are more and less aware of. An example from Gene Keys is the shadow conflict. So it is about resolving conflict, or as Richard Rudd beautifully describes it in Gene Keys, acting diplomatically to get into the essence of peace. To do this, we must learn to understand why we conflict first.

1. Shadow Work: Universal Understanding

Shadow Work: Universal Understanding
Shadow Work: Universal Understanding

In order to transform our shadow work and the energies bound in it, we first need a universal understanding. We could also call it inner wisdom. Many teachers, mainly psychologists and spiritual teachers, are interested in guiding you into the quintessence of shadow work. As in all the articles on


Only when we realize that shadow work is not a goal but a path can we become enthusiastic about shadow work. It is also not the path of strength as we have come to know it in our society. For it is a path of unconditional surrender. We are increasingly aware of universal rules that enable us to walk this path of shadow work. For example, we know that we are in the exact situation that we have manifested. Everything in our lives reflects our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs. Everything reflects our karma; even though karma as a concept is invisible to us, we know from every cell that we are the creator of our life situation.

That is why deep shadow work is not for everyone, but only for those souls for whom the path of shadow work arises in life, like you.

No matter how long you have been engaged in shadow work, your inner wisdom is also aware of more profound levels. As a result, you are and remain open and curious about the subject of shadow work and integrate it into your everyday life.

Even though I write that we all draw situations into our lives ourselves – it is too complex to “prove” quickly. But what we can definitely “prove” is the way we deal with our life situations and what we learn from them. Here, the attitude towards the situation makes your experience more favorable or less positive.

I liked to remember my last dentist appointment here in 2021; it was a lengthy procedure and partly without anesthesia because it was important for the dentist to get my feedback. Overall, I had a very relaxed attitude towards the procedure. I just transformed the pain and saw it for what it is—releasing energy that can be pretty intense. I just let it flow, and while the pain was noticeably very intense, I no longer rejected it and accepted it wholeheartedly. As a result, I have even stored the experience as very positive, although I, like many people worldwide, absolutely avoid visits to the dentist.

Consciousness & Matter

You are also aware of the interplay between consciousness and matter. You know the teachings of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle, and the many spiritual teachers on earth.

Consciousness creates matter. The invisible creates the visible.

That is why we call it shadow work.

We deal with the hidden part of our shadow. After the successful shadow work, we eventually recognize the external changes in our life. The faster we perceive external changes, the more intensively and profoundly we have let go of our shadows. One of the external changes is inevitably your life’s attitude. It will often be the same situation, but you perceive it entirely differently.

This inner transformation is the optimal human confirmation of the universal rule that the invisible creates the visible. Only when we have experienced this transformation and its effects in our lives are we aware of this universal understanding. The immaterial creates the material!

A trivial example is the subject of nutrition. We all know bad and too much input of sugar or alcohol maximizes the possibility of obesity. The more calories you eat, the more weight you gain. At the same time, we are all different. Some people never seem to gain weight. Others gain weight very quickly. Many studies prove that weight gain is due to our metabolism and many other mechanisms we know about, and we may consult doctors to see the research data on them. What is less known or asked is how this metabolism comes about. We know that our DNA and genes are responsible for it. But we rarely ask ourselves whether we can change or adapt our genes.

It is in the unseen, in consciousness. The transformation and transmutation of our DNA activations seem impossible for us. Beyond our free will. And yet there are people like the Iceman, Wim Hof, who make the supernatural a reality. It is, therefore, our mind that creates matter. The invisible creates the visible. The non-form creates the form. We have harnessed one of these “non-forms” in the last 100 years – electricity. You can’t see it, but it’s there!

2. Shadow Work: Genuine Self-Love

2. Shadow Work: Genuine Self-Love
Shadow Work: Genuine Self-Love

Self-love means accepting everything we have projected and manifested in the world. It also means not being trapped further in the ego’s dualism of knowing and not knowing, or truth and not truth.

Creator & Creativity

We are all creative creators, aren’t we?

Creator in German means “Schöpfer” and creativity means “Kreativität”. In English, the creator and creativity are entangled. Within the creator is creativity, and within creativity must be a creator. In the German language, we could use a word (Schöpfertum), but it is rarely used.

We all know that we are capable of creativity, of being creators! At the same time, it is fascinating that in the German language, we prefer “Kreativität” over “Schöpfertum,” and I even had to google Schöpfertum to see if the German word even exists.

It feels like we have fallen deep into the matter and expect a savior from outside. But, unfortunately, this is what much science and religion instill in us today.

“If you have sinned, go to church and put away your sin.”

“If you are sick, go to your doctor and lay aside your sickness.”

In doing so, we are, in large part, abandoning our responsibility!

It is important to note that there are significant differences here. So much of modern science is an essential milestone in our development. This includes, first and foremost, how good we have become at saving lives in exceptional situations with our technological advances. Also, our digital world gives us so many beautiful ways to communicate. But we humans, with our minds, say to ourselves.

“Where there is light, there must be shadow.”

This quote is one of the standard shadows or limiting beliefs that unconsciously make us victims instead of actively creating ourselves.

If we look at electricity, we know that it is the other way around.

“Where there are shadows, there is light.”

Because before electricity served us, it was a shadow and a taboo. It was dangerous because it was in an unknown realm. And yet, there were a few crazies who dealt with it. Without these crazies, there would be no Internet as we know it today. To know true shadow work, we must learn to let go of negative beliefs.

In addition, we have many abilities and potentials that are still hidden. And this is where we can connect with shadow work as an integral part of our everyday life. Shadow work also helps us unfold our abilities and potentials, as you can see from the example of electricity. Just as electricity is a gift today, your shadows will serve you soon. Your shadows become your gifts.

Immerse Yourself

To do justice to genuine self-love in shadow work, we need to immerse ourselves and not look away. Instead of running away from our shadows, we may shine a flashlight or candle on them.

It takes a tremendous amount of honesty to face your deepest fears and challenges and perform fundamental root cause research in your everyday life. Curiously getting to know your shadows is a prerequisite to entering the deepest levels of your basement.

Imagine yourself in a house. You walk from the first floor to the basement. It is cold, dark, and cramped. You enter the room with a candle. The room in the basement is lightly lit. Stay in your center. Be free of fears that tell you that it is dangerous to be in the basement. Open-heartedly and with mercy, respond to these fears if they arise. Remain yourself, full of loving mindfulness. After long shadow work, a part of the basement opens with a safe. In this vault is buried your core and your pearl. You will have the courage and willingness to look into the vault and beyond at a certain point in your development.

When this moment comes, I cannot tell you. However, what is certain is that this moment is reserved for all people who playfully deal with their shadows. The important thing is to pause again and again until the new meets with resonance on the outside. That means you act with distance and love in the same situations you used to argue and condemn. That’s how easy it is to find out. It doesn’t help you or those around you to think of shadow work as “short-term business.” On the contrary, mastering shadow work is the higher purpose of all human beings.

Genuine self-love also means allowing this distance and love to arise naturally. Today there is far too much “fake it until you make it!” Energetically, this lie only leads you further away from yourself – as you play a role again without letting go of the previous role. You are pushing the old role away and building a new role simultaneously. This behavior is called suppression, and it is precisely the energy that arises from suppressing your shadows, masks, and roles that we want to liberate.

3. Shadow Work: Dharma


Dharma is essentially about considering every relationship, interaction and event in our lives as the perfect stimulus for our emotional and spiritual growth.” – Excerpt from Gene Keys – Venus Sequence

Dharma is about the ethics of people and how they should behave. According to this, Dharma is like a transition to the astral world or the emotional body. It’s like a transition from the visible world to the invisible world, which we didn’t learn a word about in school.

That is why shadow work is so essential for all of us to deal with if we want to participate in the new earth that Eckart Tolle also writes about in his best-selling book.

How does Dharma specifically relate to the essence of shadow work? What does Dharma mean in terms of your shadow work?

In the following three subsections, we will find out.

High Sensitivity

I want you to look at high sensitivity concerning shadow work from a different light. So often, we, as highly sensitive personalities, which I count myself among, believe that we can read the energies of others on the outside. We walk into a room and receive or lose energy. We feel comfortable or uncomfortable. We attribute it to certain people on the outside that we feel well or less well.

This effect is also true because we radiate more life energy in different environments and less in others. But what I have also become aware of only recently, thanks to Jeffrey Kastenmüller’s excellent German book “I am a mistake, and I love it,” is that we always rob ourselves of energy. And the more sensitive we are, the more energy we seem to pull from ourselves.

When we trap ourselves in the victim role, we convince ourselves that our environment or “negative people” or energy vampires are pulling our energy. However, some other good reasons make us realize how inefficiently we are using our life energy through this behavior.

Energy Vampires as a Teacher

Why might energy vampires or “negative people” be teachers for us?

They trigger us. Energy vampires make us feel uncomfortable, and they draw energy from us.

That’s how we often think of them. Isn’t it so?

Then how could energy vampires be teachers for us?

Let’s look closer, look deeper inside ourselves, and realize that it is not the environment, negative people, or energy vampires that are draining our energy. Instead, we are the cause of this exhaustion!

This revelation is a true quantum leap into the field of love and compassion.

How is this possible? Why would we rob ourselves of energy and for what in the first place?

Attention. The Big Reveal.

We use our life energy to sustain our role or mask. That’s why it feels like someone is robbing us of energy from the outside. We maintain a mask or role that we want those around us to see, and we suppress a shadow that we don’t want to come to the surface.

What masks or roles are we talking about?

We have learned to play a role in dealing with these people around us without being explicit about whether we want to continue playing it. They are the masks that we maintain with our life energy! We want to hide the shadows from ourselves and others. We don’t want anyone to see them. This denial costs us an immense amount of energy.

But is this true?

At least I could observe the immense effects of this over the years with my parents. I will report on this in the next part of the article. Test it for yourself and your environment! Dare to think outside the box.

Family as a Spiritual Teacher

We all know it. Our parents are the best at triggering us, aren’t they? Many of us would love to change our parents because we recognize behaviors in our parents that we don’t want to be. Yet we are already caught in the illusion.

Many studies over the last 100 years have found how similar the behaviors of parents and their children are. Some aspects that we take over from our parents. These are often the aspects we would like to change in our parents. We visit our mother as a general example.

She loves cleanliness and is a control freak.

Now we recognize the control freak in our mother and seethe inside. We hate it without wanting to admit it. But we identify ourselves with this behavior alone and do not recognize that our mother has awakened the control freak in us.

Now we control with our control freak, the control freak of our mother.

You can probably already imagine where this will end, right?

Quarrels, emotional arguments, up to the “I don’t want to see my mother anymore – complex.”

And I call it “complex” on purpose because we don’t want to realize that we are the control freak. So we retreat and say, “I never want to end up like my mother so that I won’t visit her anymore!”

And that’s precisely the control we create for ourselves. So we don’t want to visit the basement with all our shadows that our mother can open anymore!

Later, for example, we behave towards our children or partners with the same control freak tendencies without realizing it because our children and partners are the most significant possible trigger next to our parents!

That’s right!

Even if we run away, we cannot escape our inner life. Even if we don’t want to see our mother anymore, we attract people into our lives who trigger us again (awaken our shadows).

So why not start the shadow work with the parents while they are still physically here on earth? But even if they are no longer physically incarnated, someone will trigger you, seemingly from the outside. Maybe the media? The pharmaceutical industry? They are all friendly people, aren’t they? They only want your best! Health erhm money 😀 Sorry, that had to be – LAUGH! So stop to look for the evil outside, because thereby we create it worldwide altogether! The Inner world creates the outer world. The invisible creates the visible.

Therefore, our family and environment are great spiritual teachers and masters that we may recognize. They awaken our demons, which we then only have to cultivate. To do that, of course, we have to know-how. There are so many permission slips for this, with which we allow ourselves to transform these shadows within us.

A small example from me: I can still remember how difficult it always was for me to go home to my parents after I had not lived with them for years.

What happened to me?

I changed with a new social environment, friends, and partners. At the same time, I was still doing little inner shadow work. Every time I was with my parents, they awakened my shadows. I wanted to prevent this and used my life energy to suppress this. As a result, I was constantly exhausted when I went home and returned to my environment. I needed breaks for days. I was simply exhausted!

Do you know this too?

Then, after I realized that it was up to me, I took 100% self-responsibility. Then, in the process of contemplation, I looked within myself and transformed that role that awoke.

I understood that to let go of my role. I first had to love it.

When you infuse the role you “hate” so much with true love, it dissolves as if by itself. For that, you must get to know the role you are playing. Like in movies, you have to be aware of your role (superhero, villain) or whatever other endless roles there are to be able to discard them afterward.

Even if you don’t want to play the role anymore, you have to learn to love it first! Then immensely much more life energy is available to you.

The essence of shadow work recognizes the outside triggers as your transformation potential for the fruits to blossom.

The triggers are like an entrance for you to look at your role.

You may live this transformation process in your everyday life. Not only at some seminars or in books.

That’s why there is the saying.

“The inner work starts in your home!”

or in other words

“Shadow work begins within you, not in others!”

4. Shadow Work: The Power of Affirmations

Shadow Work Affirmations
Shadow Work Affirmations

The Misunderstanding

The true power of affirmations in shadow work develops when we stop putting positive affirmations like “I love myself” over our “I hate myself” wounds. If we cry internally from sadness, using an affirmation like “I laugh happily” externally is not the way to go. This fakeness is then only like a band-aid of lies. Like the movie “Joker”, the laughter is inauthentic and simply false. Looking at the movie from this perspective can be a real eye-opener.

So it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to be weak, it’s okay to accept the shadow sides that we don’t want to see, and most importantly, not to show the shadow sides to others. The important thing is to face life with love and respect. And your shadows are part of your life, whether you want to admit it or not.

True Love

Affirmations have real value in shadow work only when we have learned to love the part of ourselves that we hate after we learned to love the part of ourselves that is sad.

In Jeffrey Kastenmüller’s German book, the very title “I’m a mistake, and I Love It!” hints at this quantum leap. We approach non-love with love.

I heartily recommend this book to everyone! The book’s title, “I am a mistake, and I love it!” works in his example not as an affirmation, as we know it today, to strengthen the positive, but to awaken the shadow a teeny bit more. “I’m a mistake, and I love it.” is like another trigger to make you feel the negative sensation ever so slightly and then envelop it in love.

How can we still meet non-love with love?

– In every shadow lies hidden a gift

– Keeping lightness towards karma

– Compassion towards fellow human beings or events

These three points can be a very bright light in dark times. If we know that in every shadow, no matter how dark, there is a gift hidden, there is hope. When we don’t take karma too seriously and recognize the lightness and gift within karma, it gives us freedom. When we have compassion for events and fellow human beings, it reminds us that on earth, as human beings, we are all in the same boat.

What is the role of true love?

True love is the force that pierces duality and captivates every shadow. True love is beyond the human love we are familiar with, which only attracts further suffering. True love reveals itself only when we are willing to look deep within ourselves.

To meet non-love with love is difficult, but possible! I have witnessed it live in seminars with so many others. I have been able to experience it myself. It is doable!

My secret tip: Recognize yourself in all people, no matter how ego-driven or deeply this person may have fallen and no matter how strongly the person triggers you.

Success Patterns

In 2016, I learned about a series of seminars that changed my life forever. There I learned about the playful reprogramming of my negative beliefs (CYP-Bio-Feedback System). At that time, I had never heard of shadow work. However, the seminar series was the most profound journey into the inner child and beyond, so I participated in another 70 days of offline events in the following three years. Yes, the seminar series are actual events! Events of inner transformation.

If you want to apply affirmations, I can recommend the five steps guide for overcoming limited beliefs, which I learned at the seminar series. You may follow these steps to make affirmations work successfully. Here I would like to translate the five steps into shadow work.

Step 1 is about having the willingness to change. That means not just reading this or other articles or books, but taking the initiative and being proactive. So you go down to the basement and open the door! You light a candle and dare to step into the unknown. Shadow work is the path, not the destination, no matter where you stand.

Step 2 is about tracking down the source of a shadow which is an undertaking that can be very difficult. Think of it this way. You are now in the house’s basement, where a high-security safe is hidden. As in step 1, you have lit the candle and vent into the unknown. But, first, you must find the safe in the dark, and after finding it, you still lack the access code. Again, transparency and true love are needed to unlock the access code of the original patterns.

Step 3 is about taking away the power of this shadow over you. It loses its power over you! Instead of you serving the shadow, the shadow serves you from now on. For this, you need the understanding and the connection of the origin to transform the whole energy. Here you also need to meet the shadow with love—a huge step. In the example of the dark cellar, the safe opens, and you look at its contents with distance and overview. It is essential to relate to this emotion that is connected to it in the situation slightly. That’s why I learned about the bio-feedback methodology at the seminar.

Step 4 is about giving light to your shadow. Imagine that the released energy is now ready to serve you. You are mentally creating a new loving origin for yourself. This recreation process is the step of self-empowerment. In this way, you prevent the released energy from flowing back into the same neuronal structure, to put it scientifically. Here you can also use affirmations like “I love myself,” whereas, in step 2, you still verified “I hate myself.”

In step 5, you strengthen your success pattern and act accordingly in everyday life. If you have less energy than before in the long run, you find it difficult to act according to the new ethics, and you know that the shadow still controls you, or you serve this shadow.

5. Spectrum of Consciousness

For more details, visit my articles Gene Keys.

The 64 states of consciousness of the Gene Keys offer a much broader spectrum for your shadow work. Therefore, I recommend the book “The 64 Gene Keys” to work with the alternation of the 64 shadows, gifts, and siddhis.

Gene Keys Spectrum of consciousness
Spectrum of Consciousness

Thanks for reading! Feel free to post what helps you with your shadow work in the comments! I am curious about your experiences regarding shadow work!

With Love


Overcoming Self-Doubts – The Practical Guide!

This article is also available in: German

Overcoming your self-doubts about any topic in life is challenging. So how can you doubt your self-doubts, finally achieving the unachieved? For that to happen, you need to understand and overcome self-doubts. Then you will thrive activity, and therefore the realization of dreams on the physical plane can be real. This continuous daily activity was and still is a big challenge in my life, so it seems some have luck and others do not.

So, in which aspects will this article guide and support you to stop questions everything and start acting?

  1. You deepen the understanding of self-doubts in your life.
  2. You thrive on the inherent gift of Inquiry.
  3. You create prosperity of your life’s challenges with excellent decision-making and daily activity.
  4. You motivate and inspire yourself and others.
  5. You do, act, and stop questioning everything.

What are self-doubts?

Self-doubts are often a form of mental stagnation. We created a negative behavior and thought pattern which keeps us locked in a loop of hopelessness. Pessimistic questions run your life. You may create statements for yourself that others are so blessed and wealthy and you are poor and unlucky every day. Whenever a question pops up in your awareness, it guides you into more self-doubts which finally leads to a complete lack of energy and purpose. Your self-esteem becomes exceptionally low and unstable because you question everything in your life. Most likely, you cannot sit still – if not on the outside by physical activities; then you cannot sit still on the inside with emotions and thoughts because they constantly interfere with your life with negativity. This dilemma sums up the power and destruction of doubts. However, in the Gene Keys Approach by Richard Rudd, I remembered that every shadow (self-doubt) is hidden a gift. You may read this the first time in your life and ask – how can self-doubts be a hidden gift?

What is the hidden gift of self-doubt?

What is the hidden gift of self-doubt?

The gift hidden within self-doubt is Inquiry. Inquiry is the enormous gift to use your mental abilities to forgive, motivate and inspire. The most known expression of this gift is marvelous storytelling that inspires and motivates you and others. However, Inquiry is mostly about inner questioning and healing your history. It is a gift about forgiving others and yourself – seeing and understanding the bigger picture of reality. Instead of questioning and focusing on the doubts of life, as an example, you use your self-doubts and create art or music until you receive inner revelations, and you can let go of the past. This attitude is an act of pausing and allowing your shadows (self-doubt) to be! You recognize the level of victimization through doubts in your life and how they run your life. You deepen to accept your shadows, and you also understand via Inquiry that you can change and evolve, even if others disagree with you. You stop using the past as a mirror of your future. Your past is the past. Instead of reacting or repressing relationships through the past, you stay open-hearted, and the past becomes your greatest teacher. 

Example of Self-Doubt vs. Inquiry

How can your mind trick you into a low-frequency, pessimistic pattern, and how can you streamline and use your mind to inspire and motivate yourself and others?

The shadow of Self-Doubt:

My perspective of Beyonduality changed over time. I am not sure why stuff constantly changes for me. Maybe I am not good enough to find something to focus on? It seems like I cannot let go of my old patterns – they always return. And I am not even sure how my articles and my content is helping others. Probably other people cannot change their patterns, and they stay still in their lives. So I am helpless to help others in their lives.

Note: After reading my lines of self-doubt, observe gently if some of your self-doubts trigger you. We can all agree that this inner communication in our lives is often a norm of society. What can you do about it? First, you need to allow and accept that you are in self-doubt. From early childhood, the questions we asked and the answer we received from our environment influenced our lives. The answers we received from our parents often were logical, and we may even have felt shameful or guilty to ask such questions. This feeling of shame and guilt over the years may have even deepened enough for you to lose all curiosity in life. The only way to heal this mental stagnation in life is patience and gentleness, which leads to Inquiry. It would help if you forgave your parents and environment because they also did not know better. Now it is your job to evolve! When your parents and ancestors could not forgive in a time and space, it is your job to be strong enough to learn to forgive. When you achieve this quantum task, instead of feeling heavy and blocked with your mental package, you begin to feel light and fluid once again. You only need to observe children’s curiosity and lightness in their eyes and whole body.

The Gift of Inquiry:

My perspective of Beyonduality changed over time. It is a project to heal your history and discover your soul purpose and a project to guide you in your deep self-reflection and helps in self-inquiry. While reading one of my articles, you may realize essential solutions and to-dos for your life. Of course, you need to implement changes, and old patterns and conditions are not always easy to change from one day to another. But like an onion, you have many slices of old behavior patterns that need to be replaced by new success patterns, bringing your quality of life in new dimensions.

Note: Inquiry opens the mind to new possibilities and strengthens your will to act. In the past, I observed a pessimistic habit and attitude in my life, again and again. And this never ends well because our physical body feels anxious and exhausted. So, it is essential to keep an open mind full of curiosity and to use the gift of Inquiry to heal your history. It would be best if you did not insist on blaming and judging your self-doubts because your job is to observe the doubts and remember and learn how to use the gift of Inquiry to self-heal your history.

3 Ideas How to Overcome Self-Doubts

How to Overcome Self-Doubts

1. Mindfulness through Meditation

You must remember and realize that you are in a state of self-doubts, which is possible through mindful practices. If you are not mindful of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations – you will not change your behavior. Meditations are the best acceleration tool to realize the state you are in. And do you know why many do not like to meditate? Because they are confronted by their inner self-doubts and all their baggage of the past and the future fears. It takes courage and patience to start to meditate regularly. I meditate for several years now, and it is a true blessing. I love meditation!

2. Gentleness in Daily Activities

Another essential realization is gentleness in daily activities. If you are always in an escape mode or a confrontation mode, you cannot understand your self-doubts. That is why mundane tasks like walking in the forest, washing your dishes, or cleaning your flat can be such a great teacher of gentleness. They have the potential to change who you are. But only when you approach your emotional baggage with gentleness and patience.

3. Patience through Understanding

Do you want to read more about patience? Probably not! Patience is something we are not thriving in society. Everything needs fast fixes – from businesses, investments to self-care.  But a tree needs patience in winter to improve his next summer for a greater blossoming of his fruits. And it would help if you had patience with your shadows and emotional turbulences to heal them and to receive more energy and open-hearted frequencies, so you are more valuable for others too. Patience is a gift of divinity.  It is the gift that time and space are expandable through patience. Some call patience luck. And yes, sometimes it feels like luck. But it’s divine trust in the events in your life, and that creates alignments that may feel like luck. Most people live their life’s like a mayfly, rushing from one event to another without self-awareness until their death. It is time for you to reevaluate your purpose in life. You have the power to change and evolve. The mayfly’s purpose is its quick death. So be patient about your worries, fears, and doubts.

How to Create Prosperity in Your Life

How to Create Prosperity in Your Life

What is prosperity? For me, prosperity is physical, emotional, and mental harmony guided by my higher mind and higher self.

For many, prosperity is led by the lower nature and the animal instincts of survival of the fittest, leading to feeling the need to store a lot more money. Spirituality can be dangerous when we use our logical minds and emotional immaturity to create prosperity because it often leads to more imbalances in our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the true meaning of prosperity, and you discover this meaning. I can’t entirely agree with the many people living in poverty because of spiritual beliefs that money is evil, and I’m afraid I also have to disagree with the many living in richness because of the spiritual belief that money equals prosperity because it is not. At the same time, you must understand that money is the monetary system we live in on earth and that it takes centuries to change our perspective of the system. The system is not inherently negative or evil because the only evils are the human beings abusing such systems for their greater good while not giving back to humanity. Especially human beings that do not earn millions of dollars because their purpose needs to be allowed, accepted, and nourished through the global system.

It would be best if you remembered your place of happiness in life. What is your level of responsibility for culture and society? Whenever you feel lightness and curiosity in your life, you know that you prosper, and whenever you feel heavy and stagnating, you know you are not. Prosperity is not something you “achieve.” It is something you embody and live on every day.

Self-doubts can make this journey incredibly challenging because doubts always tell you that it’s good to focus on the heavy journey full of troubles and similar thought patterns and loops. These self-doubts are the path of what you know, experienced, and embody.

Inquiry is an unlearning process into the unknown fields of the future. You need to let go of the rotten patterns of the past to move into the beautiful harvesting fields of the future. And this takes time and patience. Embodiment always takes time. In winter, you cannot just wish for a quick next day summer for a beach day, except flying to a warm country for a holiday.

Living 15 years or even 50 years in pessimistic self-doubts every day needs time for adjustments. And the gentler and more patient you are for those changes to occur, the faster they manifest in your life.

How to Inspire and Motive others?

The most straightforward approach to inspire and motivate others is to tell the story of your transformation to them. This approach helps and guides others in their inner Inquiry through relating. The more blessings and quantum changes occurred in your life, the more authentic stories you can share. Also, you understand others better – which leads to empathy and compassion for them

Gene Key 1 – From Entropy to Beauty (1st Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of Gene Key 1.

The 1st Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Beauty, the Gift of Freshness, and the Shadow of Entropy.

Gene Key 1 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 1 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 1 – Shadow of Entropy

“Lost Creativity”

The 1st Gene Key is all about consciousness. At the shadow level, we are unaware of the influence and impact on our environment. This lower nature thrives in unsolved complexity, leading to depression (repressive nature) or a frenetic behavior (reactive nature). The depressive nature feels low, sad, and flat and buries its feeling deep within. The frenetic behavior escapes its feelings at all costs.

The programming partner of this Gene Key 1 is the 2nd Gene Key. At the shadow level, entropy meets dislocation. The low frequency of entropy reinforces the state of our dislocation, and the dislocation reinforces the state of our entropy. If we stay stuck in this limited belief pattern, we cannot see beyond the faculties of the human mind.

The Gene Key 1 is in the Codon Ring of Fire. The 14th Gene Key of Compromise is the second GK in this Codon Ring. In the shadow, entropy is present in Compromise, and so we are numb and compromise our dreams. We can imagine how stale and generic we live in these shadow states as its observable in our world.

Gene Key 1 – Gift of Freshness

“Flowering Gifts”

At the Gift level of Freshness, we release the hidden energy from our higher nature into our system. This connection creates deep relaxation in our physical body, and we act according to our highest goals and dreams. We know that the journey is the goal; the journey is a part of the ultimate goal, to resurrect the memories and understanding that we never have to worry about life.

When the Gene Key 1 of the Gift Freshness is active, our orientation (Gift 2nd Gene Key) is to satisfy our higher self. The fire within starts to burn and vitality recovers.

Gene Key 1 – Siddhi of Beauty

“Beyond Imagination”

The siddhi state of the Gene Key 1 is a state of beauty. Richard Rudd explains this beautifully in his book.

“In human beings, the 1st Siddhi is Beauty, and as with all Siddhis it is also reliant upon its programming partner the 2nd Siddhi of Unity. Beauty lies in the unity of all. True beauty, when manifested and realized in a human being, presupposes a state of union with the totality. This union or oneness is not like anything we can imagine. Its beauty lies in the fact that is is simply so natural that it cannot be expressed. Every time it has been expressed; it has been misunderstood.” – Gene Keys Book

Like Yin and Yang – Unity and Beauty work together harmoniously at the Siddhi level. All siddhi states are beyond imagination. The Gene Key 1 Siddhi of Beauty is a powerful realization that can change the outcome of humanity. Typically this Siddhi is not expressed by one human being, and it is more like a group expression of a whole soul group of individuals incarnate on planet earth.

If you strongly feel a resonance to the current worldwide changes and you already bring your light into people’s hearts with your exquisiteness, you may be one of the bright Siddhis of Beauty. Also, do not believe the Siddhi is only about “light” as beauty transforms the darkness too. There are many misconceptions of lightworkers – the Siddhis purpose is to embody a fractal line of a higher evolution beyond humanity.

Listen to the exclusive 1st Gene Key Podcast here:

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. If I am unconscious (entropy), how can I become aware of this unconsciousness?
  2. How does the gift of freshness inspire me in everyday life?
  3. Am I ready to see the beauty in EVERYTHING?

Gene Keys Readings with Dominik

Would you like to deepen your Gene Keys in the Hologenetic Profile and get to know the three sequences? Then I now offer you a unique opportunity to work with me in live 1:1 Zoom Sessions on the topic of Gene Keys.


Thanks so much for reading my 1st Gene Key article!

I am here to inspire you, to look deep within.

Visit for more information on the Gene Keys teachings and in my “Everything you need to know about Gene Keys” article.

You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 1 here.

With Love,

Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 21 – From Control to Valor (21st Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 21.

The 21st Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Valor, the Gift of Authority, and the Shadow of Control.

Gene Key 21 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 21 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 21 – Shadow of Control

“Matter over Spirit”

This 21st Gene Key is all about control. At the shadow level, we recreate similar situations we feel the need to control, because if we do not control them – we tend to lose our long build up self-esteem based on our lower nature. This lower nature needs to divide and here in this Gene Key 21 it leads to either a state of submission (repressive nature) or a state of controlling (reactive nature). We can summarize that this shadow state can be observed in all stages of our worldwide societies. This is true because our authority is the fear based lower nature and mostly, we are not aware about our higher nature.

The programming partner of this Gene Key 21 is the 48th Gene Key. At the shadow level, control meets inadequacy. The low frequency of control reinforces the state of our inadequacy, and the inadequacy reinforces the state of our control. If we stay stuck in this limited belief pattern, we cannot see beyond the faculties of the human mind.

The Gene Key 21 is in the Codon Ring of Humanity. The 51st, 38th, 10th, 25th and 17th are the five other Gene Keys in this Codon Ring. In the shadow, control is present in all five Gene Keys shadows, and they all reinforce each other at a low-frequency level. One can imagine what a mess the shadows of control can produce in our outer world.

Gene Key 21 – Gift of Authority

“Respecting the Divine Order”

At the 21st Gene Key Gift level of Authority, we suddenly feel the long forgotten true state of our being – that besides our lower nature (physical, astral, and mental body) we remember our higher nature (causal, buddhic, and atmic body).

Now, the authority is our higher nature. We respect the divine order of our truth. At the same time, a big gap of past life and future life appears. This is the real start of the journey in the human kingdom.

When the Gene Key 21 of the Gift Authority is active, we are resourceful (48th Gene Key), the programming partner, and we feel the story of the Codon Ring of Humanity.

Only when we begin to feel this divine order can we see the opposites clearly and guide one another.

Gene Key 21 – Siddhi of Valor

“Nobility in Action”

The siddhi state of the 21st Gene Key is a state of nobility. Richard Rudd explains this beautiful in his book.

“Valor then can be understood as nobility in action. It contains virtue, wisdom, love, courage and above all sacrifice.” At the Shadow level the need to control fosters fear and reaction in others. At the Gift level, authority inspires loyalty. At the siddhic level, Valor invokes Communion.” – Gene Keys Book

We can discover control in our minds need for security and certainty. If we let go of our minds control, we are more self-assured and relaxed. Only here in this Siddhi are we in the silence of the divine essences of Valor. Thoughts, concepts, and ideals all disappear in this enlightened state of being.

Once we come back into the daily life, we are not the same anymore. We changed forever! This experience can be a great relief and the start of a lot of challenges and divine tests for us.

Are you ready for the next stage of humanity?

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. When do you feel the need to be in control? How could you break through this clinging?
  2. When in your daily life do you trust your divine order?
  3. Have you ever had a life moment of valor, of sacrifice out of love, courage and wisdom? What did this moment teach you?

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How to Learn to Let Go in All Relationships – The Ultimate Guide!

This article is also available in: German

In this article, you will discover everything about learning to let go of all your relationships, including contemplation questions. The content is born from my intense experience in all internal and external relationships.

What aspects do I consider in the relationship with myself (internal)?

Past baggage: I learned to let go of my past and to heal it.

Future fears: I learned to let go of future fears.

Due to these two aspects of duality mentioned above, you primarily cannot let go. You hold on to the past, and you constantly wonder about the future. This article is about the art of letting go. So, be prepared!


Learning to Let Go in 5 Steps in All Relationships
1. Letting Go of the Past
2. Letting Go of Fears
3. Let Go of Relationships
4. Let Go of Thoughts
5.Love Means to Let Go
6. Frequently Asked Questions about Learning to Let Go

Learning to Let Go in 5 Steps in All Relationships

Letting go of all negative thoughts is hard for you. How could it not? You, like most adults and me, have been conditioned to be in a day-to-day survival mode. It starts with our diet, which we tend to swallow quickly rather than consciously engage in mindfulness. Most of what we eat, we would only eat consciously short term because we know it is a low vibration form. The clarity in nutrition is the basis of so much.

Enough preface let us go together into the five steps we may consider in learning to let go.

1. Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

Letting go of our past is exceedingly tricky because we bear a lousy relationship with many events from the past. We also do not remember most of what happened in the past because we have suppressed it. In the field of spiritual development, this is what we call shadow work or healing the inner child.

The description of shadow work fits it best because we are not aware of what is currently in the shadows emanating from our subconscious.

We are so conditioned in society that we cannot bring about healing and positive change without professional help from the outside. If we would always heal ourselves, optimize ourselves – which is an integral part of learning to let go, coaches, psychologists and therapists would be 99.9% redundant. There would be no need.

The reality looks differently!

Every second person is now a coach or consultant and provides information on any topic. On the one hand, this is wonderful since it is the very greatest desire of the coach and consultant also to grow themselves inwardly.

With the amount of different information in the self-help category, the challenge is to discover the information with the highest purity. And even with pure teachings like a honed diamond, the valid message of the teaching may not reach you.

Especially when it comes to letting go, people often scratch the surface with light meditation and affirmations. I am not saying that these tools do not affect – on the contrary, they can have a remarkable effect for a short moment – but most of the time, they do not help you let go of your past.

Why is that?

We must learn from past mistakes. We must learn to understand why we and why our environment acted differently and what effects all this had on us and our environment and still has today.

Letting go of the past means dealing with your inner demons. Once you become aware of the impact your actions have had on others, you can begin to let go of them. To do this, you must forgive yourself. This act of forgiveness must also include all the people you have ever attracted to your environment.

The easiest way to help yourself is with a few questions that you can formulate yourself. Also, feel free to use my deep contemplation questions below. I have specially categorized these into physical, emotional, and mental – so you can get optimal clarity for yourself. Because when you separate these three parts, you realize that the three parts are deeply united.

Contemplation questions for you:

  • How can I let go of my past so that my present and future enrich not only me but also all other living beings?
  • What are you still holding on to from the past? What are you not yet ready to let go?
  • Where does the past seem to keep catching up with you physically (physical body)? What physical symptoms are expressing themselves? What can you actively do to let go of these symptoms in love and to attract even more vitality into your life?
  • Where does your past catch up with you emotionally? Which negative emotions do you continue to suppress? How do you respond to rejection from others? Should you not respond – could the response be a suppression of your emotions? Ask yourself how you can establish gentle boundaries for yourself in the best possible way?
  • Where does the past seem to catch up with you mentally? What thought constructs haunt you that you are not ready to let go of and that often seems to rob you of your peace? How do you think about other people? When do you judge or condemn other people or yourself?

From your past, you usually conclude your future. You practically draw fears of the future into your life. The second step is about how you can let go of these fears.

2. Letting Go of Fears

let go of fears

Fears are always a product of concerns about the future. Will my child be healthy? How long will I be healthy? How long will I be athletic? Can I achieve everything I have set as a goal for life? How long will my physical beauty last?

Just a few questions we ask ourselves all too often. We worry about our future and the future of our friends, parents, and partners. We do not realize that by doing so, we are inviting these fears into our lives.

I am always fascinated by how people grow up with wild animals – like lions. Why don’t these people get bitten? Are the lions just not hungry?

No, the lions respect people who have no fears. Those few who are not afraid of lions and integrate themselves into the lion kingdom according to their rules – will probably not be attacked. Look at Dean Schneider on YouTube. I admire Dean very much for his work.

So, it is not animals that have bad intentions; it is people who are scared and want to prove something. So please do not go to the nearest wildlife park now and try your luck with the lions! Please know your limits! I would not get into the ring with lions myself – I am still making friends with spiders and other small creatures.

So, we attract what we are afraid of. What can you learn from this? Respect the thoughts and images you often attract! If you attract the same thoughts and images and react emotionally, you can be sure that this is a warning sign.

Either you manifest something subtle from your karma, or you attach and emulate the feelings and thoughts of others out of sympathy.

Be aware, however, that this helps neither you nor this person! We confuse compassion with pity far too often.

Compassion means that you stay in your energy; you inspire others to ascend into higher frequency realms and assist them with tips when acclimatizing to new spheres.

Self-Pity means that you adapt your energy to the energy of the one who is suffering. Because of this adaption you vulnerable to all suffering.

I will do another article on high sensitivity soon because I also count myself among the people who must permanently re-acclimatize. Only when I uncovered my shadows and let them go in love – could I distinguish when I was centered in my energy and when I was not. Only then could I begin to empathize and not sympathize. I write this because this is a significant point for the topic of letting go of fears.

Here are some contemplation questions for you on the topic of letting go of fears. By gifts, below, it is meant that you can inspire and guide yourself and others along the way. For example, from the shadow “Fear of Conflict,” you learn the gift of diplomacy, which you can use for yourself and others.

Contemplation questions for you:

  • What fears must I let go of so that I live more fully in the present moment?
  • Which worries and thoughts have I attracted from my environment? When do I suffer instead of empathizing?
  • Which fears from the past do I carry over into my future? How is it possible for me to let go of worries in love so that the gifts from my shadows can be of higher service to me and others?

The past and future always have a direct connection to all your relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself. Therefore, the next step is to connect the past and the future. How can you let go of toxic relationships?

3. Let Go of Relationships

Let Go of Relationships

I want to give you two very logical conclusions about why we cannot let go of relationships. To do this, I asked myself why people leave relationships. There are two triggers here. (Repressive) Your partner leaves you because you are physically, emotionally, or mentally frozen, and you were unconsciously afraid of your partner leaving you at some point. (reactive) You leave your partner because you do not want to show yourself more vulnerable to your partner, and you unconsciously left Him out of that reaction.

We both know that the longer we are in a relationship, the deeper man and woman get to know each other. The danger increases that one of your subconscious ego defense mechanisms will seek and find reasons to leave the relationship early.

Did you let go of your relationship when you ended it early, or could it be that you are attracting the same behaviors in the new partner? You may not notice this. However, there are reasons why women and men change partners so often.

If I did not have experiences in previous lifetimes and observed these tendencies in other people, I would not care about the issue. However, it means a lot to me because the inner diamond is buried in a relationship with another person, just waiting to blossom.

The partner is a mirror of our self. Otherwise, we would not have attracted him or her into our lives. So, letting go of the partner does not mean running straight to the next best target object, but asking yourself where the passion and love of life inside have been lost.

What has been written so far about letting go of a relationship is vital to understand from all cells. Because only when you connect body, mind, and soul will you let go of the partner in the current relationship. This harmony will lead to you separating peacefully or having a relationship 2.0 together.

What does it mean to connect body, mind, and soul?

Our body symbolizes our lower nature.

If we take a tree, it has roots, a trunk, and branches.

The lower nature is our physical body (roots), emotional body (trunk), and mental body (branches). The soul is the leaves (causal body), flowers (buddhic body), and fruits (atmic body). The mind is pure consciousness.

Only when we understand that we are connected physically and spiritually can we see if the duty with our partner is complete. Only then can we completely let go of our relationship.

I know that this division seems a bit more complex. However, in essence, it is elementary. Just as we embody a lower nature, we embody a higher nature. Only we have often lost contact with this higher nature, our higher self. The harmonization of lower and higher nature is what this is all about!

Get in touch with your higher physical body, the causal body, your higher emotional body, the buddhic body, and your higher mental body, the atmic body.

All the harmonization only works if you respect your lower nature as much as your higher nature.

So, what is the concrete solution? Either you have left a partner, or he has left you, and you are looking for forgiveness and support in this challenging phase. Or you are currently in a phase where you want to leave your partner, or he wants to leave you, and you are looking for emotional guidance in your decision-making.

I have been meditating intensely and deepening the Gene Keys approach when I was intense in this grief phase. Here I highly recommend the Venus Sequence to accompany you on the journey to the heart in all relationships. Yes, I, too, was in this turbulent phase. I am delighted, grateful, and happy that I overcame this phase. So, the goal is also never to start looking for guilt and sadness on the outside. Do not look for validation from friends because you will find it. Do not look for blame in your partner or yourself, because you will find it too.

Go within with loving mindfulness. Meditate and contemplate. Let go of the conditioning you have received from society. Do not look for solutions in others, especially directly in your partner, because that usually only increases the pain and misunderstanding. You also need time alone. That is all you need. I know it is painful to reflect on everything from your heart and clean up your mess. But this is the only sustainable solution for your peace and freedom.

Of course, listen to your friends and family if it is helpful for you. Ensure that you do not fall into the role of a victim and only seek confirmation for your situation and how badly you were treated. Look here that you receive an impact from others out of compassion and not pity.

The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself because on this inner trust lies the trust of the whole love relationship. Otherwise, how will you be able to let go of a relationship?

Exactly, not at all.  If you look at society, you will quickly see how no one works based on trust. Everyone needs contracts and safeguards for fear of not being robbed. I am not saying that contracts are bad because they can also be incredibly supportive in knowing precisely the scope of duties in an employment relationship and how talents deepen.

So ask yourself what expectations you had of your partner that they were not able to meet. Above all, ask yourself where these expectations came from and whether you even met these “expectations” with your partner. Most of the time, these expectations come from the urge to be perfect – to show no weaknesses and live together. Man and woman give the necessary to survive and fight constantly for the next purchase, money, time division for everyday things, and what else is every day in a relationship.

But we must understand that no partner is perfect. Only when we learn to understand this, our partner is perfect! We do not expect more. We understand, love, and comfort her or him. We breathe in and out deeply and know that we all have our faults and can forgive ourselves. Because we realize, to love means to let go!

4. Let Go of Thoughts

Let Go of Thoughts

We like to link expectations with thoughts. So letting go of thoughts is difficult for us until we finally let go of our expectations! We feel harassed by thoughts that tell us that we must pay attention. We must pay attention to make enough money and be accepted and loved in society! But what happens through this drive? Can we let go of our negative thoughts that keep bothering us?

No, they keep coming back. Why? Because we keep inviting them out of struggle. We resonate with these thoughts of “emptiness.” We think we never have enough! As long as we don’t go in peace with this resonance field and learn from our mistake – we won’t create a social image that we wish so much!

All humans, also you – have created this world so as it is at present. This truth may be exceedingly difficult to accept, but that is just the way it is. If you resonate with a field of fear, struggle, and intrigue, why should the world change for you?

Do not create any expectations in the outside world. Just be aware of yourself and act out of clarity, purity, and love. Make yourself your role model and stop believing in the limitations that society has imposed on you. Then you will also change your neuronal structures, and the thoughts will be released that has pulled you into the field of mediocrity so far.

My secret tip: In meditation or contemplation, simply observe your thought processes and let them go by enveloping them in love, and you realize that they too are only seeking love. A crying baby does not want to harm you either; it seeks the warmth and love of its mother. As soon as the mother gives her warmth and love, the baby stops crying. Deal with thoughts, emotions, and feelings in the same way, and you will find that you can never hold an absolute truth in your thoughts but only experience it.

5. Love Means to Let Go

Step 5 is very brief because it is about patience in learning to let go. Patience is loving trust and, therefore, cannot be forced. Only you on your path can learn to be patient with yourself and others.

But then why is it called “love means letting go”?

It is unconditional or universal love, not the love out of expectations that often creeps into relationships. We often believe that there is only love associated with sexual desires and expectations. However, this is the love of our lower nature (instincts). Therefore, we do not understand why love is letting go. We trapped ourselves in the selfish love of our animal instincts.

However, this step 5 love aspect is about selfless love, the love of our higher nature, the love of our soul, and the love of God. We also do not hold on to our cells, which die and are reborn every day. In the same way, you can think of “loving is letting go” here. You are born anew every day – whether you like it or not. What you make out of it, how you act, and which attitude you have in life – changes, however, only if you let go of your old self/ego.

6. Frequently Asked Questions about Learning to Let Go

My mother cannot let go. What is the psychology behind this?

The psychology behind this is simple. Your mother has never learned to let go nor have you learned to love her more for who she is. This kind of mother-child relationship is also based on reciprocity. Instead of looking for the faults in your mother, it is proven to be amazingly effective to deal with yourself. Because if you are honest with yourself, you cannot let go of the fact that your mother can’t let go either, can you? Everything is based on reciprocity. A moth is only attracted to the light when you turn on the lamp, and it is the same with your mother. I speak from my own experience. So, dim your inner moth light, and you will soon perceive your mother differently.

Not being able to let Go – What are the possible causes?

You are running away from your suffering. Imagine a baby that starts to cry. Do you think it would stop crying – if its mother just went shopping and left the baby alone? No! It is the same with the topic of letting go. As long as you run away from your issues and fears, they will not stop crying. There is in humans the physical running away – from one place to another or the passive suppression of fears. We either react or suppress our suffering. You may find out for yourself which tendencies in which situations you have in your life.

How can I let go of narcissists?

What is a narcissist? For me, a narcissist is a person who is not well understood and has experienced very little, if any, love in his life. So if you attract a narcissist into your life, it means that you have not experienced love in a relationship aspect, and you are in the process of learning to forgive yourself and people who have not experienced love. The best way to let go of a narcissist is not to start calling him a narcissist – because what is hard and we don’t understand, we created names. A person with narcissistic tendencies has a habit of reacting more and suppressing less. That’s why it’s often hard to let go of these people because they seem to manipulate and control you. But this only works because you tend to suppress yourself.

Which book on learning to let go should I read?

Write your very own book on this topic! A book on learning to let go is something that you must experience yourself. On the other hand, I can only think of one book that I would like to mention here. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins MD PhD.

David R. Hawkins ist eine große Bereicherung für die Menschheit!

Fighting or letting go?

Let go, what else! The universal law of cause and effect should answer this question by itself. What we fight comes back to us. Go to the supermarket sometimes and yell at some people, poke them, and hit them. Do you think you’ll get a peaceful backlash? When you fight, the problem is amplified on a multidimensional level. I say multidimensional because you don’t always get the direct impact of your actions back as an echo. The temporal component plays by its own rules in cause and effect. So you better let go. Letting go means living, and loving means letting go! You can compare letting go with the flow of water in the sea. The water always flows in harmony and respects all drops in the collective. Visit the sea, a lake, or the river and jump into the water, and you will surely learn more about letting go than anything else.

I am grateful that you read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and being humble.

However, the gifts and fruits given to those who courageously shatter their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Consider having a look at my blog and articles. Write a comment below. Ask a question, share your contemplation, or share feedback from your heart.

All the Love,

Your Dominik

What are the Akashic Records? A Great Revelation

This article is also available in: German

As a spiritual seeker, at some point, you stumble upon the Akashic Records, a term frequently used in esoteric circles.

But what are the Akashic Records? Does it exist, or is it just hocus-pocus? How can you read the Akashic Records? Where are the Akashic Records located?

In this article, I will answer many of your questions and tell you about my great revelation about the Akashic Records and how they can help you achieve peace, abundance, and freedom in all areas of your life.


1. Akashic Records Explanation
2. The Morphogenetic Field
3. Akashic Records Experiences
4. Reading Your Own Akashic Records
5. Akasha Records and Healing
6. Akasha Records and Soul Purpose
7. FAQ Akashic Records – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Akashic Records Explanation

1. Akashic Records Explanation

The Akashic Records are a mystery, often described as a supernatural “book of life” where all information is stored.

In this article, we will both look at the Akashic Records mystically and pragmatically.

You can view all information stored in this “book of life” differently.

Aren’t you accessing the Akashic Records at this very moment with my article?

This information poured through me and was a significant enrichment and revelation for me.

Maybe it is also for you? Pause and reflect upon it.

With all its facets of information, who says our Internet is not also a part of this Akashic Records?

Often we put the “supernatural” and the “divine” on a pedestal, which is not accessible to us. What if you are the divine or the supernatural?

My realization: Just as you are a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean. The drop and the ocean are not separable. They are connected; they are one.

Then you could also ask yourself the following question.

Do you not read in and from the Akashic Records all times, even if you are not a medium or a psychic? In other words; Is there a moment in your life when you do not read from the Akashic Records?

This revelation and thought patterns are what society needs today.

Let’s check how you can use this extraordinary revelation for yourself.

Matthias De Stefano, one of the emerging consciousness researchers and teachers of our time, writes in collaboration with his higher self about the Akashic Chronicle in his article about the eighth dimension. Be sure to check him out after reading this article!

From Matthias De Stefano’s perspective, the Akashic Chronicle is in the eighth dimension, like a register that stores and processes all data. Figuratively speaking, the eighth dimension is one of the three dimensions of the process, just like the second and fourth dimensions. The reality plane from the eighth dimension is visually a torus that moves energies endlessly and timelessly like an eight (8). You could also describe it as the ocean of all possibilities or as in the next point – the morphogenetic field.

2. The Morphogenetic Field

Morphogenetic Field

If the Akashic Records are the book of life, storing all information, isn’t it also part of the morphogenetic field related to Rupert Sheldrake’s studies?

My thoughts on this:

The Akashic Records have many names in God and “All That Is.” They are the data storage of “All That Is” in its infinite manifoldness. Every thought you utter, every emotion and sensation that arises in you is stored in the Akashic Records and the morphogenetic field.

The morphogenetic field also has many other names, such as the quantum field in modern physics, and is associated with black matter.

Just as the ocean and the drop of water are inseparable, the Akashic Records’ quantum field is inseparable. The quantum field is the network, and the Akashic Records stores the network’s information or data. The two are inseparable.

All information to which we seem to have no access is part of this information field. In quantum physics, it is said that we consist of only 0.00000001% matter and 99.9999999% of the information. This information is invisible to our physical eye.

In fact, each piece of information is related to another piece of information. The information of the relationship with your mother is different from that of your father. The information of the relation to your brother is another one as to your sister.

The morphogenetic field is alive and highly intelligent. This information field changes every atomic second and in the timeless spheres that are unknown to us. The morphogenetic field is timeless with infinite information fields of relationships, similar to the movie Interstellar. In the movie, accessing information from the 5th dimension was wonderfully illustrated. I highly recommend Interstellar to you!

Since this field is timeless, you can access past events as well as future events. This past and future are mostly related to you and your relationships rather than to others’ events and their relationships.

That is why it is so beautifully said, find peace within yourself, and you heal the world. For this, you don’t need to heal or change anyone else besides you.

It is enough to heal your relationship with the information field. You will also perceive the relationship to all people around you from a higher perspective, from true love.

3. Akashic Records Experiences

Akashic Records Experiences

Also, I would like to briefly discuss the Akashic Records experiences of others and how they relate to you and your environment.

The problem with experiences from this unknown terrain is that we cannot confirm them with modern science. The experiences from the Akashic Records and the Quantum Field are highly individual and intelligent. Depending on your worldview and individual beliefs, you perceive experiences from the quantum field differently.

What is highly negative emotionally for you may be emotionally neutral or even paradoxically positive for other people.

I believe that it is beautiful to look at the experiences of others without judging or condemning them. This connection to the field helps to recognize how we all perceive the universe differently.

After all, who can judge whether your experience represents a universal truth in our universe?

An experience is always an experience. It is personal. It is beautiful. That’s how you can look at it.

As soon as you tell yourself that any experience is an absolute truth, you cut yourself off from any process of change.

Therefore, learn to connect more and more with yourself to read from your own Akashic Records.

How this works, you will learn in the next chapter.

4. Reading Your Own Akashic Records

Reading Your Own Akashic Records

What a medium or a spiritual healer tells you about the Akashic Records will be filtered through your limiting beliefs. That is why your inner work is so important, because only when you get to know and let go of your demons will you be able to read your own Akashic Records and perceive I information with clarity.

Whether you read your own Akashic Records or a medium takes over this task, the information will be similarly filtered or unfiltered.

That means that a medium can be an excellent guide for learning about these unknown new spheres and navigating these fields.

Please don’t ask me how I know this. I navigate the quantum field just as much with my experience and intelligence as you are by reading this article. There is no difference here. We perceive the information differently.

My article’s goal is to open you up more to the subject and show you that there is no force outside of your power through which you can access the field. You also have access to your Akashic Records at any time. The question is, how limited or restricted your access is and what is necessary for you at the moment and is provided to you as information.

Besides, we as humans cannot experience all information at the same time – that would be very inconvenient for your Soul Purpose as a human being. Focus on the information that corresponds to your Soul Purpose, that gives you energy and lets you enjoy your life to the fullest.

5. Akashic Reading and Healing

Akashic Reading Healing

The Akasha Records and healing are very closely connected. With your experience treasures in your life years 15 – 21 (mental development), 8 – 14 (emotional development), 0 – 7 (physical development), and the prenatal phase, you have collected many experiences.

Like an oak tree, you have put down roots underground for decades, which are hidden from you in the dark. All these experiences are valuable treasures from which you may learn. Most of these experiences are hidden from you until you are ready to grow from them. It takes courage, trust, and curiosity for you to face these experiences from your subconscious.

Each page you open in your Akashic Records Life Book will lead to unlocking more profound inner knowledge and intelligence.

Each root you learn from your oak tree will help you connect more deeply with the Akashic Records. And than there will be the time, you will see the oak tree blossoming in all its divine beauty.

Once you activated neural networks that are deactivated for a long time, you will gain access outside of your present life to your entire personality.

A whole new world will open up for you to discover. You will unveil and know how to use new abilities completely absent from you until now, as it was and still is the case with me.

6. Akashic Records and Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose is stored in the Akashic Records as a to-do or task that only you have access to. You have access to this information as soon as you are ready. Likewise, with your free will, you can ask a medium to read it to you.

Know, however, that only you can explore and experience your Soul Purpose or Mission in Life 100%. So the information of a medium can confuse you as much as it may help you.

It all depends on your level of personality and individuality.

The Soul Purpose is from your higher nature (individuality) and not from the lower nature (personality). As long as your master is your lower nature, you won’t have access to your true Soul Purpose.

No matter what someone else tells you, you are perfect just the way you are. No matter how deep the trust in your source has diminished, you still have the connection to that source. No matter how great the shadow, light shines through.

If you open a door in a dark room, what happens.

Does the shadow jump into the light, or does light spread into the darkroom?

The light enters the darkroom!

Your Soul Purpose is in the darkness, simply waiting to be rediscovered by you. Your soul is only waiting for you to wake up and dare to step into the darkness. Your soul waits only for the fact that you open the door to the dark space.

Step by step.

Patience is the gift that will help you the fastest here because part of every Soul Purpose is to decipher that Soul Purpose. So take your time to discover and embody your true purpose in life because the ego loves to build traps – which are merely the illusion.

7. FAQ Akashic Records – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like the Book of Life, in which all information is stored. Every day you already have access to this book of life, but very limited. As the Internet needs a network with data transmitters, the universe needs networks (quantum fields) with data transmitters (Akasha Records). The example is strongly simplified because we can understand it the best from our physical mind.

What is written in the Akashic Records?

In the Akashic Records, all information is written; you can imagine it like an infinite book. Information may or may not be linked to relationships. Information includes all thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs, perceptions, and karmic connections as we know them, as well as all information that has no relevance for us.

Who can read the Akashic Records?

In general, everyone reads from the Akashic Records, whether consciously or unconsciously. Some information is decipherable for you, and some are not. There are people, like channeling mediums, who have far more access than the average. Why? These personalities have dealt with it more, and in the current stage of life, this has a higher relevance for them. For you and your Soul Purpose, more comprehensive information may have less relevance. That is entirely alone your territory of discovery.

Where are the Akashic Records located?

Everywhere and nowhere. That is the answer I have received. The answer is a paradox. Simultaneously, the answer I received shows that the Akashic Records is within us – in every single cell. The Akashic Records is not beyond your comprehension.

Can a medium read the Akashic Records?

A medium has more clarity reading the Akashic Records. But you also have the clarity that is currently just right for you to experience your world. A medium is, for me, a being that does not make “future predictions” but accompanies a person on his journey with viewpoints. Therefore, an excellent and pure medium will, at any time, retrieve and pass on the information that you are already aware of.

Is there a science to the Akashic Records?

There is no official science on Akasha Records yet. However, more scientists are looking at the universe from the perspective of quantum fields and the morphogenetic field, such as Rupert Sheldrake and Nassim Haramein. From the fractals and the holographic universe perspective, it is easier to see all information connected to our DNA and how we can outgrow our evolution and beyond.

What questions do I ask in the Akashic Records?

It’s best to ask yourself questions that are directly related to you. For example: What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? What is my purpose here? You have probably asked yourself all these questions many times. Your life path and the daily challenges and new decisions you make strongly influence your access to the Akashic Records. I would advise you not to ask questions that increase your ego because everything in our universe is cause and effect. Just as there are forces that bring you closer to yourself, there are forces that separate you further. Therefore, you can also use a question like; What information from the Akashic Records helps me and others to increase our quality of life? As a confirmation to the question, you can also ask the question – Is my question 51% or more from the pure light and love?

My Conclusion For You

Finally, I would like to share with you that it is always a question of human language, to what extent we can read something from the Akashic Records. Since most people have developed the logical brain hemisphere more strongly through the education system, many people have limited access to the Akashic Records.

We have never learned to feel with our eyes, hear with our mouth or see with our ears.

Just as a blind person is blind, we are blind to infinite perception levels beyond our five senses. A blind person perceives the world differently. He has learned to see with his ears or mouth and is also aware of other realities that we are not aware of.

You could say a blind person is less blind of the higher realities, because he is not identified with his physical eyes.

One of your responsibilities is to learn to free yourself from your five senses to gain access to additional senses.

Liberation in this context does not mean that you should not use the five senses, but that you know that your five senses’ perception is your perception and cannot be compared to the perception of others or a general reality.

This wisdom in the article is the first step to read more from the Akashic Records.

This is the art of unlearning.

Learn to forget what you have learned, to experience what you have not yet experienced.

I am grateful that you read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and being humble.

However, the gifts and fruits given to those who courageously shatter their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Consider having a look at my blog and articles. Write a comment below. Ask a question, share your contemplation, or share feedback from your heart.

All the Love,

Your Dominik

7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Frequency

This article is also available in: German

Since millennials, people want to know the secrets of raising vibrations to manifest, heal and transcend themselves.

We live in an influential century for the direction of the great change. Will we embody our inner core, the heart, and the Love of humanity, or will we continue to embody our separation, ignorance, and the greed of humanity?

More people awake in challenging times, and others hold onto their reality for life. Can we genuinely judge about existence of humanity?

I guess we do not understand existence enough to judge objectively. So, the best way to achieve understanding is to raise your vibration into higher states of consciousness. By doing that, you will open to different perceptions and experiences.

This article aims to accelerate your process of re-orientation, remembrance, and reunification with the whole. Each step below includes several contemplation questions for you. 

1. Pathway of Nutrition
2. Pathway of Movement
3. Pathway of Meditation
4. Pathway of Contemplation
5. Pathway of Self-Inquiry
6. Pathway of Prayer
7. Pathway of Mindfulness

All the seven ways to raise your vibration thrive best in life experience, inner-reflection, and patience. If you force yourself into any activity, you can assume that it is not your passion and most straightforward approach.

I love the saying, “Easy is right,” and that approach is the article’s philosophy. Easy is right does not mean staying in your comfort zone and being comfortable.

Essential “Easy is right” means breaking out of old limited belief patterns and conditions. For that, you need patience, strength, and commitment, embraced in lightness. It is essential to be in a natural flow of life to raise your vibration.

So, allow yourself to contemplate this journey for the seven ways to raise your vibration to higher consciousness and healing your history.

1. Pathway of Nutrition

higher vibration frequency with nutrition

We all know how vital nutrition’s are.

So, can there be a better way than to start at the mineral essence of water and food?

Probably not.

I experienced on a cellular level that food and water consumption are the simplest things to do to raise your vibration. At the same time, nutrition seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish for many too.

How comes?

We love to distract ourselves from all the addictions in the inner and outer world.

Food, drugs, and sweetened drinks are the primary addictions and distractions away from all the suffering and pain.

Are you an exception to those outer distractions?

Maybe you are; I am not here to judge – that is your job, the job of being honest with yourself.

Let us imagine you are not an exception because, at the deepest levels of the ego, veganism and other diets can be triggered by fear.

The fear of rejection, guilt, shame, and death are some examples that could trigger to start a diet beyond the norm of society.

In this case, we may not be addicted to sugar, snacks, alcohol anymore. But in this reactive nature, we are addicted to escape from our core fears.

So, do you react? Are you not addicted to escaping the suffering and distractions of the world?

Just listen within and receive your body wisdom.

What is my experience with nutrition?

Three words. Chaotic! Turbulent! Forgetting!

I experienced several stages in my life of being overweight from a young age until now. The boomerang effect became like a companion, visiting me repeatedly.

While I write this article, I am in one of those stages of an unhealthier lifestyle.

What is my learning?

I need to learn that it does not help to repress or numb the suffering and pain, and it also does not help to react (fear of shame) in my case. Often, I forgot about my physical body ideals and dreams, it gets emotional, turbulent and the chaos thrives me into all sorts of negative nutrition patterns.

At the same time, I know that I am closer than ever to let go of my environmental conditions and negative loops. I must choose another path, the pathway of not fighting against the weight and society anymore. It is more about accepting and embracing my current weight, my roots, and strong ideals.

As explained in my diary: 3 Amazing Effects on Your Soul & Psyche After Only 1 Week of Raw Vegan Food , the effects to increase my vibration thought the mindful change of nutrition’s were extraordinary.

So why should it be different for you?

Nutrition Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Are you healthy and in flow with the natural flood and ebb of life?
  • Can you accept and allow the lifestyle of others?
  • Do you feel the need to change the nutrition lifestyle of others?
  • Do you feel the need to be right in nutrition discussions?
  • What was the reason or what is the valid reason for the change of your nutrition – fighting against something (weight, society) or being for something (animal health, more clarity for self-inquiry)?

Nutrition Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Less is more. What does your body need?
  • Be mindful while consuming food and drinks. Notice what your body wisdom is telling you.
  • Stop criticizing and judging others in nutrition conversations. Understand other motives and be there for them! Also, explain why you changed your nutrition without putting your worldview onto the other.

Important note: Nutrition can be seen from so many different perspectives. Did you ever think about mental and emotional forms of nutrition? Emotional forms of nutrition are water-based and mental forms of nutrition are air-based. Time to be grateful for the fresh air; we all need to keep on breathing and living. Also, psychedelics are a form of nutrition. I am writing about psychedelics because they seem relevant to mention here. I love a different approach – without them. I am a music, art, contemplation, prayer, and meditation lover – those are my “positive psychedelics.”

2. Pathway of Movement

movement for higher self frequency

The second way to raise your vibration and frequency is movement. I choose movement because it is an open-minded word for this intensely physical pathway to raise positive vibrations.

Movements can be related to sports, gardening, housework, having a walk, and physical work.

It is about discovering self-love within your body and being grateful for being in the body. It is also about grounding your divinity in the physical body.

People claim the spiritual journey and awakening are all about ascension. Cannot it be that our physical journey is all about the beauty and mystery of descension? The journey of bringing heaven to earth.

In my life, I always thrive in physical movement. I forget all the worries because I am fully in the present moment. I see it as my daily balancing act of physical movements and mental activities.

Movement Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • What do you love most about movements?
  • In which activities can you be in a state of mindful movement?
  • Should you have challenges or fears with specific movements, which limited belief is holding you back to break out of this pattern?

Movement Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Rule 1: Listen to your body. Test your limits and be aware of your whole system’s signals, knees, muscles, and nerves. If you do not listen and your ego overtakes, it may lead to injuries, and you will need to stop specific movements for a period.
  • Do movements you love and enjoy and leave your comfort zone. It is all about doing the easy, not comfortable. Easy is right.

Important note: Movement is energy and lifeforce. Everything in the universe is in constant movement. From the atoms to the molecules and cells, everything spins. Remember that movement can be so much more than we are conditioned to believe in the world. In truth, all the seven ways to raise your vibration are pathways of sub-atomic micro and cellular macro movements.

3. Pathway of Meditation

meditation for higher vibration

The third way to raise your vibration is Meditation. In a way, meditations are also part of the second way of movement, but meditating is more about silent movement and observing your physical, emotional, and mental body in stillness.

What are the types of meditations to increase your vibration?

Guided Meditations help you for the power of imagination. To imagine something is far from fantasy which is a lower shadow pattern. Imagination is the quality to see events with clarity. Furthermore, imagination is the quality that needs clarity, a peaceful mind, and focus. Focus itself needs a higher frequency.

Meditations are limitless in the art of creation. Taking some deep breaths in and out in between your work cycles can give you a higher form of clarity and raise your vibration frequency. It is like training a muscle. We must create a sustainable habit.

That is why meditations are so powerful and beneficial. They help you relax your nervous system from daily life’s input and bring you into a flow state.

Inner and outer work have similar conditions to raise your vibration. While inner work requires space and time to be aware of the stillness and observe thought-forms, emotions, and your physical condition, outer work requires space and time to go out and manifest your soul imaginations into the matter.

Meditation is the most accepted form of inner work in our century, and like all forms of inner work, meditations are limitless in depth. It all depends on the level of your commitment, curiosity, self-awareness, and patience.

Meditations are not a sprint; they are a marathon!

Meditation Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Which Meditation brings you into balance now?
  • Can you allow, accept, and embrace all thought-forms in meditations and let them go with ease?
  • How often do you meditate daily, and what is the best and easiest way to include meditation practice in your daily life?

Meditation Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • If you believe you do not have time for meditations, meditate before sleep and after waking up. Morning and Night Meditation will not cause you to fear daily schedule issues. You can sleep 30-60 minutes less in the morning because the Meditation has a profound physical relaxation effect, and your mind is softly “booted” like a computer. After the Meditation, you will feel more fresh and ready to go. This routine is a perfect daily reconditioning strategy to raise your vibration.
  • When you fall asleep while meditating, for me, this causes less clarity and lower vibration. So, make sure you stay awake and meditate in the lotus position or on a chair, for example. I also love to meditate in bed… but I have to say it is not going well in evening or morning sessions because I tend to fall asleep again. Find out what is working best for you.

Important note: Meditations balance your body, mind, and soul. However, to fully harmonize yourself may take years or a lifetime of practice. You cannot effort to expect that you are an exception to this rule. If there is one secret to joyful meditations, do not expect something to happen. Meditations are the balancing act of inner work and outer activities.

4. Pathway of Contemplation

Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration

The Gene Keys Teaching says about contemplation that it utilizes elements of both Concentration (effort) and Meditation (no effort) to bring about an increase of your frequency. This article aims to become aware of contemplations to activate the higher frequencies lying latent within your DNA.

In the Gene keys Approach, “The Art of Contemplation” is one of the key factors to transform shadows into gifts.

How is this possible?

Contemplation is about pausing, pivoting, and merging. You need patience for specific processes in your life. Spiritual awakening and the raising of your vibration are two of those processes.

The higher self and the Divine always precisely know the amount of information that you can process. Often the access to entirely new information means a purification process of the old self and belief system for you.

In essence, contemplation is the art to loosen and change your limited belief systems.

In this purification process, it can seem that you are more in the shadows, in the darkness than in the light of your divine essences.

However, from a higher perspective, this is an illusion.

You may want to help more in the world to make a better world. You begin to see all the horrible and selfish acts in the world more clearly.

Now you observe them with transparency, but they have always been there. This purification process can cause the feeling of everything is worse than it was pre your purification process.

From the core, this illusion is your challenge to overcome.

As soon as you overcome this challenge, you hit a new plateau of vibration. Your trial is acclimating at this higher consciousness level, and no outside agency can be ‘you in the process. You must be you and overcome the challenge. They are your trials.

For sure, others can be a great inspiration and guide, but you must go the path through your trials yourself.

There is this saying in the Gene Keys Teachings.

Each shadow contains a gift.

Your job is to allow the shadows to be accepted as they are and embrace their divinity to be transcended.

Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Is my decision 51 percent or more of the Love and light?
  • What plan am I following – my soul and heart(far-sightedness) or the plan of my ego and physical mind (narrow-mindedness)?

Contemplation Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Do not take yourself too seriously. Being openhearted is of the lightness, not of the seriousness.
  • Also, be patient about your process; no one is perfect. We are all on our journey.
  • Stop comparing with others; compare with yourself.
  • Change yourself instead of the wish and wills to change the world.

5. Pathway of Self-Inquiry

Self-Inquiry Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Self-Inquiry is a deep inner journey of self-studies. At the core, with all our life experiences and self-reflection, we learn and grow. Our worldview expands, we trust ourselves and learn from the past, we listen within, and out of this inner curiosity, true self-empowerment is born.

This pathway to raise your vibration is all about discovering the art of being. Out of curiosity for the universe, planet earth, human beings, and all other lifeforms – you open your heart.

First, you open the heart at a personalized level (self-love) and later at a collective level (compassion).

If you are honest, you rarely are fully conscious because the narrow-minded conditioned self takes the lead.

So, how can you change this?

The goal is to recondition yourself from a soul level by changing your negative belief systems into success patterns. By doing so, you may still act out of a condition, but now you act out of a condition you consciously activated to raise your vibration and frequency.

By doing that, the art of self-inquiry, contemplation, and mindfulness interact on all levels. When you start to be honest, courageous, and curious about your inner life – being mindful is no more a fantasy.

Self-Inquiry Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Which times in your life do you forget about an openhearted – lighthearted approach full of curiosity?
  • When you shut down your heart, can you locate this sensation or feeling in your physical body?
  • How can you release your tensions, learn from your experiences, and expand the heart of your challenge?

Self-Inquiry Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Discover your inner life playfully and lightheartedly.
  • Projections you send to other human beings arise from within you. They are the insecurities and mechanisms to block deeper self-inquiry. Let them go and observe the lightness of your heart.

Important note: Self-Inquiry is all play and no work. If you manage to observe all stages in your inner and outer life with detachment, the seriousness is no more. One of the most remarkable observations as a human being is the ego-death and the rebirth as an ego-soul being.

6. Pathway of Prayer

Prayer Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration

Daily rituals and prayers have been a part of humanity for a long time. A lot of people think about prayers correlated to religion.

Personally, I disliked prayers for a long time.

So why did I decide to put them in here?

I changed my opinion and worldview for prayers after discovering the higher arts of prayers that directly flow to and off the heart. They can be deeply touching, a blessing.

Depending on your beliefs, you may never open your heart for prayers from a higher dimension. If limiting beliefs stop you from experiencing the beauty of prayers, you will not hear their inner truth full of surrender and devotion.

If this negativity or self-delusion is your status quo, you may hear prayers from organizations that manipulate and distort you.

How do you know if prayers are – fear-based or love-based?

It is easy to discover the difference between prayers from the heart or the ego.

Prayer from the heart opens your heart, thoughts vanish, you feel the beauty of your existence and others, and you feel blessed and touched by grace.

Prayers from the ego close the heart by dividing yourself from the Divine. Until there is a god between you and the Divine, you can never experience the Divine, God, Love, Life, or Existence yourself.

Prayer Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • When praying – Do you feel embraced, blessed, and welcomed or lost, divided, and misunderstood by life?
  • Which negative beliefs hold you back from pulling prayers and blessings from the unity of the Divine into your life?
  • Remember when you felt grace the last time. It could be the birth of your child or another significant event in your life. As you remember, so it is given. You are in this graceful state, even if it feels different from the time it first flowered. You have changed; you are not the same person anymore. The peace within grace continues to exist within you.

Important note: Prayers are here to understand and experience the Divine; you are a part of the Divine – you are the Divine. Prayers are not here to worship a god outside yourself. All you can sense and feel is a part of you and the Divine.

7. Pathway of Mindfulness

Mindfulness for higher dimensions

Being mindful is about the slow and steady remembering of your Soul Purpose and higher dimensions beyond human consciousness. Being mindful is like bending the rules of spacetime because you open and receive spontaneous revelations about your soul and true self at one point.

This seventh pathway differs from raising your vibration and frequency from the other six. Mindfulness is an underlying quality of the previous six ways. So, the quality of mindfulness is already an expression of a high vibrational frequency.

Before being reminded of who you indeed are, you start in a state of forgetting. Slowly when you start to meditate, contemplate, and open for self-inquiry and pray, you begin to remember.

Those revelations can also be a sudden shock for you!

For example, thousands of near-death experience stories align incredibly well with this forgetting and remembering and the shocks or wake-up calls happening to those people – pre and after such events.

Most people’s life after such an experience completely changes.

To reach a certain level of mindfulness, you must contemplate, listen, and look within.

Important note: Mindfulness is not only about your mental plane and thoughts. It is also about your emotional (feelings) and physical (sensations) plane, a deeper aspect of contemplation and self-inquiry. Ultimately, mindfulness is also remembering about the causal plane (soul) and higher dimensions.

Conclusion for the 7 Pathways to Raise Your Frequency

In the end, you must remember that six ways to raise your vibration are permission slips to remember more of who you already are – the true self.

Nutrition, Movement, Meditation, Contemplation, Self-inquiry, and Prayers help unleash your birthright of freedom and unity.

Mindfulness is already an expression of higher states of consciousness and helps you stay in your open-heartedness of existence. You can only reach the quality of mindfulness when you trust yourself and life.

Furthermore, the quality of mindfulness needs embracing your shadows and allowing your gifts to blossom in the world.

All shadows are the seeds of the expression of a high vibrational frequency. By denying your shadows and the shadows of others, you deny an essential part of your transformational process.

In the Gene Keys Teachings, there is the saying.

Return non-love with Love.
– Richard Rudd

Christ also shared this essence of forgiveness, compassion, and Love.

“Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.”
– Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:43-47

Somewhere between those lines of the Christ lies hidden the chance of the greatest quantum leap to raise your vibration and frequency.

I am grateful that you read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and being humble.

However, the gifts and fruits given to those who courageously shatter their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Consider having a look at my blog and articles. Write a comment below. Ask a question, share your contemplation, or share feedback from your heart.

All the Love,

Your Dominik